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									                      Public Hearing and Special Meeting
                           FRIDAY, March 30, 2012
                                   3:00 P.M.

A Public Hearing and Special Meeting of the Anahuac City Council was held in
the Council Chambers of Anahuac City Hall located at 501 Miller Street,
Anahuac, Texas on Friday, March 30, 2012 at the above noted time.

There were present:

Sue Hawthorne                          Mayor
Cheryl Sanders                         Mayor Pro Tem
Danny Thompson                         Councilman
Hall Whitley                           Councilman
Miguel Anderson                        Councilman
Linda Palmer                           Councilwoman
Richard Ferguson                       City Attorney
Lance Nauman                           City Administrator
Heather N. Waller Spann                City Secretary

Those not present:

Richard Baker                          City Attorney


Dayna Haynes                           The Progress

                               Public Hearing

Councilman Whitley gave the invocation; Councilman Thompson led the Pledge
of Allegiance to the American and Texas Flags.

Mayor Hawthorne called the Public Hearing to order at 3:04 p.m. Mayor
Hawthorne asked for any comments from the public if there were any about the
placement of a stop sign at the intersection of Belton Lane and Kansas.

Public Hearing was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

                              Regular Meeting

Mayor Hawthorne called to order the Special Meeting at 3:10 p.m.

Mayor Hawthorne asked council to take no action regarding the agenda item on
Faye Till’s utility account until the April 9th meeting when she can attend.
Council did discuss the agenda item briefly; at this time no decision was made.
This agenda item will be placed on the April 9, 2012 Regular Meeting Agenda.

Mr. Nauman told Council that he is still waiting on a proposed agreement from
Mr. Singh the owner of Subway.

Council discussed the proposed Plat and Plan Inter-local Agreement between
the City and Chambers County; Councilman Thompson made a motion to
approve the agreement and Councilman Whitley made the second, all council
was in favor and the motion carries.

Council reviewed the purchase agreement for the excavator. Councilwoman
Palmer had a few concerns that the agreement was not detailed enough in
explaining how much each payment will be, the interest, how many and how
much the balloon payment will be and what the grand total amount will be. At
this time Council asked Mr. Nauman to get a more detailed agreement drafted
for Council to review for at the next Regular Council Meeting (April 9, 2012).

Council reviewed the proposed agreement from Municipal Accounts for their
assistance with our Auditors. Although, in the past, the City has used them for
this service, Council at this time does not feel the City needs their assistance.
The auditors have not asked for detailed information from them that they do
not already provide the City. If at a later time the Auditors need more
information that exceeds the agreement the City already has with Municipal
Accounts then Council will revisit this proposed agreement.

                                Consent Agenda

      Council reviewed proposed Ordinance 2012-03-02 denying the rate
      increase Entergy has proposed.

      Council also discussed the need for Dan Irby to have Verizon Wireless for
      his City laptop.

      Item number C was tabled until the April 9th meeting.

      Council did not feel there was more of a need to discuss the stop sign at
      Belton and Kansas.

      Council discussed the attendance of Bret Hernandez and Nicole Gonzalez
      of the Surface Water I classes.

      Council also discussed the attendance of Scott Wible of the Technology
      Class for his Class A license in Pearland, TX.

Councilwoman Sanders made a motion to approve these items and Councilman
Anderson seconded the motion. The motion then carried with all in favor.

Councilman Whitley asked Mr. Nauman to give Council an update on the
progress of the grant money at this time.

Councilwoman Sanders made a motion to adjourn the meeting and
Councilwoman Palmer seconded the motion. All were in favor and Council
adjourns at 4:23 p.m.

                                           Cheryl Sanders, Mayor
                                           City of Anahuac

Heather N. Hawkins, City Secretary
City of Anahuac

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