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					Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011
                            Objective
 Objective:
                            Review Fish Bowl
   The student will
   analyze two passages
                            Fish Bowl
   by Sandra Cisneros
   by participating in a    Parking Lot
   fish bowl graded
Upcoming Due Dates
 Personal Dictionary due according to dates on
 assignment. Mark all dates in agenda.

 Character analysis final paper due Nov. 8 or Nov. 9
 depending on “A” or “B” day schedule.
Mini-Lesson #7: Fish Bowl Protocol
 When participating in a Fish Bowl, you are to use the
 following instructions:
   1. Read and annotate any articles provided to you.
   2. Create “how” or “why” questions based on the
    article(s) you have read—these questions should be
    based upon the text but not necessarily be answered IN
    the text and may or may not have ONE correct answer.
   3. When directed, sit either in the INNER or OUTER
   4. INNER participants will discuss first. OUTER
    participants listen carefully and take notes but MAY
    NOT speak.
Mini-Lesson #7: Fish Bowl Protocol
 When participating in a Fish Bowl, you are to use the
 following instructions:
   5. INNER participants MUST have textual evidence to
    support their statements. If a speaker does NOT provide
    textual evidence, he/she is to be challenged by the other
    INNER circle participants.
   6. INNER and OUTER participants must evaluate
    whether the textual evidence provided to support a
    position is valid.
   7. OUTER participants take notes over discussion in
    INNER circle, noting specific quotes and evidence
   8. When instructed, switch positions and roles.
Fish Bowl Questions
 Create at least 3 questions over the two passages that
  would unite them.
 During the Fish Bowl, take notes over the discussion in
  the Journal section of your Writer’s Notebook.

 You may raise your hand to request someone to repeat
 what he/she has said…you may do this ONLY twice.
RAFT Assignment #1
 Role:     Sandra Cisneros

 Audience: Salvador’s parents

 Form:     Letter

 Topic:    Advice on parenting

 Length:   1 paragraph or so
RAFT Assignment #2
 Role:     Salvador in “Salvador Late or Early”

 Audience: Sandra Cisneros

 Form:     Letter

 Topic:    Advice on life

 Length:   1 paragraph or so
“Only Daughter”—Cisneros
 Read and annotate your copy of the essay carefully.
 Answer the following questions:
    What is Cisneros’ purpose in writing the essay?
          What lesson has she learned from this event? What is her main idea?
    How does Cisneros capture the reader’s attention?
    How does Cisneros use language in her essay to convey her
      How does Cisneros bring her culture into the essay for all readers to
      Look at Cisneros’ sentences (length and variety). Which sentences
       caught your attention? Why?
      How does Cisneros’ use of Spanish in the essay contribute to her
      How could you relate to Cisneros’ essay?
“Salvador, Late or Early”—Cisneros
 Read and annotate the short story carefully.
 Answer the questions that follow:
 1. This little sketch about Salvador leaves a great deal unsaid. What questions
  would you like to ask Sandra Cisneros if you could talk to her?
  2. What exactly do you know from this little story about the character of
  Salvador and his setting ?
 3. What can you infer, or guess, is the cause of Salvador’s “geography of scars”
  and “history of hurt”?
 4. What could it be that “throbs with both fists and knows only what Salvador
 5. How does Cisneros make you feel about Salvador when she describes his eyes
  as being the color of caterpillars? Think of another comparison that would have
  made you feel differently about Salvador.
  6. Describe the emotional impact this story had on you. Share your response
  with your group or with one other reader.
Parking Lot
 What questions do you have about today’s activities?

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