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Accelerating Empathy


									Accelerating Empathy: Blair Ryan
Leadership 12                                                                           Name:

Complete the following reflection questions on loose-leaf. Write in paragraph form.

   1. What is the rationale behind this organization?

   2. What is Blair’s role in this organization?

   3. What do you believe teens could learn by being involved in Accelerating Empathy? Be specific and detailed.

   4. State and explain details you found interesting/ motivating from Blair’s presentation.

   5. What social issues did Blair talk about do you feel passionate about? Explain why. If there is another issue that
      he did not talk about that you feel passionate about, state what it is and explain why you are passionate about

     0 Did not             1                   2                     3                  4                   5
       meet          Demonstrated        Demonstrated          Demonstrated       Demonstrated        Demonstrated
     outcome        understanding       understanding         understanding      understanding       understanding
                       that was            that was              that was           that was            that was
                        unclear           superficial           reasonable         thoughtful          insightful

   2.1 Examine and evaluate a variety of leadership styles.

   6.1 Investigate and identify employment opportunities that would require the skills, knowledge and understandings
   learned in Leadership 12.

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