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									                       MADURANGA PREMALAL

                            : No 302, Saranankara Mw,Elpitiya, Sri Lanka.
                        : +94-773626784


  To enhance the knowledge and experience that I have gained in my academic career to
  realize the organizational goals in its path to success as well as to obtain a challenging
  position in the fields of Mining Engineering, Remote Sensing & GIS that will allow me to
  expand my performances, to become a successful engineer.


  Higher Education: B.Sc. Engineering graduate, specialized in the field of Mining & Mineral
                       Engineering from University of Moratuwa and I have obtained a second
                       lower class degree with an overall standard GPA of 2.89.
  Specialized: Rock Blasting, Mineral Exploration, Mining & Mineral Processing, Applied Remote
               Sensing & GIS, Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Engineering
  GCE A/L Examination: Passed with three ‘B’s, Z-Score of 1.8467 in Physical science stream
  GCE O/L Examination: Obtained 6‘A’ grades, 1‘B’ grade, 1‘C’ grade, & 1‘S’ grade.

Mining Engineer (Trainee) – Geological Survey & Mines Bureau ()

   Currently working as a Mining Engineer (2011 to Present) under CML-MTD Construction Ltd at
      UVA-05 Project Site (Badulla).

   I have worked fulltime as a Mining Engineer (2010 to 2011) under GSMB Technical Service (Pvt)
      Ltd. As well as Under the GSMB TS (Pvt) Ltd I was worked at following sites.
       OCH Quarry site - Padukka                         BPP Quarry site – Oddusudan
       Hesei Construction - Ranala.                      CML-MTD Construction Ltd - Madawachchiya

   I have worked fulltime as an Engineering trainee in Geological Survey and Mines Bureau for my
      industrial training in six months period (From 13.10.2008 to 27.03.2010) and obtained an overall
      training experience in surface & underground mining of the following sites.
          Geological Survey & Mines Bureau                    Bogala Graphite Lanka Ltd
          Taisei Corporation                                  Maeda Nishimatsu Joint Venture
          Holcim Lanka Ltd
   Experience gain in the working & Training places
          Control Blasting                                    Crusher Plant activities
          Bench Blasting                                      Surveying
          Tunnel Blasting                                     Labour handling
          Explosive Handling                                  Document handling


   Effect of rock strength and discontinuity properties on the stability of tunnels
      Final Year Research Project carried out under supervision of Prof.P.G.R.Dharmarathne.
   Designing a Display board for demonstrate the Rock types in Sri Lanka
      First Year Engineering Design Project was carried out under guidance of Dr.A.M.K.B.Abeysinghe.


   Fast learning ability and Creativity.
   Ability to work independently as well as a team.
   Developed ability to produce reports and presentations in a professional standard.
   Computer literacy
           GIS Softwares – ArcGIS, ArcView 9.3, ArcMap, ERDAS
           Programming - Visual Basic
           Operating Systems - Windows, Linux
           Utilities - MS Office packages, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash,
                        Dreamweaver, Web Page Maker
           A frequent user of Internet and e-mail.


   Vice Caption of University of Moratuwa Elle Team (2009)
   Member of University of Moratuwa Elle Team (2007 & 2008)
   Active member of Earth Resources Engineering Society, University Of Moratuwa 2009/2010
   Was the Representative of College Information Technology Club (2002)
   Was a member of College Science Society, Maths Society, & Buddhist Society


   Hold Sri Lanka Universities Sports Association Colours for Elle in 2008.
   Hold University Colours for Elle in 2007, 2008, &2009.
   Was a Member of University of Moratuwa Elle Team who won the Championship in Inter
      University Elle Tournament in 2008.
   Won Scholarship “Nijabin Abiman” for best A/L results in Galle district in 2005.

  Full Name            : Ponnamperuma Arachchige Maduranga Premalal
  Date of Birth        : 15-04-1986
  Gender               : Male
  Nationality          : Sri Lankan
  NIC number           : 861061892 V
  Civil Status         : Married
  Schools Attended : Dharmashoka College, Ambalangoda (1997-2005)
                        Ananda Central College, Elpitiya (1992-1996)


  Pro.P.G.R Dharmaratne
  B.A.Sc. (Hons) (S.L.), M.Sc. (New Castle), Ph.D. (Leeds)
  C.Eng. (U.K), F.I.M.M. (U.K), F.I.E. (S.L.)
  F.G.A. (U.K), F.G.G. (Ger.)
  Senior Professor,
  Department of Earth Resources Engineering,
  Faculty of Engineering,
  University of Moratuwa, Katubedda, Moratuwa.
  (Former Chairman, National Gem and Jewellery Authority and Geological Survey and Mines Bureau)
  Tel: +9411-2650353
  Fax: +9411-2650622

  Eng. P.V.A Hemalal
  M.Sc (Mining-Eng) (Hons), MIE (SL)
  FIMMM (UK), CEng (UK & SL)
  Senior Lecturer,
  Department of Earth Resources Engineering,
  Faculty of Engineering,
  University of Moratuwa, Katubedda, Moratuwa.
  (Former General Manager-Lanka Phosphate Ltd (state))
  Phone -Mobile +94771245024,
         Home +94372229639

  I hereby certify that the above particulars of mine are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

  Date: ………………..                                                         Signature: ………………..

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