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                    HLTH 101: Introduction to Health Professions
                     Course information and Syllabus, Fall 2010
Faculty Contact Information

When you have questions or problems with assignments, questions about your grades or other
things to discuss, please come see me during my office hours which are listed below. If these times
don’t work for you, email me and we will make other arrangements. I am here to help you get the
most out of this course.

       TBA.                                      Email: TBA
       Phone: TBA                                Office: TBA
       Office hours: TBA

Introduction & Course Goals

Welcome to Health 101, an introduction to health professions. This course is designed for students
interested in pursuing a program of study that will lead to a career in the health professions. There
are two primary goals to this course:
       A. Introduce students to the various programs at Lewis-Clark State College that can lead to a
           career in the health professions
       B. Introduce students to study habits and skills necessary to succeed in supporting science


There is no prerequisite to this course. However, concurrent enrollment in BIOL 175: Human
Biology is strongly recommended.

E-mail Contact

Your LCMail e-mail account is the official method of communication between the college and
yourself and so you should check your account daily. If you have trouble accessing your account,
make sure you work out the problems by calling or stopping by the computer help desk (located at
SGC B102 or phone 792-2231).

Class Materials

Class materials will be available to you on Blackboard ( Please ensure that you can
access your account and the class page.


This course is graded Pass/Fail. Your grade will be calculated based upon 3 personal reflection
assignments, 6 study skill assignments and attendance. More details about these assignments, as
well as the grading scale, are below. If you miss four or more class meetings, you will receive a
Failing grade for the semester.

ASSIGNMENT                 POSSIBLE              NUMBER OF             TOTAL
                           POINTS PER            ASSIGNMENTS           POSSIBLE
                           ASSIGNMENT                                  POINTS
Reflection                 20                    3                     60
Study Skill                8                     5                     40
Attendance                 N/A                   N/A                   100
                                                 TOTAL                 200

Reflection Assignments

There will be three reflection assignments over the course of the semester. These assignments will
assist you in self-analysis of your interest in health professions and the associated programmatic
options at Lewis-Clark State College.

Reflection #1: This will be assigned early in the semester. The focus will be on your initial interests
and background.

Reflection #2: This will occur near midterm after the various speakers have visited the class. It will
also involve research of other health professions from

Reflection #3: This will be assigned at the end of the semester to analyze how your interests have
changed or been strengthened.

Additional details will be provided later in the semester.

Study Skill Assignments

During the latter half of the semester, we will focus on effective study skills for science and math
classes. As part of these presentations, you will be assigned different tasks with the aim of
strengthening your preparation for these rigorous courses. Additional details will be provided later in
the semester.


Half of the points in this course are associated with attendance. If you miss four or more lecture
meetings, you will receive a Failing grade for the course.

Grading Scale

A grade of 60% or higher will result in a Passing grade for this course. A grade of 59.99% or lower
will result in a Failing grade.

Disability Statement

If you have any special needs such as a documented learning disability or other situation that limits
your access or ability to participate in class or lab, please discuss the situation with me as soon as
possible so we can make appropriate arrangements. Assistance with accommodations can also be
found at the Office of Student Life, room 111 Reid Centennial Hall.

Academic Dishonesty

Any form of academic dishonesty, including but not limited to, taking credit for someone else’s work,
plagiarism, use of forbidden resources, writing papers as a “team” on a individual assignment, taking
material from primary sources or internet without referencing properly, etc, will result in a failing
grade for this course.

Text and other supplies

There is no textbook associated with this course.

Tentative Schedule
WEEK      TOPIC                                   ASSIGNMENT DUE
1         Introduction to Health Professions
2         Nursing                                 Reflection #1

3         Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy
4         Radiographic Science
5         Physical and Occupational Therapy
6         Topic: TBA
7         Topic: TBA
8         Study Skills for Anatomy & Physiology   Reflection #2
9         Study Skills for A&P (cont)             SS #1
10        Study Skills for Chemistry              SS #2
11        Study Skills for Chemistry (cont)       SS #3
12        Study Skills for Mathematics            SS #4
13        Study Skills for Mathematics (cont)     SS #5
14        THANKSGIVING BREAK                      SS#6
15        Final Meeting                           Reflection #3

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