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					The Scanner                       1st Quarter 2007
 (904) 353-2240
 (800) 881-2240
                                                        “Where Your Membership Is Still Exclusive”

                                                                                                           Board of Directors
Whether you’re looking for a vehicle for a   age.    MEMBER’S CHOICE term life
                                                                                                           Jimmy A. Holderfield
daily commute, or just a “grocery getter,”   reduces or pays off your covered loan                             Chairman
make sure you choose a car, SUV or truck     balance should you die before paying off
that will get you there safely. Here are     the loan. MEMBER’S CHOICE disability                             A. Dan Principe
some tips on safety features to help you                                                                      Vice Chairman
                                             makes your monthly payment should you
decide on your next vehicle.                 become disabled due to a covered illness                        L. Jerome Spates
                                             or injury.                                                          Secretary
VIN search
Search the Vehicle Identification Num-       MEMBER’S CHOICE Guaranteed Asset                               Thomas J. McGivney
ber (VIN) to determine the vehicle’s         Protection (GAP) has been designed to                              Treasurer
history. Several companies offer this        protect you if your car is stolen and not                     Richard L. Townsend
service on the Internet. A vehicle history   recovered or damaged beyond repair and                            Membership
report will show if the car has been         you owe more on your loan than your
                                                                                                       Supervisory Committee
salvaged, returned to the dealer as a        insurance company is willing to pay you.
                                                                                                         Gregory H. Strickland
lemon, or had the odometer rolled back.      For a few dollars a month, you could                             Chairman
You can also search the National Insur-      protect against an unforeseen expense
                                                                                                             Donald E. Merritt
ance Crime Bureau (NICB) database            ranging from several hundred to several
( for vehicles affected by      thousand dollars. For many drivers, GAP
Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma.          coverage is money well spent.                                   Management
                                                                                                            Steven C. Benjamin
Highway safety information                   And now we are offering MEMBER’S                                 President, CEO
Research the vehicle’s crash safety test     CHOICE Mechanical Repair Coverage
                                                                                                       Jodi Anderson Dodge, CCUE
safety records. Check with the National      (MRC), which covers mechanical and                               Vice President
Highway Traffic Safety Administration        electrical repairs on your vehicle from
( and the Insurance            the date of purchase, and continues after
Ins ti tu te f or    Highw ay     Safety     your manufacturer’s warranty expires.
( for safety evalua-       The MRC plan also covers rental, towing,
tions of the most popular models.            24-hour roadside assistance and emer-
                                             gency travel expenses.
Protect against the unexpected
Safety features are important to consider    Contact a loan officer at any of our
in the purchase process, and so is getting   branches for our current loan rates,
the right loan. Financing a new or used      terms and information about any of the                Online Tax Preparation 2
car is about more than just the right        MEMBER’S CHOICE protection solu-
payment—it’s also about getting the right    tions available.                                      Direct Deposit         2
kind of protection for you and your
                                             MEMBER’S CHOICE GAP is made available and
family. Protect your family, your assets     underwritten by CUMIS Insurance Society, Inc.         Home Improvement       2
and your credit rating with MEMBER’S
CHOICE™ protection solutions on your         MEMBER’S CHOICE Mechanical Repair Coverage is         Website Information    3
                                             offered as an insurance product underwritten by
next loan.                                   Virginia Surety Company, Inc., Glenview, Illinois.    Thanks to Volunteers   3
                                             The MRC program is administered by Consumer
Payment protection can help protect you      Program Administrators, Inc. and Automotive
and your family with MEMBER’S                Warranty Services of Florida, Inc., Florida License   Rates                  4
CHOICE term life and disability cover-       #60023.
                                                                       Direct deposit eliminates the risk
                                                                       of stolen checks and forgeries,
                                                                       helps protect people from identity
Fast, accurate and easy.                                               theft, and is reliable in times of
Finish today with TurboTax® OnlineSM and                               disaster. We encourage you to
City & Police Federal Credit Union.                                    enjoy the convenience and safety
You can still finish your 2006 tax return before the filing            of Direct Deposit by signing up
deadline. Time-saving features and easy-to-access guidance             today to have your payroll, fed-
help you complete your return quickly and accurately.                  eral, or other recurring check(s)
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Is A Home Improvement Project In Your Future?
Now that winter is over, many homeowners' thoughts turn   account). As you pay back the loan, the funds are
to home improvement. Patios, decks,                                     once again made available to you if
terraces, porches, and swimming pools                                   you need them. There is no need to
are tops on the list in anticipation of                                 re-apply. By using the equity in your
warmer temperatures and the opportu-                                    home to secure the loan, the interest
nity to spend more time outdoors.                                       you pay is, in most cases, tax
Before you start calling contractors, a                                 deductible. (Check with your tax
smart move would be to visit your credit                                advisor on the deductibility of
union first and let us help you explore                                 interest on home equity loans.) Don't
the many options for financing your                                     let unfulfilled home improvement
home improvement project. Our Home                                      dreams dampen your summer
Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) offer                                   recreation and cut short the great
the perfect flexibility to handle any of                                times you can spend with your family
your home improvement projects. A                                       and friends. Stop by or call your
HELOC will allow you to access your                                     credit union today and let us help
funds when you want them and in the                                     make those dreams a reality with a
amount you want (up to the limit established in your      home improvement loan.

