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  • pg 1
									                                           Mission Giving Guide & Resource Book 2011 - 2013

             INTRODUCTION Click here to view online.
                                                                        Second Mile Giving
Welcome to the Indiana Conference Giving Guide and Resource                • Conference Advance Projects - 10 pgs
Book. This book is designed to be used as a resource by                    • Conference Advance Institutions - 4 pgs
congregations in the Indiana Conference who desire to reach out                 o UM Related Benevolence Homes - 1 pg
                                                                                o UM Related Social Welfare Ministries - 1 pg
around the world supporting projects all over the world. In this
                                                                                o UM Related Hospitals - 1 pg
book you will find descriptions of ministries that have been                    o UM Foundation - 1 pg
approved      by     the    Indiana   Conference      and    granted            o UM Archives - 1 pg
Conference/District Advance status. The Advance status is a                              DePauw - Hoosier UM News 1971 to
covenant between the Indiana Conference and the ministry/agency                            present
that 100% of all funds raised will be used for the projects. Each of                     Commission on Archives and History
the ministries listed has the endorsement of the Indiana Conference             o UM Related Universities - 1 pg
and has entered into a relationship of mutual accountability. These             o UM Related Seminaries - 1 pg
                                                                                o Campus Ministries - 1 pg
ministries have provided a description of their work and have                   o Camping Ministries-Impact 2818 - 1 pg
shared a financial goal that they hope to reach with the financial
support of Indiana congregations. It is our prayer that you find this      •   District Advance Projects - Click here to see Map of Districts.
book helpful in expanding the mission work of your congregation.                   o North - 9 pgs
This book is filled with opportunities for your “second mile" gifts                o Northeast - 11 pgs
to reach someone locally, nationally or internationally.                           o Northwest - 2 pgs
                                                                                   o North Central - 5 pgs
                                                                                o East - 2 pgs
                                                                                   o Central - 5 pgs
                                                                                   o South - 4 pgs
         TABLE OF CONTENTS Click here to view online.
                                                                           •   General Church Advance National - 2 pgs
Letter from the Bishop                                                     •   General Church Advance International - 2 pgs
                                                                           •   Special Sundays - 4 pgs
Mission Resource Team                                                      •   Bishop's Christmas Offering - 4 pgs
                                                                                   o 2011 Handouts - 2 pgs
FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions                                                 o 2011 Offering Envelope Photo
                                                                           •   GBGM Missionaries - Covenant Relationship Program - 11
First Mile Giving                                                              pgs
    • Connectional Giving: General Church Apportionments - 3               •   FORM: Missionary Covenant Relationship - 1 pg
       pgs                                                                 •   VIM and UMCOR - 2 pgs
                                                                           •   FORM: Tithe - How to Send Your Gifts - 1 pg
                                                                           •   Resources (forthcoming)
                                     Mission Giving Guide & Resource Book 2011 - 2013

                   LETTER FROM THE BISHOP

Dear Indiana United Methodists:

I want to commend you for your faithful and generous            offerings you want to support beyond that basic or “first
giving to your local congregation, to your district asking,     mile” giving.
to the conference tithe, and to the advance mission giving
that you and your congregations do so well.                     United Methodists are generous people. Indiana
                                                                Conference United Methodists are especially generous
This book is a Conference Giving Guide to help you make         people, and so I commend you for your generosity and
wise choices as you select projects and offerings for your      ask you to continue your faithful giving.
“second mile” giving. I believe strongly that your “first
mile” or basic giving is to your local congregation, and        God bless you for your “first mile” and your “second
through your local congregation to your district asking         mile” giving.
and your conference tithe. That “first mile” giving
                                                                Bishop Michael J. Coyner
includes many elements, which are missional in nature,
                                                                Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church
but that “first mile” giving is also what keeps the church
and its ministry supported and strong in order to do
additional missional work. The “second mile” lists in this      "Making a difference in Indiana and around the world."
Giving Guide are to help you choose which projects and
                                                MISSION RESOURCE TEAM

Conference Secretary of Global Ministries:                   Members:
Kathy White, kwhite@ticz.com                                 Doreen Grayless, dkgrayless@gmail.com
                                                             Theresa Kavanaugh, tlkavanaugh@insightbb.com
Conference UM Women Coordinator of Education and             Vickie Newkirk, bvnewkirk@iquest.net
Interpretation:                                              Tamara Townes, kkttbusco@frontier.com
Jan Wilcox, wilcox.jj57@gmail.com                            Brian Williams, brian.williams@inumc.org

Conference Volunteer in Mission Coordinator:                 Associate Director of Mission and Advocacy: LeKisha Reed,
Bonnie Albert, bonkay@hotmail.com                            lekisha.reed@inumc.org

Convener/Qualifying Member of the General Board of Global
Rita Gaither-Gant, gaitrgantm@aol.com

Disaster Response Coordinator:
David Powell, david.powell@inumc.org

Global Health Advocates:
Penny Krug, penny.krug@inumc.org
Ann Newton, annknewton@cinergymetro.net

Parish Nursing:
Sharon McIntyre, smcintyre@ecommunity.com

Mission Interpreter in Residence (MIIR):
                                                                •   TABLE OF CONTENTS
Karen Ujereh, kujereh@yahoo.com                                     http://inumc.org/pages/detail/967

Prison/Jail Ministries:                                         •   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
Perry Richards, perry.richards@inumc.org                            http://inumc.org/pages/detail/965

Youth Member:                                                   •   CONTACT MISSION RESOURCE TEAM
Tyler Best, gtbest@gmail.com                                        http://www.inumc.org/pages/preview/960
                                                         FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Indiana Conference Giving and Resource Guide. Here are          What is UMCOR?
some definitions of terms frequently used to help you in your quest for
Missions giving.                                                               These initials stand for the United Methodist Committee on Relief. The
                                                                               mission of UMCOR is to alleviate suffering – whether caused by war,
What is an Advance?                                                            conflict, or natural disaster – with open minds and hearts for all people.
                                                                               The motto is Be there. Be Hope. To find out more go to web site
The Advance is an accountable, designated giving arm of the United             http://new.gbgm-umc.org/umcor/.
Methodist Church that ensures that 100% of each gift reaches its intended
mission or ministry. The Indiana Conference patterns our Conference and        What is a Covenant Relationship?
District Advance after this model. The full name for the Advance
program is “The Advance for Christ and His Church.” The program was            The Covenant Relationship program enables congregations to have direct
created in 1952 as a way to allow United Methodists, as well as other          support and contact with mission personnel. The church chooses the
interested individuals to contribute to specific programs, missionaries and    missionary they want to support and sets up the Covenant or agreement to
ministries. Advance is often called “second mile giving” because it goes       give a set amount of funding to the project for each year.
beyond the “first mile”, which is the apportionments, the tithe that comes
from every Indiana congregation.

Who are the VIM’s?
                                                                                                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS
The VIM is a Volunteer-In-Mission. These are people who volunteer their
time and talent to work on a mission project. It can be local, somewhere                                             FREQUENTLY ASKED
in the U.S., or a Global mission. All leaders must have training. Contact                                            QUESTIONS
VIM chairpersons for leader training. (See Resource List for contact                                                 http://inumc.org/pages/detail/965
                                                                                                                     CONTACT MISSION RESOURCE
What is GBGM?                                                                                                        http://www.inumc.org/pages/preview/9
These initials stand for the General Board of Global Ministries. This is the
office in New York that keeps all our mission projects and mission
personnel organized. There is a wealth of information available from the
GBGM. You can visit their web site at http://new.gbgm-umc.org/.

The World Service Fund connects your church to a long list of            Today Africa University has 1,200 students.
Christian mission and ministry throughout the denomination in the
work of the general church boards and agencies and other national        The Black College Fund Following the Civil War, the former
and international programs. The World Service Fund is the essential      Methodist Episcopal Church organized the Freedmen's Aid Society
core of United Methodist outreach. It empowers United Methodist          to help educate Black people newly freed from slavery. Between
evangelistic efforts, stimulates Bible study and spiritual               1866 and 1882, the society established more than 70 schools in the
commitment, encourages church growth and discipleship, and helps         U.S. South and Southwest. Today, 11 colleges from that group—
God's children everywhere.                                               some created by mergers with other institutions—continue to
                                                                         educate people from all backgrounds.
General Boards and Agencies of the United Methodist Church
                                                                         The 1972 General Conference established the Black College Fund
    •   General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious         apportionment, which provides a constant reliable way to support
        Concerns                                                         United Methodist-related historically Black colleges' operations,
    •   General Board of Church and Society United Methodist             programs and capital improvements. Today, The United Methodist
        Communications                                                   Church supports 11 historically Black colleges and universities,
    •   General Board of Discipleship General Council on Finance         more than any other religious denomination.
        and Administration
                                                                             1. Bennett College for Women, Greensboro, NC
    •   General Board of Global Ministries
                                                                             2. Bethune-Cookman University, Daytona Beach, FL
    •   General Board of Higher Education and Ministry                       3. Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC
    •   General Commission on Religion and Race                              4. Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA
    •   General Commission on the Status and Role of Women                   5. Dillard University, New Orleans, LA
    •   General Commission on United Methodist Men                           6. Huston-Tillotson University, Austin, TX
                                                                             7. Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN
The Africa University Fund is one of the seven apportioned funds             8. Paine College, Augusta, GA
of The United Methodist Church. This apportioned fund supports               9. Philander Smith College, Little Rock, AR
ongoing operations, including building maintenance, utilities,               10. Rust College, Holly Springs, MS
classroom equipment and supplies, faculty and staff salaries, and            11. Wiley College, Marshall, TX
other operational expenses. Approximately 3,500 students have
graduated from Africa University since it opened in the spring of        The Episcopal Fund supports the office operations, travel salaries,
1994. The first graduation included 18 graduates in Agriculture and      health insurance, pensions and other expenses of the bishops' office.
Natural Resources, and nine students in Theology. Recognizing that       The fund supports 69 active bishops and approximately 125 retired
by the turn of this century, fully one-fifth of the world’s population   bishops and surviving spouses in the five U.S. Jurisdictions and the
will live in Africa, the University believes its purpose is to help      Central Conferences (Europe, Africa and the Philippines).
African Christians train leaders for their churches and societies.

The bishops in The United Methodist Church oversee and are               The Interdenominational Cooperation Fund includes the
responsible for the congregations in their respective episcopal areas.   following partners:
Bishops determine pastoral appointments. Bishops counsel with
pastors, encourage congregations and lead in many ways.                  World Council of Churches
Supported by your gifts to the Episcopal Fund, bishops not only          www.oikumene.org
lead in the connectional ministry of the church, but you will also
find them on the forefront of world issues encouraging secular           Pan-Methodist Commission
leaders to incorporate faith in their decision making.                   www.cpmcu.org

The General Administration Fund is one of the seven                      National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA
apportioned funds of The United Methodist Church. The General            www.ncccusa.org
Administration Fund underwrites and finances general church
activities that are administrative in nature, rather than program-       World Methodist Council
related – like General Conference, the legislative branch of the         www.worldmethodistcouncil.org
church. General Council on Finance and Administration
coordinates and administers the finances of the church, receives,        The Ministerial Education Fund is one of the seven apportioned
disburses and accounts for the church’s general funds, safeguards        funds of The United Methodist Church. Since 1968 the Ministerial
the denomination’s legal interests and rights, compiles and              Education Fund apportionment has helped thousands of men and
publishes denominational statistics and maintains the church’s           women become pastoral leaders in The United Methodist Church.
                                                                         It is nurtured and funded by United Methodists to provide vitally
The Interdenominational Cooperation Fund, through this fund              needed scholarships through annual conferences, essential funds for
United Methodists support the General Commission on Christian            the support of our 13 United Methodist seminaries in the United
Unity and Interreligious Concerns which advocates and works              States, programs that encourage men and women to respond to the
toward the full reception of the gift of Christian unity in every        call to ordained ministry, continuing-education opportunities for
aspect of the church's life, and fosters approaches to ministry and      pastors across the connection and course-of-study education for
mission that more fully reflect the oneness of Christ's church in the    local pastors.
Christian community.

What schools are supported through the Ministerial Education
                                                               Methodist Theological School in Ohio
Boston University School of Theology                           Delaware, OH
Boston, MA                                                     www.mtso.edu
                                                               Perkins School of Theology
Candler School of Theology at Emory University                 Dallas, TX
Atlanta, GA                                                    www.smu.edu/theology
                                                               Saint Paul School of Theology
Claremont School of Theology
                                                               Kansas City, MO
Claremont, CA
Drew University                                                United Theological Seminary
Madison, NJ                                                    Trotwood, OH
www.drew.edu/theo                                              www.united.edu

Duke University, The Divinity School                           Wesley Theological Seminary
Durham, NC                                                     Washington, DC
www.divinity.duke.edu                                          www.wesleysem.edu
Gammon Theological Seminary
Atlanta, GA

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
Evanston, IL

Iliff School of Theology
Denver, CO
                                                   CONFERENCE ADVANCE PROJECTS

Anti-Poverty Initiative
Goal: $20,000

Anti-Poverty Initiative (API) is a non-profit organization committed
to working with poor marginalized women to economically
transform their lives and those of their families through micro-
business education, credit support and savings promotion as a
means to self-reliance and better living.

Sebastine Ujereh founded and registered API in Indiana in 2004 as
a non-profit organization after fourteen years as a missionary and
six years as Director of the Economic Empowerment Programs
(EEP) of the United Methodist Church in Senegal. API has federal
tax-exempt status (501(c)(3)).

API works exclusively with women because statistics show that
70% of the world's poor consists of women. For every ten hungry
people, six are women. In Africa, women bear the brunt of poverty.
Yet they account for up to 80% of food production in Africa.

API strongly believes that women in the category of the poor
should be given the opportunity to live the Bible-promised
"abundant life". In Senegal, API works with poor urban and village
women. We train them on how to manage micro-businesses and
encourage them to save part of their profits on a regular basis. The
micro-business activities that we support include tie-dyeing of
cloths for dress-making, eateries, commerce and agriculture.

Contact: Sebastine Ujereh; sujereh@antipovertyinitiative.org
Ph (504) 782-7773
9423 Villa Woods Drive #200, Avon, IN 46123
                                                   CONFERENCE ADVANCE PROJECTS

Children of Abraham
Goal: $20,000

The mission of Children of Abraham is to help relieve physical
suffering around the world by providing free medical supplies and
equipment to hospitals in countries where there is dire need. We
have shipped such supplies and equipment to thirty (30) countries,
usually in 40' shipboard containers, with an estimated value of over
$45,000. Such shipments are at no cost to the receiving hospitals,
and the freight is pre-paid.

The valuable medical supplies and equipment are received from
surplus inventories of hospitals and clinics in the Chicago and
Northwest Indiana area. The inventories are made available to the
receiving hospitals and they then select what they need and can use.
Children of Abraham is not a religious organization, but receives
support from the Hammond FUMC, the North District, the
Northwest Indiana Islamic Center, St. John the Evangelist Catholic
Church, and Temple Israel.

We are a totally volunteer organization with no paid staff. We have
a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse, which is donated and is available to us
at no cost. Financial support will be used to fund shipping costs of
donated medical supplies and equipment to hospitals in areas of the
world where there is dire need.

Contact: Champ Merrick; children-abraham@sbcglobal.net
Ph (219) 381-6233
6635 Hohman Ave., Hammond, IN 46324
                                                   CONFERENCE ADVANCE PROJECTS

Friendly Planet Missiology
To fund leadership development and supporting projects like
bicycles and roofing.
Goal: $250,000

FPM provides leadership development for district superintendents,
pastors, and lay leaders in the North Katanga Episcopal Area in the
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Community leaders are trained
in indentifying and developing locally available assets to rebuild
communities following a devastating war and now combating the
killer diseases of malaria, cholera, and typhoid. We concentrate our
efforts in the areas of peace building, food security, community
health, safe water, education, and church/community development.
In order to move toward sustainability, we look for the smallest
input from outside the community that leverages the biggest
change. Support projects include bicycles, boats, cement, and
roofing sheets. 2011-2012 are the years we are focused on women's
issues, including rape recovery, safe water, children's health, girls
in school, young adult women's literacy, and women as leaders.

Contact: Bob Walters; bob@friendlyplanetmissiology.org
Ph (317) 408-5036
402 East Main St., Plainfield, IN 46168
                                                 CONFERENCE ADVANCE PROJECTS

Friends of Africa University
All money received is sent to the Africa University Development
office in Nashville, Tennessee, to create scholarships for Africa
Goal: $ 21,600

Friends of Africa University works to provide information about
and support for Africa University, established by General
Conference in 1988 and located in Zimbabwe. It serves students
from many African countries. Currently, there are six faculties or
schools: Theology; Agriculture and Natural Resources; Education;
Management and Administration; Humanities and Social Sciences;
and Health Sciences.

Friends of Africa University:

   1. Promotes scholarship funding by churches and individuals.
   2. Provides information about developments at AU and news
      about its students.
   3. Shares stories of graduates of AU serving all over Africa.
   4. Connects individuals and churches with AU related
   5. Encourages continued development of Small Farm Resource
      Center Project at AU.
   6. Sponsors trips to AU for service and understanding.
   7. Helps develop special projects in support of the University.

Contact: Ruth Ellen Stone at ruthellen1@juno.com or Van Neie at
Ph (317) 839-8837
                                                  CONFERENCE ADVANCE PROJECTS

Homes for Haitians
The mission of this ministry is to build affordable hurricane
resistant homes in Haiti. Funding will be used to procure building
materials, ship them to Haiti and pay for customs and the
administration of the program by Haitians.
Goal: $50,000

The Homes for Haitians program is a mission-friendly and Haitian-
compatible means of building earthquake and hurricane resistant,
low-cost homes in the brief timeframe of five days. The foundations
need to be completed prior to the team’s arrival.

The homes are constructed using insulated concrete forms which
allow the homes to be built with just hand tools. The homes are
concrete and rebar with a masonary finish, similar to the method
used to complete concrete block homes with a parged/painted

The homes are a minimal 20’ X 14’ and cost $6,500. A larger
home, 28' X 20' with divided walls, toilet and shower will cost

The UMVIM teams will be trained by building a model home in
their church parking lot. This training period can be done in one
afternoon. The trained team can then go to Haiti and train the
Haitian team how to build the homes. This creates a sustainable
program where those Haitians can then train others.

Contact: Dour Ahlfeld or Bonnie Albert; djahlfeld@gmail.com
Ph (260) 437-1478
8590 E 300 N, Churubusco, IN 46723
                                                    CONFERENCE ADVANCE PROJECTS

Midwest Mission Distribution Center
All financial support will be used to purchase and ship supplies for
cleaning buckets, health kits, layette kits, and other supplies needed
in areas that are recovering from a disaster.
Goal: $10,000

"Our mission is to compassionately help God's people in need
locally, nationally and around the world, and to offer a center to
fulfill the call for the service to neighbors in Christ's name."

The Midwest Mission Distribution Center ministers to people who
have experienced a disaster. They will receive the shipments of the
Center's relief items consisting of food, school desks & school kits,
medical supplies, and disaster recovery items. Persons in Liberia,
Ghana, Haiti and many other places overseas have received aid..

Also persons have received help nationally. Items are sent to Native
American reservations in several states, such as Rosebud
Reservation in South Dakota, children's homes, women's shelters,
overnight shelters and many other missions.

