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									                                  “Sir Gawain and The Green Knight”
There are TONS of literary elements found in “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” (pgs. 39-57);
however, we are only going to focus on a few. Throughout the next 3 days you are going to discover,
analyze, and draw conclusions about the following. Below you will find a 3-day plan.

Day 1 (April 29): Building Background Knowledge
  • Original form of the text (alliteration)
  • We are going to discuss symbolism
  • The meanings of important words

Day 2 (May 2): Reading Workshop
  • You will have class time to read the story and find varying terms

Day 3 (May 3): Workshop and Class Discussion (the first 20 you’ll have time to finish up the w/s, the last 15
minutes of class will be a discussion)
    •    Analyzing Sir Gawain’s Character
    •    The significance of symbols
    •    Conclusions

                                         Day 1: Building Background Notes
    •    Alliteration: the ______________________________ of the initial (first)

         ____________________________ sound.

    •    Symbol: a __________________________, a place, a thing, or an __________________ that

         has its own __________________ and ______________________ for something

         ______________________ itself as well.

    •    Covenant: a usually ___________________, solemn, and _____________________ agreement.

Original Text:
    The original text of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” was written as a narrative poem with
    •    Let’s unpack what this means (think about each word that is italicized separately)
More Unpacking:
      •   What do you infer the symbolism of “green” to mean?

      •   What do you infer the symbolism of the Green Knight to be?

      •   What does the holly that the Green Knight is carrying symbolize? What does the axe mean?

      •   How are these two objects a paradox or contradiction of one another?
Name: ________________________________________                      Date: _________      Period: ____

                               Day 2: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (pg. 39-57)
1. As you read the story on pages 39-57, I want you to find examples that support the following, please include
page numbers. (note: you may have to consult a dictionary for the meaning of some of these words):
        “Gawain is faithful five ways and five times each” (Quoted from the poem)
           • Brotherhood or Friendship

            •   Bounty or Generosity

            •   Clean Heart or Piety

            •   Courtesy

            •   Compassion

2. Explain in detail the covenant that the host establishes with Sir Gawain. Infer why the word covenant was
used instead of promise?

3. How does the host’s wife try to temp Sir Gawain, how many times does she do this?

4 How does Sir Gawain give the host his “earnings” for the day?

5. Describe the ending of the story. What was the Green Knight’s true purpose for this test?

6. Why do you infer that Sir Gawain chooses to continue to wear the green girdle?

7. Do you think that Sir Gawain was true to his code of chivalry? Why or why not? (3 supports)

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