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Wining and Dining in Paris


									Wining and Dining in Paris
How to Choose your Wining and Dining Arenas in Paris:
When you want to plan a night on the town, it is wise to make sure that
you spend the night right. Therefore, check into the best wine and dine
areas by visiting your local Travel Agent. Perhaps you can go online to
find a wide array of fine wine and dine areas in Paris as well. There are
many nice ways to spend your evening while you are in Paris.

If you enjoy cancan dancing, then you will love the wine and dine
adventures at the lovely Moulin Rouge Paris. The Temple of French cancans
has been taking place in Paris for 100 years now. As the lights deem and
the curtain goes up, you will enjoy the show while feeling the magic in
the atmosphere. Over 60 women in this show help you to enjoy the cancan
dance. If you are not careful, you will be misplaced in the Doriss Girls
and her Dancers beauty. While watching the show you will enjoy the 3-
course dinner that is served with wine. Do not worry, since you will have
a ride back to your hotel. Paris transport will pick you up and take you
to the destination. Therefore, you can enjoy Paris’s fine wine without
stressing. Remember this is a jacket and tie dinner so that means no
casual cloths. This show will last about five hours. What a night!

For those of you who do not like cancan dancers, you may want to enjoy a
meal and educational areas around Paris. The dinner is served at the
Eiffel Tower. You will enjoy fine dining at Altitude in one of the 95
restaurants in Paris. On the first floor of the restaurant, the name 95
arrived due to the towering meter that is above sea level.

In this restaurant, you will be able to look out the big bay windows at
the wonderful lights around Paris. This is not recommended for a romantic
dinner, since you will be seated and dinning with the other entire
tourist. This restaurant seats 200 people. The restaurant does not give
you menus. Rather the staff serves what the menu as for the night offers.
You can bring your children at this event.

If you are planning a romantic night on the town, you may want to
consider the Seine Cruise, where you will enjoy a selection of
entertainment, meals, wine and more. On the cruise you will enjoy find
meals over the Champs-Elysees.

How to dress for your cruise in Paris:
This dinner is a formal meal, so you have to be dressed in formal wear.
This means no casual wear. The cruise lasts about four hours or so. Here
you will enjoy sailing under all the famous bridges that Paris has to
offer you. This cruise does not offer drop off and pick ups at the hotel,
so take it easy on the wine unless you are taking a taxi home.

Still one the cruise you will have a time of your life. Make it a
romantic cruise for two and enjoy the wide array of fun and
entertainment. To find out more about dinner outings while in Paris you
can check with your local travel agent or go on the Internet for more
information. Have fun.

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