Contact: Pat Wright; pat@midwestmissiondc.org or
Ph (217) 483-7911
1022 New City Road, P.O. Box 56, Chatham, IL 62629
                                                     CONFERENCE ADVANCE PROJECTS

Mission Guatemala
To help fund programs which meet the health and nutritional needs
of the indigenous Mayan people in Guatemala. This ministry has a
medical and dental clinic, feeding center, and a preschool.
Goal: $50,000

Mission Guatemala works in the highlands of Guatemala with some
of the poorest people in this hemisphere. Nearly 75 percent of the
indigenous Mayan people live in extreme poverty on less than $1 a
day. Our primary focus is health and nutrition with the operation of
a medical clinic, dental clinic, preschool/nutrition center, and
feeding center. Additionally, we try to increase the quality of life of
families through the work of short term mission teams that come
from the United States. We seek the support and advice of the local
communities where we work as we try to live out John Welsey's
directive to do all the good we can.

Contact: Thomas S. Heaton or J. Zachary Hopkins;
Ph (812) 303-3382
4725 Mansfield Dr., Newburgh, IN 47630
                                                  CONFERENCE ADVANCE PROJECTS

Operation Classroom INC
Goal: $75,000

The primary mission of Operation Classroom in partnership with
the United Methodist Annual Conferences in Indiana, Liberia, and
Sierra Leone, is to assist in Christian-based education and health
and to provide persons here with hands-on mission experiences.
UM Education - Our goal is to upgrade the educational program in
each of the selected OC schools, in both Liberia and Sierra Leone,
and help each school to become self-supporting as soon as possible.
When the school has been upgraded to the level set by the
Department of Education in each conference, new schools will be
selected by the respective annual conferences. Our present schools
in Liberia: Ganta, W.V.S.Tubman Gray, W.P.L Brumskine,
College of West Africa, St. Matthew and New Georgia. Our
present schools in Sierra Leone: Albert Academy, UM Girls
School, Taiama, Fergusson Memoriao, Fakunya Agricultural and
Vocational, Mokanji Agricultural and Vocational, Bo Centenary,
Baoma, Koidu, and Urban Center Primary School.

Operation Doctor assists in developing and upgrading specific
medical programs in Sierra Leone and Liberia. At the present time
we are working at the Kissy General Hospital in Freetown Sierra
Leone, and the Ganta Hospital, Ganta, Liberia.

West Africa Trauma Teams is designed to train pastors, principals,
and teachers in a basic understanding of counseling, so that they
can be equipped to deal with conflicts and trauma.

Contact: Joseph and Carolyn Wagner; ocmission@frontier.net or
Ph (765) 436-2805
P.O. Box 246, Colfax, IN 46035
                                                   CONFERENCE ADVANCE PROJECTS

SOHO (Saving Orphans through Healthcare and Outreach)
To set up a much-needed counseling center in Swaziland, South
Africa at the SOHO Welcome Place for children who are raped and
Goal: $25,000

SOHO's mission is to improve the quality of life and life
expectancy of orphans and vulnerable children, particularly those in
child headed households in communities adversely affected by
HIV/AIDS. SOHO works with a multi-disciplinary coalition of
organizations, institutions and civic/political leaders to develop
sustainable solutions addressing food security, education, health
care and life and livelihood skills. SOHO is currently implementing
a campaign to raise awareness of the needs of child-headed
households and to generate support for programs that will enable
them to live hope-filled lives.

SOHO supports the philosophy that sustainable solutions address
wholeness of body, mind and spirit and emphasize community
education and health care that includes physical and mental
wellness as well as programs that address nutrition deficiencies,
psycho social support, academic improvement, spiritual nurturing
life skills and HIV/AIDS prevention.

SOHO operates a multi-purpose center in Mhlosheni, Swaziland
and has a 67-acre farm under development in Hhohho, Swaziland.

Contact: Cynthia Prime; cprime@savingorphans.com
Ph (317) 471-5954
8240 Nabb Road, Suite 320, Indianapolis, IN 46260
                                                   CONFERENCE ADVANCE PROJECTS

Habitat for Humanity

(All financial support will be directed to the appropriate Habitat
for Humanity project in the State of Indiana. Please identify the
project by name.)



Goal: $ Any amount is appreciated.

Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry
dedicated to eliminating poverty housing from the planet. We
believe everyone deserves a simple, decent place to live. Habitat
works side-by-side with homeowner families to help them build
their own homes. Together we provide a housing solution as well as
education to help the family be successful in homeownership.
Classes include basic financial management and basic home repair
and maintenance. Habitat works with area volunteers to construct
the homes and then sells the homes to the family at cost, with no
profit and no interest charges on the loan. Habitat addresses the
problem both locally and globally as we tithe 10% of our funds to
build homes overseas Habitat provides a hand-up and not a hand-
out to the families it serves. Habitat helps build families,
communities and hope in Indiana and abroad!

Contact: Gina Leckron; gina@habitatindiana.org
101 W. Ohio Street, Suite 2000
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Ph (317) 454-8090
                                       CONFERENCE ADVANCE INSTITUTIONS – UM Related

Franklin United Methodist Community                            Wesley Manor
1070 W. Jefferson Street, Franklin 46131                       1555 N Main Street, Frankfort 46041
Ph (317) 736-7185                                              Ph (765) 659-1811
Contact: Joseph Trueblood, Executive Director                  Contact: Kevin Ward, Interim Administrator in Charge
www.franklinunitedmethodist.org                                www.wesleymanor.org

Glenburn Home                                                  Bashor Children's Home
RR 2, Linton 47441                                             P.O. Box 843, Goshen 46527
Ph (812) 847-2221                                              Ph (574) 875-5117
Contact: Sue Souders, Executive Director                       Contact: Don Phillips, President/CEO
www.glenburn.com                                               www.bashor.org

Hamilton Grove                                                 Indiana United Methodist Children's Home
31869 Chicago Trail, New Carlisle 46552                        P.O. Box 747, 515 W. Camp Street, Lebanon 46052
Ph (574) 654-2200                                              Ph (765) 482-5900
Contact: David Thompson, Executive Director                    Contact: Rich Lapinski, Executive Director
www.greencroft.org                                             www.iumch.org

Indiana Asbury Towers                                          Lucille Raines Residence
102 W. Poplar Street, Greencastle 46135                        947 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis 46204
Ph (765) 653-5148                                              Ph (317) 636-3328
Contact: Rodney Jackson, Administer                            Contact: Carolyn Marshall, Executive Director
www.asburytowers.com                                           www.gbgm-umc.org/lucilleraines/
Heritage Pointe
801 Huntington Avenue, Warren 46792                            United Methodist Youth Home
Ph (260) 375-2201                                              2521 N. Burkhardt Road, Evansville 47715
Contact: David P Souder, Administrator/CEO                     Ph (812) 479-7535
www.ummh.org                                                   Contact: Barbara Jessen, Executive Director

                                         CONFERENCE ADVANCE INSTITUTIONS – UM Related

SOCIAL WELFARE MINISTRIES:                                       HOSPITALS: 
Events                                                           Indiana University Health
                                                                 P.O. Box 1367, Indianapolis 46206
Congregational Health Ministries                                 Contact: Daniel Evans Jr., President & CEO
  Download the Intro to Health Ministry for UM Congregations     www.iuhealth.org
  booklet, click here.
                                                                 The Methodist Hospital, Northlake & Southlake Campuses -
Community-Based Primary Health Care                              Gary IN
  Support Mother and child health- UMCOR, Advance #982645,       600 Grant Street, Gary 46402
  Mother /Child Survival. Learn more.                            Ph (219) 886-4000
                                                                 Contact: Claude Watts, Administrator
Health Supplies                                                  www.methodisthospitals.org
   Providing birth, health and family kits. Learn more.
                                                                 Parkview Hospital (this is not on the list from AC, but is listed
Malaria Control                                                  in the Journal)
  Help make malaria history by supporting Nothing But Nets,      2200 Randalia, Fort Wayne 46805
  Advance #982015. For more info, click here.                    Ph (260) 373-4000
                                                                 Contact: Sue Ehinger, CEO
Hospital Revitalization Program
   You can support this program by giving to UMCOR,
   Advance #982168, Hospital Revitalization. Learn more.         
Disability Concerns                                               
   Set examples by celebrating Disability Awareness Sunday at    FOUNDATION: 
   your church. Learn more.
                                                                 United Methodist Foundation of Indiana
Scholarships and Grant Programs                                  8401 Fishers Center Drive, Fishers 46038
   Learn about the Global Ministry Health and Welfare            Contact: D Manet Shettle, President
   scholarships and grants available, click here.                www.umfindiana.org

    HIV/AIDS Programs                                            
      Support the Global AIDS Fund- UMCOR, Advance #982345.
      For more information, click here.                           
                                        CONFERENCE ADVANCE INSTITUTIONS – UM Related

ARCHIVES:                                                       SEMINARIES: 
Archives of Indiana United Methodism at DePauw University       Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary - Evanston, IL
P.O. Box 37, 11 E. Larabee Street, Greencastle 46135            2121 Sheridan Road, Evanston IL 60201
Ph (765) 658-4406                                               Ph (847) 866-3900
Contact: Wesley W Wilson, Coordinator                           Contact: Phil Amerson, President
www.depauw.edu/library/archives/                                www.garrett.edu

Commission on Archives and History                              United Theological Seminary - Dayton, OH
Indianapolis North UMC                                          4501 Denlinger Road, Dayton 45426
3803 Meridian Street                                            Ph (937) 529-2201
Indianapolis, IN 46208                                          Contact: Wendy J Deichmann, President
                                                                Methodist Theological Seminary of Ohio - Delaware, OH
UNIVERSITIES:                                                   3081 Columbus Pike, Delaware 43015
                                                                Ph (740) 363-1146
University of Evansville                                        Contact: Jay Rundell, President
1800 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville 47722                           www.mtso.edu
Ph (812) 488-2000
Contact: Thomas A Kazee, President                              
University of Indianapolis                                       
1400 E. Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis 46227
Contact: Beverley J Pitts, President                             
DePauw University
209 E. Seminary Street, Greencastle 46135
Ph (765) 658-4800                                                
Contact: Brian Casey, President                                  
                                        CONFERENCE ADVANCE INSTITUTIONS – UM Related

CAMPUS MINISTRIES:                                              Wesley Foundation at Purdue University
                                                                P.O. Box 2396, W. Lafayette 47996
College Connection at Ball State University                     Ph (765) 743-5066
College Avenue UMC, 100 N. College Avenue, Muncie 47303         Contact: Revs. Lana & Glen Robyne
Ph (765) 289-7337                                               www.wesleyfoundation.org
Contact: Chip Gast, Pastor
www.college-avenue-church.org/college.html                      
Fort Wayne IUPUI                                                CAMPING MINISTRY: 
2101 E. Coliseum Blvd., Walb Student Union Rooms 231/235,        
Fort Wayne 46805                                                Royal Family Kids Camp (at Crown Point 1st UMC)
Ph (260) 481-6992                                               352 S. Main Street, Crown Point 46307
Contact: Ben Gates                                              Ph (219) 663-1515
http://www.ipfw.edu/ministry                                    Contact: Nancy Rubarts
United Campus Ministries
321 N. Seventh Street, Terre Haute 47807                        Epworth Forest
Ph (812) 232-0186                                               c/o Impact 2818, 8580 E. Wesley Lane, North Webster 46555
Contact: Rev. Scott Johnson                                     Contact: Nick Yarde, Executive Director
http://ucm.indstate.edu/                                        www.impact2818.org

University of Evansville                                        Camp Re-Yo-Ad
1800 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville 47722                           Camp Adventure
Ph (812) 488-2000
                                                                Camp Lakewood
Contact: Thomas A. Kazee, President
www.evansville.edu                                              Camp Pine Creek
                                                                Camp Indicoso
University of Indianapolis
                                                                Camp Rivervale
1400 E. Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis 46227
Contact: Beverley J. Pitts, President                           Camp Moneto
www.uindy.edu                                                   c/o Impact 2818, 8580 E. Wesley Lane
                                                                8580 E. Wesley Lane, North Webster 46555
                                                                Ph (574) 834.2212; Toll free (888) MAT.2818

                                                                   
                                                    District Advance Projects - North

AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist of Indiana (AM/AA)                         BRIDGES
Goal: $2,000                                                           Goal: $2,400
www.aidsministries.org                                                 www.claychurch.com

This ministry is an AIDS service organization in South Bend.           BRIDGES is an inclusive worship experience that is interactive in
AM/AA began in 1989 as a committee of the North Indiana                nature, touching all of one's senses. Families are able to worship
Conference of the United Methodist Church. It became a non-profit      and fellowship together without worrying about being too noisy or
501(c)3 in 1993 with a community Board of Directors. The care          sitting still. We use hands-on and experimental learning methods.
coordination system has been in place since 1991 and the housing       Our main goal is the spiritual formation of individuals with special
program has been in operation since 1994. AIDS Ministries has          needs and those who love them.
seen tremendous growth since its inception. In order to fulfill our
mission, we provide supportive services to HIV-infected                BRIDGES celebrates everyone's unique abilities in Christ, living
individuals and their families based on a continuum of services        the greatest commandments, "Love the LORD your God with all of
approach. The agency has provided free HIV/AIDS counseling,            your heart, with all of your soul, with all of your mind, and with all
testing, and education to the community since 1993 and has             of your strength. And love your neighbor as yourself." (Matthew
ongoing consumer protocols with the majority of primary care           22:37-40). We end our worship time with prayer and blessings, then
clinics and social service providers in the region.                    we join together to enjoy a fellowship meal. Our fellowship time
                                                                       builds long-term Christian friendships and encourages a sense of
In 1997, AM/AA was designated as the HIV/AIDS care                     belonging that is only achieved through unconditional love. The
coordination site for the region of North Central Indiana consisting   financial support that BRIDGES receives will be used to obtain
of St. Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall, Fulton, Pulaski and Starke           supplies for spiritual formation, worship and fellowship meals.
counties. AM/AA operates full-time offices in South Bend (St.          Occasionally BRIDGES has provided camp scholarships to send
Joseph County) and the City of Elkhart (Elkhart County). The main      individuals with special needs to specialized camps.
office in downtown South Bend has easy access via public
transportation.                                                        Contact: Sharlene K. Kobb; auntieshar1961@yahoo.com
                                                                       Ph (574) 272-8068; 17646 Cleveland Rd., South Bend, IN 46635
Financial support will be used towards general operating costs. The
mission of this ministry is to help create a world that supports and                                 
enhances the lives of those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Contact: Tony Trent; ttrent@aidsministries.org
Ph (574) 234-2870; P.O. Box 11582, South Bend, IN 46634

                                                      District Advance Projects - North

Broadway Christian Parish                                                Child and Parent Services (CAPS)
Goal: $25,000                                                            Goal: $5,000
The mission of Broadway is to care for, advocate for, and empower
low-income residents and the homeless in South Bend. Funds will          Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS) is a prominent Elkhart
be used for mission outreach. We seek to meet basic needs, such as       County nonprofit agency that was created in response to a United
food, hygiene and health, while doing so in an atmosphere that           Way task force developed to find solutions to the growing problem
builds a community of respect and support. Broadway has planned,         of child abuse. Since its creation, CAPS has been a pioneer and
supported and executed many programs that foster hope, support,          visionary in the field of child abuse awareness and prevention, not
and inspiration for people seeking a better life situation. Broadway's   only in Elkhart County, but at the state level as well. The focus of
members and staff have helped people acknowledge and utilize             CAPS has expanded to include services for families where abuse
their talents, and to celebrate the abundance God gives us all. We       isn't present but the need for support and education is.
have done this with the spiritual, volunteer, and financial help of
many UMC churches and other supporters, becoming a place where           Seven distinct programs comprise CAPS: Building Blocks
our supporters can experience the profound fulfillment of doing for      Preschool, which provides services for emotionally fragile children;
others. In recent years our ministries have focused on increasingly      Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) which provides
needed direct services, such as our food pantry, free Sunday Noon        volunteers who act as the child's voice in court; the Parent-Aide
Dinner and weekday breakfasts, hospitality drop-in room with             Program which works with overburdened families through trained
shower and laundry services, and annual Jubilee Christmas Store          home visitors; our Parenting program which provides numerous
with presents and food for families. We always desire to find new        parent education programs throughout the community; our
ways to lift up, in body and soul, those looking for help. You can       Supervised Visitation program which provides a safe place for
join us in that effort with your support.                                children to visit with their parents in a secure facility; our Child and
                                                                         Family Advocacy Center which provides forensic interviews for
Contact: Rev. Nancy Nichols; broadwayum@sbcglobal.net                    children who have been the victim of abuse; and our Healthy
Ph (574) 289-0333; 1412 Carroll, South Bend, IN 46613                    Families program which provides intensive in-home support
                                                                         services to at-risk families.
                                                                         All financial support will be used for programming.

                                                                         Contact: Candy Yoder; cyoder@capselkhart.org
                                                                         Ph (574) 295-2277; 1000 W. Hively Ave., Elkhart, In 46517

                                                   District Advance Projects - North

Clay Church/Ignite Missions/ Firehouse Youth Ministries               Community Closet of Warsaw First UMC
Goal: $5,000                                                          Goal: Any amount is welcome
www.ignitemichiana.org                                                www.warsawfumc.org

Ignite provides no-cost home repairs and renovations for              This is a ministry of Warsaw FUMC, begun to meet some of the
homeowners in the greater South Bend area. We also connect            basic needs of those in need in our community. It functions in our
homeowners to other social services and seek to develop ongoing       church fellowship hall alongside the Community Kitchen on
relationships between homeowners and local churches. Our hope is      Wednesdays throughout the year.
to revitalize families and neighborhoods with ongoing involvement.
Financial support would go toward repairs in ten homes.               We collect (donations), buy and distribute non-food items which
                                                                      cannot be purchased with food stamps. We distribute these items to
Contact: Aaron Helman; aaron.helman@ignitemichiana.org                those who are in need. Such items include: toilet paper; paper
Ph (574) 261-1137; 17646 Cleveland Rd., South Bend, IN 46635          towels; laundry detergent; dishwashing liquid; bar soap; razors;
                                                                      feminine supplies; toothbrushes; toothpaste; deodorant and
                                                                   shampoo.

                                                                      Financial support will be used to purchase items for distribution.
                                                                      Spending is directly related to donations received, both monetary
                                                                      and actual items donated. We are averaging over $300/week in
                                                                      spending at the current time.

                                                                      Contact: Rev. Toni Carmer; tlcarmer@warsawfumc.org
                                                                      Ph (574) 267-6933; 179 S. Indiana St., Warsaw, IN 46580

                                                    District Advance Projects - North

First UMC Food Pantry                                                  Habitat for Humanity of Elkhart County
Goal: $5,000                                                           Goal: $10,000
We have no restrictions. We give food to any persons in need in St.
Joseph County, South Bend, Indiana. Our pantry serves                  To partially fund a “Methodist Build” house that will unite the
approximately 2000 people every month. There is no vacation from       Methodist congregations of Elkhart County to collectively build a
hunger. Our food pantry is open every Tuesday, 52 weeks a year,        house with a family in need in 2012.
from 10 am - 2 pm. Besides a hospitality area where coffee and
cookies are served, we offer referral services to the Stone Soup       Habitat for Humanity of Elkhart County works in partnership with
Community and give out lists of other local food pantries, health      God and people from all walks of life to provide quality,
services, and downtown soup kitchens, etc. Our clients range from      sustainable and affordable homes in which people can live and
professionals to the homeless. All are welcome.                        grow into all that God intends. Each Partner Family adult is
                                                                       required to put in 250 hours of sweat equity by helping with the
Financial support will be used to purchase items for a paper pantry,   construction of other families' homes, working on their own home
which would include items such as: soap; toilet paper; shampoo and     construction, and taking required financial management (Dave
other personal care items.                                             Ramsey's Financial Peace University) and homeownership courses.
                                                                       Upon completion of their sweat equity and the construction of their
Contact: Karen Anderson; karenanderson44@aol.com                       home the family purchases the house from Habitat for Humanity at
Ph (574) 303-2992; 1454 E. Monroe St., South Bend, IN 46615            an affordable price due to a zero percent interest loan from Habitat,
                                                                       volunteer labor and donated materials, financial donations from
                                                                    community members, and grants. In the end, the families end up
                                                                       with not only the asset of a home but also the confidence and
                                                                       stability that come along with homeownership.

