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					                                             Request to Transfer Funds
                                       From Other Title Programs to Title II-D
                                   Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT)

As of July 1, 2011, there are no new Title II-D funds available. Districts may transfer Title IIA funds INTO Title II-D for
allowable activities as long as they are not in Corrective Action. Request to transfer form required.

    □        We request a TRANSFER of funds from Title                 to Title II-D.

District:                                                                                       Date:
Project Manager:
Position Title:
Contact Email:                                    Phone:

   For                                                                                                                        For
 District                                     Title IID Transfer Request Checklist                                           NHDOE
  Use                                                                                                                         Use
     □      Superintendent’s signature and date below indicate agreement with the items listed here.                            □
     □      Budget amounts are within limits (max 50% regular; max 30% INI; none if corrective action).                         □
     □      25% of funds are set aside for professional dev’t activities (not applicable if REAP or RLIS).                      □
             “Transferred funds increase the allocation of the receiving program and are subject to all of the rules
               and requirements of the receiving program. (See Appendix B, page 5 of REAP Guidance 2003).
             “Under REAP-Flex, an LEA must spend its applicable funding [i.e., the funds being transferred from
               another title program] on local activities authorized for one or more of the programs listed in II-B-3, but
               does not have to meet the set-aside requirements of those programs.” (REAP Guidance II-B-5, 6/13/03)
     □      Our district technology plan is current and approved by the NHDOE for the funding year. Check this page to          □
            determine your plan status:
             “An LEA must have a technology plan that meets the requirements… even if it intends to use all of that
                allocation for another purpose authorized under REAP flex legislation.” (REAP Guidance II-B-2, 6/13/03)
     □      Funds requested will supplement, not supplant, funds from non-federal sources.                                      □
     □      District will keep records and provide information to the NHDOE as may be required for federal program              □
            evaluation, consistent with responsibilities under Title II-D (District & School Tech Surveys, Case Study
            Reports, Teacher Surveys, etc. per OET webpage on NHDOE site).
     □      The schools to be funded by this program are CIPA compliant because the district employs a filtering                □
            mechanism for student access or because Ed Tech funds referenced in this application will NOT be used to
            purchase computers used to access the Internet or pay for direct costs associated with accessing the

                                Description of Proposed Title II-D Activities
Please describe here how you will use the transferred funds. Using the list of Title II-D Allowable Activities and Examples (next
page), please indicate which allowable activity/activities align with each item requested. Indicate which schools will receive the
services. Activities must be aligned with your district technology plan goals and objectives.

Superintendent of Schools (blue ink preferred)                                              Date

                                   THIS PAGE REQUIRED if TRANSFERRING TO TITLE II-D
                         Title II-D (Enhancing Education Through Technology)
                                       Program Allowable Activities

In implementing its local technology plan, a district may
use Ed Tech funds to support one or more of the
following types of activities:

1.    Increasing accessibility to technology, particularly     Fund a community shared computer lab
     through public-private partnerships, with special         with equipment and staffing costs shared
     emphasis on accessibility for high-need schools.          by school and community organizations
2.    Enhancing existing technology and acquiring new          Buy additional computers, digital
     technology to support education reforms and to            projectors, and other digital tools, such as
     improve student achievement.                              digital cameras, science probes, etc. for use
                                                               in classrooms
3.    Acquiring connectivity linkages, resources, and          Buy additional network, web, or email
     services for use by students and school personnel to      servers, and networking software
     improve academic achievement.
4.    Adapting or expanding applications of technology to      Buy software for classroom use or distance
     enable teachers to increase student academic              learning courses for students
     achievement, including technology literacy, through
     teaching practices that are based on the review of
     relevant research and through use of innovative
     distance learning strategies.
5.    Implementing proven and effective courses and            Fund proven and effective courses and
     curricula that include integrated technology and that     curriculum materials which integrate
     are designed to help students reach challenging           technology into academic content areas
     academic standards.
6.    Developing, enhancing, or implementing information       Fund IT courses for students
     technology courses.
7.    Supporting ongoing, sustained, intensive, high-quality   Fund PD activities which are ongoing and
     professional development, focused on the integration      help teachers integrate new technologies
     of advanced technologies, including emerging              into their teaching
     technologies, into curriculum and instruction and in
     using those technologies to create new learning
8.    Preparing one or more teachers in schools as             Pay teachers with stipends or bonuses in
     technology leaders who will assist other teachers, and    exchange for their leadership and
     providing bonus payments to the technology leaders.       assistance to their colleagues
9.    Using technology to promote parental involvement         Buy online services where teachers can
     and foster communication among students, parents,         post homework and other information for
     and teachers about curricula, assignments, and            parents to view and to communicate with
     assessments.                                              teachers
10. Using technologies to collect, manage, and analyze         Buy data management systems for teachers
    data to inform and enhance teaching and school             to assess and analyze student performance
    improvement efforts.
11. Implementing enhanced performance measurement              Fund evaluation activities and resources
    systems to determine the effectiveness of education
    technology programs funded with Ed Tech funds.

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