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					                     Apps for the IPad
                      December 2011
*These are the Apps that your child is beginning to use at school. The teachers and therapists at Blair will continue doing
research on appropriate apps to use and will post these at:
App Title                 App Description                                                                 Cost
Autism Apps               A huge list of Apps for autism and the entire world of human communication.     Free
                          Sorted into various categories.
Talkers (e.g., Talking    Interactive “pets” which allow voice capturing and playback.                    Some are Free
Letter of the Day         Choose a letter and children interact with a matching chant and games           Free
                          associated with that letter.
Chalk_Board               A “writer” App that allows for simple drawings to be created with the child.    Free
ChoiceBoard-Creator       A simple picture communication system design with the flexibility of creating 1 Free
                          to 6 item grids using our own images and audio.
Itsy Bitsy                An extremely engaging interactive storybook for ages 2-7. Great for focused     $1.99
                          auditory input and basic concepts.
Toca Hair Salon, Toca     App for using referential communication barrier activities designed to target   $1.99
Tea Party                 giving and receiving directions, using accurate language structures and taking
Sock Puppets              An application for puppet play. Excellent for social skills, articulation and   Free
                          expressive language. Plan, stage, record, and watch your creations.
Three Little Pigs         The interactive book has story narration paired with text and the characters    $5.99
                          can be touched to make sounds.
Model Me Going Places     With 6 locations, each has photos (with narration) of children modeling the     Free
2-Social Stories          behavior.
The Monster At the End Grover story is great for language comprehension and production. “Parent           $3.99
of the Book               Guide” icon on every page to encourage ideas for interaction.
Starfall                  This is the same as the website Focus is on letter sounds     $2.99
                          and words that start with specific letters.
My Playhome   An interactive play surface including rooms of a house. Allows the child to   $2.99
              move items around, make things happen, give directions/explanations.
ABA apps      Go-Togethers, problem solving, naming and more.                               .99 each

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