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					Heading to Paris France
If you are planning a trip to Paris, why not check out of list of
restaurants, museums, and more online. Ultimately you can check out a
very nice and beautiful area in Paris to site sees. Once of the nice
areas to visit in France, Paris is the great Seine River, which is a
dinner cruise. On the cruise, you will enjoy a wonderful trip around
Paris waters, as you sip on a glass of champagne. Enjoy cheese puffs with
a glass of Paris’s finest wine also.

When you first board the ship, the host greets you and upon arrival, you
are treated with the up most priority. At the front of the ship is a
fabulous table, which the host will seat you and your family. At the
table, you will enjoy a tasty meal. The whole time that you are on board
there will be musical programs like a violinist and singer, this will be
held under a glass roof so you can enjoy your dinner and dancing in the
moon light as the ship floats down the river
How much does the cruise cost?
This wonderful cruise is only 186.05 USD. In addition, it takes about 4
hours round trip. It departs from the Eiffel tower and goes until the
ministry of finance, and then it returns to the Eiffel towers. When it
leaves it goes down the left side of the bank and on return it goes on
the right side of the bank making sure you see all the things to see on
this wonder cruise.

The cruise line is made up of glass, which makes sightseeing in Paris a
wonderful experience aboard this ship. The boat leaves at dust dark
making all the lights though out the cruise a wonderful view.
About the diner menu:
The finest cooks in Paris will prepare the dinner for you. The cooks
prepare a variety of delicate delights that suit your tastes.

How do I know if Paris is for me?
Paris is one of the most outstanding countries in the world. Paris allows
you to enjoy many adventures, including the 25th Anniversary, which you
can enjoy on your honeymoon. Even if you are celebrating your birthday,
you will enjoy the Anniversary events.

In the country, you have many options for travel, sightseeing, feasting,
and more. Paris is one of the most liked historic arenas, making it one
of the world’s popular countries to visit.
Paris has the finest hotels and very nice restaurants to chose from but
you might want to visit your local travel agent or even maybe even get on
the Internet to check out all the wonderful things you can see while your
visiting Paris. The information you gather will help you to see why
visiting Paris is for you.
How to choose more hotels in Paris:
Paris has some hotels outside of town, which includes the Courtyard
Charles. The hotel is a four star establishment. Near the hotel is a
shuttle service, which you can travel about the city. The hotel has a
fabulous restaurant as well, yet reviewers say that the meals are a bit
on the costly side. Still, you have an excellent quality of French dishes
to select. The hotel has an outstanding rank, which the staff members are
friendly. De Gaulle is another of Paris’s courtyard Charles hotels near
the airport. The staff at the front desk is helpful and friendly, which
makes this hotel one of the nicest establishments in Paris. You also have
a shuttle service near this hotel, which you can take a half hour trip
for as little as 5 France Euros dollars. That is a roundtrip service.

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