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Often different Kinds of questions comes to our mind which are very simple but cannot be answered easily. I am writing these articles to let the world know what is the reason behind those small silly questions like for example why some countries drive on left ? etc .. hope you like my reading . thank you.

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									Time to test your Trivial Pursuit knowledge! How much do you really know
about our great nation? Perhaps you know a lot about Minnesota and the
Great Lakes but you don't know anything about the beautiful New Mexico
and Wheeler Peak. You'll definitely find some new and interesting facts
to buff up your database!

    On February 16, 1968, the first 911 call was made on a rotary dial
telephone from Haleyville, Alabama. The phone now rests in a Haleyville
    On April 8th, 1974, Alabama's Hank Aaron swung his bat so hard that
he shattered the home run record, previously held by Babe Ruth.
    Magnolia Springs, Alabama is the only city in the continental United
States that has its mail delivered entirely by boat.


    When kids write letters to Santa, they usually end up in North Pole,
Alaska where there is a team of people who are ready to answer each and
every one of them!
    Alaska is home to the easternmost and westernmost points of the
United States! The snowy state straddles the 180th Meridian which is the
global dividing line.
    The Iditarod marathon is 1,150 bitter cold miles of terrain which
begins in Anchorage and finishes in Nome. The race is done entirely on
dogsleds. The current record holder finished in just under ten days!


    In 1968, an Arizona entrepreneur purchased the London Bridge from the
UK government and shipped it to Lake Havasu, Arizona where it was
reconstructed and re-opened in 1971.
    Oatman, Arizona is so hot in the summers that they host an annual
egg-frying contest on the sidewalks every 4th of July!


    Conway, Arkansas hosts the World Champion Toad Races each year so
train up your best hopper and head to the games! Toad Suck Daze Festival
is where the fun begins!
    Arkansas is home to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro.
You do the digging and you keep every diamond you find regardless of
size! Better grab your Arkansas toothpick!


    In San Luis Obispo there is a graveyard of used bubblegum. The final
resting place for thousands of pieces of chewed gooey leftovers! Aptly
named Bubble Gum Alley, feel free to stick your gum and go!
    The two main cables that secure the San Fransisco Bay bridge contain
over 80,000 miles of steel wire. Enough wire to wrap around the earth
three times!
    There are several nightclubs in Los Angeles that have contributed to
the US music scene. Three of the biggest contributors are within mere
blocks of one other. The Viper Room, The Whiskey A Go GO and Roxy are all
famed for being pivotal in boosting the careers of many top acts.

Source: David Shankbone, CC-BY, via Wikimedia Commons

    The Swetsville Zoo in Timnath, Colorado housed more than 160 scrap-
metal characters including a car with spider legs and a dinosaur playing
in a rock band!
    If you're feeling indecisive about where to vacation, you can simply
stand at the southwestern most corner of Colorado - Four Corners. You'll
be in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah all at once!


    Manufactured in Orange, Connecticut, PEZ are one of America's
favorite treats! In fact, we eat about 3 billion of them each year!

    In Ridgefield, Connecticut at the Keeler Tavern Museum you can see
actual evidence of the Revolutionary War. In one of the Tavern's beams
rests an actual British cannonball!

Source: Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons

    Did you know that Delaware was the first state to ratify the US
Constitution in 1787. The authentication took place at a local pub known
as Dover's Golden Fleece Tavern.
    People travel from miles around for the annual Punkin’ Chunkin’
contest held every autumn around Halloween. Bridgeville, Delaware becomes
a pumpkin flinging party!
    There was only one Revolutionary War battle fought in Delaware: The
Battle of Cooch's Bridge. It's believed that the very first flag, adorned
with 13 stars, was flown for the first time during this battle.