                                                                       Contact: Tom McArthur, Executive Director or Becky Bateman,
                                                                       Grants Coordinator; becky@habitatec.com
                                                                       Ph (574) 533-6109; P.O. Box 950, Goshen, IN 46527

                                                       District Advance Projects - North

Heartline Pregnancy Center                                                Hope Ministries
Goal: $2,500                                                              Goal: $2,000
www.heartlinepregnancycenter.org                                          www.hopesb.org

Heartline Pregnancy Center is dedicated to the Christ-centered            Hope Ministries seeks first to meet the emergency needs of
service of individuals throughout the greater Warsaw area who are         individuals and families struggling with homelessness and poverty
involved with an unplanned pregnancy. We seek to preserve the             by providing free meals every day of the year to anyone in need,
sanctity of life, while combating situational and generational            and shelter for up to 35 men, 16 women and 18 families. Once these
poverty, through various programs that encourage, educate, and            needs are met, Hope seeks to transform the hearts, minds and lives
equip. Prime objectives include: presenting the Gospel; saving lives      of these families and individuals by engaging them in a Christ-
through significantly reducing abortions; serving women and their         centered, grace-based process of examining their current realities,
families of Kosciusko County by educating them about the sanctity         envisioning their future possibilities, and supporting action to
of life, healthy pregnancy, healthy parenting, and the steps to self-     achieve their desired futures. The programs and services available
sufficiency; and to provide quality, Christian childcare for young        at Hope to help clients achieve their goals include: Case
children at a reasonable cost, thereby enabling parents to further        Management, Adult Education, Substance Abuse Recovery,
their education and/or career.                                            Spiritual Development; Mental and Physical Health and Wellness;
                                                                          Early Childhood Development; Parenting; Financial Management
Support will be used toward operating expenses such as educational        and Employment Readiness. All programs are offered at no cost.
literature, brochures, diapers, formula and other client service costs.
                                                                          Financial support given will be used to provide the critical
Contact: Angela M. Wood; info@heartlinepregnancycenter.org                emergency food and shelter services needed.
Ph (574) 267-5110; 1515 Provident Dr., Suite 180, Warsaw, IN
46580                                                                     Contact: David Vanderveen; dvanderveen@hopesb.org
                                                                          Ph (574) 235-4150; 432 S. Lafayette Blvd., South Bend, IN 46530
                                                     District Advance Projects - North

Lake Porter County Hispanic/Latino Ministry                             Lowell First UMC/Lowell Household Pantry
Goal: $12,600                                                           Goal: $5,000
www.hammondfumc.org                                                     www.lowellumc.org

Over the past ten years, the Lake-Porter County Hispanic/Latino         The Household Pantry of Lowell displays the love of our Lord with
Ministry group has been doing outreach and preparing                    interaction between our clients and our congregation. It provides
congregations and ourselves to become a people with open arms           products unavailable through Food Pantries and improves the
and hearts to the Hispanic/Latino people in our midst. Through          quality of life of our clients and their families. We provide the only
experience with one-time projects, we have determined that              household products available in our community. The necessary
dedicated on-going leadership is needed. We wish to follow the          items provided are: toothbrushes; toothpaste; soap; cleaning
model set forth in the National Hispanic Plan, revised 2008, in         products; deodorant; shampoo; dishwashing liquid; toilet paper;
which a lay missioner(s) with a deep desire to share a vibrant          sanitary napkins; and diapers (when available). We currently supply
evangelical Christian faith in Jesus Christ offers Bible studies with   130 families with household products and the needs continue to
interested individuals or families. The purpose is to start a faith     grow. Household items are important and provide health and
community which grows disciples of Jesus Christ through two-fold        dignity to our clients as they improve their quality of life.
activities: Bible study and community service. The Lake Station,
Indiana neighborhood has no United Methodist church, but has a          Contact: Sharon Stagner or Mary Ann Mahler;
growing population of Hispanic/Latino families and young adults.        umcfriends@sbcglobal.net
                                                                        Ph (219) 696-9219; 502 E. Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356
The mission of this ministry is to start a faith community that is
intentional about ministry with Hispanic/Latino families. Financial                                   
support will be used to support a lay missioner and to rent gathering
space for Bible study, worship and community service.

Contact: Rev. Douglas Simpson or Rev. Beverly Biehr;
Ph (219) 932-5915; 6635 Hohman Ave., Hammond, IN 46324

                                                      District Advance Projects - North

Mishawaka Alliance of Care                                               Riverview Adult Day Center
Goal: $4,000                                                             Goal: $3,500
This ministry is an ecumenical effort between seventeen area
churches and the St. Joseph Hospital of Mishawaka. Together they         Riverview Adult Day Center provides affordable day services that
serve a Food Pantry, a Tutor Help program and Project School             enhance the self-esteem, health and independence of clients.
Supplies, by providing food items, financial support, and                Riverview provides much needed respite to family members and
volunteers. They have come together to follow the teachings of           postponement of the trauma and expense of unnecessary nursing
Jesus to "feed the hungry, and give drink to the thirsty." It is their   home placement. Participants are adults who may need some help
purpose to provide food, and when available, products such as soap,      in self-care or require supervision. For example, they may be
toothpaste, detergent, baby diapers, etc. to those who are unable to     partially dependent on others, physically or mentally impaired,
provide for themselves or their families.                                socially isolated or have Alzheimer's or dementia symptoms. The
                                                                         Center strives to promote each client's cognitive functioning with a
All financial support will be used to purchase food and hygiene          combination of structured activities in a caring atmosphere.
items.                                                                   Activities are tailored to each client's ability level to ensure success.
                                                                         The team is instructed on the unique history of each client and helps
Contact: Warren Kirkwood or Ann Kirkwood;                                develop individualized care plans which may include:
albrightchurch@sbcglobal.net                                             intergenerational activities, structured exercise, arts and crafts,
Ph (574) 259-1975; 504 W. Mishawaka Ave., Mishawaka, IN                  creative movement and music, Bible study, reality orientation,
46545                                                                    current events, board and card games, hot meals and continuous
                                                                         health monitoring. At Riverview Adult Day Center, we are proud of
                                                                      our caring, certified professional staff and modern facility. The
                                                                         administrative, medical, support and volunteer staff work together
                                                                         to provide the best and most dignified personal care possible.
                                                                         Financial support will go toward programming materials.

                                                                         Contact: Wendy White; wwhite@riverviewadultdaycenter.org
                                                                         Ph (574) 293-6886; 2715 E. Jackson Blvd, Elkhart, IN 46516

                                                      District Advance Projects - North

Susanna’s Kitchen                                                        The Downtown Soup Kitchen
Goal: $12,000                                                            Goal: $10,000

Our mission is to provide a hot meal to persons who walk through         The purpose of THE DOWNTOWN SOUP KITCHEN INC is to
our doors without reference to ability, age, gender, race or religious   feed the hungry of the greater South Bend, Indiana area. In 2010 we
belief. In addition to a hot meal we provide free clothing two days a    served 46,909 cups of soup and 531 holiday meals. We serve the
week and winter coats, at no charge, during November, December           homeless, unemployed and the underemployed of the community
and January. Some individually-packaged foods are handed out             three meals a week plus carry-out for the entire family. We provide
during the meal time, depending upon availability from donations.        training for seniors to develop new skills, provide community
                                                                         service for the justice department, and offer opportunities for
All financial support will be used to purchase food and supplies         volunteers to serve.
necessary to serve meals.
                                                                         Financial support will be used to purchase food and supplies for the
Contact: Richard C. Osborne, Treasurer or Larry Kurtz, Pastor;           service of a homemade meal (soup, garlic bread, desserts and a
rozzie26@comcast.net                                                     beverage) based on our original recipes.
Ph (574) 294-1444; 416 Ash Circle, Elkhart, IN 46517
                                                                         Contact: Linda Porter; bookangel@mac.com
                                                                      Ph (574) 233-2463; P.O. Box 1664, South Bend, IN 46634

                                                      District Advance Projects - North

The Upper Room
Goal: $5,000

The Upper Room provides a safe social and spiritual support for
adults in recovery from alcohol and other drug dependencies in the
Michiana area by providing affordable transitional housing to those
in need. Parishioners and the local recovering community give
warm accepting support, enabling them to move toward greater
independence as they improve their ability to manage their own
lives while maintaining sobriety. Residents, who are not active in
their own faith community, worship with members of First Church.
In addition, residents assist in care of the physical plant, which
facilitates other church ministries such as the soup kitchen and food
pantry. Residents are able to document supervised building
maintenance skills in their resumes.

Financial Support will allow six additional residents three months
initial rent while they are finding employment.

Contact: John Jung-Zimmerman, jungzimm@hotmail.com,
Ph (574) 233-9463; 333 N. Main St, South Bend, IN 46601

                                                   District Advance Projects - Northeast

Adams Wells Crisis Center                                               Allen County Jail Chaplaincy
Goal: $5,000                                                            Goal: Any amount is welcome
www.awcc.embarqspace.com                                                www.allencountyjailchaplaincy.org

Abuse comes into life in various forms; there can be physical,          We provide church services, Bible studies, books to read, and
mental, emotional or spiritual abuse. In whatever form it appears,      underwear for those who cannot buy them. We provide educational
there is always a victim and a perpetrator. Abuse is occurring at an    programs in GED, life skills, domestic violence, and substance
increasing rate in Adams and Wells Counties. The Adams Wells            abuse. We provide hospital calls to the sick inmates and death
Crisis Center was created by a group of concerned citizens to           notifications when family members die. We provide Pastoral
provide basic help for those experiencing some form of abuse in         counseling. We also minister to the staff at the Jail and Sheriff
their lives. The help we offer addresses the foundational needs of      Department.
life: temporary refuge in our shelter, food, clothing and emergency
medical needs. It is our goal to create hope in the hearts of persons   Contact: Rev. Dick Sievers; dickacjc@aol.com
victimized by domestic violence and assist them in securing their       Ph (260) 449-7215; 417 S. Calhoun St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802
independence and a violence free future. The Crisis Center arose
out of a need that founder, Sharon Barger observed as a rental                                      
agent for a major apartment builder and owner in Decatur. Ms.
Barger began to have women with their children come to her
because they were leaving an abusive relationship and needed an
apartment immediately. Since the rental process required
application fees, credit checks, and took a week or so, Ms. Barger
saw the need for an emergency shelter or "safe house" for these
women and children who were literally homeless due to spousal or
partner abuse. Ms. Barger began educating herself regarding
domestic violence and gathered a task force of local citizens to
address this need. Funds will be used to provide programming for
the women and children.

Contact: Angie Gunsett; awcc@embarqmail.com
Ph (260) 728-9800; P.O. Box 253, Decatur, IN 46733

                                                District Advance Projects - Northeast

Allen County UMC Church Habitat Taskforce
Goal: $50,000                                                        Associated Churches of Fort Wayne & Allen County
                                                                     Goal: $30,000
Building homes builds hope for those who are in need of              www.associatedchurches.org
affordable housing, helping to eliminate substandard housing.
                                                                     Our Mission: We are communities of faith united through acts of
We count on our community of United Methodists to support a          compassion, education and service to our region. The
local Habitat project each year. We need both financial support as   Neighborhood Food Network operates 28 food pantries in
well as 200 man-days of volunteer labor per each home.               neighborhoods throughout Allen County. Other programs include:
                                                                     A Baby's Closet - learning, earning and being rewarded with cribs,
This ministry partners with Fort Wayne Habitat for Humanity. All     car seats, clothing and other necessities to low-income families for
financial support will go toward the financing of a new home.        their infants; Peace and Justice - working to end violence and
                                                                     remember victims in our community; Military Families where we
Contact: Bob Kent; bobbyk20@comcast.net                              provide Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for families with
Ph (260) 672-3044; 7309 Cliftgate Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46814          loved ones who are deployed; and Rising Stars which continues
                                                                     our 60+ year relationship with Fort Wayne Community Schools by
                                                                  providing tangible and intangible support to the schools most in
                                                                     need of assistance, their students and families. The majority of
                                                                     those we serve are low-income families in need. We do not
                                                                     discriminate against any group or restrict anyone from receiving
                                                                     services from our organization. We serve people from all social,
                                                                     religious, gender, and racial backgrounds. The Associated
                                                                     Churches provides physical and spiritual support to thousands of
                                                                     individuals in our community. We provide families with food at no
                                                                     charge. We support low-income mothers with basic needs for their
                                                                     infants and toddlers. We support military families. We provide
                                                                     assistance and coordination with other agencies to schools and
                                                                     their families with support and volunteers.

                                                                     Contact: Rev. Roger Reece; roger@associatedchurches.org
                                                                     Ph (260) 422-3528; 602 E. Wayne St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802

                                                  District Advance Projects - Northeast

Avilla Food Pantry                                                     Children First
Goal: $12,000                                                          Goal: $1,000
Avilla Food Pantry is open on Tuesday of each week from 9-11:30
AM. The mission is to help individuals and families in the East        Children First, dedicated to helping children become all they can
Noble County of Indiana who are in need of food. We serve the          possibly be, provides a full array of home-based educational,
individual once a month, and the Food Pantry staff is all volunteer.   therapeutic and support services for Northeast Indiana children and
                                                                       their families. Services range from early intervention services for
Financial support will be used to buy food and supplies such as        infants and toddlers with special needs to abuse and neglect
hygiene products and perishable food items.                            prevention programs for at-risk families of newborns, to
                                                                       preservation and reunification services for families in crisis. All
Contact: Don Crawford; hoosieron@aol.com                               services are strength-based and are built and delivered on the
Ph (260) 637-5754; 5061 S. Old State Rd. 3, LaOtto, IN 46763           premise that everyone wants the best for their children. Some
                                                                       parents require a little help in knowing how to provide the
                                                                    nurturing, discipline and consistencies that children need to grow
                                                                       up mentally, physically and spiritually healthy.

                                                                       Contact: Patricia Zakula; pz@childrenfirstcenter.org
                                                                       Ph (260) 925-3865; 1752 Wesley Rd., Auburn, IN 46706

                                                 District Advance Projects - Northeast

Church Builders Inc.                                                  Common Grace/Love in the Name of Christ
Goal: $12,000                                                         Goal: $15,000

This ministry serves as a resource group for the District             This ministry provides help to families with rent, utility assistance,
Superintendent, the Ministries, the congregations, and the District   food, clothing, medications and medical/dental treatment.
agencies and divisions of the Northeast District and Indiana UMC.     Approximately 20% in direct assistance and 80% in support
To do any and all of the following: evaluate, coordinate, initiate,   services.
support, and continue United Methodist and United Methodist-
related programs of every kind, and to promote our Methodist          Common Grace was established as an ecumenical outreach
mission.                                                              ministry for individuals and families sustaining critical financial
                                                                      circumstances. In 2009, when unemployment rates reached over
Financial support will be used to provide assistance and resources    18% in Noble County, approximately $85,000 provided help to
for mission to churches in the Northeast District.                    481 families with shelter, rent, utility assistance, food, clothing,
                                                                      medications, medical and dental treatments. Noble County
Contact: Richard Worman; rwmjworman@frontier.com                      continues to endure 11% unemployment.
Ph (260) 413-5602; 9737 Gerig Rd., Leo, IN 46765
                                                                      Contact: Dr. Daniel R. Barker; djbarker@sbcglobal.net
                                                                   Ph (260) 347-5865; 515 Kimmels South Shores, Kendallville, IN

                                                  District Advance Projects - Northeast

Elijah Haven Crisis Intervention Center                                Faith Community Health Clinic
Goal: $3,000                                                           Goal: $1,000

Elijah Haven Crisis Intervention Center was incorporated as a non-     The Faith Community Health Clinic Inc. is located at Holy Family
profit organization in March, 1996 by concerned citizens of            Episcopal Church - 909 S. Darling in Angola. Our mailing address
LaGrange County. The agency's mission is to provide a safe,            is P.O. Box 972, Angola, IN 46703. We are open every Wed. from
healing, nurturing environment for all individuals affected by         4-8 PM. Our mission is to provide access to healthcare to those in
domestic violence and to advocate violence-free living. The            Steuben County who meet federal poverty guidelines and have no
ultimate objective is to eliminate domestic violence within our        health insurance of any kind. We opened in the spring of 2008 and
community.                                                             as of April 29, 2011 we have 991 patients and have had 2,481
                                                                       patient visits. We are seeing about 20 patients per week.
Our goal is to expand our programs of treatment counseling,
advocacy to victims of domestic violence with financial and legal      Our Medical Director, Dr. Teresa Smith, family physicians,
services, parenting and nutrition classes, education services to our   physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical technologists and
church community and civic groups; to continue cooperative             nurses work on a rotating schedule to staff the clinic along with
efforts between law enforcement, prosecutors, Dept. of Child           clerical volunteers. The clinic has established referral relationships
Services, hospitals and victims services while working within our      in the community for X-rays, lab tests (basic tests are done in our
school communities to develop education and preventative               lab), dental care, HIV testing, surgery, physical therapy, obstetrics
strategies. All monies will be used to implement programs and          and gynecology, eye care, referrals for counseling and
resources.                                                             prescriptions. Social workers are available at the clinic to provide
                                                                       information for community resources.
Contact: Rose M. Miller; elijahhaven@centurylink.net
Ph (260) 463-8700; 201 S. Detroit St., Suite #1, LaGrange, IN          Funding for the clinic comes from donations from individuals,
46761                                                                  organizations and grants. The clinic does not have any paid
                                                                       employees and all contributions go directly to patient care.
                                                                    Financial support will be used to cover the cost of patient
                                                                       prescriptions, consumable lab and dental supplies.

