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TrakWerk Affiliated Album by Agg9224


									TrakWerk Affiliated Album – Song Order & Credits

   1.   “Nite Watch”                               15. “World Keeps Turning” – Interlude
        Featuring Short Fuze                           Featuring Mondo
        Produced by J. Sanchez                         Produced by Lex of

   2.   “Straight Raw”                             16. “Ease the Pain”
        Featuring Short Fuze & Mondo                   Featuring Mondo
        Produced by Mondo                              Produced by Mondo

   3.   “Drop Bombs” - Interlude                   17. “Got To Be”
        Featuring Mondo                                Featuring Mondo & Short Fuze
        Produced by Mondo                              Produced by Mondo

   4.   “Get It Right”                             18. “Que Representa” - Interlude
        Featuring Short Fuze                           Featuring Machinon
        Produced by J. Sanchez                         Beat by Ed Tunes & J. Sanchez
                                                       Production by J. Sanchez
   5.   “Dirty North”
        Featuring Short Fuze & Mondo               19. “Still Standing”
        Produced by Mondo                              Featuring Short Fuze
                                                       Produced by J. Sanchez
   6.   “La Machina” – Skit
        Featuring Dj B4                            20. “Game Over”
        Beat by J. Sanchez                             Featuring Mondo & Short Fuze
                                                       Produced by Mondo
   7.   “Why Can’t I?”
        Featuring Short Fuze                       21. “Quenepa Story”
        Produced by Mondo                              Featuring Dj B4
                                                       Beat by Ed Tunes, B4, & J. Sanchez
   8.   “Father Forgive Me”                            Keys by Ed Tunes
        Featuring Short Fuze & Mondo                   Production by J. Sanchez
        Additional Vocals by Cap
        Produced by J. Sanchez                            Executive Produced by
   9.   "Street Lights"                          J. Sanchez & Armando “Mondo” Dominguez
        Featuring Short Fuze
        Beat by B4, Ed Tunes & J. Sanchez                       Affiliated Crew
        Keys by Ed Tunes                              Short Fuze - Dj B4 - Ed Tunes - Lex
        Production by J. Sanchez
                                                               Also Featuring
   10. “Croc Hunter” – Skit                        X-Kid, Ms. Understood, Black Nick, Cap,
       Featuring Short Fuze                                     & Machinon
       Creature vocals by The Crusada
       Keys by Mondo                                        Mixed & Mastered by
                                                         Armando “Mondo” Dominguez
   11. “Ahha Yea!”
       Featuring Short Fuze, Ms. Understood,                 Additional Mixing by
       X-Kid, The Crusada & Black Nick             J. Sanchez * Traks 10, 12, 13, 14, 18 & 21
       Production Mix by Dj B4
                                                                Recorded by
   12. “Bodega Drama” Skit                                Mondo, J. Sanchez, & Dj B4
       Featuring Short Fuze, The Crusada,
       Machinon, Frank & Rich                                     Recorded At
       Produced by J. Sanchez                       Affiliated Lab, The Boogie Down Bronx
                                                            The Bedroom, Queens NY
   13. “Deadly Drama”
       Featuring Short Fuze                                   Website Design by
       Produced by J. Sanchez                      Silvia Tamashiro-Sanchez, w/ J. Sanchez

   14. “Speed Knots” Skit                                      Album Design by
       Featuring Short Fuze, Machinon          J. Sanchez w/
       & The Fellas                                             Photography by
       Produced by J. Sanchez                             J. Sanchez & Dave Rosario

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