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					                                Oak View Academy
                                 Montessori & Traditional Education
                                            (License # 1170806)

                               Conditions Agreement
      Child’s Name: ______________________________________Session _____________________

      My Child is enrolled in the: _________________________ Enrollment Date _________________

      My Child program begins at: ________ and ends at: _________. If I arrive after the end of the
       program more than 5 minutes, I agree to pay $1.00 per minute for every minute that I am late.

      I agree to pay tuition in the amount of $_________ every (Week/Month). I understand that there
       is no reduction for legal holidays, school closings, and illness or vacation if allowed vacation time
       has been used.
      One week of vacation will be allowed from during the year beginning from August till next year
       July. The vacation is based on Monday through Friday and the child may not be in attendance
       any portion of that week in order to receive the “FREE” week.
      Oak View Academy may observe up to two days per year of school closings in addition to the
       following holidays Labor Day - Thanks Giving - Friday after Thanksgiving - Christmas Eve -
       Christmas day New Year Day -Good Friday - Memorial Day - Fourth of July. Should a
       holiday fall on weekend, Oak View Academy will observe the holiday on Friday or Monday. Ample
       notice will be provided as to which day will be observed. School closings for inclement weather
       ate in addition to the previously listed holidays, and are determined by the Lewisville Independent
       School District.
      The tuition is due in advance, with no reduction for days of closing. I agree to pay a $5.00 per day
       late fee if I have not paid my tuition by Monday of each week or the first day of each month.
      I understand and abide that on any returned check I must pay that amount in cash plus a $35.00
       service charge. After 2 returned checks Oak View Academy has right to ask me to pay tuition
       fees in cash only.
      In the event I choose to terminate this contract or withdraw my child, I agree to provide a TWO
       WEEKS written notice and payment for the two weeks. Vacation credit may not be taken in lieu of
       payment. Occasionally Oak View Academy find that a child may not be suited for our program, in
       which case Oak View Academy reserve the right to withdraw the child upon notification to the
       parents and allowing them a TWO WEEK periods to find another facility.

I have read this conditions agreement and thoroughly understand and agree to all terms state in the

____________________________________________                      ________________________________
Parent’s Signature                                                Date

                  Oak View Academy 6804 Anderson Drive, The Colony – TX - 75056

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