Technical committee meeting for 2002

Project No. & Title: S-284, Genetic Enhancement of Health and Survival for Dairy Cattle

Date and location of meeting:     October 20-21, 2002
                                  Radisson Inn Cincinnati Airport, Covington, KY

Participants in the 2002 S-284 meeting:

Participating stations            Representative and other participants
Georgia                           Ignacy Misztal
Illinois                          Roger Shanks
Indiana                           Mike Schutz; Francis Kearney
Iowa                              Jeff Berger (absent); James Johanson
Kentucky                          Jack McAllister
Maryland (USDA-ARS)               Paul Van Raden; Curt Van Tassell
Minnesota                         Les Hansen; Tony Sekora; Brad Heinz
Nebraska                          Jeff Keown (absent)
New York                          Pascal Oltenacu
North Carolina                    Steve Washburn
Tennessee                         Gary Rogers; Chad Dechow; Rissa Mitchell; Joan Cooper
Virginia                          Bennet Cassell; Ron Pearson; Terri Garcia; E. Yook
Wisconsin                         George Shook; Kent Weigel
Administrative advisor            Nancy Cox
CSREES representative             Richard Frahm

Other attendees and guests
ABS Global – Cheryl Marti and Dick Smith
Accelerated Genetics – Ole Meland
Alta Genetics – Bob Welper
Genex/CRI – Steve Schnell
Holstein Association USA – Tom Lawlor
New Generation Genetics – Dan Gilbert
Select Sires – Chuck Sattler
Taurus Service, Inc. – Dick Witter

List-serve address: S284@crcvms.unl.edu

October 20, 2002
8:00                          Gathering and introductions
                              Agenda approval
                              Appointment of resolution committee
                              Comments from administrative and CSREES advisors
8:30                          Station reports and new plans for objective 1
9:30                          Break
9:45                          Continue station reports and new plans for objective 1
11:45                         Lunch
1:00                          Business Meeting
                                      Minutes of 2001 Annual Meeting
                                      Old business
                                      New Business
                                      Election of officers for 2003
                                      Meeting plans for 2003
3:00                          Station reports and new plans for objective 2
5:30                          Adjourn for dinner with NAAB Sire Analysts

October 21, 2002
8:30                          Station reports and new plans for objective 3
9:30                          Break
10:00                         Continue station reports and new plans for objective 3
11:00                         Complete any unfinished station reports
12:00                         Adjourn

Action Items/Minutes of the Business Meeting:

Chairman Roger Shanks called the business meeting to order. The minutes of the 2001 meeting
were approved by the committee. Participants should have received copies of the 2001 Annual

Considerable discussion took place about the newly approved S-1008 regional project. As a
result of this approval, the committee elected a new Secretary and made plans for the next year’s
meeting. Ignacy Misztal (Georgia) was elected secretary and Gary Rogers will be chair for next

Mike Schutz agreed to be the representative from S-1008 on the Council on Dairy Cattle
Breeding for one more meeting. Gary Rogers will become the new representative on the Council
of Dairy Cattle Breeding beginning in 2003 with Ron Pearson serving as a backup.

Mike Schutz and Bennet Cassell reported on the activities of the resolutions committee that had
been appointed earlier in the meeting. The resolutions committee presented five resolutions that
were unanimously supported by the meeting participants. The resolutions were:
   1.     Whereas Bennet Cassell has put forth outstanding effort in writing, assembling and
          submitting project S-1008, “Genetic Selection and Crossbreeding to Enhance
          Reproduction and Survival of Dairy Cattle”, and has exhibited great patience and
          excellent organization, now therefore be it resolved that S-1008 expresses due thanks
          and recognition for this effort.

   2.     Whereas Nancy Cox has agreed to continue as administrative advisor for S-1008 and
          ushered the smooth transition from S-284 to S-1008, now therefore be it resolved that
          S-1008 expresses its deepest gratitude for her assistance and looks forward to her
          continuing guidance.

   3.     Whereas Jack McAllister has volunteered to arrange the meeting rooms and facilities
          for the 2002 annual meeting of S-284, now therefore be it resolved that S-284
          expresses its thanks for the arrangements, hospitality and directions.

   4.     Whereas Ben McDaniel has provided strong leadership to S-49, S-251 and S-284
          over the last twenty five years, and interacted closely and frequently with NC-2;
          whereas Ben McDaniel has contributed significant scientific results comparing
          proven and progeny test sires, estimates of genetic and environmental effects on foot
          conformation and health, and numerous other important traits; and whereas Ben
          McDaniel has demonstrated great skill in designing and interpreting the results for
          regional projects, therefore be it resolved that S-284 recognizes Ben McDaniel for his
          numerous and outstanding accomplishments in the genetic improvement of dairy
          cattle. The chair was instructed to prepare and present a certificate expressing the

   5.     Whereas Dick Frahm has played a large and vital role as the CSREES advisor to NC-
          2, S-251, S-284 and S-1008 be it resolved that S-284 and S-1008 thank him for a job
          well done and wish him all the best for a healthful and happy retirement.

After considerable discussion on how to best honor Ben McDaniel the S-1008 committee
decided to hold the 2003 Annual meeting of S-1008 in Charlotte, NC on the dates of October 19
and 20, 2003. At this meeting S-1008 will host a workshop on Dairy Cattle Breeding in honor of
Ben McDaniel. Breeding industry representatives, NAAB Sire Analysts and NAAB marketing
departments will be invited.

The business meeting adjourned after completing these plans.
Historical Information:

Meeting dates and locations:

1992 (S251)          St. Louis, MO                Joint with NC-209
1993 (S251)          Chicago, IL                  Joint with NE-112
1994 (S251)          Minneapolis, MN
1995 (S251)          Kansas City, MO              Joint with NC-209
1996 (S251)          Baltimore, MD                Joint with NC-209
1997 (S251)          Bloomington, MN
1998 (S284)          Covington, KY
1999 (S284)          Kansas City, MO
2000 (S284)          Beltsville, MD
2001 (S284)          Beltsville, MD
2002 (S284)          Covington, KY


1992          Chair – Ben McDaniel         Secretary – Gary Rogers
1993          Chair – Gary Rogers          Secretary – Bob Miller
1994          Chair – Bob Miller           Secretary – Jeff Keown
1995          Chair – Jeff Keown           Secretary – Frank Allaire
1996          Chair – Paul VanRaden        Secretary – Les Hansen
1997          Chair – Paul VanRaden        Secretary – Gary Rogers
1998          Chair – Gary Rogers          Secretary – Mike Schutz
1999          Chair – Mike Schutz          Secretary – Paul Boettcher
2000          Chair – Paul Boettcher       Secretary – Bennet Cassell
2001          Chair – Bennet Cassell       Secretary – Roger Shanks
2002          Chair – Roger Shanks         Secretary – Gary Rogers
2003          Chair – Gary Rogers          Secretary – Ignacy Misztal

Next Meeting Information:

The next Annual Meeting of S-1008 will be held on October 19-20, 2003 in Charlotte, NC. In
conjunction with the meeting S-1008 will host a workshop on Dairy Cattle Breeding to honor Dr.
Ben McDaniel.

Prepared by:
Gary W. Rogers, Secretary 2002

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