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For A Wealth Of Info                                                  
When you need information about your credit union,          Another helpful button is the Online Documents
we're as close as your computer. Visit us online - you'll   button which is where you can find the following
find details about share savings accounts, share            forms: Loan Request, HELOC Application,
certificates and other savings plans, loans for vehicles,   MasterCard Application and all of our newsletters.
home improvements or any good reason, plus our
contact information including branch locations, phone       Looking to purchase a home? Just click on the
numbers, fax numbers and even our Hours and                 Mortgage Loan section and you will find access to our
Holiday Schedule.                                           online Mortgage website by clicking here.

For example, by pressing the Products & Services
button, you’ll find information on our consumer loans
and can even get quotes for GAP and mechanical repair
coverage (MRC) for vehicles by clicking here

                                                            So, the next time you have a question about the credit
                                                            union, the answer is probably just a few clicks and
                                                            keystrokes away, anytime, day or night. It's your
Rates for any of our consumer loans and even a              seven-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year information
payment calculator can be obtained by clicking on the       source, so stop by whenever it's most convenient for
Rates button located along the left side of the website.    you.

                         Thanks, Thanks, And Thanks Again
   April is National Volunteer Month, and we would          Jimmy Holderfield, Chairman; Dan Principe,
   like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt        Vice-Chairman; Jerome Spates, Secretary; Tom
   thanks to so many of you who help us by volun-           McGivney, Treasurer and Rick Townsend,
   teering your valuable time, talents, and energy to       Membership
   help our Credit Union function. You are the best!
                                                            Supervisory Committee: Greg Strickland,
   Thanks also to those members that attended our
                                                            Chair and Don Merritt
   annual meeting where Dan Principe was re-elected
   to the Board of Directors. A special thanks to Rick      Newly elected Chairman Jimmy Holderfield
   Townsend for serving this past year as our Chair-        announced that the Board wants to know how
   man of the Board. The Board of Directors and Su-         our staff is doing. If you’ve noticed an em-
   pervisory Committee has re-organized as follows          ployee going above & beyond, please share your
   for the upcoming year:                                   experience with any of our Board Members.

1st Quarter 2007                                                                                        Page 3
                                             Loan Rates
                                             The Board of Directors of City & Police Federal
                                             Credit Union has voted to increase the current
                                             ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATES (APR) for
                LOBBY HOURS
                                             each loan sub-account on all future advances made on or after May 1, 2007. On that
Monday—Thursday          8:30 am—4:00 pm
                                             date, the following annual percentage rates will apply:
Friday                   8:00 am—5:00 pm
Saturday (Drive-Thru)    8:30 am—12:00 pm
             MAILING ADDRESS                                                                                        PERCENTAGE
                                             SUB - ACCOUNT
             4675 Sunbeam Road
            Jacksonville, FL 32257           DESCRIPTION                         DAILY PERIODIC RATE                   RATE
                 MANDARIN                    New Auto, Truck, Van*               0.015068% - 0.030137%                 5.50% - 11.00%
             4675 Sunbeam Road
               (904) 854-9775                Used Auto, Truck, Van*
             Fax (904) 854-9776               1 - 4 Model Years Old              0.015890% - 0.032877%                 5.80% - 12.00%
    Full Service Lobby Financial Services     5 & Older Model Years              0.016986% - 0.035616%                 6.20% - 13.00%
    Drive-Thru Tellers Monday - Saturday
              Safe Deposit Boxes             New Motorcycle*                     0.017260% - 0.034247%                 6.30% - 12.50%
                 On-Site ATM
              Operations Center              Used Motorcycle*                    0.020000% - 0.036986%                 7.30% - 13.50%
                501 E Bay Street             New RV/Boat/Travel Trailer*         0.017260% - 0.034247%                 6.30% - 12.50%
                (904) 353-8454
              Fax (904) 353-6613             Used RV/Boat/Travel Trailer*        0.020000% - 0.036986%                 7.30% - 13.50%
     Full Service Lobby Financial Services
        Lobby Tellers Monday—Friday          Miscellaneous Non-Titled*           0.020000% - 0.047945%                 7.30% - 17.50%
                  On-Site ATM

                 SOUTHSIDE                   Unsecured*                          0.021370% - 0.049315%                 7.80% - 18.00%
            5546 Beach Boulevard             VARIABLE RATES:
               (904) 398-7760                 Share Secured                        Disclosed on Voucher            Disclosed on Voucher
             Fax (904) 396-4967
                                              Certificate Secured                  Disclosed on Voucher            Disclosed on Voucher
    Full Service Lobby Financial Services
    Drive-Thru Tellers Monday - Saturday     Rates vary based on your individual credit history. *Some rates reflect a discount of .20% for
                 On-Site ATM                 accounts with direct deposit.

             4830 Waller Street
               (904) 388-4234
                                                Banking online is the                  Online Bill Pay.
             Fax (904) 389-4834
    Full Service Lobby Financial Services
                                                easiest way to manage                  Easy. Secure. Convenient.
    Drive-Thru Tellers Monday - Saturday      your finances. It’s secure,
                                                   easy to use and
             Safe Deposit Boxes
                Drive-up ATM                       completely free!                    And it’s Free.
                 NORTHSIDE                                                                                 LIFE IS GOOD.
             1036-44 Dunn Avenue                     Just visit
                (904) 751-5445                                           For more information:
              Fax (904) 751-6234
     Full Service Lobby Financial Services         and click on the                                                  Visit our website
      Lobby Tellers Monday - Saturday             CU@Home button.                                                            at
          (904) 353-2240, Option 1                                                                                      and login to
              (904) 353-0338                                                                                            CU@Home
          ABA ROUTING NUMBER                                                                                         then click on the
               263 079 289                                                                                             “CU Bill Pay”

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