Script-for-Kindergarten-Graduation-2012 by xiaopangnv


									                                          SCRIPT FOR THE KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION JUNE 8, 2012

Mary’s Procession
Acolyte:        Zachery
Ribbon Crown: Alex
Rose: Katie
Rose: Rachel
Rose: Camryn
Intention Basket: Emily

Processional “Immaculate Mary”:           Mary’s Procession leads children in singing this hymn.

     1) “Welcome to our Kindergarten graduation”.                                  Aidan
     2) “We are so happy that all of you are able to be with us today.”            Abbie
     3) “Please join us in saying our opening prayer, the Hail Mary”.              Katherine

Opening Prayer, the Hail Mary

     1) “Now, to honor our country… Let us recite the Pledge of Allegiance.”       Vivian

The Pledge of Allegiance and My Country tis of Thee

“What I liked Best About Kindergarten”

     1) “We have participated in many fun and interesting activities this year.”            Emma
     2) “Each of us has our favorite kindergarten event.”                                   Matias
     3) “We’d like to show you what they are now.”                                          Elizabeth

(Children process up to microphone individually and present their favorite event drawings to the audience.)

1)   “There are many people who have helped us this year.”                                  Jaelyn
2)   “This song that we are about to sing is our way of saying thanks to all of you.”       Catlynh
3)   “We’d especially like to thank you, our parents.”                                      Isabella
1)   “Thank you to our room parents.”                                                       Myles
2)   “And last but not least, thank you to our dear Principal, Mrs. Dalmut.”                Francis
       “Thank You Song”
    1) Now, it’s time for the big moment. We receive our special awards.”               Joey
    2) And now, we’d like to introduce you to our dear principal, Mrs. Dalmut.”         Joey

Certificates of graduation and special awards are announced by Ms. Koner and handed to each individual child by Mrs. Dalmut.

    1) “Thank you, Mrs. Dalmut. Please join us in our closing prayer, the Glory Be.”            Carla

The Glory Be

    2) “Now we are pleased to present to you the new First Grade class of 2013.”                Ms. Koner

(Entire class stands up together, waits for the applause, and then processes out to the recessional song.)

For Miss Koner to say only

Thank you to our room parents.

Thank you to the parents who set up for the reception.

Thank you to _______________________

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