PTSD PROGRAM by Yk504pql


									                            SALEM VAMC
                      INPATIENT PTSD PROGRAM

   1. Able to document service via DD-214.
   2. Has a character of discharge which entitles veteran to receive VA medical
   3. Meets criteria for PTSD as defined in the DSM-IV-TR.
   4. The traumatic stressor is either combat-related or the result of military
       sexual trauma or a combination of the two.
   5. Able to identify and discuss specific traumatic events.
   6. Experience in therapy, preferably in a group dealing with PTSD or MST.
       However, other types of treatment may also qualify, such as group therapy
       for substance abuse, DBT, Seeking Safety, and individual psychotherapy.
   7. Not in need of acute psychiatric treatment or acute/intensive treatment for
       substance abuse (e.g., imminent risk of suicide, detoxification).
   8. Physically and psychologically stable enough to listen to and discuss trauma
       in a group setting.
   9. Willing and able to adhere to a therapeutic contract that includes refraining
       from violence and threats of violence.
   10. Willing and able to discontinue the use of benzodiazepines.
   11. Willing and able to abstain from alcohol and/or street drugs during the
       course of the program.
   12. Willing and able to abstain from self-harming behaviors such as cutting.
   13. Absence of active psychosis, uncontrolled schizophrenia and bipolar
       disorder. If dementia is present, it will be no more than mild.
   14. Absence of any major medical problems which require intensive treatment
       and would impair effective participation in the program.
   15. Current legal charges must be resolved prior to program commencement.
       Admission cannot be stipulated by court order.
   16. Willing and able to manage medications independently.
   17. Willing and able to manage activities of daily living independently.
   18. Willing and able to provide informed consent for treatment.

The veteran must also have an established support network and living situation
(e.g., Vet Center, VAMC relationship, legal residence) to which she will return upon

January 14, 2011

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