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Windows XP


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                        New Features
      Ability for two users to be logged on
      User Interface has a different look
      Media Player for Windows XP
      Messenger for Instant Messaging
      Expanded Help
      Advanced Security
      Support for higher performance processors
      Remote Access
      Multilingual capabilities

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       Advantages                            Disadvantages
      Better integrations of Win              Requires nearly a GB of
      9x & NT                                 hard drive space for the
      GUI enhancements                        OS and at least a 233
      Adds features, but only a               MHz processor w/64 MB
      little more memory than                 of RAM
      Win 2000                                May require more than
      Advanced file sorting                   minimum system specs
      options                                 for the OS
      Built-in support for                    Nearly eliminates support
      compressed files                        for device drivers not
                                              supported by MS
      Improved troubleshooting                Security concerns with
      tools and generally more                centralized storage of
      stable                                  online information

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       Windows XP Architecture
                         The user and application software

Security Subsystem          Win 32 Subsystem             Other subsystems
                                                                             User Mode
                                                                            Kernel Mode

                                   Executive Services
I/O Manager          Plug n Play        Memory             Object       Other system
                                        Manager           Manager         services

                         management                     Kernel (Ntosknl.exe)
Low-level device
                                        HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer

            Product Activation
  This is a method used by Microsoft to
  prevent unlicensed use of its software so
  that you must purchase a Windows XP
  license for each installation of Windows
  Will be included with most future Microsoft

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User State Migration Tool
Transfers user files and folders, display
properties, taskbar options, and browser
and e-mail settings from a Windows 9x or
NT/2000/XP computer.
Helps make the transition from one
computer to another smoother w/o having
to copy files and reconfigure OS settings.
Automated System Recovery
Allows you to restore an entire hard drive
volume or logical drive to its state at the
time the backup of the volume was made.
– Click Start, All Programs, Accessories,
  System tools, Backup
– Click Advanced Mode, then Automated
  System Recovery Wizard

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       Remote Assistance
User can give a support technician at a remote
location full access to the desktop so the
technician can use the desktop as if they were
sitting in front of the PC
Great for inexperienced users who have trouble
following the technicians directions during
– Start, Help and Support,
– Ask for Assistance, Invite a friend to connect to your
  computer with Remote Assistance,
– Invite Someone to Help you
       XP Device Manager
Offers tools to support XP that function
nearly the same as Windows 2000
  Update Device Driver Wizard
  Sigverif.exe scans for drivers that are not
  digitally assigned
Does not show legacy devices that are
PnP by default
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        Compatibility Mode
• A Utility that provides an application with
  the environment it expects from the OS it
  was designed for
• Includes:
  – Windows 9x
  – Windows ME
  – Windows NT
  – Windows 2000
          System Restore

Utility similar to the ScanReg Tool in earlier
versions of Window
Use to restore the system to a restore point
Cannot be executed from a command prompt
Restoration is taken from a snapshot of the
system state that was created earlier called a
Restore Point
               Dr. Watson
Like earlier versions of Windows this Utility
helps to debug application errors
Drwatson.log – a file that has information
regarding application errors

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