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					Recently I got married (sorry girls, another hottie of the market!) and
since we have been invited to a large amount of dinner parties, as is
social convention. As much as I do enjoy them, I find them to all be too
similar; the predictable watery vegetable soup, followed by a roast meat,
roasted potatoes and vegetables I don’t want, finished with a dessert
either related to apples or strawberries. Anyhow, my wife requested it
should be our turn to host such an event, and to add insult to injury, I
was to cook as this is the modern thing to do; to translate ‘Dan, I can’t
be bothered to cook’. They’re not even my friends!

Anyhow, it got me thinking, partly to punish my beloved and to fit in
with my quirky nature of ways to excite my guests by adapting the menu. I
have thought of two cunning ideas.

Firstly eradicate the first two courses, leaving solely dessert; the best
bit. I would then drag this out over 5 courses. Firstly, some sort of
pastry dessert to suppress initial hunger. Maybe an Apple Tart or Torta
della Nonna (Lemon Tart), my speciality. This would then be preceeded by
the first chocolate cake course, perhaps a fudge cake, the novelty being
that normally you would not enjoy such a treat as you would be completely
full up from the preceeding course, yet using this menu, you are just
beginning! Next, a mousse, maybe Coffee or some alcoholic mousse to get
the party started! Fourth course: Ice Cream. This can be made into the
Pièce de résistance, the main course, by lavishly decorating large sundae
glasses, to the brim of a variety of different flavours, little umbrellas
and edible straws; my mouth salivates just by typing. The fifth course is
Sorbet, made of seasonal fruit and the final course Fresh Fruit. I would
be incredibly happy to go to this type of dinner party.

Alternatively, fixate upon one ingredient. For example I love houmous,
the Mediterranean chickpea dip; I can’t get enough of it! Take the
standard dinner party menu: Soup, a roast and dessert and edit it to
include your designated ingredient. In my case, I would create houmous
soup, by making a basic vegetable stock and adding a small quantity of
Houmous for flavour. For main, Houmous stuffed Chicken or Lamb, with
houmous mixed with mashed potatoes and vegetables. For dessert, try a
Houmousse (copyright Daniel Benson), a houmous mousse, no less. This menu
of course can be transposed to any ingredient: chocolate, coffee, pesto,
tomato, noodles – just pick your favourite. Maybe choose an ingredient
that cleverly relates to you and your personality: sugar because your
sweet-natured, you get the idea.

I hope you decide to carry forward my suggestions, to liven up even the
most boring of dinner parties, in the future, drop us a message to let me
know the results, if my wife hasn’t killed me for embarrassing her,
first! Good luck!

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