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Post Award Administration Ledgers The ledger is divided into five



The ledger is divided into five sections as described below:

   1. General Pertinent Information
         a. Account Number
         b. Bill Type
         c. Bill Cycle
         d. As of Date
         e. Grant Contact
         f. Grant Control Number
         g. Expiration Date

   2. Subsidiary Summary Ledger
         a. Budget
         b. Current Month Revenue and Expenditures
         c. Cumulative Revenue and Expenditures
         d. Encumbrances
         e. Ledger Balance = Budget less Cumulative Exp less Encumbrances
         f. Tentative Transactions
         g. Tentative Balance = Ledger Balance less Tentative Transactions

   3. Subsidiary Detail Ledger
         a. Current Month Activity

   4. Tentative Subsidiary Detail Ledger
         a. Tentative Transactions

   5. Outstanding Order Summary
         a. Encumbrances and Commitments

University policy states that restricted accounts should not be in an overdraft status. If an account is overdraft,
immediate attention is required to clear the overdraft. However, some accounts may be in an overdraft status
due to extenuating circumstances (multi-year or incrementally funded agreement or a pending request for
additional funding). Overdraft notices are sent four times a year to Deans and Directors.

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