The Summit at Riverview

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                                    The Summit at Riverview
                                   Home Owners’ Association
                           Board of Directors Regular Meeting Minutes

                                              Aug 8, 2006
                                               7:00 p.m.
                                         22102 39 Place South
                                        Kent, Washington 98032

Meeting called to order by: President Dick Nielsen
Time: 7:10 p.m.

Present:       Dick Nielsen                       Absent:          Larry Bell
               Barbara Jennings                                    Lydia Plummer
               Irene Stotz                                         Steve Oldham
               Liz Cyers
               Steve Morris

               Jim Hondle/CDC Property Mgr

Guest(s): None

Minutes will be approved by: Board of Directors

       Minutes of previous meetings: Barbara Jennings moved to approve and accept the
       July 11, 2006 minutes. The motion was seconded by Liz Cyers and passed unanimously.

President’s Report: Dick Nielsen (attached)

      Polygon – Dick Nielsen, Bob Curran, Mark Jobe and Steve Oldham met with the developer’s
       representative, Chris Landschulz, Risk Manager, to discuss to the HOA’s most recent
       response to the proposed resolution of repair, paint and reserve issues. A copy of the follow-
       up letter Dick sent to Mr Landschulz, dated August 7, 2006, is on file. The board discussed
       each of these issues and the HOA’s response to them at length. The BoD expressed their
       unanimous agreement on each. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled.
      Landscaping – Tom’s Tree Service has sent a refund check for the recent improper staking
       of trees.
      Irrigation – Koester has found the length of watering times to be inadequate, and needed
       adjustments have now been made. One zone was found not working properly and has been
       corrected. Koester has retained a full-time employee, dedicated to work with irrigation
       systems. The Front Gate watering problem has been conveyed to the Master Association
       manager who will in turn forward the concern to Highlander for action. The condition of the
       grass continues to deteriorate. Dick requested Koester to aerate the lawn areas immediately.
       A work order for same has been signed and returned to Koester yesterday, August 7. (Copy
       on file)
      Units for sale or vacant – 22016 remains on the market.
      Exterior GFI electrical outlets – Pyramid will contact individual residents to schedule
       installation times. Residents will be billed directly by Pyramid, at the time of installation. Cost
       per outlet to be installed, including tax will be $127.30.
      Master Association – Regular Meeting took place on August 3.
          o Landscaping Issues – Several were discussed.
          o Fence Repairs – Between the Summit and the Park. Other properties are having
              problems with homeowners putting dirt up against the bottom of the fences.
          o Walking Trail at Riverview – A somewhat lengthy discussion took place regarding the
              current status and condition of the trail between The Pointe and The Terrace. The trail
              is frequently used by many, is only paved part way, and is considered to be possibly
              unsafe at the far end. The anticipated costs vs benefits of several options for an
              upgraded repair (paving) were discussed by the Master Association BoD members.
              Further study of these options, their benefits and costs is still required. Updates will be
              provided to the BoD.

Aug 8, 2006 Regular Board Meeting

       Master Association – (cont)
         o West Valley @ 212 retail development – A member of the Master Association BoD
             met with the developers to discuss potential retail plans. The developers thanked us
             for our input, but were not responsive to that input.
         o Right Turn Restriction at S 216 St & Riverview Blvd – Dick reported that he asked the
             other HOA presidents to join him in his efforts to straighten the eastbound traffic lane of
             Riverview Blvd at the intersection and allow right turns on to S 216th St. Dick has sent
             an e-mail to Kent Councilman Harmon which was followed by supporting letters from
             the HOA presidents of The Landings, The Reserve and The Heights.

Treasurer’s Report: Liz Cyers
    Financials, including delinquencies, water and electrical, were reviewed and discussed.
    High-yield CDs (Reserve Accounts) – The BoD discussed the possibility of obtaining a
       higher interest rate on our reserve funds, through high-yield CD’s, presently offered at a local
       banking institution (BECU). Most of our reserve would be in CDs and could be easily rolled
       over to obtain the greater return. Barbara made a motion that the president and treasurer be
       given authority to move our reserve accounts to BECU high-yield CDs. The motion was
       seconded by Liz and passed unanimously. Dick will follow up on this.

CDC Manager’s Report: Jim Hondle, CDC Property Mgr (See full report)
    Audit – is now finally completed (in draft form)
    Residential Information Forms – Sent to residents; most completed and returned.
    Reserve Account Status – (See full report)
    2007 Proposed Budget – Jim has begun work on this in preparation for the upcoming
      Annual Budget Ratification meeting with the homeowners in December, 2006.

Old Business:
       603-01 – Polygon Update: See: President’s Report.

        603-10 – Newsletter: Liz Cyers – The next issue will be delivered in November.
         Upcoming Annual Budget Ratification Meeting (2 Tuesday in December) will be

         HOA Building & Common Area Insurance Coverage
                Details of present coverage were reviewed and discussed. Some homeowners
                continue to voice uncertainties about the coverage they may need or want. Dick and
                Jim concurred that homeowners needed to discuss HO-6 coverage and any other
                types of recommended coverage with their individual carriers. Homeowner questions
                relate primarily to How much? What kind? Flood? Earthquake? (Is this will be
                addressed in the news letter?)
         Neighborhood Block Watch Program: Due to Larry’s absence, this will be discussed
           further at a later time. This is still a work in progress.

        603-11 – Maintenance Schedule: Steve distributed an updated schedule and discussed the
               work still needed to be done to achieve desired purpose. He also discussed the
               revisions to the last draft presented to the BoD.

        603-12 – Garage Sale: Tabled; Lydia absent. Liz stated that other communities did not wish
               to participate due to recent area-wide garage sale held at the Riverview Community
               Church and outcome.

        604-01 – Unit Rental Limitations: Tabled.

        605-04 – New Resident Roster: Barbara reported that the update forms were distributed to
               residents and were beginning to be returned.

Aug 8, 2006 Regular Board Meeting

       605-05 – Vehicle Registration: Dick reported that there were a few residents in violation of
              parking requirements. When appropriate, letters will be sent to them advising them
              of the HOA’s right to tow. Jim reminded the Board that a signature is required on the
              towing form.

       606-02 – Outdoor Electrical Outlets: Pyramid to begin installation. Will contact individual
              residents to schedule installations.

       607-01 – ACC Request for Window Replacement: Single request is pending, awaiting
              go-ahead, dependent on progress of settlement with Polygon. Several other
              homeowners have also expressed an interest in upgrading existing fixed/picture
              windows with replacement windows that open.

New Business:

       608-01 – Bids for painting – Still awaiting bid from the company that painted the first six
       buildings. We will also try to get other bids.

       608-02 – Landscape policy for view restrictions – While the BoD unanimously agreed that
       a need exists to establish a policy regarding this concern, they also agreed that within
       reason, living plants, trees, etc do continuously grow. EPA landscaping requirements must
       also be met and maintained. Thus, the possibility of obstructing views is very real and will not
       always result in removal at HOA or homeowner expense.

Announcements: The next regular board of directors meeting will be held on September 12, 2006.

Adjournment: As there was no further business to be discussed, Dick adjourned the meeting
adjourned the meeting at 9:15 p.m.

Submitted by:          I Stotz                                   Date:      September 12, 2006
                   Irene Stotz, Secretary

Approved by:                     BOD                             Date:      September 12, 2006

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