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									Pat Allen

Pat Allen is the CND international worker. In the 50s he was a full-time translator /interpreter for
the international peace movement. Pat is happy to talk about the international work of CND,
London CND including the Nuclear Trains Action Group, or anti-bomb campaigning pre-CND.

Pat can be contacted via Network for Peace ( or CND, 020 7700

Karl Miller BSc, CdipA&F, MIEEE, MCP - ARC Secretary & Web Site Editor

Tel: 07903 967 355

Karl has spoken all over the country, mainly on Arms Reduction Coalition (ARC) and Article 26 of
the UN charter. He has attended many peace conferences both in the UK and abroad (e.g. UNA,
CND, Peoples Assembly, UN Millennium Forum, and Barcelona Dialogues Forum). He has
released 3 CDs of some of his writings 'ARC Peace Quotes', 'ARC: The UN and Africa' and
'Nurturing ARC instrumentals' set to original 'World Dialogue Sounds' music. He is Web site editor
Action for United Nations Renewal, Newsletter editor Merton United Nations Association (UNA).

Vijay Mehta MA is an author and global activist for peace, development, human rights and
environment. His books include, ‘The Fortune Forum Code: For a Sustainable Future’, ‘The United
Nations and Its Future in the 21st Century’, and ‘Arms No More’. He is president of VM Centre for
Peace and co-founder and trustee of Fortune Forum charity which works for the eradication of
poverty, environmental sustainability, halting the onslaught of diseases, protection of human rights,
and peacebuilding. He is chair of Arms Reduction Coalition, Co-chair of World Disarmament
Campaign and Vice Chair of Action for United Nations Renewal. He is a member of the council of
International Peace Bureau (IPB) and National Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

The main areas on which he works and speak are as follows:

         International peace, security and nuclear disarmament
        Global arms trade, arms reduction and weapons of mass destruction (WMD)
        Poverty reduction and development
        Protection of human rights
        Global warming, climate change and environmental sustainability
        Effective United Nations system and renewed global governance
        Respect for the rule of law and multilateral treaties
        Peace education and a culture of peace
        Bridging the religious and cultural divide
        International relations

More info: http:///
Contact: Tel: 0207 377 2111

Mobile: 07776 231 018

Frank Jackson is co-chair of the World Disarmament Campaign and on the management group of Network
for Peace. Topics he can offer include Lessons from a Century of Conflict; Problems and Possibilities for
Conversion of Military Industry to Civilian Production; Trade Unionists and Peace; The United Nations –
Humanity’s Best Hope or a Lost Cause?; Religious Influence on Conflict - A Humanist View; The
militarisation of the European Union and how to stop it; How to Change the World - Political Parties,
Pressure Groups or Direct Action? (This last aimed primarily at young people.) See Frank’s CV here.

Campaign Against Arms Trade has a network of speakers throughout the UK, who can talk on a
wide range of arms trade issues, or provide more participative workshop sessions.

Please contact Anne-Marie - call 020 7281 0297 or email annemarie[at]

Campaign Against Arms Trade
11 Goodwin Street
London N4 3HQ
tel: 020 7281 0297

Alison Williams is available to talk on UN Reform and Global Governance. She’s Secretary of the
Merton Branch of UNA and Coordinator of UNGA-Link UK, a network of UNA MEMBERS
concerned to enhance UN-Civil Society relations. She’s a former UN tour guide, and did
postgraduate work on the Commonwealth and the UN, and the League of Nations. Contact:

Richard Johnson will give talks on:

            Trident and British Nuclear Weapons in the Global Context
            The Links between Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Weapons
            Implications of the most recently published research on the Chernobyll Disaster
            Bush, Blair and the War on Terror
            'Frontier Masculinities': Connections between Gender Politics and War and Peace
            Peace Movements and Alternative International Policies

Aside from being a CND Council Member (for East Midlands) and Co-Chair/ Treasurer Leicester
CND, Richard used to teach/research cultural studies at Nottingham Trent Uni and before that at


George Farebrother available to talk on the law as it relates to nuclear weapons, particularly the
World Court. Anywhere SE of a line from The Wash to Weymouth! World Court Project UK,
Secretary, George Farebrother, 67 Summerheath Rd, Hailsham, Sussex UK BN27 3DR, +44
(0)1323 844 269,,


Any of the following are able to give talks on Trident:

       Kate Hudson, General Secretary, CND
       Dave Webb, Chair, CND
       Bruce Kent, Vice President CND
       Jeremy Corbyn MP, Vice Chair CND

 They can be booked by ringing CND on 0207 700 2393 or

Peace education: what happened at Hiroshima? For schools sessions contact Anna Liddle at CND.

Christian CND. For a speaker with a more Christian focus on nuclear disarmament in general as
well as Trident renewal and the NPT, contact 020 7700 4200. For meetings,
conferences and particularly schools. CCND speakers are experienced in presentations to school
students studying GCSE Religious Education covering peace, Just War, and the morality of war and
nuclear weapons.

Peace Brigades International provide speakers who have returned from the field, working in
Colombia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mexico and Nepal. It may be possible to get people to speak
about the particular human rights context in a specific country. Volunteers also speak to groups
about the work of PBI and/or concept of protective accompaniment, as a nonviolent intervention. If
you would like to arrange a speaker please contact Lani Parker 020 7 2815370 or

CAAB is a campaign.......

grounded in a deep concern and opposition to weapons of mass destruction in general and nuclear
weapons in particular - specifically the proposed American Missile Defense/Theater Missile
Defense (AMD/TMD) systems/Trident focussed on American bases in the UK and abroad raising
public awareness, scrutiny and accountability of American bases in the UK - over here, out of
control and secretive.

Contact: Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases, 59 Swarcliffe Road, Harrogate, HG1
          tel no: 01423 884076 mobile: 07949897904
Quaker workers and staff
Quaker workers and staff are available to speak to groups. Visit the Quaker Speakers page for a list
of speakers currently touring or email Helen Bradford at QPSW at to request
another speaker on a specific peace or social justice theme.

Jim McCluskey:

“I work with the World Court Project, Kingston Peace Council and the Stop the War Coalition with
a view to achieving peaceful rather than violent solutions to conflict situations in foreign affairs.
Recently I have produced two A5 publications on the subject of ‘The Nuclear Threat’. The titles
are ‘The Nuclear Threat: Intolerable and Avoidable - The arguments against nuclear weapons (and
the arguments for)’ and ‘The Nuclear Threat: Intolerable and Avoidable - Accidents,
misjudgements, and mega Foul-ups and What would nuclear war be like?’

I am particularly interested in speaking about the relation been the ‘Just War’ concept and the
present conflicts, nuclear issues including Trident, Militarism and its costs, the loss of a spiritual
view of the world and what needs to be done to get back on a hopeful course.

I have also had some training in public speaking having been a member of the Toastmasters Club
for the last two years.”

Jim McCluskey Bsc, MICE. MIStructE, MIHT, ALI. Tel: 020 8892 5704.

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