Shelter Cluster NLA 7 Nov 2007

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					                                                                                    LEBANON FIELD OFFICE
                                                                                         UNRWA – BEIRUT

                                           Shelter Cluster Minutes
                                             7 November 2007
                                            NLA 11:20-12:50am
Participants: UNRWA, NRC, ACTED, PU, ECHO, MPDL, World Vision, Architectes de l’Urgence, Norwegian
People’s Aid (NPA), Lebanon Support

UNRWA Update

      New management: Henri Disselkoen, Project Manager for UNRWA’s NBC activities
      1,800 total families have permission to enter the new camp (860 still waiting)
      33 families were moved into Plot #23 and the collective centers on 6 November

Temporary Accommodation Update

Shelter Stabilization
   UNRWA is procuring props to stabilize partially safe buildings; the NGOs will accompany the UNRWA
     team to point out the buildings, but UNRWA contractor will place the props
   There needs to be a comprehensive assessment, preferably by a consultant, for structural damage

Collective Centers
    10 collective centers are housing more than 180 returnee families
    Needs coordination: representatives from each family to serve as “managers”; registration should be
     done by social workers
    Can NGOs help in the management (maybe NPA?)

Emergency Repairs by NGOs (ECHO project)
   350 units total (after assessment of partially safe buildings)
   Starting work on units in partially safe buildings; by the end of next week, will begin work on ‘newly’ safe
    buildings; by the end of this week, all safe units in sectors A, B, and C will be covered
   A list of structurally damaged buildings (not Sector E) was given to UNRWA
   Need structural damage assessment
   Families who received first installment ($300): NRC – 70, ACTED – 50, PU – 70
   In sector B, some families have finished repairs already
   There are two shops in the new camp (aluminum, windows, glass); there are lists of tradespeople
    applying for permission to enter – the livelihood cluster should support them
   The NGOs are still finding buildings that were not on the original assessment list
   Tool kits: 300 should be arriving in Tripoli by 12 November
   The most important needs of the NGOs are burn assessments, building stabilization, and materials
    (though consideration needs to be taken not to overlap with reactivation of the local economy)
   A container will be placed on land identified by the NGOs by 9 November

Role of local NGOs
   Some local NGOs are working out of garages or stores; their activities and their needs should be
    assessed for both coordination and support purposes
   The Forum of NGOs is meeting on 12 November, after which both Najdeh and PARD should have a
    clear plan of their intervention

   MPDL will winterize 7 community centers in Beddawi camp, as well as shelters of roughly 100 families
   MPDL has engineers to work for two weeks on windows and doors; has 1,075 heating units and 1,000
    bottles of gas

Access to camp
   All materials seem to be entering so far
   The army seems to be changing its strategy every day
   UNRWA is meeting the army on 8 November, and will raise this issue
   Khatib & Alami are not responding to NGO inquiries regarding access
   UNRWA will help facilitate (no guarantees) requests for access – Zeina will send a form that includes
    names in both English and Arabic (it seems to help at the checkpoints)

CM/111107                                                                                                   1-2
                                                                                     LEBANON FIELD OFFICE
                                                                                          UNRWA – BEIRUT

     Pressing needs
         Families are fragmented and spread out among the shelter options
         Need the basics (child support, rain gear, for example)
         The last four weeks have been highly pressured (clearing the government schools); now its time to slow
          down to make sure that all actors can provide the best services possible

        Need to involve local NGOs more: perhaps organize a meeting
        What are the legalities of sharing info (lists of families, for example)? Some NGOs have individual
         MoUs regarding lists of names; Nabaa is conducting reassessments of returned families and could
         share information
        Need more coordination of returned families in general
        A representative from the Relief department should attend shelter meetings

      UNRWA Contact List
       NAME                           DEPARTMENT                                       EMAIL              PHONE
Elaine Blair        North Lebanon Area Emergency Coordinator                  03-600596
Mohammad Abdelal    Deputy Emergency Coordinator                            70-101846
Ibrahim Al Abdallah Watsan Field Specialist                              70-929549
Ahmad El Khatib     North Lebanon Area Watsan Coordinator                  03-381782
Ahmad Waked         Water supply and wastewater disposal           
Ivan Vuarambon      Emergency Shelter Coordinator                         70-997587
                    Deputy Director Field Engineering and Construction
Daoud Korman                                                                 03-876616
                    Services Office
Joanne MacMahon     Emergency Engineering Focal Point                       03-002749
Zeina Mogharbel     NGO Coordination Focal Point                           03-001856

      Cluster meeting participants
             NAME                  ORGANIZATION                              EMAIL                    TELEPHONE
 Joanne MacMahon                        UNRWA                            03-002749
 Anna Ressler                           UNRWA                             70-970155
 Cara MacAdam                           UNRWA                             03-002159
 Zeina Mogharbel                        UNRWA                           03-001856
 Ivan Vuarambon                         UNRWA                           70-997587
 Ahmad Halimeh                          UNRWA                       03-261124
 Daoud Korman                           UNRWA                              03-876616
 Elaine Blair                           UNRWA                               03-600596
 Henri Disselkoen                       UNRWA     
 Mohammad Khaled                        UNRWA                              03-746767
 Denis de Rozario                       UNRWA                               03-001829
 Alain Robyns                            ECHO     
 Ivan Blazevic                          ACTED                       70-119054
 Olivier Dorighel                          PU                                 03-313483
 Angel Pascual                            NRC                       03-628459
 Khadled Yamout                           NPA                              03-565205
 Jean-Sebastien Bru             Architectes de l’Urgence                     70-900265
 Walid Taha                        Lebanon Support                      70-150036
 Jean Christophe St Esteban              MPDL                             03-690529
 Samuel Rodriguez                        MPDL              70-164912
 George Khoury                        World Vision                    03-334963

     CM/111107                                                                                              2-2

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