                                                                       Contact: Edward Ludington; e1945@frontier.com
                                                                       Ph (260) 665-9392; 1650 W. 110 N. Angola, IN 46703

                                                 District Advance Projects - Northeast

Fort Wayne Rescue Mission                                             Helpline of Whitley County
Goal: $10,000                                                         Goal: $3,800
                                                                      Helpline of Whitley County assists people in need in two areas.
The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission is a ministry comprised of a            The Home Furnishings Connection collects donated furniture and
homeless shelter for men, women and children. We strive to            household items that are reasonably clean and in good repair and
alleviate the burden of our food costs from providing daily meals     gives them free-of-charge to low income families living in Whitley
to the poor and hungry among us.                                      County. Our Emergency Direct Fund helps families with up to $75
                                                                      in a 12-month period with utility bills so they will have heat, water
We serve 190,000 meals per year to the community. At the Rescue       and electricity. This aid is by referral, mainly from the Division of
Mission we serve men and women struggling with drug and               Family and Childrens Services.
alcohol addictions. We provide food, clothing and shelter while
lovingly sharing the love of Jesus Christ. We consider ourselves to   We also work with St. Paul of the Cross Catholic Church to
be a community of compassion. Currently, we have 109 men in           provide transportation costs, gas, car repairs or a one-night stay at
residence in our Restoration House Facility and 78 women and          the Budget Inn. This is usually for the homeless or transients. This
children in our Charis House facility.                                ministry provides for emergency needs of Whitley County
                                                                      residents not covered by other agencies, including water, cell
Contact: Donovan A. Coley, Sr.; rescuedonovan@gmail.com               phone and sewage bills.
Ph (260) 426-7357; 301 W. Superior St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802
                                                                      Contact: Julia A. Hayes, Secretary; mjhayes36@embarqmail.com
                                                                   Ph (260) 244-4385; 613 W. Columbia Parkway, Columbia City, IN

                                                 District Advance Projects - Northeast

Interfaith Mission, Inc./The Lighthouse                               Noble House Ministries Inc.
Goal: $5,000                                                          Goal: $30,000
                                                                      Noble House Ministries, Inc. believes God is our heavenly Father
Interfaith Mission, Inc./The Lighthouse Transitional Shelter serves   and he created all things. We believe in Jesus Christ, God's only
the homeless in the Whitley County area. Our mission statement is     son, who was born of the Virgin Mary, he suffered and died for our
to "meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the           sins. Knowing this, we believe in the sanctity of life and that God's
homeless". We have expanded our services to reach out to the          grace is sufficient for all. We are committed to share the love of
community not only serving the homeless but those at risk of          Jesus with the least, the last, and the lost.
becoming homeless. The Lighthouse provides daily classes in
budgeting, parenting, self-esteem/abuse, nutrition, employment.       Noble House Ministries, Inc., shelters homeless men, women, and
The Lighthouse has Memorandums of Understanding with                  children. We provide a safe nurturing environment for individuals
agencies in our community that provide counseling from licensed       and families overcoming difficulties. Our shelter is a place to live
counselors, affordable housing programs, employment assistance,       while undergoing a program of education with the purpose of
education, GED as well as college curriculum.                         creating confident, self-managing, productive citizens. We provide
                                                                      services to those in need without regard to race, religion, age,
The Lighthouse has a large percentage of clients who are dealing      nation of origin, or disability.
with psychological disorders, addictions, mental illness or abuse
issues. The Lighthouse serves as a safe haven for victims of abuse,   Financial support will be used for operational expenses for our
as well as a support system for people who are recovering from        three houses, Nobel House, Our House, and Pilot House, such as
addictive behaviors, treatment for mental illness, and trying to be   utilities, maintenance, pest control and sanitation.
accepted in subsidized housing placements. The self-sufficiency
program offered at The Lighthouse often allows clients to achieve     Contact: Valerie Hague, Interim Executuve Dir or Wendy
a safe environment to house themselves and their children for the     Gensch, Board President; noble_house_inc@yahoo.com
first time in their lives. Clients have gone from depression to the   Ph (260) 636-7160; 205 E. Highland St., Albion, IN 46701
point of suicide to a new life of self-sufficiency, employment and
independence.                                                                                       

Contact: Tania Keirn, Executive Director;
Ph (260) 244-5266; PO Box 446, 500 W. Business 30, Columbia
City, IN 46725
                                                District Advance Projects - Northeast

Northeast District Hispanic/Latino Ministry                          Parkview Regional Medical Center Chaplaincy Department
Goal: $5,000                                                         Goal: Any amount is welcome
All financial support received will be used for the development of
new Faith Groups and the strengthening of existing UMC               Parkview Chaplains are available 24 hours a day/7 days per week
Hispanic/Latino Congregations in the Northeast District in           to assess and address the spiritual needs of our patients, their
accordance with the "National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry".    family members, co-workers, volunteers, and physicians.
                                                                     Chaplains at Parkview respond to a variety of life-crisis events
Contact: David Beatty; drbabeatty@aol.com                            including all deaths, Code Blues, Medical Team Activation,
Ph (260) 484-4674; 3898-A New Vision Dr., Fort Wayne, IN             Trauma Team Activations, and miscellaneous emergency requests
46845                                                                bringing the love of God to those in crisis or need. Parkview
                                                                     Chaplains also proactively visit patients who are admitted with no
                                                                  church affiliation. As the only not-for-profit health care system in
                                                                     Fort Wayne, Parkview continues to share the love of Christ with all
                                                                     who seek our services regardless of their ability to pay. Any funds
                                                                     received will be used to underwrite the provision of pastoral care

                                                                     Contact: Rev. Ann Steiner Lantz; ann.lantz@parkview.com
                                                                     Ph (260) 637-3128; 2200 Randallia Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46805

                                                   District Advance Projects - Northeast

Trinity Daycare Ministry                                                Sonshine Child Care Ministry
Goal: $6,000                                                            Goal: $1,000

Trinity Daycare Ministry is a non-profit registered ministry.           Sonshine is a childcare ministry of South Whitley UMC. We offer
Trinity Daycare Ministry's mission is to provide quality childcare      full-time and part-time care for working families. We try very hard
and in a safe, loving, and Christian environment. Trinity Daycare       to keep our prices just below market rate in order to provide
provides care for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age; and provides     parents an alternative to high price center care. Sonshine stays
age-appropriate activities for preschool, summer and after-school       competitive within our community so as to make ends meet. Our
programs. The daycare center has been in operation since 1991.          primary goal is to teach the love of Jesus Christ not make a profit.
The operating hours are 5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday thru              As part of our ministry we are now offering a summer program one
Friday, and it is located at the Trinity United Methodist Church in     day a week to non-working families as well. Our new Parent's Day
Albion, IN.                                                             out has been planned to give busy parents and grandparents a
                                                                        morning to catch up or rest and gives Sonshine a chance to teach
Financial support will be used for general operating expenses for       God's word to those who may not otherwise get the chance.
the daycare center such as utilities, food expenses for the children,
teaching curriculum and classroom supplies for the program.             Funds received will go toward the reducing the financial strain of
                                                                        childcare on low-income families.

Contact: Dana Bering, Trinity Daycare Ministry Dir. or Pastor           Contact: Jodi Sims; jrsims08@yahoo.com
Brett Frymier; tdcm@live.com                                            Ph (260) 723-5105; 6685 W. State Rd. 14, South Whitley, IN
Ph (260) 636-3358; 706 N. Orange St., Albion, IN 46701                  46787

                                                                                                  
                                                   District Advance Projects - Northeast

Vincent Village Inc.                                                    Wells County Habitat for Humanity
Goal: $2,000                                                            Goal: $1,000
During the past twenty-one years, Vincent Village has grown from        To support the administrative expenses of operating the chapter.
one transitional shelter for homeless families with children in a
group home setting to four programs providing a continuum of            Mission Vision: "A world where everyone has a decent place to
care from transitional shelter to permanent housing and                 live."
employment for homeless families. Vincent Village currently
operates the following programs:                                        Mission Statement: Habitat for Humanity works in partnership
                                                                        with God and people everywhere, from all walks of life, to develop
1. The Vincent House Transitional Shelter - provides shelter and        communities with people in need by building and renovating
   supportive services for an average of 35 homeless families with      houses so that there are decent houses in decent communities in
   children each year.                                                  which every person can experience God's love and can live and
2. Vincent Village - consists of 30 single-family houses within a       grow into all that God intends.
   six-block radius of Vincent House. The program provides
   income-based affordable rental housing for families                  Contact: Mandy Hodge, Administrative Assistant or Jeff
   successfully completing the Vincent House Transitional Shelter       Dotterer, President; wellscountyhabitat@hotmail.com
   Program or other transitional shelter programs.                      Ph (260) 353-3333; 122 Lamar St., Suite 106, Bluffton, IN 46714
3. The Pathways to Success Program - provides housing search,
   initial moving expenses and continued case management for 12                                      
   to 15 families for six months following their exit from a
   transitional shelter program. The primary goal of this program
   is to prevent recurring homelessness and to support self-
4. The Youth Services Program - serves approximately 100
   homeless children annually from Vincent House, Vincent
   Village, and the Fort Wayne Women's Bureau Transitions
   Program. Services include tutoring, educational and enrichment
   activities, and referrals and coordination of services for special
   needs children.
Contact: M. Ann Helmke, Executive Director;
Ph (260) 456-4172, ext. 221; 2827 Holton Ave., Fort Wayne, IN 46805
                                                  District Advance Projects - Northeast

Wellspring Interfaith Social Services Inc.                             YWCA Northeast Indiana
Goal: $5,000                                                           Goal: $5,000
www.wellspringinterfaith.org                                           www.ywca.org/fortwayne

Wellspring's Mission is: People of faith working together to           The YWCA’s Crisis Shelter serves women and children who are
support and enrich the lives of Fort Wayne's central city residents.   fleeing from a violent household, often only with the clothes they
That mission has driven the organization's programs since it was       are wearing or a hastily packed suitcase. In 1976, the YWCA in
founded in 1968. Those instrumental in the early development of        Fort Wayne opened the first shelter in Indiana for abused women,
Wellspring included five downtown congregations and the YWCA.          and our facility is still the only shelter in Allen County and the
Direct service programs include Youth After School and Summer          adjoining counties. In 2010, 373 women and 294 children sought
Day Camp, Older Adult and Neighborhood Services (Food Bank,            refuge at the shelter. Our staff helps victims with basic needs, such
Parent Club and Information and Referral).                             as arranging childcare and school, obtaining transportation and
                                                                       guiding them to various social service and government agencies to
The funds will help us support some of our new programming             get help as they attempt to stabilize their lives.
which includes: the additional commitment to summer learning as
we have extended our program day by one hour per day and have          Women come to the shelter after calling our domestic abuse
added the position of Summer Learning Coordinator/Coach to our         hotline, or sometimes they are brought by the police. In Fort
summer staff; our decision to focus on emergency food needs of         Wayne, city police responded to 11,700 domestic disturbance calls
those in need with special emphasis on those who are in the 16-21      in 2011, and officers call our hotline when a woman’s life appears
year old age group who are often transitionally homeless.              to be threatened.

Contact: Frank Zirille; fzirille@wellspringinterfaith.org              The funds received will help us support the operation of the
Ph (260) 422-6618; 1316 Broadway Ave., Fort Wayne, IN 46802            YWCA’s Crisis Shelter.

                                                                    Contact: Andy Candor; acandor@ywcaerew.org;
                                                                       Ph (260) 424-4908 Ext 288; 1610 Spy Run Ave., Fort Wayne, IN

                                                  District Advance Projects - Northwest

Family Promise of Greater Lafayette                                     Lafayette Urban Ministry
Goal: $10,000                                                           Goal: $10,000
www.fpglinc.org                                                         www.lafayetteurbanministry.org

Family Promise of Greater Lafayette (FPGL) is a 501(c)3                 The Lafayette Urban Ministry is an organization of 43 local
organization that assists families in transition. We work with          Christian churches. Through 25 programs of service, self-help and
sixteen local churches to provide food and housing to homeless          social justice ministry we serve as a social safety net for at-risk
families with children. FPGL also has a day center, staffed by our      children and their families, serving in the example of Jesus. Eight of
executive director with assistance from volunteers, and a van and       our member congregations are United Methodist, the largest voting
driver to transport clients to job interviews, housing searches,        block on our board. Rev. Cindy Haley, an ordained United
medical/dental appointments, and meetings with social service           Methodist minister serves on our program staff. Thirty-five United
agencies. Families in the program receive extensive case                Methodist churches and church ministries support our work.
management services both from the executive director and via
referrals to other agencies. In 2009, volunteers provided more than     Financial support will be used to fund youth programs directed by
10,000 hours of assistance to the agency and our clients.               UM minister Rev. Cindy Haley; LUM Enhanced Afterschool
                                                                        Program for 45 children, LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning
Financial support will be used for operational costs of running our     Retention Program for 45 children, LUM Achieve Stay-in-School
agency. This includes rent, utilities, insurance, vehicle costs, and    Program for 100 youth and LUM Overnight Camp for 100 children.
items for our guests (clothing, personal care supplies, school          Each of these program’s goal is to narrow the academic
supplies, medications, diapers, bus tokens and childcare assistance).   achievement gap that exists between low-income children and
                                                                        children from more affluent households. By encouraging and
                                                                        helping each child to aspire, prepare for and enroll in higher
Contact: Laurie Mann, Executive Director;                               education, LUM is helping to break the cycle of poverty.
Ph (765) 838-3651; P.O. Box 825, Lafayette, IN 47902                    Contact: Joe Micon, Executive Director;
                                                                     Ph (765) 423-2691; 420 N. 4th St., Lafayette, IN 47901

                                                  District Advance Projects - Northwest

Loaves of Love – a mission of Fletchers Lake UMC                       Our Father’s Library Inc
Goal: $10,000                                                          Goal: $3,500
Rev. Dave Sommers makes Friendship Bread. It has been enjoyed
by the troops serving our nation, missionaries, local hospitals, law   Our Father's Library is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian
enforcement offices, county and state highway garages, as well as a    lending library that is open to the public. It was established on April
lot of local people just enjoying the bread. The proceeds from the     18,1983. The ministry was founded in obedience to Jesus command
freewill donation have been used to fund mission projects at           in Mark 16:15: "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to
Fletchers Lake and Lucerne Zion UMC's. The demand is                   every creature." It was established to serve an economically
outgrowing what I can do as a donation. There is a need to put in a    depressed community consisting of many small churches and
certified kitchen in order to charge for the bread and to help with    individuals who could not afford to purchase Christian materials.
donations of ingredients and postage for the packages going            As a result, Our Father's Library was started to fill this need. We
overseas. The money raised through the advance special would be        have materials to support small group ministry, vacation Bible
used for these purposes. If it continues to grow I would like to be    school programs, Sunday schools, Bible studies and home
able to hire local unemployed individuals to assist in the project.    schoolers. Our Father's Library carries fiction for all ages, DVDs,
                                                                       and books on tape. We provide a place to hold Bible studies and we
We would like to make this a program available to other UM             also sponsor a Summer Reading Program for the community.
Churches as a fundraiser. Other churches could purchase the bread
and resell it for fundraisers and bread would be delivered on a per    Financial support will be used for our Summer Reading Program
ordered basis. I have 36 different flavors and two sizes, a 3" x 5"    and for the purchase of new materials. These materials would
loaf and a 5" x 9" loaf.                                               include books, DVDs, CD and Bible study materials.

Contact: Rev. David Sommers; davesommers56@yahoo.com                   Contact: Carla Bourne or Janice Beebe;
Ph (574) 817-0101; 9170 S. 1100 W., Kewanna, IN 46939                  ourfatherslib@sbcglobal.net
                                                                       Ph (765) 473-9095; 36 W. 2nd St., Peru, IN 46970
                                               District Advance Projects - North Central

Cosecha Latina UMC Mission                                            Family Service Association of Howard County/Domestic
Goal: $2,000                                                          Violence
www.cosechalatina.ucoz.com                                            Goal: $10,000
Cosecha Latina UMC is a Hispanic congregation ministering
among a rapidly growing Hispanic population in Frankfort.             Family Service Association Domestic Violence Program provides
Worship services, pastoral care, youth ministry, jail ministry,       safe shelter for women and children who are victims fleeing a
translating services and Bible studies are provided weekly in         domestic violence situation and have been living in an unsafe
Spanish. The church has its own building, pastor and music            environment. The domestic violence program has staff available
program, developing along guidelines established by our               twenty-four hours per day to assist women and children to obtain
denomination's National Hispanic Plan.                                safety anytime of the day or night. Along with a crisis hotline, the
                                                                      program provides a safe and secure living environment, meals,
Funds raised will be used for expanding social service networks of    clothing and transportation as needed. Clients and their children
the congregation.                                                     also participate in weekly support groups, individual case
                                                                      management and individual goal setting. The staff also provides
Contact: Rev. Nohemi Garza; cosechalatina@hotmail.com                 referrals for medical care, mental health issues and substance abuse
Ph (765) 242-9699; 1003 S. Columbia St., Frankfort, IN 46041          issues as necessary. In addition to the residential program, we also
                                                                      provide case management, support groups and advocacy to victims
                                                                   of domestic violence who are not in need of safe shelter and sexual
                                                                      assault victims. Non-residential services are provided to both men
                                                                      and women. Another portion of the program is the transitional
                                                                      living program. Following the residential portion of the program
                                                                      that lasts up to forty-five days, clients are able to apply to reside in
                                                                      one of our transitional apartments. If accepted into the program,
                                                                      clients and their children are allowed to stay in an apartment at
                                                                      reduced rent, while they work on obtaining, permanent housing.

                                                                      Contact: Pamela Isaac; pam@fsahc.org
                                                                      Ph (765) 868-3154; 618 S. Main St., Kokomo, IN 46901

                                                District Advance Projects - North Central

Gilead House                                                           Habitat for Humanity/Kokomo Community Inc
Goal: $4,000                                                           Goal: $1000
www.thegileadhouse.org                                                 www.habitatkokomo.com

The Mission of Gilead House is: "To restore and rebuild the lives of   This ministry builds and rehabilitates various homes with the help
women who are recovering from chemical dependency and the              of the future homeowners. Financial support will be used to support
negative effects of addictive behaviors.”                              the programs.

Reba Harris, the director, worked in the field of drug and alcohol     Contact: Mark Sloss; hfhkokomo@gmail.com
rehabilitation for ten years as an Employee Assistance Rep. at         Ph (765) 452-2185; P.O. Box 158, Kokomo, IN 46903-0158
Delphi/Delco Electronics, where she often counseled people
struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. As a former                                            
prescription-drug addict she is able to understand their needs,
especially the needs of women facing these problems. In 2000 the
concept of Gilead House emerged and Ms. Harris opened an office
to reach out to chemically dependent women in and out of jail.

The vision of Gilead House is to build a facility where chemically
dependent women and their children can live. It will be a
community for recovery from addictions and will help women
become productive members of the community. In the mean time,
Gilead House meets the needs of its women through small group
and individual counseling, transportation, providing employment
related services, assisting in furthering their education, teaching
parenting skills and supporting their recovery at an office in
Kokomo. Gilead House also partners with the courts to deal with
the legal issues caused by drug and alcohol addictions. Gilead
House serves Howard County first, and then its surrounding

Contact: Reba L Harris; gileadhouse@sbcglobal.net
Ph (765) 865-9427; 4031 S. Webster St., Kokomo, IN 46902

                                               District Advance Projects - North Central

Humanitarian Christian Service/Centro Hispano                         Kokomo Rescue Mission
Goal: $2,000                                                          Goal: $25,000
Humanitarian Christian Service/Centra Hispano is a Christian-
based organization that attempts to follow the teachings of Christ    Kokomo Rescue Mission is a nondenominational Christian social
by serving people in need. It was founded in 1989 in Frankfort by     service ministry, providing Christ-centered answers to the problems
St. Matthew UMC. The major purpose of HCS is to provide               of homelessness and poverty. The mission provides emergency and
services to Spanish-speaking people to enable them to meet their      long-term shelter programs, as well as outreach, to the poor in the
basic human needs and assimilate within the larger community.         community. The purpose of KRM is to minister the love of Christ
                                                                      to the whole person through RESCUE ministries, specifically
Financial support will help underwrite office expenses, provide       providing food and shelter while evangelizing and discipling to men
funds for a Christmas celebration, and process paperwork for          and women.
immigrants needing services.
                                                                      All financial support will be used to feed the hungry and shelter the
Contact: Zenaida Loveless; zenaidaloveless@yahoo.com                  homeless in Kokomo and the six surrounding counties.
Ph (765) 659-5313; 51 W. Clinton St., Suite 105, Frankfort, IN
46041                                                                 Contact: Van C. Taylor, Executive Director;
                                                                   Ph (765) 456-3838; 321 W. Mulberry, Kokomo, IN 46901

                                                 District Advance Projects - North Central

Kokomo Urban Outreach                                                    Marion Mission Storehouse
Goal: $1,000                                                             Goal: $40,000
                                                                         The Marion Mission Storehouse, a nonprofit organization staffed by
The Mission of Kokomo Urban Outreach is to "Be the hands and             volunteers, is a distribution warehouse for donated supplies to be
feet of Jesus in the community and to resource the church to do the      sent to Christian workers in Africa. This is an organization of
same." The objective of KUO is to help the under-resourced in            committed Christians seeking the most efficient way possible to
Kokomo to see that no one goes hungry, that parents have the skills      obey Christ's command to serve "the least of these."
to be successful citizens and parents, that children in low-income
areas will have the same opportunities as other children, and will       Financial support will be used for shipping containers and
not only know that they will go to college, but where they will go.      purchasing containers.

