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					                                       Resignation Letter
TO:      Alan Gropp
From:    Seamus Keane B.Eng. (Mech), M.I.E.I., G.Dip (Comp Eng) [here's hoping]
Date:    18-8-1998

Dear Alan

Following from your rejection of my earlier attempt at a resignation letter [Dear Alan, I'm out of here.
Sincerely Seamus] I have redrafted it in a more formal manner as follows.

It is with sincere regret that I tender my resignation from the position of Kamill Supply System
Manager. I do feel that my request to keep the Supply System so I can continue in a job I enjoy was
reasonable, and as you are determined to pursue the alternative option of selling to Burnus I am left
with no option but to resign.

I would like to take the opportunity to close out a few points before I go. It is a time of great change
around the plant and I will miss the opportunity to be part of this. Things like Mark O'Sullivan
renaming Eoin O'Neill to Marcus O'Sullivan as part of his standardisation program.

Responsibilities Handover
Regarding the roles I have to handover I was thinking of giving responsibility for the high speed
camera to Richard Dunne to use on line 6. However considering the line speed a sketch artist may be
more appropriate. Instead Rory will make a better owner. He does have a reputation for being a fast

Martin O'Sullivan taking on Morality DMS Owner role. He can be depended upon to monitor and track
all lapses in character without getting involved and when times are quiet he can also make up
interesting gossip. Outstanding rumours to be checked include Rory being escorted from the plane on
his holidays by the police after standing at the front and repeatedly declaring 'I am the man' to the
horrified passengers. We also need to know what advice did Conor O'Meara want to give to Orlagh
Nugent, was it on good tactics for managing a Cosmetics supply system or where is a good place to
stay when she gets to Sydney?

Note I am only resigning from the Kamill role I do intend to keep on (and be paid for), a variety of
consulting functions within the plant. The following the is the list of courses I will be offering [as and
when I need top up funds]

                    Statistics for Operations Leadership [The first of a 2 part module, this is Part 1-
                     Blind them with brilliance]                                 £100
                    Proactive systemisation of focused root cause follow-ups [Part 2-Baffle them
                     with bullshit]                                              £200
                    The black art of predicting reliability at the 9 o'clock    £100
                    Timekeeping for the chronologically challenged [probably need to be compulsory
                     for all the 9am team]                                       £50
                    Basic Word, Basic Excel, Basic CC-Mail etc                  £50 each
                    Car maintenance [For people who don’t care]                 £Free

I do have a number of items of good advice, which may help Skin Care achieve new heights in the

On line 8 I believe the upside down caps issue can be resolved by getting the supplier to send the
caps in the other way up.

A proportion of the problems on Line 6 on Fridays can be attributed to Polo mints getting caught on
the line. I am not too sure where the mints are coming from or why this only happens on Friday
mornings. There are related XXXX mint problems on line 8.

The Skin Care leadership group should be banned from having Tea or Coffee at their morning or
lunch-time breaks. Recently 4 individuals spent 3 hours on breakfast as no one wanted to lose face
by standing up and having to get the other three tea and coffee.

I wish to continue to deny the rumours that the K1 team have been sabotaging B4 in order to keep
their reliability higher. I cannot confirm or deny the story that the K1 team gets on so well with their
team leader as her husband is one of the most important men in Nenagh, a bouncer at East Street.

I am disappointed though that subsequent to my resigning a fence is being erected around the plant
to keep me from getting back in. I will leave a contact number so you will be able to ask me
questions as and when you need to, such as what did I promise the Holiday team to get them agree a
holiday system.

As a few concluding points

Good to see a further influx of new talent, Deirdre in Making (best of luck to Naimh with the new
Packing Supply System Manager role) and Maureen/Siobhan in Clearasil, though be cautious of
taking advice and direction from a manager who has over optimistic ideas of her hurling team getting
to the fianl. Also now the Guards have dropped the case the information Paul has on me is worthless
and we can withdraw the job offer.

To finish up I have had an interesting time in Nenagh. It's a pity in a lot of ways that my chosen
career path differs from what was on offer with P&G but I have learned a lot at P&G which will stand
to me in the future. [I do intend to attempt to reapply workplans and SDDS to studying and exams.
And I will be drafting expectations for my fellow students and lecturers] and while I will enjoy the
extra hour and a half in bed in the mornings I will miss all the people its been my pleasure to work
with over the last 3 years. So over the next year when I am struggling with my own 95% cost
savings project I will be thinking of you all, focusing, doing systemic work and adding value.

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