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  Allie Sparre 12th , Jake Field 11th ,
David Allen 10th , Danny DiMatteo 9th

            CSL Logo Design by Jake Arsenault
 Rekindling Communities Through
     Leadership / Mentoring
• Enrichment classes offered to elementary schools from
  sending communities in Math and English
• Teaching after school classes for youth and their
• Computer and basic home care tips for the elderly at
  senior centers and nursing homes
• Awareness campaigns on community service, bullying,
  alcohol and drugs
• CPR classes for the elderly and youth in community
  partnership with local fire departments
• Clean up parks, beaches, and town blueberry strawberry patches
  and cranberry bogs
• Install new fencing for sea side parks, clean up graffiti
• Clean gardens, and fields
• Install a Frisbee golf course at a town’s park
• Clean and restore boats for camp grounds
• Make benches, sanitize and remodel park restrooms
• Set up bird watching stations at sea view parks and board walks
• Set up an agility dog course for a local dog park
• Create a student counsel for the Habitat for Humanity board to
  work with local habitat chapter and nation representation as well
  as student participation within the Cape Cod Tech Community
• Teach a recycling class at an elementary school or
  senior center, help them implement a recycling program
  of their own.
• Recycle matter and debris found from park, beach, and
  highway clean ups, document the collection to be
  submitted to third party agencies.
• Set up a renewable energy student group to give tours
  of the new “Green Building” to general public and
  schools throughout New England.
• Create and design and awareness campaign about
  recycling trash back into our communities as usable,
  sustainable products.
• Revitalization
   – Renew the community and environment we live in.
• Rekindling
   – Renew citizenship in our communities by reaching out across
     generations to our fellow citizens through mentoring and
• Recycling
   – Renewing the planet, our communities, and our environment
     by committing ourselves to further the causes involving
     renewable and sustainable energy.

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