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4 Blonde Graduates


									                             4 Blonde Graduates

   Four blondes somehow graduated from a shitty, no- good college. After 100s of
interview and not getting any job they decided to take matter in their own hands i.e. to
                                start their own business.

   First they opened a Gas station, but didnt get single customer in months. Why?
                         The Gas station was on first floor.

They decided to venture in another business and opened a resturant on the same floor.
                             Again no customer. Why?
                     They didnt remove the sign of Gas Station.

Decided they had enough with same place, moved to taxi business. Even after several
            days of roming around the city they got 0 passenger. Why?
  Two blondes in front and two in back in single cab were looking for passengers.

Once they ran out of gas in middle of nowhere. Decided to push the cab to side of the
                    road, but the taxi didnt move an inch. Why?
              Two were pushing from back and two were from front.

Frustrated as none of their great ideas were working, they decided to enter into field of
 crime. Kindnapped a young boy and told him to go and ask your mom for $500,000
 otherwise we will kill you. The boy went and came back in one day with the money.

                         The boy's mother was blonde as well.

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