Pre-Confederation Conferences by RF7048n


									 Pre-Confederation Conferences
   Charlottetown Conference
                     Nova Scotia

                     New Brunswick

These were joined by Canada East and Canada West
        • George Brown
      • John A. MacDonald
    • George-Etienne Cartier
        • Alexander Galt
        • D’arcy McGee

Very Positive Conference –Agreed
      to meet in Quebec City
Quebec Conference - 1864
            • New Brunswick (7)
                 • P.E.I (7)
             • Nova Scotia (5)
            • Newfoundland (2)
               • Canada (12)

 Key Point: They all agreed on the importance
           strong central government.
    Other Things to Consider
• Where would the money come from?
• What powers for the Prime Minister?
• Would there be two houses like
• House of Commons be elected?
• House of Lords be appointed?
• How many representatives would
  each province have?
• Other provinces entering later?
 Conference finished by passing the

      “72 Resolutions”

They now had to convince
    the people of this.

  Would they buy it???

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