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									                                                                                                        Learning Plan

Name: ____________________                              RSW#: ___________                                Date Completed: _____________________

           Column 1: Goal                           Column 2: Planned                             Column 3: Completed                         Column 4: Evaluation of                           Column 5: Future
                                                    Strategies/Activities                        activities/date completed                         Outcomes                                        Directions
  To work on a specific area of development   Identify the specific activities or strategies   Indicate in this column those activities     Following the completion of the activity,   If your goal was met, do you have a need
  by a specific date.                         that will help you to achieve your goal.         actually carried out which related to your   indicate whether your goals were met and    for additional work in this area? Did it lead
                                              This could be taking a course, reading a         goal. These may be different than the        the specific indicators that demonstrate    you to a new area for growth and
  Goals developed in your Self Assessment     book, joining a committee, etc.                  planned strategies identified in column 2.   that the goal was met or not met.           development? If your goal was not met,
  should be transferred here.                                                                  Indicate the date each activity was                                                      what do you need to do differently?

Last updated: July 2008

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