Courtesy of YOUTUBE

    A professor at the University of Florida noticed that the football
players were suffering from dehydration due to the excessive heat. His
ingenious solution for the Florida Gator football players? Gatorade. The
successful product has since been commercially purchased and has become
Pepsico's 4th largest selling brand.
    There are more lighting strikes per capita in Clearwater, Florida
than anywhere else in the United States. It's unique location provides
for thunderstorms about 1/3 of all days of the entire year.
    If you've never seen a catfish crossing, you might want to visit
Florida. Asian catfish actually come out of the water and on to the road.

Source: United States Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

    Did you know that Georgia is somewhat of a snacker's paradise? They
are among the top producers of peaches, peanuts and pecans in the United
    In 1886 an Atlanta pharmacist/chemist by the name of John Stith
Pemberton invented a drink known as Pemberton's French Wine Coca. Today
we call it Coca-Cola.
    Although the well known classic film, Gone With the Wind was set in
Civil War era, Atlanta, Georgia, the entire film was shot in Los Angeles,

    Hawaii produces nearly 7 million pounds of coffee beans every year
and they are the only state in the United States that produces them.
    There are only two states in the United States that don't observe
daylight savings time. Hawaii is one of them. Do you know which is the
other state?
    Mount Wai'ale'ale, on the island of Kaua'i is privy to the second
highest amount of rainfall each year in the world. The average is about
460 inches.

The Hokey Pokey Has Changed Over the Years

    Blackfoot, Idaho is home to the world's largest potato chip. The
fried spud measures 14 inches by 24 inches.
    The largest collection of horse fossils in the United States was
found in the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument. It's now known as
the Hagerman Horse Quarry and considered the most important historical
horse information in the world.
    Local legend in Idaho is that a man by the name of Larry LaPrise got
together with a few pals and wrote a well known dance song to entertain
local skiers in Sun Valley. They called their boogie "The Hokey Pokey".

World Colombian Exposition White City
World Colombian Exposition White City
Source: United States Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

     In 1893 the Chicago World's Fair debuted the first Ferris Wheel.
George Ferris designed the amusement attraction which was 250 feet tall
and held 60 passengers. The World's Fair was also the setting of Dr. H.
H. Holmes and his hotel of death. Dr. Holmes (Herman Webster Mudgett)
built a hotel close to the site of the World's Fair luring tourists to
their death. (Devil in a White City by Erik Larson)
     The zipper was invented in Chicago in 1891.
     Chicago is home to Sue, the world's largest Tyrannosaurus Rex
skeleton. She resides in the Field Museum and is a mere 67 million years

    Madam C.J. Walker (born Sarah Breedlove) was one of the first female
millionaires. She made her money by manufacturing hair products and
cosmetics for black women. Her career began by going door-to-door in the
early 1900s.
    Martinsville, Indiana is home to the first goldfish farm in the
United States. Grassyfork Fisheries opened in 1899 and by 1949 they were
producing 25 million goldfish a year.
    Did you know that Indiana has sent five women into successful
presidential campaigns? They've all become the wives of Vice-Presidents.

Courtesy of YOUTUBE

    Seven brothers of German descent, were watching a traveling show
being unloaded in a small town by the name of McGregor, Iowa. They
started their own traveling show and upon joining with other groups
eventually became known as Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
    The Iowa State Fair hosts the annual Butter Cow sculpture
competition. The average sculpture consists of about 600 pounds of butter
and could provide enough delicious spread for about 19,000 slices of
    Iowa is the birthplace of the 4-H Club. Jessie Field Shaumbaugh
started the boys and girls clubs as well as the clover design that still
represents 4-H today.


    Fort Leavenworth was built in 1827 to protect caravans on the Sante
Fe trail. It has been occupied by the United States Army since it's
inception and played very important roles in both the Mexican and Civil
wars. Fort Leavenworth's United States Disciplinary Barracks is also the
only maximum security penal facility for the United States military.
    In 1958, a pizza parlor opened in Wichita with a mere $600 borrowed
out of motherly love. Today, the Pizza Hut chain bakes their gold and
bubbly Italian favorites world wide. In 2001, Pizza Hut even sent slices
to the International Space Station.

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