Red Socks and Yellow Socks by Agg9224


									       Pink and Say




   This book was going way back to the War
 Between the States. It’s the true story Oinky
Aylee, who helps another wounded soldier, and
teaches him that there are other ways of being
  brave. In the end, Say tells the story to his
children who in turn keeps passing it down the
generations in memory of Pink who was hung.
                  --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Recall for me what war they were fighting in?
(Answer)    War between the states.
(Follow Up)    Recall some of the wars that the United States has fought.

(2)   Pretend your Say, how would you feel to fight in the war?
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Stockades were what they were called back then, what do
              we call confinement today?

(3)   Suppose your Say, what would you do being in a stockade and
      not see your friends or family?
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     Stockades were they were called back then, what do we call
               confinement today?

(4)    Share about what your idea of war is.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   How are things different from then to now?

(5) Define “deserter”.
(Answer)    A person who leaves a company or place without permission.
(Follow Up)    Tell me what the military calls it?

(6) Share what Say’s name was
(Answer)    Sheldon Curtis.
(Follow Up)   Recall Pink’s name was?

(7) Recall why Pink’s last name was Aylee.
(Answer)    That was his master’s name.
(Follow Up)   What was Pink’s mom’s name?

(8) Retell where Say was shot?
(Answer)    Leg, above the knee.
(Follow Up)   Pink did what to Say?

(9)   Who killed Moe Moe bay?
(Answer)    Marauders.
(Follow Up)    Explain what marauders are.

(10)  Share what the name of the stockade was that they were taken
(Answer)    Andersonville.
(Follow Up)   Retell the outcome of the two boys.

1.   Draw a picture of an American flag and write down what it means
     to you.

2.   Write an epitaph for Pink.

3.    Write down the following for the state of Kentucky: sate bird,
     state flower, and song. Have the child write down the answers and
     draw them.

4.   Write a different ending to the story.


1.   Bring in some army men and have them divided up on your desk
     on both sides. Have the child to tell you about the figures and how
     they perceive fighting. Ask them to tell you how the differences
     were between fighting back then and now. Let’s read the story and
     see some of the differences.

2    Bring in a small American flag. Ask the children to tell you what
     the flag means to them. After they give you their answer ask them
     why they think that. Tell the children that they are going to read a
     book about boys who fight for their country and state. Let’s find
     out what happens to them.

3.   Bring in different things that have to be associated with war and
     fighting. Have the child to tell you what they are and stand for.
     Ask the child to tell you why they think we fought those wars and
     how old they think a person has to be in order to fight. Let’s read
     and see what happens to two people who are totally different and
     fight in the same war.

Book: Pink and Say
Author: Patrica Polacco                      Illustrator: 0-399-22671-0
ISBN: 0-399-22671-0                          # of Text Pages: 20        AR: 3.8 LEX: 590
                                Building Oral Vocabulary
5         marauders           23          Spectacles          35          stockade
                                  Prediction Questions
 5   What do you think he will do now with the boy?
24   What do you think Say has to tell Pink?
39   What do you think will happen to the boys?

This resource is made available by THE LEARNING CORPS-Barren County School system, an AmeriCorps program, funded in part by
     the Kentucky Commission on Community and Volunteer Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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