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Partnering Day at the Hill March 2011 final 1 by Yk504pql


									What is Day at the Hill?                                                                 Why should I attend?

  The Day at the Hill will be an opportunity        Agenda for the Day:                        Make a powerful
  for school psychologists & school social                                                      connection with your
  workers to come together to educate state                                                     personal legislator and
  lawmakers about how we both address                                                           inform him or her how you,
  student barriers to academic success          8:00-8:30……Registration
                                                                                                as a SP or SSW, address
  in cost effective ways. It is important
                                                8:30-9:45 ……Theresa Neal: School                barriers to student
  for us to understand the political process
  and become active as advocates for our        House to Jail House: A SSW                      academic success!
  profession. CEUs are awarded, so this         Perspective; Theresa worked as SSW
  is a staff development opportunity,           at Highland Sr High in St. Paul for            Become energized by
  not a political lobby day.                    many years before she made the                  joining together with
                                                move to administration. Teresa is               school psychologists and
What to expect at Day at the Hill?              currently the principal for the                 school social workers from
                                                Correctional and Treatment Programs             across the state!
       Energizing speakers on advocating       in St. Paul Schools, where she
        for students and our professions.                                                      Contribute to your
                                                continues to advocate for the needs
                                                                                                professional organization,
       Talking points will be provided to      of all students.
                                                                                                MSPA or MSSWA, by
        share with legislators.                                                                 spreading the word about
                                                9:45-10:15…. Legislative Update
                                                from Education MN                               the valuable contribution
       It’s EASY…There will be scheduled
                                                                                                school psychologists and
        personal meetings with legislators or
        a legislator from the Education         10:15-10:30….Break                              school social workers make
        Finance or Policy Committee. MSPA                                                       to schools!
        & MSSWA members will partner,           10:30-11:30…Leg Updates:
        showing how we work as a                introduction to Linda Sandvig &          □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□
        multidisciplinary team.                 Ralph Maves
                                                                                         Who should attend?
       Because legislators will be             11:30-12:45…Lunch
        expecting you, it is extremely                                                         Current or past school
        important for you to plan on            1:00-2:30….. Visit with Legislators or          psychologists & school
        attending your scheduled                                                                social workers
                                                Pull from Session
                                                2:45-3:45: together we report to               Students interested in the
                                                K-12 Education Finance                          field of school psychology
                                                Committee Hearing                               &/or school social work

                                                                                               Friends and supporters
    Reserve your place for                   Section 6.04 (a) of the NASW Code of
   Partnering Together: MN                   Ethics states social workers should
                                             get involved in the political process:
 School Psychologists and MN
 School Social Workers Day at                    6.04 Social and Political Action             Partnering Together:
            the Hill
                                             “(a) …. Social workers should be aware of       MN School Psychologists
Name:_________________________               the impact of the political arena on practice
                                             and should advocate for changes in policy
                                             and legislation ….”                                       and
Home Address: _________________________
                                             NASP Model for Comprehensive and                MN School Social Workers
City: ___________________ State: ________    Integrated School Psychological Services

                                             Legal and Ethical Practice section
                                                                                                 Day at the Hill
Zip: _________Day Phone: _______________

                                             “School psychologists advocate for
Email: ________________________________
                                             professional roles as providers of effective
                                             services that enhance the learning and
 Would you like to request a Vegetarian      mental health of all children and youth.”
   meal? (Circle One): Yes           No
         Please send registration form to:   General Information:
      MSSWA, 1881 Twin Circle Drive,
                                                    Registration for the day
      Mendota Heights, MN 55118                      includes continental breakfast,
                                                     lunch sponsored by MSPA. 6 CEUs          Wednesday, March 16,
    For more information about MSPA
       and MSSWA, please visit our
                                                    Pre-registration is required                    2011
                                                    MSSWA will have a representative
               websites at:                          available in the rotunda until 3:00
                                                     pm to answer questions
                                                                                              8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.                     throughout the afternoon.
                                                                                              Education Minnesota

                                                                                                41 Sherburne Ave
                                             Contact Marilyn Leifgren, MSPA
                                             Legislative Committee Co-Chair,                   St. Paul, MN 55103
                                             at 715-425-6602 with questions
                                             or for additional information.

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