JOINING FORMALITIES

1.   That you shall submit following documents within seven days of your joining:
     A Appointment Letter of Last Company.
     B Relieving letter of last company.
     C Last Salary Slip
     D In case you are member of Provident Fund, P F number, else wise certificate of
     E Photocopy of all your testimonials as per your bio-data.
     F In case your last salary is more than Rs.l,80,000/-(Rs. One lac and eighty thousand),
         Income Tax Return Copy / Form 16A.
     G Copy of PAN Card & Election ID Card.
     H Two relatives Name & Address with telephone number, where in case of emergency
         company can contact.
     I   Two references with their complete details including name, address, telephone numbers,
         and profession (Must not be blood relations)
     J   That after receiving of above said documents & your Duty Joining Report, these set of
         information will be sent to our personnel department for processing.

2.   That you shall be issued your imprest cash after 15 days from date of receiving of all above
     said documents mention herein under Point 1.

3.   That normally it takes two weeks time to process and enrollment subsequently your
     appointment letter and imprest cash will be issued.

4.   That you are supposed to return the second copy of offer letter after signing of each page.

5.   That you are supposed to file an expense statement in every 15 days along with all supporting
     mentioned overleaf of expense statement.

6.   That the expense statement will be clear within one week time from the date of receipt if
     there is no discrepancy.

7.   In case your imprest is not clear within schedule time the same will be adjusted against your

8.   That the TA / DA for induction programme will be reimbursed in first expense statement.

9.   That in case of leaving the job, you will return all belongings of company within a week's

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