To make these objectives a reality, KUO operates several different       Contact: Richard Greiner or Robert Atchison;
programs. Programs such as: "Baby University™" classes for               Ph (765) 662-0821; P.O. Box 38, Marion, IN 46952
parents of infants and toddlers; "ArtReach" classes for children;
"Buddy Bags™" providing weekend food for elementary school                                            
students; "Project E.A.T. ™" providing food in numerous ways to
make sure that Everyone Eats Today; "Project Diaper" providing
diapers to parents so they will not have to worry about the stresses
involved in providing for the health and safety of their children; and
"KidMO" classes for children so that they are constantly moving
forward in their faith.

Funds will be used to support programs in two service centers.

Contact: Jeff Newton; urban.outreach@gmail.com
Ph (765) 457-1983; 1701 S. Locke St., Kokomo, IN 46902

                                                District Advance Projects - North Central

Starke/Pulaski Habitat for Humanity
Goal: $20,000

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical
Christian organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing
and homelessness worldwide and to making adequate, affordable
shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat is founded on the
conviction that every man, woman and child should have a simple,
decent, affordable place to live in dignity and safety.

Habitat has an open-door policy. All who desire to be a part of this
work are welcome, regardless of religious preference or
background. Habitat for Humanity has always had a policy of
building with people in need, regardless of race or religion, and we
welcome volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds.

The work of Habitat for Humanity is driven by the desire to give
tangible expression to the love of God through the work of
eliminating poverty housing. Habitat's mission and methods are
predominantly derived from a few key theological concepts: the
necessity of putting faith into action, the "economics of Jesus" and
the "theology of the hammer."

Funds raised will be used to build a home.

Contact: Steve Morrison or Joyce Bailey;
Ph (574) 542-2121; 6222 E. Main St., Monterey, IN 46960

                                                      District Advance Projects - East

Christian Ministries of Delaware County
Goal: Any amount is welcome.                                             Covenant Partner Ministries
www.christianministries.ws                                               Goal: Any amount is welcome.

Christian Ministries is a not-for-profit, social service organization    The purpose of Covenant Partners Ministries is to guide people
providing services to Delaware County residents through the              toward a Jesus-centered life with tiny pushes day after day. Helping
generous support of churches, community organizations and                people, our brothers and sisters, who are over burdened, who are,
individuals.                                                             challenged physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, to feel
                                                                         touched, to feel needed, wanted, and validated. Jesus made it clear
General assistance, homeless services, and community programs            that we demonstrate our love for him by how we treat those around
assist the needy in the community. Food is provided through the          us in need, and there is a great need. This ministry strives to fulfill
largest food pantry in the county, shelter is provided through Hope      need in a variety of ways, but always within the most important
House Family Shelter (for single women with children) and the            context of all - to be in relationship with, to know and believe in
Men's Sleeping Room, and emergency assistance is provided                Jesus Christ. This is partly accomplished using Matthew 25 as our
through rent and utility assistance.                                     guide: feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, providing a
                                                                         place to stay for strangers, clothes to the naked, and visits to the
In addition, direct community ministry is offered in cooperation         sick and those in prison. Tiny pushes day after day.
with churches and faith-based organizations in the county. There
are opportunities to volunteer with this ministry and donations are      This ministry serves the poor in the Muncie area with food,
welcomed.                                                                clothing, assistance with rent, medicine, and utilities. Donations are
Contact: Becki Clock; rsclock@yahoo.com
Ph (765) 288-0601; 401 E. Main St., Muncie, IN 47305                     Contact: Pastor Linda McBride; cpm.5@juno.com
                                                                         Ph (765) 284-2545; 911 W. Jackson St., Muncie, IN 47305
                                                     District Advance Projects - East

Muncie Mission Ministries                                               Pregnancy Care Center of Jay County
Goal: $10,000                                                           Goal: $5,000
                                                                        Our main mission is to help our families become better parents and
This ministry provides emergency shelter, food and assistance for       raise healthy, happy children. We offer all of our services free of
homeless people in East Central Indiana. Funds will be used to          charge. These include: pregnancy tests, baby needs (diapers,
support the GED program that is offered. Since 1930, Muncie             formula, beds, clothing) and material needs for the mothers.
Mission Ministries has been providing emergency shelter, food and       Families earn coupons to "buy" these items, by watching videos,
assistance for hungry, hurting, and homeless people in East Central     reading books, and working with peer-counselors. We can connect
Indiana. In addition to meeting their physical needs, the Mission       our clients to local agencies, which may help the family thrive. By
strives to rebuild the whole person through biblical-based              offering love, support, prayer and compassion, we hope to help our
counseling,      long-term    recovery      programs,   educational     community be a better place to live. We receive no government
opportunities, computer training, and life skills training. The         funding at this time, all support comes from churches, individuals,
Mission's recycling and training facility, New Life Center, plays an    local clubs, businesses and foundations.
important part in that restoration. Residents assist while learning
life skills and job training for hopeful re-entry into society.         All funding we receive is used to purchase supplies and run the
Thousands of items of clothing, shoes, underwear, etc. are given        Center. The goal of this ministry is to help families become better
away annually to our residents. As well, through our Family             parents and raise healthy and happy children.
Services division, bags of food, furniture and appliances are added
to the offerings.                                                       Contact: Patricia J. Johnston; pcc7268636@embarqmail.com
                                                                        Ph (260) 726-8636; 216 S. Meridian St., Portland, IN 47371
Our motto is "where everything and everybody gets a second
chance."                                                                                             

Contact: Rev. Ray Raines; rraines@munciemission.org
Ph (765) 288-9122 ext. 222; P.O. Box 2349, Muncie, IN 47307

                                                    District Advance Projects - Central

Asian Help Services                                                     Barnes Community Outreach Corporation
Goal: $12,000                                                           Goal: $81,000
                                                                        The Barnes Community Outreach Corporation was established in
The mission of Asian Help Services (AHS) is to provide help for         2007 with one clear mission: To effectively change the face of the
central Indiana Asians who are new to our community and culture         UNWA (United Northwest Area) community through youth and
by providing a bridge between the two disparate cultures. This is       family restoration. The Community Center that acts as the resource
accomplished by providing support, understanding and compassion         center for the community is serving nearly 1000 youth and adults
that is needed by individuals and families while they are adjusting     per week and features one of the most successful Friday night youth
to many changes in their lives in the United States. AHS also helps     gatherings in Indianapolis. Subsequently, youth crime rates have
immigrants and refugees develop skills and build self-esteem.           dropped significantly in the UNWA area. Included in the program
                                                                        are athletics, sportsmanship, values and conflict resolution along
Financial support will be used for materials and services,              with basketball and volleyball. They currently are partnering with
educational supplies, postage, copies and shipping, advertising and     Shepherd Community Center to provide much needed
promotion, travel and transportation for staff and clients, phone and   infrastructure, training, and collaboration on successful
internet, interpretation/translation and childcare, etc.                programming and development strategies. Jennifer White is the new
                                                                        Executive Director of the program.
Contact: Sungboon Baik; baikahs@yahoo.com
Ph (317) 924-4827; 609 E. 29th St., Indianapolis, IN 46205              Contact: Jennifer White
                                                                        Her email is: jwhite@barnescc.org
                                                   District Advance Projects - Central

Brightwood Community Center                                            East 10th UM Children and Youth Inc.
Goal: $81,000                                                          Goal: $30,000
Brightwood Community Center, Inc. has served the Martindale-
Brightwood community and other eastside neighborhoods since            East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth Center, Inc. is an
1968. Our mission is to provide human services to the community        outreach mission of East Tenth United Methodist Church. The
through programming for children, youth and adults, and food and       mission of East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth
clothing for those in need. Our goals are to improve the academic      Center, Inc. is to provide a safe place where the spiritual, emotional,
achievement and character development of children and youth, and       educational, and physical needs of children, youth, and their
offer training for adults that will raise their self-competence and    families are responded to in a holistic approach. The Center
prepare them for entry-level employment and healthy relationships.     currently operates Little Dove Daycare Certified Registered
                                                                       Ministry, a Before and After School Program, and a Summer
Financial support will be used to support our operating expenses       Program that serves over 150 children and youth each day! Little
such as utilities, personnel costs, supplies and program expenses.     Dove Daycare was the second registered ministry in Marion County
                                                                       to become certified and is currently 1 of 29 in the State out of 741
Contact: Rev. Debra J. Grady; brightwood2410@aol.com                   ministries. We believe that all children deserve quality care and
Ph (317) 546-8200; 2410 N. Station St., Indianapolis, IN 46218         education regardless of socioeconomic status or a family's income.
                                                                       Fundraising is necessary in order to help subsidize parent payments
                                                                    and provide scholarships for children to attend, so that no child or
                                                                       family is turned away. The doors of East Tenth are open to all!

                                                                       Financial support will be used to help subsidize parent payments
                                                                       and provide scholarships for children to attend our programs so that
                                                                       no child is turned away regardless of socio-economic status or a
                                                                       family’s ability to pay.

                                                                       Contact: Jean M. Casmir Hill; jcasmirhill@east10th.org
                                                                       Ph (317) 637-5144; 2327 East 10th St., Indianapolis, IN 46201

                                                   District Advance Projects - Central

Exodus Refugee Immigration Inc.                                        Fletcher Place Community Center
Goal: $5,000                                                           Goal: $45,000
www.exodusrefugee.org                                                  www.fletcherplacecc.org

Exodus is an independent, nonprofit agency based in Indianapolis.      Fletcher Place Community Center (FPCC) is dedicated to providing
Exodus is part of a network of affiliates that work with Church        immediate and long-term aid for the poor and homeless persons in
World Service Immigration and Refugee Program (CWS/IRP) and            the Fountain Square neighborhood and throughout the southeast
Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM) in the resettlement of            side of Indianapolis, Indiana. FPCC works to break the cycle of
refugees from all over the world representing many faiths, cultures    poverty through immediate aid, educational and life skills programs
and languages.                                                         and employment-readiness training. Recent adult programs have
                                                                       included life skills, GED and computer classes, job skills training
Prior to arrival, Exodus staff along with volunteers coordinate the    and employment search assistance.
necessary resources to welcome families when they arrive in
Indianapolis. Exodus arranges housing, furnishings, food and           FPCC operates a preschool, free thrift store, food pantry and hot
clothing as well as other basic items to ensure that individuals and   meal service five days a week. The "Hands Up" program provides
families have what they require to begin their new lives. Exodus       on-site employment opportunities for people struggling with
relies on donations from individuals, groups, churches and             employment and employment readiness issues. Hands Up staff
foundations to provide the items necessary to meet the basic needs     receive coaching and supervision as they pursue educational
of refugee newcomers. During the next months, Exodus staff work        opportunities, employment skills or engage in community service.
closely with community partners as resources to assist clients in      Services and programs are offered at no cost to qualified persons
obtaining necessary documents and services, such as health             and families within its service area. FPCC is funded by private
screenings and care, education, language and cultural orientation,     donations, congregational support and grants.
employment training and placement, transportation and
interpretation.                                                        Fletcher Place exists because of, and in the spirit of the compassion
                                                                       of Jesus Christ. FPCC was known as Methodist Community Center
Contact: Carleen Miller; cmiller@exodusrefugee.org                     when it was operated as a ministry of the former Fletcher Place
Facebook page: Exodus-Refugee-Immigration                              Methodist Church.
Ph (317) 921-0836; Fax (317) 921-1992
1125 Brookside Ave., Suite C9, Indianapolis, IN 46202                  Contact: Rev. Jessi Langlie; jessi@fletcherplacecc.org
                                                                       Ph (317) 636-3466; 1637 Prospect St., Indianapolis, IN 46203
                                                   District Advance Projects - Central

Metro Ministries                                                       United Methodist Jail Ministries
Goal: $25,500                                                          Goal: $
www.indymetroumc.org                                                   www.umjm.org

Metro Ministries, Inc. provides the connection of resources to         The purpose of United Methodist Jail Ministries is to be a presence
ministries and ministries to resources within Central Indiana. Metro   and witness of Jesus Christ to prisoners and to assist local United
Ministries, Inc. is most known for its financial support of            Methodist Churches to be in direct ministry with county and city
community ministries in the urban area of Indianapolis. Through        jail prisoners and their families." Inmates receive hygiene items,
the direction of the Metro Ministries, Inc. Board of Directors, the    underclothing, bibles, devotionals, coats and other miscellaneous
Executive Director is making relationships with individuals,           items. The ministry includes bringing the gospel message to the
churches, and clusters inviting opportunities of resourcing and        jails by volunteers.
supporting ministries through a grant process building on the "Five
Practices of Fruitful Congregations" as well as connecting             Contact: info@umjm.org
ministries to resources.
                                                                       United Methodist Jail Ministries
Funds are used for a matching grant program, providing resources       c/o Horizons of Faith UMC
to local church and community ministries that are UMC related.         3096 West 62nd Street
Metro Ministries provides financial support to ministries in the       Indianapolis, IN 46268
urban area of Indianapolis.

Contact: Lisa G. Morris; lmorris@indymetroumc.org
Ph (317) 452-4786; 3901 N. Meridian St #210, Indianapolis, IN

                                                    District Advance Projects - Central

Soup’s On at Robert’s Park Church                                       Vida Nueva Ministries
Goal: $10,000                                                           Goal: $70,000
Soup's On at Roberts Park Church serves a warm, nutrious meal
each Sunday to 250-300 people from the local community. Our             Vida Nueva UMC is home to a Latino congregation of 130
mission is simple: We Feed Hungry People. The guests served are         worshippers, and our mission is to bring faith and hope, through
from the local community. Each person served needs a warm meal          Jesus Christ, to the Hispanic community in Indianapolis.
and warm hospitality. A cadre of cooks, servers, cleaners,
supporters and friends provide just that. It's not just stomachs that   Centra Familiar Vida Nueva is the community outreach arm of
are filled, but spirits and hearts are fed at Soup's On. Each year      Vida Nueva UMC, and believes that Hispanic immigrants to
Soup's On feeds more than 12,000 people with 1,000 volunteers on        Indianapolis need a safe, friendly place where they can find the
less than $7,000 annually. All of our volunteers bring a desire to      education, resources and services which will enable them to realize
provide radical hospitality and comfort to the underserved and          their goals here in their new home. These opportunities are
underprivileged that translates into caring hearts, helping hands and   frequently out of reach for this population due to fear, lack of
willing spirits.                                                        knowledge, and cultural differences. Centra Familiar Vida Nueva
                                                                        strives to be that Christian point of contact for Hispanics on the
Contact: Cyndi Alte; cda1554@aol.com                                    west side of Indianapolis by providing classes, services, aide and
Ph (317) 635-1636; 401 N. Deleware St., Indianapolis, IN 46202          resources for the whole family in a Spanish speaking, culturally
                                                                        sensitive environment.
                                                                        Financial support will be used to supplement the full budget of
                                                                        Vida Nueva Ministries.

                                                                        Contact: Rev. David Penalva; davidpenalva@sbcglobal.net
                                                                        Ph (317) 638-0796; 2801 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN

                                                     District Advance Projects - South

Brandon’s House                                                         Habitat for Humanity of Harrison County
Goal: $1,100                                                            Goal: $5,000
www.brandonshousein.com                                                 www.habitatharrison.com

Brandon's House opened in 1993 with the mission of providing            To provide the opportunity of affordable home ownership to the
free, Master's-level counseling to teenagers and families. The center   low-income residents of Harrison County.
has helped nearly 3000 families in the seventeen years it has been
open. Brandon's House has given away more than $1,700,000 worth         Habitat for Humanity of Harrison County is a Christian faith-based
of professional counseling services to families in southern Indiana.    not-for-profit organization, dedicated to eliminating poverty
                                                                        housing in Harrison County, by building new, affordable, safe
Brandon's House has accomplished this primarily with financial          homes, with an interest-free mortgage. The homeowners’ mortgage
support from the community it serves. The center holds several          payments go into the "Fund for Homes" and are used to give other
fundraising events each year and applies for local, small grants.       families a "hand-up" in life .
Brandon's House does not receive tax dollars, nor does it bill
insurance companies or Medicaid. Donations are used to provide          Contact: Ian Thomson, Executive Director or Karolyn Mangeot,
free counseling services to teenagers and families.                     Director Church & Volunteer Relations; habitatharrison@aol.com
                                                                        Ph (812) 267-1007; P.O. Box 275, Palmyra, IN 47164
Contact: Susan Parr, Director; brandonshousein@netzero.net
Ph (812) 949-2499; 1618 Beeler St., New Albany, IN 47150                                             

                                                      District Advance Projects - South

Harrison County Community Services                                       Interfaith Community Council
Goal: $5,000                                                             Goal: $2,500
www.hccsi.net                                                            www.interfaithinc.org

Harrison County Community Services, "Through delivery of direct          Financial support will be used exclusively for Family & Emergency
services, and community development; families, children and              Services to assist with food, shelter, basic utilities and other family
individuals gain opportunity for success." HCCS provides many            needs.
forms of crisis assistance to families in need within our county,
whether from natural disaster or impoverishment. Families are            Food Pantry Services: each member of the family receives a 4-day
treated with dignity and respect, regardless of race, color or creed.    supply of food based on the USDA Food Pyramid. This equates to
Some of the areas that people receive assistance in are the              each person receiving a minimum of 12 meals. Families may
following: Rent and Mortgage - people in crisis can receive              receive this service every thirty days, up to eight times each year.
assistance with their housing in order to have a safe place to live      Exceptions have taken place over the past two to three years that
and be able to provide for themselves; Prescriptions, Dental and         allowed twelve trips due to the extreme financial hardship of
Medical - people receive assistance in these areas to maintain their     several families.
health, have the medications that they need and live healthy life
styles; and Utilities - people receive assistance with their utilities   Financial Assistance: Families receive financial assistance to avoid
through several programs which help them maintain the basic              eviction or the disconnection of basic utilities. Basic utilities
necessities of life.                                                     include gas, electric and water. We coordinate and work with area
                                                                         organizations to pool resources to fill these needs. We cannot fully
While these are some of the many things we do, the number one            fund the needs for this service. Rent or mortgage payments are
thing we are known for is food. During the last year we gave out         often $500 or more each month. In order to make it feasible for the
11,523 food boxes to 6,097 individuals or 2,067 households. This         families to remain in their homes, we rely on a close network of
was 494,600 pounds of food. In addition we were named the Dare           helpful organizations to gather the resources needed.
to Care, Indiana Food Pantry of the Year for 2011.
                                                                         Contact: Christine Harbeson, Executive Director;
Financial support will be used to purchase food and provide direct       charbeson@interfaithinc.org
assistance to individuals in need.                                       Ph (812) 948-9248, ext 1800; 702 E. Market St., New Albany, IN
Contact: Richard Cooper; richardcooper@hccsi.net
Ph (812) 738-8143; P.O. Box 308, Corydon, IN 47112                                                      

