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					ASF Alumni News: Fall 2007
Alumna's Art on Display
Debbie Feldman ('69) is showing her work at a cafe-gallery in Santa Fe. Stop by and see
it daily before 5 p.m.

Unique Reunion: Class of 1985
43 members of the Class of ’85 gathered to celebrate a large joint 40 birthday party – or 22.5-year
reunion. The event was held at the Estoril in Polanco. People came from London, Finland, Atlanta,
Miami, L.A., Queretaro and of course, Mexico City.
Socorro Rivera ('85), Araceli Pedroza ('85), Azul Gomez ('85), Alicia Velasco ('85), Dulce Wirz ('85),
Ana Ramirez ('85) and Tere Pailles ('85).

Christian Gantous ('85), Camilo Falcon ('85), Luis Medellin ('85), Jeanette King ('85), Azul Gomez
('85), Cesar Buenrostro ('85), Andrew Marein ('85), Lya Kahan ('85).
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UPDATE: Thanks for your support of Alum's Grasroots Project

ASF congratulates Judith Romano ('86) and her handbag business on becoming one of 12 finalists
in the World Challenge 2007, a contest run in association with Shell, Newsweek and BBC World.
Unfortunately, despite the votes of many fellow alumni, Judith's project came in fourth place, and
only the winner and two runners up won grants. Judith's projest was High Sweet Fashion/Mitz, in
which underprivileged Mexican women create handbags using recycled wrappers.

Alum Shows Documentary at Film Festival

Adolfo Doring ('80) recently showed one of his documentary films at the Festival Internacional de
Cine Documental de la Ciudad de Mexico.” He co-wrote and directed, “The Trial of the St. Patrick’s
Four,” about four anti-Iraq war protesters who were tried for spilling their own blood at a U.S.
military recruiting center.

New York Reunion 2007
More than 90 people attended the event Friday, September 28 at the home of Mark ('75) and
Elizabeth Gormley.

Generation Gap: Oldest and youngest alums in attendance: Ruly Rivadeneyra ('46) and Eliza
Honey ('03).
Adriana Jimenez ('99), Dr. Darío Cortés, Annette Piecora, Galia Altschuler ('02), Michelle Umansky
('00), Alejandro Jimenez ('98)

Alice Smith ('72), Melissa Rust Brown ('71), Donna Jobert ('72), Bruce Ballard ('71), Mary Ann
Campbell Anthony ('71)

For more pictures, click on this link.
A special thanks to those who pledged or donated that night:
Juanin Reid ('66)                     Mario Covo (’75)               Julio Marquez ('80)
Elaine Sunray (’68)                   Martin Goebel (’75)            Hugo Faria ('82)
Benjamin Sands (’69)                  Patty Dillon Allman (’75)      Victor Escandon ('85)
Doug Bolin (’70)                      Yvonne Durazzo (’76)           Hilario Ramos ('90)
Robert Curlett (’70)                  Katrin Naelapaa (’76)          Juan Alex Ramos ('94)
Mary Ann Campbell (’71)               Roberto Rodriguez (’76)        Emi Beltran ('98)
Tina Clark (’71)                      Mitchell Tamkin (’76)          Lucy Beltran ('99)
Melissa Rust Brown (’71)              Laura Koch (’77)               Ruben Flores ('02)
Karl Miran (’73)                      Claudia Doring Baez (’78)      Tami Ohara ('02)

Alumni Council Gets to Work
The Mexico City-based Alumni Council held its first meeting September 6. Among their plans for the
year are approving bylaws, meeting monthly, participating in school-sponsored events and holding
an Alumni Gathering in May. Stay tuned for more details in the months to come!
Aliki Botton (’85), Sandra Ellstein (’85), Sloane Starke and Cesar Buenrostro (’85).

Members this year are Chair Cesar Buenrostro (’85), Cynthia Litchi (’90), Cynthia Castro (’89),
Sandra Ellstein (’85), Aliki Botton (’85), Leon Merikanskas (’93), Samantha Sigal (’87), Elsita Villar
(’47), Anacecilia Perez Vargas (’81), Arturo Macotela (’90) and Agustin Gama (’85).

Alumni in the News: ASF Grad Wins Emmy!
Cris Graves ('89) is among the crew celebrating after CBS's "The Amazing Race" won the Emmy
for best reality-competition program. Cris is a producer for the show, which pits teams of people
against each other in a race around the world.

Alumni in the News: Voice of the Cowboys
A member of the Class of 1978 has the kind of job many boys dream of -- he's the Spanish voice of
the Dallas Cowboys. Here's an article published July 26 about Victor Villalba. By the way, In Mexico
City you can listen to his broadcasts on 97.7FM.
Alumni in the News: '81 Grad Sets New World Record
Olympian Hellen Plaschinski ('81) was part of a group of six Mexican women swimmers who set a
new world record by swimming the English Channel from Dover to France and back to Dover in 18
hours and 59 minutes. For more information, visit the team web site for Altamar66k. Look for more
information in the Fall issue if Focus on ASF.

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