ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Held on Saturday 19th May 2012 . Present 63 residents.

The Chairman (Mrs Margaret Metcalf) welcomed residents to the

1. Apologies received from Mr Chris Headon, Mr and Mrs Hardman,
     Mrs Joyce Turle, Mrs Wendy Coslett, Mr David Metcalf and Wing
     Commander Les Anderson.

2. Approval of minutes. The Chairman asked the meeting whether they
   approved the minutes of the 2011 AGM . Acceptance of the minutes
   was proposed by Mr Dave Hammond and seconded by Mr Stuart
   Salter and the meeting approved unanimously.

3. Chairman’s report. The Chairman introduced the members of the
   Executive Committee to the residents. Her full report is attached.

4. Treasurer’s report. Mr Trevor Martin commented on the accounts up
   to December 2011 (as set out in the centre pages of the Notice). His
   report is attached. Acceptance of his report was proposed by Mr Ed
   Miller and seconded by Mrs Brenda Baxter and the meeting approved

The accounts had been audited by Mr Bungard and these were proposed
for adoption by the meeting by Mr Trevor Martin and seconded Mr John
Hastie. The meeting unanimously adopted the accounts; Mr Bungard was
thanked for his work and he was approved as auditor for 2013 .

5. Roads report. Mr Chris Headon was at work and unable to attend the
   AGM but he had sent a report (attached) which the Chairman read out.
   He was heartily thanked by the whole meeting for the effort and time
   that he puts in to make our roads so outstanding.

6. Gardens report. Mr Stuart Salter had put up photos on the blackboard
   of the various garden sites in the village which the Association
   maintains. Mr Peter Sims was in charge of the garden sites. Residents
   were thanked for their generous contributions towards making the
   garden sites so colourful.
7. Election of officers. The chairman said that Mrs Janet Porter had
   performed her 3 years as membership secretary superbly, and was now
   coming off the committee. She was thanked for her very good work.
   In her place Mrs Anne Harris had agreed, if elected, to become the
   membership secretary. The Chairman had further nominations for
   members of the Committee as follows:

a) President, Wing Commander Les Anderson; (b) Chairman, Mrs M
Metcalf; (c) Vice-Chairman, Mr Dave Hammond; (d) Treasurer, Mr T
Martin; (e) Secretary, Miss D Wood; (f) Membership Secretary, Mrs
Anne Harris, (g) Roads Chairman, Mr Chris Headon; (h) Road Wardens
Chairman, Miss Feona Clarke (i) Gardens Chairman, Mr Peter Sims; and
(j) Publicity Officer, Mr Stuart Salter. Mr Trevor Hill, having missed out
meetings so much, had agreed to come back on to the Committee,
without portfolio. There was a place for one other to join the committee,
without portfolio. These officers were proposed en bloc by Miss Diana
Wood and seconded by Miss Feona Clarke and the meeting unanimously

8. Any other business.

None had been sent, in advance as required by the Constitution, to the

The meeting was declared closed at 10.35a.m.

After the meeting, a representative from the Drainage Group which is
looking into the possible problems of drainage/flooding in Ferring over
the next 20 years, gave a presentation and asked those present to fill in a

Miss D E Wood

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