                                                     District Advance Projects - South

New Albany/Floyd County Habitat for Humanity                            Personal Counseling Service
Goal: Any amount is welcome                                             Goal: $5,000
www.newalbanyhfh.org                                                    www.pcs-counseling.org

The New Albany/Floyd County Habitat for Humanity is a not-for-          Personal Counseling Service (PCS) is a faith-based, non-profit,
profit corporation founded in 1991 and is an affiliate of Habitat for   mental health provider, serving seven counties in Southern Indiana
Humanity International (HFHI) which is headquartered in                 and three counties in Kentucky. We are accredited by the Samaritan
Americus, Georgia. The New Albany/Floyd County Habitat for              Institute and the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Our
Humanity serves the geographical area encompassing New Albany           services include the following but are not limited to:
and Floyd County. The local affiliate has adopted the mission                Individual Therapy / Couples Therapy / Group Therapy
statement and objectives of HFHI. It is an all-volunteer                     Marriage & Family Therapy
organization comprised of all peoples in our community and                   Clergy Coaching Medication Management
reflects the ethnic diversity of the areas served. We are a Christian        Grief Recovery Psychiatric Evaluation
organization but we invite and welcome volunteers and donors from            Parenting Classes
other faiths who are committed to Habitat for Humanity's mission,            Clergy & Congregation Care
operations, and principles.                                                  Psychological Testing
                                                                             Batterers Groups
New Albany/Floyd County Habitat for Humanity works with                      Robbery Victim's Group
donors, volunteers, civic organizations, churches and homeowners             Off-Site Counseling Clinical and Pastoral Supervision
to create decent, affordable housing for our community members               Sexual Addiction Recovery
who are in need. Volunteer labor, tax-deductible donations of                Play Attention Therapy
money, materials, and services are utilized to partner with qualified        Management/Employee Training
Partner Families. Houses are sold to the Partner Families for no
profit with no-interest mortgages. The Partner Families are required    Sixty-one percent of our clients/patients are children and youth.
to volunteer a minimum of 400 "sweat-equity" hours in the               Forty-seven percent are at or below the federal poverty guidelines.
construction of houses and community volunteering. We also              Our mission is: To offer assistance to all persons desiring to achieve
require the Partner Families to participate in training sessions in     wellness of body, mind and spirit.
budgeting. Habitat for Humanity is not a giveaway program, but is
a joint venture in which those who benefit from the housing             Contact: Doug Drake or Rev. Dr. Linda Penrod Million;
ministry are involved in the work at various levels along with those    ddrake@pcs-counseling.org
who desire to contribute their resources to make decent housing a       Ph (812) 206-4273; 1205 Applegate Lane, Clarksville, IN 47129
Contact: Roger A. Ketterer, Treasurer; info@newalbanyhfh.org                                          
Ph (812) 948-1235; P.O. Box 1814, New Albany, IN 47151-1814
                                                       District Advance Projects - South

Silver Heights Camp & Retreat Center                                       WHAS Crusade for Children
Goal: $25,000                                                              Goal: $5,000
www.silverheights.org                                                      www.whascrusade.org

Silver Heights Camp and Retreat Center is the longest continuously         For nearly 60 years the mission of the WHAS Crusade for Children
running church camp in the state of Indiana. Our goal is to make           has been to grant donated funds to help children overcome physical,
disciples for Jesus Christ. We will do that by preserving the              mental, emotional and medical challenges. Over the years our
message of biblical holiness, serving the community, partnering            volunteers and staff have instilled that mission throughout our
with other ministries, and reaching out to both the churched and the       community in ways we never imagined when this effort first began.
                                                                           The number of individuals touched by the WHAS Crusade for
Silver Hills Camp & Retreat Center is located in New Albany, IN at         Children is too large to count. The funding focuses on our most
the top of Silver Hills, in the city but far from it. We have facilities   vulnerable citizens, children from birth through 18 who are facing
to serve you and your ministry: meeting, dining, sleeping, RV, and         incredible challenges. The needs of many newborn children are met
outdoor.                                                                   through partnerships with hospitals, where infants receive state-of-
                                                                           the art care using equipment made possible by the Crusade. Once
This is an ecumenical campsite. Financial support will be used for         children reach school age, they are helped through school districts
operating expenses and enhancement of the current facilities.              that receive funding for classrooms that address special needs. In
                                                                           addition to hospitals and schools, there are many agencies who
Contact: Tom Childress, Camp Director; Tom Hammack, Camp                   serve children with special needs that receive Crusade funding.
Secretary; tom.childress@insightbb.com
                                                                           Our entire community established an incredible legacy when the
Ph (502) 643-8868; 501 Camp Ave., New Albany, IN 47150
                                                                           WHAS Crusade for Children began in 1954. At that time, our
                                                                           founders made a promise: all of the money given to the WHAS
                                                                           Crusade for Children Telethon would go to support organizations
                                                                           serving children with special needs throughout Kentucky and
                                                                           Southern Indiana.

                                                                           This ministry provides grants to help children overcome physical,
                                                                           mental, emotional and medical challenges. All funds received will
                                                                           go toward helping children with special needs.

                                                                           Contact: Dawn Lee, President & CEO - dawn@whascrusade.org;
                                                                           Debbie Billinglsley, Grants Manager - debbie@whascrusade.org
                                                                           Ph (502) 582-7706; 520 W. Chestnut St., Louisville, KY 40202
                                               GENERAL CHURCH ADVANCE – NATIONAL
                                                 To search for an Advance, click here.

A Child                                                              Cherokee United Methodist Ministry
Advance # 123456                                                     Advance # 731144
U.S. Regional                                                        North Carolina, Cherokee
Annual Goal: $125,000                                                Annual Goal: $30,000

Assisting National Mission Institutions to                           Developing programs that celebrate culture
fund their work with poor children and their                         and bridge Christian faith with Cherokee
families                                                             spirituality

                                                                                                

Alaska Churches                                                      Congregational Health Ministry
Advance # 931027                                                     Advance # 3021045
Alaska, Anchorage                                                    US Regional
Annual Goal: $10,000                                                 Annual Goal: $35,000

Strengthening local church mission and                               Improving the health of congregations and
ministry while launching new leadership for                          communities by establishing a health ministry
new programs

                                                                                                

Appalachia Service Project                                           Deaf Shalom Zone, Inc.
Advance # 982050                                                     Advance # 3020438
U.S. Regional                                                        Maryland
Annual Goal: $130,000                                                Annual Goal: $ 30,000

Repairing homes by volunteers who meet                               Assisting the culturally Deaf (those who use
with and serve Appalachian families in need                          sign language) and Deaf-Blind community

                                                                                                
                                           GENERAL CHURCH ADVANCE – NATIONAL
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Emmaus Intervention Project with Recent                          Jubilee Project
Immigrants and Refugees                                          Advance # 781350
Advance # 3021057                                                Tennessee
New York                                                         Annual Goal: $20,000
Annual Goal: $5,000
                                                                 Enhancing abilities and opportunities with
Empowering immigrants to the US by                               the tools and assets to be economically self-
providing education, skills training and                         sufficient
resettlement aid

Good Works                                                       Transformation Project Prison Ministry
Advance # 194382                                                 Advance # 3020547
Ohio, Athens                                                     Denver
Annual Goal: $20,000                                             Annual Goal: $30,000
                                                                 Breaking the cycle of incarceration by
Connecting people from all walks of life                         helping inmates share their stories of healing
with the poor so that the Kingdom of God                         through Jesus
can be experienced

                                                                                            

McCurdy School Student Financial and                             Young People's Justice Initiative
General Support                                                  Advance # 3021304
Advance # 581479                                                 United States
New Mexico, Espanola                                             Annual Goal: $75,000
Annual Goal: $283,000
                                                                 Promoting dialogue, strengthening inter-
Striving to create Christian leaders                             cultural understandings, training advocates,
equipped to uplift impoverished home                             and connecting communities
                                                      GENERAL CHURCH ADVANCE – INTERNATIONAL
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Wings of the Morning                                                         Give Ye Them to Eat
Advance # 08597A                                                             Advance # 07629A
Africa, Congo                                                                Latin America and Caribbean, Mexico
Annual Goal: $150,000                                                        Annual Goal: $170,000
Meeting critical medical needs through air                                   Enhancing the lives of villagers with training
transportation for the needy in rural areas                                  that moves them from subsistence to
                                                                                                             
Hope for Africa Children's Choir Music                                       Happy Children's Home
Academy                                                                      Advance # 14582A
Advance # 3020785                                                            Asia and Pacific, China, Tong Huang Village
Africa, Uganda                                                               Annual Goal: $10,000
Annual Goal: $84,100
Promoting vocational skills development                                      Caring for children who are orphans or whose
and raising funds and awareness about                                        parents cannot afford to take care of them
vulnerable children

Haiti Hot Lunch Program                                                      Disaster Response, International
Advance # 418790                                                             Advance # 982450
Latin America and Caribbean, Haiti                                           Global
Annual Goal: $138,000
                                                                             Quick response to meet emergency needs
Providing daily, hot, nutritious meals for children                          around the world
at Methodist schools

                                                                                                             
                                               GENERAL CHURCH ADVANCE – INTERNATIONAL
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Al-Quds Charitable Society for Disabled and                           Individual Volunteers
Special Education                                                     Advance # 982465
Advance # 3020721
                                                                      Helping individual volunteers finance their
Middle East, Israel/Palestine
                                                                      mission service
Annual Goal: $175,819

Helping the disabled obtain careers and
establish their place in society

Imagine No Malaria
Advance # 3021190
Africa, Africa Regional
Annual Goal: $10,000,000

Joining the global fight to eliminate deaths
by malaria by 2015


UMCOR Sager Brown
Advance # 901515
Annual Goal: $300,000

Supporting the center that provides relief
supplies to people throughout the US and the

                                                              SPECIAL SUNDAYS

                                                                                            HUMAN RELATIONS DAY

When we give from the heart, we receive unexpected blessings
especially the joy of making a difference in someone’s life.
In The United Methodist Church, we have six annual opportunities
to share beyond our regular gifts through church-wide Special Sundays
with offerings.
                                                                         HUMAN RELATIONS DAY is one of the opportunities for United
There are free Special Sunday Resources kits available for you to        Methodist Churches to celebrate our connectional work. This day of
promote these special days in your congregation. Each kit contains one   social action and raising awareness aims to heal social ills at the
pack of 100 each of: Human Relations Day Sunday envelopes, One           national level. It supports Community Developers, United Methodist
Great Hour of Sharing Sunday envelopes, Native American Ministries       Voluntary Service (UMVS), and the Youth Offender Rehabilitation
Sunday envelopes, Peace With Justice Sunday envelopes, World             Program. The first two programs are administered through the General
Communion Sunday envelopes, United Methodist Student Day Sunday          Board of Global Ministries. In The United Methodist Church calendar,
envelopes                                                                Human Relations Day happens the Sunday immediately following the
                                                                         observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. However, you can
For current year dates and to download planning resources and how to     observe Human Relations Day at anytime of the year. The
promote Special Sundays please visit www.umcgiving.org and type          juxtaposition of these two very special days is not a coincidence.
‘Special Sundays’ in Search box at top.                                  Human Relations Day is the Sunday immediately following the
                                                                         national observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.
Though there are specific days each year, these Special Sundays can
be celebrated at anytime of the year.
                                                              SPECIAL SUNDAYS

                ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING                                                PEACE WITH JUSTICE SUNDAY

ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING (OGHS) enables the United                      PEACE WITH JUSTICE SUNDAY enables The United Methodist
Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to live out its mission to         Church to have a voice in advocating for peace and justice through a
alleviate human suffering. UMCOR responds to natural or human-           broad spectrum of global programs. The annual conference keeps 50
made disasters - those interruptions of such magnitude that they         percent of the receipts for Peace with Justice ministries in the
overwhelm a community's ability to recover on its own. UMCOR is          conference. The remaining 50 percent is used for Peace with Justice
the humanitarian arm of The United Methodist Church. OGHS gifts          ministries related to the General Board of Church and Society.
underwrite UMCOR’s “costs of doing business,” meaning that every
penny of every gift you make to a specific UMCOR project will be         Every annual conference has a Peace with Justice Coordinator chosen
spent on that project—not on office administrative costs. This enables   by the conference and the committee headed up by that coordinator
UMCOR to respond to natural or human-made disasters. The OGHS            determines how the conference money will be used. The Indiana
offering makes ministries available in the United State and across the   Conference gives grants to local churches and other United Methodist
globe. In 81 countries in all, you assure the United Methodist Church    programs that promote peace with justice. Peace with Justice Sunday
is in the lead to alleviate suffering through OGHS. One Great Hour of    is celebrated on the first Sunday after Pentecost.
Sharing is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This is also the
third Sunday before Easter.
                                                              SPECIAL SUNDAYS

           NATIVE AMERICAN MINISTRIES SUNDAY                                             WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY

NATIVE AMERICAN MINISTRIES SUNDAY nurtures mission                       WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY provides scholarships for U.S.
with Native Americans and provide scholarships for United Methodist      racial- and ethnic-minority students and international students, on both
Native American seminarians. Fifty percent of the offering remains in    undergraduate and graduate levels. Half of the offering provides
the annual conference to develop and strengthen local Native             Crusade Scholarships for international and U.S. racial- and ethnic-
American ministries. Should no such ministries exist within the          minority graduate students. Thirty-five percent of the receipts support
conference, the offering is remitted in full to the General Council on   Ethnic Scholarships for undergraduate students. Fifteen percent funds
Finance and Administration (GCFA). The funds are then distributed        Ethnic In-Service Training Program scholarships for racial- and
equally between the United Methodist Board of Higher Education and       ethnic-minority persons seeking second careers in church-related
Ministry to provide scholarships for American Indians attending the      vocations. World Communion Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday
church's schools of theology and the Native American Urban Initiative    in October.
of the Board of Global Ministries. Native American Ministries Sunday
is celebrated on the third Sunday of Easter.
                                                               SPECIAL SUNDAYS


UNITED METHODIST STUDENT DAY furnishes scholarships
and loans for students attending United Methodist-related and other
accredited colleges and universities. Follow this link for a listing of
scholarships and loans available through the General Board of Higher
Education and Ministry http://tiny.cc/scholarshipsloans. United
Methodist Student Day is celebrated the last Sunday of November.
                                            BISHOP’S CHRISTMAS OFFERING FOR CHILDREN

 During the Christmas season, our thoughts are drawn to children      Programs are among those endorsed by the United Methodist
   and their joy counting down to and celebrating Christmas.          General Board of Global Ministries or as Indiana Conference
                                                                      Advance Specials. Programs supported by this offering are selected
                                                                      by the Indiana Conference Special Offerings Committee in
                                                                      consultation with the Bishop’s office.

                                                                      FOR MORE INFORMATION:
                                                                      To download resources to promote Bishop's Christmas Offering for
                                                                      Children, please visit www.inumc.org and click ‘Bishop Mike
                                                                      Coyner’ on the left side bar.
                                                                      Here are the resources available:
Bishop Mike Coyner reminds us to not only pray and give to our
own children, but pray for and give to all the children of the              Letter from Bishop
world. Programs are among those endorsed by the United Methodist
                                                                            Poster
General Board of Global Ministries or as Indiana Conference
Advance Specials. Programs supported by this offering are selected          Bulletin insert
by the Indiana Conference Special Offerings Committee in
consultation with the Bishop’s office.                                      Desktop wallpaper of poster
                                                                            PowerPoint presentation
2011 Distribution:
                                                                            PowerPoint slide of poster
         Indiana Conference Camping program will receive 20                Photo of girls for newsletters
          percent to go to first-time campers and children in need;
         Indiana United Methodist-related children and youth               Word file for newsletters
          homes will receive 30 percent;                                    Children’s message for Bishop’s Christmas Offering
         Indiana Conference-related Operation Classroom will
          receive 10 percent;
         Local outreach projects will receive 20 percent;                                          
         Bishop’s fund for emergency children’s projects will
          receive 10 percent;
         United Methodist Advance Projects (global and national)
          will receive 10 percent.
                                        BISHOP’S CHRISTMAS OFFERING FOR CHILDREN

“LOCAL” OUTREACH MINISTRIES WITH CHILDREN                               education. They need funds to repair and replace the “babies”
          $24,500 Awarded to Recipients                                 that are used in that educational program. The cost to repair
                                                                        one baby is $175. This would allow them to continue and
                  CENTRAL DISTRICT                                      possibly expand this program.

   $2,000 to East 10th UMC/ Youth Center in Indianapolis is            $1,000 to Clay Church/Ignite Missions/Firehouse Youth
    associated with St. Mark’s UMC, is a Central District               Ministries, a new program of Clay UMC and churches in
    Advance Special with an asking of $30,000. The after-school         that cluster working with youth to do home repairs for the
    program needs additional funds to help underwrite the               Greater South Bend area for families living in and around the
    services to those families who cannot pay afford to enrolment       cluster churches. In their first year, 11 homes were repaired
    fees.                                                               by 60 youth under adult supervision.

    $2,000 to Brightwood Community Center Kids Club. A                $1,000 to Royal Family Kids Camp, a camp for children
    priority is to get the playground functional for use with the       with special emotional and/or home situations. Each year, the
    after school program children. First project is to do fence         children gather at Epworth Forest Camp and Conference
    repairs around the current playground, then replace broken          Center for a spirit-filled week. Members of the staff are
    and damaged equipment as funds become available.                    United Methodist members from throughout the conference.

   $2,000 to Vida Nueva Ministries provides Christian                          NORTHEAST DISTRICT PROJECTS
    Education, after school activities, computer classes, and
    much more for the Hispanic and bilingual children on the            $2,000 to Baby Closet in the Fort Wayne area and housed in
    west side of Indianapolis.                                          Trinity United Methodist Church. The greatest need today is
                                                                        funding for car seats and safety approved cribs/mattresses.
    $2,000 to Metro Ministries Summer Program for children             (Hospitals no longer provide car seats for newborns so this
    and youth. This program would cover all of ministries that          has become a huge need.) State funding is also dwindling and
    are meeting the needs of children during school breaks.             service requests are increasing. Project assists approximately
                                                                        1,500 families in the Fort Wayne area and surrounding
   $2,000 to Fletcher Place Community Center reaches out               counties.
    into the community with numerous programs.
                                                                             NORTH CENTRAL DISTRICT PROJECTS
                                                                       $2,000 to Kokomo Urban Ministries with programs such as
   $2,000 to CAPS (Children and Parent Services in the                 Baby University, Buddy Bags, Project E.A.T., Project
    Elkhart area) for training of teen moms through pre-parenting       Diaper, and KidMO. One of our UM pastors is the Executive
                                          BISHOP’S CHRISTMAS OFFERING FOR CHILDREN

    Director. Food security is a huge need in the Kokomo area                            UNITED METHODIST WOMEN
    and these funds provided 4,000 meals for Sunday evening
    meals prepared all around the city. School staff is reporting             $1,000 to Youth and Young Adult Mission Service Fund,
    improvement in the children’s ability to learn and be ready                assisting with scholarships to youth going out to serve on a
    for the week as a result of just the Sunday evening meal.                  mission team or do other volunteer work.
    Many kids only eat at school so a weekend without food was
    evident in the Monday classroom.                                          $1,500 to Chi-Mi-Ca for children and Yo-Pe-Mi-Ca for
                                                                               youth to attend the School of Christian Mission. Great
            SOUTHWEST DISTRICT PROJECTS                                        mission education for the youth of our conference.

