Rhymes Chants 2 by xiaopangnv


									                          Rhymes, Chants, & Alliteration
                                 CRCT Achiever
                        Submitted by Susan Sargent MCES

GPS Objective:
ELA3R1      ELA3R2         ELA3W1       ELA3W2       ELA3C1        ELA3LSV1

Target Audience: Grade Level & Small Group/Large Group/Individual
3rd grade or lower

Materials Needed:
Nursery Rhyme books, poetry books, & storybooks with patterned rhymes
Recorded music, song books, & books with finger plays
Songs, poems, & nursery rhymes on charts

Time to Teach:
30 minutes

Read, say, or sing to children daily using material that contains rhymes, chants,
alliteration, & language play.
Reread books with rhythmic patterns & engaging language many times, & encourage
children to participate by joining in as they are able.
When reading or chanting a familiar poem, pause before a rhyming word & let children
supply the rhyming word.
Use a familiar chant or nursery rhyme to model writing.

Listening for children’s answers
Written rhymes

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