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					Hostel Management System
Legal document Management system is a document management system
prepared for the local court on pilot project basis. This project will help them
to manage all legal cases registered in the court.

The purpose of this document is to specify requirements and to give guidelines
for the development of above said project. In particular it gives guidelines on
how to prepare the above said project.
This document is intended to be a practical guide for people who developing
this software.

This is of pilot project prepared for the local court. We know each cases take
very long time to complete, this delay depends on many factors. The one
major factors is documents, when the hearing take place documents need
produced in front of the court. This system help them to maintain all
documents in order.

The main goal is computerize the local court.


This is very useful application for the legal system. Once it serve the purpose
all lawyers, advocates and other related people can use this software.
Existing System
At present all records are typed in typewriter and they are filed. Because of
thousands of records searching for the required data is time consuming.
Typing using the typewriter leads many problems. For each error they have to
make a note and get the signatures. Also system is not pool proof.

Proposed System
In the proposed system all information will entered to system. All scheduling
can be done in the computer it self.
Hardware and Software requirements

Hardware Requirements

Processor           :   Pentium IV 2GHz and Above
RAM                 :   2GB RAM
Monitor             :   15” Color Monitor

Software Requirements

Operating System.   :   Windows XP
Developing Tool     :   Visual Basic 6.0
Database            :   MS Access
The frontend of this project is Visual Basic 6.0 and Backend is MSAccess.
This project is readily available, to buy this project send your postal address
by SMS (Mobile No 9243101428) or email (,
we will send you this project by postal VPP you can pay to the postman and
collect the CD.

If you are looking for different backend please email the details. We will give
this project in different backend with additional cost along with video how to
change the backend, and how to use the project.

If you wish to write the whole project yourself, the option is open we can help
you to design and write the project. We will make a video how to write the
whole project and we will send to you, by watching that video you can able to
write the project yourself. For more details please contact us.

We also undertake new projects, if you need a new project then please contact

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