    $1,000 to Evansville St. Johns UMC Back-to-School                                                   
    Program that purchase backpacks for their special program
    for the kids in the area.                                             INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS WITH CHILDREN/YOUTH
                                                                                    $13,000 Awarded to Recipients
    $1,000 to Newburgh UMC's Back-to-School Backpack
    Ministry and Preschool Scholarships - both ministries                 $2,000 to Street Children Ministry in Cambodia            (Clara
    target children in the community with financial need.                  Biswas missionary) - Advance #14921A

                WEST DISTRICT PROJECTS                                    $2,000 to Ishe Anesu Project for Underprivileged Children
                                                                           in Zimbabwe (Maria Humbane missionary connected with
    $2,000 to 14th and Chestnut Community Center in Terre                 Indiana Conference) - Advance #13071A
    Haute, Ind., a faith-based organization that provides an
    afterschool program for inner-city children Monday through            $2,000 Nueva Esperanza is just beginning and currently feeding
    Friday. They provide meals, homework assistance, clothing              100 children five days each week and also providing vitamins,
    and spiritual activities for children in kindergarten thru high        fluoride treatment and free medical and dental care. They hire
    school. They also have one of the largest food pantries in             one cook and the community is asked to supply five volunteers
    Vigo County providing assistance for 500+ individuals per              each day to assist with the cooking, serving and clean-up so that
    month. Their operational expenses exceed $20,000 monthly.              the community is supporting this program with their time.
    Funds used for meals for the children.
                                                                          $1,000 to Family Health Ministries Haiti - Advance #3021059

                                                                          $2,000 to SOHO Swaziland for working with child-headed
                                                                           households in Swaziland. This newly associated with Indiana
                                            BISHOP’S CHRISTMAS OFFERING FOR CHILDREN

    Conference as a Conference Advanced Special, a 501(c)3 based
    in Indianapolis.

   $1,000 to Manitos Juntas (Little Hands Together) Mexico
    Advance #3020527
    This program works with children and assisting them in doing
    mission locally. This program is under the leadership of
    missionary Willie Berman.

   $1,000 to Wesley House Community Services in Louisville,
    Kentucky, for WesKids Childcare Center, which provides safe,
    affordable and quality childcare, and the Youth Brigade
    Academy, which works with at-risk youths to break the cycle of
    poverty. Click here for more info.
     $2000 to HAPI (Haitian Artisans for Peace International)
        Advance Special #3020490 – various ministries
        One such ministry is food security for the children under age
        5: Medika Mamba - Nutritional intervention with ready-to-
        use therapeutic food to severely malnourished children under
        the age of five helps to ensure that children remain well-
        nourished and healthy through the toddler years, giving them
        a chance for normal growth and development into adulthood.
        Medika Mamba is an energy dense peanut butter,
        significantly fortified with protein and nutritional
        supplements. The name Medika Mamba means “peanut
        butter medicine” in the Haitian Creole language. It is
        manufactured in Haiti and the children are monitored with
        our Haitan community health care workers. Only $200 per
        child provides for the Haitian grown and processed fortified
        peanut butter product, family health education and a job for
        the paid local healthcare worker. Click here for more info.

     Give to the Bishop’s                                                          Give to the Bishop’s
     Christmas Offering                                                            Christmas Offering
  Indiana Conference United Methodist                                            Funds received through the Bishop’s

         Pray for all
                                                                                 Christmas offering will be allocated
                                                                                 by percentages. The offering will
                                                                                 be divided to meet needs in these

        the children
                                                                                 children’s ministries here in Indiana and
                                                                                 around the world.
                                                                                   Indiana Conference Camping

        of the world.                                                              program will receive 20 percent to
                                                                                   go to first- me campers and children
                                                                                   in need;
                                                                                   Indiana United Methodist-related
   Christmas is a special time for our children.
                                                                                   children and youth homes will
Unfortunately, many children here at home in Indiana
                                                                                                         receive 30 percent;
and around the world don’t receive the blessings of
this special holiday, but we can make a difference in                                                           Indiana Conference-related
their lives through our gi s. Therefore, as has been                                                           Opera on Classroom will receive 10
our tradi on as Hoosier United Methodists, we will                                                             percent;
pray and give to the well-being of Children.                                                                  Local outreach projects will receive
                                                                                                              20 percent;
                                                                                                               Bishop’s fund for emergency
                                                                                                               children’s projects will receive 10
                                                                                                              United Methodist Advance Projects
                                                                                                              (global and na onal) will receive 10
                                                       Photo courtesy of SOHO.


                                                                                       Programs supported by this offering are selected by the Indiana
                                                                                                 Conference Special Offerings Commi ee.
                                                                                             These programs are among those endorsed by the
                                                                                    United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries or by the Indiana
                                                                                                       Conference Advance Specials.
   Give to the Bishop’s
           Christmas Offering.

                                                                     Indiana Bishop Michael Coyner
                                                                The Bishop’s Christmas offering funds
                                                                received will be allocated by percentages.
                                                                The offering will be divided to meet the
                                                                needs in these children’s ministries:
                                                                Indiana Conference Camping program
                                                                  will receive 20 percent to go to first-

                                      Photo courtesy of SOHO.
                                                                  time campers and children in need;
                                                                Indiana United Methodist-related chil-
                                                                  dren and youth homes will receive 30
                                                                Indiana Conference-related Operation
                                                                  Classroom will receive 10 percent;
                                                                Local outreach projects will receive
                                                                  20 percent;
                                                                Bishop’s fund for emergency chil-
                                                                  dren’s projects will receive 10 per-
                                                                United Methodist Advance Projects
                                                                  (global and national) will receive 10

Pray for all the                                                Programs supported by this offering are
                                                                selected by the Indiana Conference Spe-

children of the world.
                                                                cial Offerings Committee.

                                                                Programs are among those endorsed by
                                                                the United Methodist General Board of
                                                                Global Ministries or by the Indiana Confer-
IND                                                             ence Advance Special.
Give to the Bishop’s Christmas Offering.

                                           Photo courtesy of SOHO.
 Pray for all the
 children of the world.
                                      GBGM MISSIONARIES – COVENANT RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM

JAMES DOEPKEN                                                            Crawfordsville, Indiana (1991), and a M.Div. from Duke Divinity
                                                                         School in Durham, North Carolina (1994).
Rev. James (Jim) Doepken is a missionary with the
                                                                         James Doepken is available for Covenant Relationship support in
General Board of Global Ministries, mission agency
                                                                         Indiana Annual Conference .
of The United Methodist Church. He is assigned to
the Alaska United Methodist Conference where he
                                                                         Additional Information:
serves as pastor of Girdwood Chapel United
                                                                             Make an online donation to: James Doepken #931464
Methodist Church in Girdwood, Alaska.
                                                                             Missionary Support Code: 931464
                                                                             Email: Chapel@girdwood.net
Living and working in Alaska has its unique
challenges. The Alaska United Methodist Conference
covers an area twice the size of Texas and has 27 churches and 4000
members. Some of the mission stations can only be reached by boat,       JAMES DWYER
plane, or dog sled. Temperatures can vary as much as 160 degrees in
some areas. The extremes of daylight and darkness (depending upon        A missionary with the Board of Global Ministries of
the time of year) add to the sense of stress and isolation. Alaska is    The United Methodist Church, James (Jim) is
uniquely beautiful and depressing. With over 600,000 persons who         serving in New York.
call Alaska home, the church bears witness to the Creator who bears
the face of Christ and seeks to make disciples in His name.              Jim and wife Helen, a retired BGM missionary,
                                                                         began their acclimation to U.S society and culture
Prior to his present appointment, Rev. Doepken was pastor of The         and the isle of Manhattan, county of New York, in
United Methodist of The New Covenant in Kenai, Alaska (1997-             Spring 2007 after 23 years of service in Vienna
2000); and Trinity United Methodist Church, Frankfort, Indiana (1994-    (Austria), and Munich and Hamburg (Germany).
                                                                         Faust-according-to-Goethe debates the devil and his wiles and
Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, Jim and his wife, Julie, who is also a    agonizes over the sensation of “zwei Seelen in meiner Brust” – of two
missionary, are parents to one son, Samuel, and twin daughters Mariah    souls in his body fighting for supremacy in life’s decision-making.
and Susannah. Rev. Doepken is the son of Betsy and Tony Doepken          Whether to return to old familiar Europe for a final missionary term
who reside in Zionsville, Indiana, where they attend Zionsville United   before retirement or to take on yet one more strange assignment – this
Methodist Church.                                                        time in the U.S. – had at least Helen empathizing pretty well with
                                                                         Faust and fervently praying for other consequences of the decision
A member of the Indiana Conference, James was ordained to the            than the downfall that was Faust’s.
ministry in June of 1993, and was commissioned as a missionary in
June of 1998. He holds a B.A. from Wabash College in                     Jim was the Regional Executive Secretary in the Mission Personnel
                                                                         Program Area for Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and South
                                         GBGM MISSIONARIES – COVENANT RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM

Asia; also irreverently known as ‘the rest of the world.’ Jim assumed         James Dwyer is available for Covenant Relationship support in Iowa
the office after a vacancy of almost exactly one year since Mark              Annual Conference and Indiana Annual Conference .
Masters’ sudden illness and death in Nepal. A number of quiet
moments have been spent remembering Mark as his visa application              Additional Information:
for his trip to Nepal and India and other artifacts of his last days in the       Make an online donation to: James Dwyer #09390Z.
office have come to light.                                                        Missionary Support Code: 09390Z
                                                                                  Email: jdwyer@gbgm-umc.org
Helen assumed the assignment of MIR (Missionary in Residence, not             _________________________________________________________
to be confused with MIIR – Jurisdictional Mission Interpreter in
Residence), a position traditionally associated with linking ‘standard        TERRY HENDERSON
support’ and other missionaries in their various points of assignment
with staff and administration of GBGM at TIC – The Interchurch                Terry Henderson is an agricultural missionary
Center (also known as ‘God Box’ or numerically as ‘475’). Kathy and           assigned to the Methodist Church of Mexico with
Bruce Griffith, the much-appreciated predecessors, left the MIR office        his wife, Muriel, where they have served since 1972.
in October 2006 before Helen’s arrival around June 1, 2007.
                                                                              As director of the "Give Ye Them to Eat" program,
For Jim and Helen there is a sense of family reunion in moving back to        Terry oversees the work of this integrated
the U.S. When the family moved to Munich in 1992, they left daughter          development project which is sponsored jointly by
Anne behind to finish 12th grade and her Matura in Austrian schools           the Methodist Church of Mexico and the United
in Vienna. Erica and Paul completed the Abitur in Munich in 1999 and          Methodist Church through the Advance program of
2003. All three were in college or graduate school when Jim and Helen         the Board of Global Ministries.
moved, ‘empty nest’ and all, to Hamburg. Now they are ‘united’ in the
same country again, albeit with residences in Pomona (California),            Mr. Henderson describes his ministry: "This social outreach program
Philadelphia and Ann Arbor (Michigan). Jim’s brother, the only other          complements the evangelistic work of the Methodist Church of
immediate family member lives in Raleigh (North Carolina).                    Mexico. We offer classes, workshops and courses in a variety of
                                                                              subjects including leadership development, nutrition and family health,
Jim and Helen have both been able to function in German in the                appropriate technology, and alternative construction methods. We also
countries they have served. Now it seems that Spanish may be needed           offer training in sustainable agricultural practices that curb erosion and
to grow into the community on New York’s Upper West Side,                     improve the soil so their rocky, eroded hillsides will produce food for
although any number of the other languages could also prove helpful.          the family and feed for their livestock. Environmentally-sound
Their experiences dealing with people in international congregations          livestock management practices are also taught and quality livestock
will, in any case, be useful.                                                 are distributed."

Jim is thankful for finding ways to be of service to missionaries and         Reflecting on his mission, he comments, "When needy people have the
the mission of Christ in his responsibilities.                                tools for development, they can solve the problems within their own
                                       GBGM MISSIONARIES – COVENANT RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM

community. The knowledge and skills to make their land produce in a        MARIA HUMBANE
way that is environmentally sound and economically feasible provide
farm families with the means to remain on their land rather than           Maria Sabino Humbane is a missionary with the
migrating to crowded cities where only urban poverty awaits them.          Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist
Learning how to build low-cost, thermal structures for home                Church assigned to church and community ministries
construction and cook stoves as well as the building of dry-composting     in Mutare, Zimbabwe.
toilet systems give people alternatives to crossing national borders in
search of a more secure future. When I see people reaching the             Born in Chikuki, Maxixe Mozambique, Maria earned
potential that God has placed within them, I have no doubt God is          a certificate in practical nursing in 1971 from Ball
working through them and this outreach ministry."                          Memorial Hospital in Muncie, IN, after graduating
                                                                           from Eastbrook High School in Upland, IN, in 1970.
Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Terry studied at Mesa Community College,
Arizona State University, the National Autonomous University of            Prior to this assignment, Maria was a secretarial volunteer in the
Mexico, and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona campus.        bishop's office of the Zimbabwe Annual Conference from 1996-97.
He worked as an evaluator-trainer for the Division of Vocational           She was a bilingual secretary and receptionist and switchboard
Rehabilitation for the State of Arizona; as an agricultural mechanic for   operator for the Royal Danish Embassy from 1986-94 and held a
the University of Arizona Experimental Farm, and as a social worker        similar position in Mozambique for the United Nations Development
at Wesley Community Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to going to          Programme (UNDP) from 1976-86.
Mexico, Mr. Henderson served at the El Vergel Agricultural School in
Chile where he taught classes in agriculture and related subjects.         Maria shares: “I became moved during a devotion by Bishop Jokomo
                                                                           in Zimbabwe when he talked about the miserable homeless children
Terry and his wife, Muriel, are parents of two adult children, Terrell     and unwed mothers in Harare, living in slum areas. I am planning to
and Tony and six grandchildren. They hold church membership in the         establish a project of rehabilitation of homeless children and unwed
Desert Southwest Annual Conference.                                        mothers in Mutare. I believe that through my work, they will see the
                                                                           importance of the church's work and therefore become believers.”
Terry Henderson is available for Covenant Relationship support in
California/Pacific Annual Conference, Susquehanna Annual                   Maria is married to Dr. William James Humbane and has five adult
Conference, Central Texas Annual Conference, Desert Southwest              children, four sons and one daughter. She is a member of Hilltop
Annual Conference, Kansas East Annual Conference, Minnesota                United Methodist Church in Mutare, Zimbabwe.
Annual Conference, Indiana Annual Conference, and West Virginia
Annual Conference.                                                         Maria Humbane is available for Covenant Relationship support in
                                                                           Holston Annual Conference, Indiana Annual Conference and West
Additional Information:                                                    Michigan Annual Conference.
        Make an online donation to: Terry Henderson #05281Z
        Missionary Support Code: 05281Z
                                         GBGM MISSIONARIES – COVENANT RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM

Additional Information:                                                       Kapanga Health Zone and Director of Samuteb Memorial United
    Make an online donation to: Maria Humbane #12912Z.                       Methodist Hospital. Dr. Kashala is also Medical Coordinator of Public
    Missionary Support Code: 12912Z                                          Health of the United Methodist Church in the South Congo Diocese, a
_________________________________________________________                     position he assumed in 2000. Since 2002 he has also been General
                                                                              Director of the Medical Technical School in Kapanga, which is a
SIMEON KASHALA                                                                nursing school.

As a missionary with the General Board of Global                              Holding leadership positions in University organizations, Dr. Kashala
Ministries of The United Methodist Church, Dr.                                is president of the core group of physicians in the Lualaba District,
(Simeon) Kambandja Kasongo Kashala serves                                     which is government-organized health care. He continues to
through GBGM Global Health as: 1) Director of                                 participate in trainings and seminars relating to health and
Samuteb Memorial United Methodist Hospital, a                                 development.
rural UMC facility; and 2) Coordinator of Methodist
Church Medical Activities of the Annual                                       Baptized at age 14, Dr. Kashala feels he is accomplishing the
Conferences of CALU and KANOK in the                                          recommendations of Christ who not only preached but also “looked
Democratic Republic of Congo.                                                 after and healed sick people.”

Since his assignment in the rural area, Dr. Kashala travels from village      Dr. Kashala and wife Madame Kasela Kashala are the parents of three
to village to care for patients who suffer from various diseases and          daughters, Betita Samba, Naomi Makumba, Raissa Kayinda and son
who are many times in severe poverty conditions. During his village           Ken Kasongo. Dr. Kashala served as a delegate from South Congo
visits, Dr. Kashala educates the population about HIV/AIDS,                   Annual Conference to the 2004 United Methodist General Conference
tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy and many other infectious diseases. He         in Pittsburgh.
feels strongly that the fight against infantile diseases is through the use
of vaccinations.                                                              Simeon Kashala is available for Covenant Relationship support in
                                                                              Detroit Annual Conference, Indiana Annual Conference, Texas
Born in Kasaji, DRC, Dr. Kashala attended primary and secondary               Annual Conference and Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference.
schools in his home district of Lualaba. His undergraduate degree is
from the University of Kisangani, DRC, in Biomedical Science. Dr.             Additional Information:
Kashala earned his Doctor of Medicine, Surgery and Childbirth degree             Make an online donation to: Simeon Kashala #15164Z.
from the University of Lubumbashi in 1997, and in 2003 he received a             Missionary Support Code: 15164Z
Master of Public Health from the University of Kinshasa.
Dr. Kashala began his medical career in 1997 as an assistant at the
Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the University of
Lubumbashi Clinic. In 1998 he became Chief Medical Officer of the
                                       GBGM MISSIONARIES – COVENANT RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM

JANET MCCARTY                                                             B.A. Degree in Sociology from Illinois College in Jacksonville and
                                                                          received a Master's in Education Degree from the University of
Returning to serve at Southern Philippines Methodist                      Kansas in Lawrence.
Colleges (SPMC) at the beginning of 2007, Janet
McCarty is a commissioned deaconess and                                   Mrs. McCarty has two grown children living in Illinois. Her home
missionary with the Board of Global Ministries of                         church is Centenary United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, IL.
The United Methodist Church who has served in                             Before becoming a missionary Mrs. McCarty was a public elementary
Nepal as well as the Philippines.                                         school teacher for Jacksonville School District #117.

SPMC, located in Minddanao, the large southern-                           Janet McCarty is available for Covenant Relationship support in
most island of the Philippines, started in 1994.                          Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference and Indiana Annual
Because the college is in an economically depressed area the majority     Conference.
of the students are on scholarship for need. The college offers a BA in
Theology, Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education, an          Additional Information:
Associate in Computer Science, a Certificate in Early Childhood               Make an online donation to: Janet McCarty #13028Z.
Education for 18 units, and a pastors’ school.                                Missionary Support Code: 13028Z
                                                                              Email: jmccarty50@yahoo.com
The Bachelor in Early Childhood Education is for deaconesses who          _________________________________________________________
will serve in the church as preschool teachers, leaders of Sunday
school, music coordinators and co-workers with the pastors. ‘Ma’am
Janet’, as she is called, helped to develop this program when she
served at SPMC from 1999 to 2002. Currently, she is serving as Dean
of Education and Acting President while teaching education courses.

From 2002 through 2006 Mrs. McCarty taught children of the UMN
(United Mission to Nepal) appointees in a tutorial setting.
(Missionaries are not allowed in Nepal so they are called appointees.)
UMN is a co-operative effort between the people of Nepal and a large
number of Christian organizations from 18 countries on four
continents. The United Methodist Church was one of the founding
members of UMN in 1954. UMN seeks to serve the people of Nepal in
the name and spirit of Christ.

