FY 2010 SPA SUBMISSION by t56Mhg


									                                                                  FY 2011 SPA SUBMISSION
                                                                   MAC Report: March 2012
STATE PLAN           Section / Pages                                                                                                                 APPROVED
                                                                                 PURPOSE                                            TO CMS
AMENDMENT              Impacted
     11-14         Attachment 4.19A (NEW)      To update the State plan to be consistent with CMS required format of separating      9/28/2011
                   Delete from 4.19A&B
 Separation of                                 inpatient / institutional reimbursement sections from outpatient / professional    RAI Response
                   Update 3.1A Inpatient,
Reimbursement      institutional, outpatient   services. This amendment requires additional updating of all related service       & resubmission:
Sections (4.19A)   Add to 4.19B                sections and are updated to reflect current practices and methods of                    3/1/12
    11-15          Creates Supplement 1 to     Adds language related to ACA Section 2702 prohibiting payments to states for          9/29/2011
                   4.19A pp 1-2
    MHAC                                       costs associated with Healthcare Acquired and Provider-Preventable Conditions      RAI response &
                                               to attest to Maryland's compliance with Health Care Acquired conditions in 42       resubmission:
                                               CFR 447.26(b).                                                                         2/13/12
     11-17         3.1A Page 9-1a (New)        Updates the State plan to add language on Freestanding Birth Centers.                 9/29/2011
                   4.19B page 34 (New)
 Freestanding                                                                                                                     RAI response &
 Birth Centers                                                                                                                     resub: 2/13/12
     11-19         3.1A Page 16A-1 (NEW)       To add language specific to provision of tobacco cessation services for pregnant      9/29/2011      RAI issued: CMS
                   4.19B Page 1-A (NEW)
   Tobacco                                     women in accordance with the Affordable Care Act Section 4107, 1905(a)(4)(D).                           evaluating
                                                                                                                                                     States concerns
     12-01         Supplement 16 to Att        To provide for an Asset Verification System                                          3/13/2012
      AVS          2.6A pages 1-3 (NEW)

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