Born in East St. Louis, Illinois, Mrs. McCarty studied accounting at
Hardin Brown Business College in Jacksonville. She later earned a
                                      GBGM MISSIONARIES – COVENANT RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM

                                                                         Before arriving at CEMETRE, Steve served six years in the state of
The Rev. Dr. Stephen (Steve) Newnum, a                                   Santa Catarina developing new churches in Joinville, Blumenau and
missionary with the Board of Global Ministries of                        Camboriu, and one year as District Superintendent. He also served
The United Methodist Church, is currently serving                        three years as pastor of the Methodist Church in Apucarana and four
as professor at the Methodist Center for Education                       years at the ‘Sun Garden’ Methodist Church in Londrina when he
and Training (CEMETRE) in Maringa, Parana,                               arrived to CEMETRE. Since 1996 his missionary service has been
Brazil, where he has served since 1988.                                  solely at CEMETRE.

CEMETRE is a theological institution for training                        Steve served eight years in United Methodist churches in the North
pastors and laity of the Sixth Region (Conference) of the Brazilian      Indiana Annual Conference before he began his mission service in
Methodist Church, serving the states of Santa Catarina and Parana in     Brazil. He has a B.A. in Philosophy and Mathematics from Purdue
southern Brazil. The metropolitan area of Maringa has a population of    University, a Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary,
around 500,000 and is the economic pole of the surrounding region.       and a Doctor of Religious Sciences in Theology and History from the
                                                                         Methodist University in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Steve also serves on the academic coordination committee at
CEMETRE. He has previously served in the positions of academic           Dr. Newnum is married to Maria Aparecida Severino Newnum, who
dean, president, vice-president and dean of students. Steve previously   also teaches at CEMETRE, and is involved with Steve in the above
taught in Londrina at the Presbyterian and Missionary seminaries, and    activities. Maria also participates in the Municipal Women’s Council
in Maringa at the Maringa University Center.                             by representing the ecumenical movement.

Involved in activities not associated with CEMETRE, Steve also           R. Stephen Newnum is available for Covenant Relationship support in
teaches theology at an ecumenical seminary; is active in the             Minnesota Annual Conference and Indiana Annual Conference.
ecumenical movement involving Catholics and Protestants;
participates in an inter-religious dialog involving Moslems, Buddists,   Additional Information:
African-Brazilian Religions and other groups; participates in a              Make an online donation to: R. Stephen Newnum #08451Z.
monthly ‘Theological Coffee’ (started/coordinated by wife Maria)             Missionary Support Code: 08451Z
which combines discussions of religion, culture and art; and             _________________________________________________________
participates in work with indigenous people.

”I am increasingly led to the conviction that to be a Christian is not
basically about doing things for God. God doesn’t need us to do that.
Instead, being a Christian is doing the maximum possible for people
who need to see God through us. This is the missionary challenge for
all of us every day.”
                                        GBGM MISSIONARIES – COVENANT RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM

GARY STEPHENSON                                                             Additional Information:
                                                                                Make an online donation to: Gary Stephenson #773814.
Gary is an Associate in Mission Service (AIMS)                                  Missionary Support Code: 773814
serving with the General Board of Global Ministries                             Email: Mountainmangws@yahoo.com
of The United Methodist Church as Program                                   _________________________________________________________
Coordinator with Henderson Settlement of the
Redbird Missionary Conference in Frakes, Kentucky.                          VICKI STEPHENSON

Mr. Stephenson began working with Henderson Settlement in January           Vicki Stephenson, a missionary with the General
2001, and his primary focus is the care and maintenance of a fleet of       Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist
27 vehicles which are utilized in various capacities in the ministries of   Church, is serving in the Red Bird Missionary
Henderson Settlement.                                                       Conference at Henderson Settlement in Frakes,
                                                                            Kentucky, as an Associate in Mission Service
Gary describes two situations in which he knew that God was moving          (AIMS).
through his ministry at Henderson Settlement: “When I first arrived at
Henderson, there were three vehicles sitting at the shop that had been      Mrs. Stephenson’s responsibilities include scheduling
given up on. I was able to get them back on the road for the ministry to    itineration for Henderson Settlement staff, overseeing the development
use.” Describing the second situation, Gary shares, “After a few work       and maintenance of all public relations material (website, Henderson
teams came and worked on an unchurched individual’s home, he saw            Hollers newsletter, Appeal Letters, pamphlets), assisting with tours,
God’s love in them, started going to church, and began to make a            research and grant writing, and coordination and planning of fund
change in the way he lived.”                                                raising events, retreats and special events held on site.

Mr. Stephenson was born in Evansville, Indiana. After completing his        Reflecting how she believes God’s mission is being carried out in her
primary and secondary education, he attended Ivy Tech College in            work, Vicki shares, “God calls us to love and reach out and minister to
Fort Wayne, Indiana earning an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences.        all people, no matter their age, race, status, financial situation, or
Gary is a mechanic, and before joining GBGM he utilized his training        gender. By developing new relationships and continuing to educate
and skills in that capacity from 1988-2001.                                 individuals and churches about the mission and ministries of
                                                                            Henderson Settlement, we are able as a mission institution to continue
Gary and his wife Vicki are the parents of two adult children, Angela       to provide basic human needs to the community through God's love.”
and Amanda. Gary and Vicki’s home church is Taylor Chapel UMC in
the Indiana Conference.                                                     Mrs. Stephenson remembers times she knew God was moving through
                                                                            the ministry in which she serves. "I can't tell you the number of times
Gary Stephenson is available for Covenant Relationship support in           individuals have shared with me that they were unfamiliar with
Kentucky Annual Conference and Indiana Annual Conference.                   Henderson Settlement, or had no idea of the number of ministries we
                                                                            offer to this Appalachian community. When individuals and churches
                                       GBGM MISSIONARIES – COVENANT RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM

are aware of the high unemployment and many other needs and               Mission Interpreters in Residence are United Methodist missionaries
challenges that face our community today, they are more than willing      assigned to serve in the U.S. jurisdictions to interpret the mission of
to assist us with both financial and in-kind gifts. When a need arises,   the United Methodist Church through the Board of Global Ministries,
God does provide for us through our supporters."                          particularly as it relates to mission personnel and their support through
                                                                          the Advance for Christ and his Church with annual conferences,
Vicki has been serving with GBGM since March of 2001. She served          districts and local churches.
as Mission chairperson with Taylor Chapel UMC in Fort Wayne,
Indiana, as well as a Retirement Plan Officer with National City Bank     Before her stateside assignment, Karen served in Dakar, Senegal, as
prior to beginning service with GBGM.                                     the BGM’s Area Financial Executive (AFE) and supervised projects of
                                                                          the United Methodist Church in Senegal. As AFE her responsibilities
Mrs. Stephenson was born in Belleville, Illinois, and received her        included oversight of all receipts and disbursements of GBGM funds
education from R. Nelson Snider High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana,       for projects in the conference.
with an emphasis in business. Her home church is Taylor Chapel UMC
in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the Indiana Conference.                        While supervising the Prison Ministry in three prisons, two women’s
                                                                          prisons and one youth boy’s prison, Karen was also the VIM
Vicki and her husband Gary, also an Associate in Mission Service, are     Coordinator for Senegal.
the parents of two adult children, Angela and Amanda.
                                                                          Additions to Karen’s responsibilities included supervising the staff and
Vicki Stephenson is available for Covenant Relationship support in        work of the Women’s Skills Center, which is a sewing center. It is a
Kentucky Annual Conference and Indiana Annual Conference.                 three-year program and has approximately 40 students. She also
                                                                          directed the Agriculture Program, both rural and urban. The rural
Additional Information:                                                   program deals primarily with digging wells and the urban program
    Make an online donation to: Vicki Stephenson #773814.                trains communities in the Rooftop Garden technology. Karen
    Missionary Support Code: 773814                                      supervised the Micro-Credit Program, a program that loans
    Email: Decoloresvls@yahoo.com                                        approximately $150,000 a year to enable people to begin their own
_________________________________________________________                 businesses. The program is currently working with about 500
                                                                          Senegalese, most of them women. The repayment rate is 100%.
                                                                          Reflecting on her assignment in Senegal, Karen says, “I was a
Karen Johnson Ujereh, missionary with the Board of                        facilitator. If I did not do my job properly, that affected all projects in
Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church,                         Senegal. I take my job seriously because I believe the Lord called me
is serving as Mission Interpreter in Residence (MIIR)                     because of my organizational skills.”
with the North Central Jurisdiction (Midwest).
                                                                          “Senegal is a mission of the GBGM,” she explains. “The first
                                                                          missionaries were sent to Senegal in 1995. I am excited and grateful to
                                        GBGM MISSIONARIES – COVENANT RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM

God that I was able to be a small part of a great beginning. We             MARY RANDALL ZIGBUO
established many projects over the years and I am happy to say that I
feel a part of all of them. The past few years we have been in great        Mary Randall Zigbuo is a missionary with the
financial difficulty. Through prayers and hard work we have always          General Board of Global Ministries of The United
ended up the year in good standing."                                        Methodist Church serving as of April 2011 with
                                                                            Circles of Hope/Anson County in the Western North
A native of New Orleans, Karen holds a B.S. degree in accounting            Carolina Annual Conference. She worked for many
from Southern University in New Orleans. Before going to Senegal,           years in Liberia with support and development of
she served as Area Financial Executive in Harare, Zimbabwe for more         educational, healthcare, and social-welfare programs.
than two years, working with the Zimbabwe Annual Conference. Prior
to that, she served the same post in Lubumbashi, Zaire (now the             Circles of Hope/Anson County, based at First United Methodist
Democratic Republic of Congo), working with the North Shaba and             Church, Wadesboro, North Carolina, is part of the United Methodist
Southern Zaire Conferences. She was head of the accounting and              priority emphasis on ministry with the poor. Its aim is to "provide all
finance department and, earlier, a lecturer at Plateau State Polytechnic.   people of Anson County with the knowledge, relationships, and
She also was an accountant for the First Homestead Savings and Loan         necessary resources to achieve economic stability." Mary is a "circles
Association.                                                                coach," a role that utilizes her background in counseling, education,
                                                                            health, and community building.
Karen and husband Sebastine, a native of Nigeria who also served as a
UM missionary, have three adult children: Jessica, born in New              The Circles program in Wadesboro is a model for anti-poverty work
Orleans, and Sebastine, Jr. and Laura, who were both born in Nigeria.       related to United Methodist and ecumenical groups across the United
Karen is a lifelong member of Bethany United Methodist Church in            States. It recruits and trains "allies" who work with families living in
New Orleans.                                                                poverty to find more secure economic futures. Some 21 percent of the
                                                                            residents of the county live below the poverty line, compared to 14
Karen Johnson Ujereh is available for Covenant Relationship support         percent statewide. Poverty is reflected in such factors as low
in Indiana Annual Conference, Arkansas Annual Conference,                   educational attainment, crime, substance abuse, substandard housing,
Louisiana Annual Conference, Mississippi Annual Conference,                 and a lack of jobs.
Northern Illinois Annual Conference, West Virginia Annual
Conference, and Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference.                     Mary is a native of Bolton, North Carolina. She and her husband,
                                                                            Herbert, served as missionaries in West Africa for more than 20 years.
Additional Information:                                                     From 2008 through 2010, Mary helped the United Methodist Church
    Make an online donation to: Karen Johnson Ujereh #10918Z.              in Liberia to develop social and educational programs for disabled
    Missionary Support Code: 10918Z                                        persons.
    Email: KUjereh@gbgm-umc.org
_________________________________________________________                   Prior to that assignment, Mary was (from 2003 to 2007) administrator
                                                                            of the Ganta United Methodist Mission Station Hospital, serving with
                                       GBGM MISSIONARIES – COVENANT RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM

Herbert, who was the mission station's superintendent. Mary served as
a guidance counselor for the Ganta United Methodist School from
1988 to 1992. Civil unrest required Mary and her family to be
temporarily assigned to Danané, Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) during
1992 and 1993, where she organized, developed, and staffed a
counseling program for Liberian refugee students. From 1996 to 2001
Mary and Herbert served as co-coordinators of Operation Classroom;
also, from 1998 to 2001, they served as co-directors for the
Department of General Education for the Liberia Annual Conference.
Once again, civil unrest in the country led to their temporary
assignment to work with Liberian refugees in Guinea during six
months of 2003.

Mary completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at North
Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro.
She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Community Mental Health, a
Master's Degree in Guidance and Counseling, and a Master's Degree in
Adult Education.

Mary and Herbert are the parents of several adult children.

Mary Randall Zigbuo is available for Covenant Relationship support
in Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference, Detroit Annual
Conference, Holston Annual Conference, North Carolina Annual
Conference, Oregon/Idaho Annual Conference, Red Bird Missionary
Annual Conference, Indiana Annual Conference and Western North
Carolina Annual Conference.

Additional Information:
   Make an online donation to: Mary Randall Zigbuo #10721Z.
   Missionary Support Code: 10721Z
   Email: maryzigbuo@yahoo.com
                                                   The Advance Covenant Relationship Form

Type of Covenant Relationship (check one):

  £   Church ($2,500 or $5/member)              £    Individual ($500)       £    Other ($5/member, e.g., Youth Group, Campus Ministry)

  Total Commitment Amount Per Year: $                                            (required)

  Length of Covenant Relationship commitment:                 £    3 years    £    1 year      £   Indefinite

  Beginning:                         Ending:
                    Month / Year                    Month / Year
  NOTE:  It is only necessary to renew your acceptance form at the end of your commitment.

  Missionary:                                                                                Advance #:

  Please indicate missionary previously supported (if different):

  Please note that while your covenant is with the missionary above, your gift will support the entire missionary community.

Contact Information:
  Name of Church / Individual /Group/Organization (to receive credit):

             Street                                                                                City                                State                  Postal Code

  Telephone:                                                           Email:

Church Information (if applicable):

  Pastor:                                                                    Annual Conference:                                    District:

Contact Person (if applicable):

             Street                                                                                City                                State                  Postal Code

  Telephone:                                                           Email:

  • Send form to: The Advance, General Board of Global Ministries, 475 Riverside Drive, Room 350, New York, NY, 10115
                  Tel: 212-870-3716, Fax: 212-870-3775, Email: covenant @gbgm-umc.org
  • For church credit, send financial support to your conference treasurer or to the Advance GCFA. For individual/group/organization credit,
    send gifts directly to Advance GCFA. Please clearly designate the missionary’s Advance number. Mail gifts to:
                                                                         Advance GCFA
                                                                       PO Box 9068, GPO
                                                                    New York, NY 10087-9068

                                                                                                                The Advance is a part of the General Board of Global Ministries
                                                    VOLUNTEERS IN MISSION – UMCOR .

                    UMVIM MISSION TRIPS                                 International:
                                                                            • Mission Guatemala - local host is Indiana UM pastor, Tom
Whether you join a forming team or want to lead a team from your               Heaton.
church, cluster or district, resources are available to help you find          Contact tom@missionguatemala.com for more information
your way.                                                                      regarding the work in Guatemala. Detailed information may
                                                                               be found through the website missionguatemala.com/. (An
    Indiana Conference www.inumc.org under VIM and                            Advance Special Project.)
     Volunteer Opportunities                                                • Project Honduras - local host Joe Summers. Make contact
    North Central Jurisdiction UMVIM www.gbgm-                                via email hondomission@gmail.com regarding the work on
     umc.org/northcentralvim                                                   Roatan Island located off the coast of Honduras. Detailed
                                                                               information may be found through the website
National:                                                                      www.hondomission.com/
   • Merci Mission and Ministry Resource Center, North                      • Strong Missions in Costa Rica – local host, Individual
      Carolina; UMCOR distribution center merciumc.org/                        Volunteer, Charles Strong info@strongmission.com or
      call: 1-888-440-9167                                                     website www.strongmissions.com.
   • Midwest Mission Distribution Center, Chatham, IL                       • UMVIM Haiti – work with UMCOR and Methodist Church
      UMCOR distribution center www.midwestmissiondc.org\                      of Haiti to complete projects designed as priority projects.
      call: (217) 483-7911                                                     Contact: missionvolunteers@yahoo.com (Team leader must
   • Henderson Settlement, Frakes, KY                                          have Team Leader Training and Haiti experience.)
      www.hendersonsettlement.com. (Great history in matching               • Operation Classroom www.gbgm-
      volunteers with service.) Many Indiana teams return year                 umc.org/operationclassroom/. Work in Liberia and Sierra
      after year to be with their “family”.                                    Leone, West Africa. Contact Joe and Carolyn Wagner to
   • Red Bird Mission, Beverly, KY rbmission.org. Another                      connect with one of the experienced teams already
      favorite place for Indiana teams to go year after year.                  calendared. wagners@operationclassroom.org (An Advance
   • Blue Rose Mission, Mansfield, OH                                          Special Project.)
      www.bluerosemission.org. Community-rebuild type                       • Ilila Orphan Mission Project in Tanzania is a project of the
      projects.                                                                Methodist work in Tanzania and connects with Indiana
   • Disaster Relief – Rebuilding after natural disasters. The                 Conference through retired pastor John Windell. He
      best information comes from North Central Jurisdiction                   generally takes teams there in January. Contact John by
      UMVIM News Updates. Signup on the webpage to receive                     email windelljohn@yahoo.com if you would like to be a
      this valuable resource.                                                  team member. (An Advance Special Project.)
                                                    VOLUNTEERS IN MISSION – UMCOR .

   •    Family Health Ministries in Haiti is a project that works           the North Central Jurisdiction UMVIM website are
       with families around the issues of healthy living. Teams are         UMVIM sites).
       going several times each year. www.familyhm.org/. Contact           Led by a trained leader.
       Jamayln andDavid Williamson,                                        Ensuring the completion of all the necessary forms and
       williamsonj@stlukesumc.com or                                        providing information about accident/health insurance.
       williamsond@stlukesumc.com. (An Advance Special                     In communication with the UMVIM Conference
       Project.)                                                            Coordinator and or NCJ UMVIM Coordinator.
                                                                           Files appropriate reports upon the completion of the mission
The above listing does not come close to exhausting where our               trip.
conference is involved internationally but will give you some ideas
of the possibilities for service with others. All of these sites have
direct involvement by our conference in some way. Each has a local
host to assist a team or team member to serve.

                     UMVIM Team Leader Training

Volunteers in Mission teams are lead by a team leader who has
participated in Team Leader Training. Training events may be held
at a local church, cluster or district upon request or are offered in
the spring by the Mission Resource Team. Watch for details
regarding the dates and places for those organized for local church
leadership through the weekly Monday Mission Updates coming
from Indiana Conference Communications. Contact Bonnie Albert
bonkay@hotmail.com to schedule a training session near you.

                        What is a UMVIM Team?

A United Methodist Volunteer in Mission team is:
    One that serves locally, nationally, or internationally where
       it is invited.
    In partnership with a ministry that is endorsed by the host
       Methodist church, partner church or agency, and serves in
       cooperation with the local host group. (All projects listed on
                          Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
                                             2011 Tithing Form
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Church #:________________                        For the week/month of:____________   Carol Stream, IL 60122-6089
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B. Tithe (10% of A)
C. District Support
D. Special Giving Total
E. Total Sent

Remitter:________________________________        Phone:________________          Check#:________________

Special Giving (Conference or General Advance)
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Total (carry to line D)

                          Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
                                             2011 Tithing Form
                                                                                       Mail to: INUMC
Church Name:________________                     New District:________________
                                                                                       Dept. 6089
Church #:________________                        For the week/month of:____________    Carol Stream, IL 60122-6089
A. Income Received (to fund operating budget)
B. Tithe (10% of A)
C. District Support
D. Special Giving Total
E. Total Sent

Remitter:________________________________        Phone:________________          Check#:________________

Special Giving (Conference or General Advance)
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Total (carry to line D)
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