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					                                           Tracy Harrison
                      1375 Beddis Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2C9
                 Studio: 250-538-0144 Fax: 250-538-0148 Email:

A self-taught multimedia artist, Tracy uses clay, glass, found objects and fibreoptics to create sculptures of light and
density. She also creates work on canvas and paper with a unique approach using liquefied acrylics, various textural
imprinting objects and gold dust powder to capture layers of luminosity, colour and reflection. Her work is in private
and corporate collections in Europe, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, U.S.A., New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the
Cook Islands.

Multimedia Artist
    •    Over a decade of professional practice as a fine artist exhibiting nationally and internationally
    •    Primarily self taught with course work at the Ontario College of Art – Toronto, Ontario, St. Lawrence
         College – Kingston, Ontario, Niagara College – Niagara-on-the-Lake, BC School of Art Therapy –
         Victoria, BC and Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts. Apprenticeships with Master Potters
         Hanna Back and Bentley LeBaron
    •    Collaborative project sites include Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Canada
    •    Facilitation of public engagement in art projects and interactive art exhibitions. With corporations,
         communities, children and non-profit organizations Tracy has facilitated the creation of art works for public
         installation, private display and collection.
    •    Past gallery representation has included Zero Gravity Gallery, Art-in-Guelph, Alton Mill Gallery, Burdett
         Gallery, Barber Glass Gallery, and Winterwood Gallery, which are or have been Ontario-based galleries.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

May 9th and 10th, 2009                        Earth and Fire Annual Mothers Day Show
                                              Mahon Hall, Salt Spring Island, BC

August 10-17, 2009                            Equine Invitation Only Show
                                              Robert Bateman Gallery, ARTSPRING Island Arts Centre
                                              Salt Spring Island, BC

Selected Shows and Exhibitions

September 5th to 20th, 2008                   Sticks and Stone
                                              Collaborative Show of the Pottery and Basketry Guilds
                                              ARTSPRING Island Arts Centre, Salt Spring Island, BC

August 26th to September 28th, 2008           Water Juried Show
                                              Gallery Café, Victoria, BC

August 3rd to 15th, 2008                      Of Clay and Wattles Made
                                              Art Craft Stage Gallery, Salt Spring Island, BC

November 29th to December 5th, 2007           Dreams and Nightmares Curated by Artist
                                              ARTSPRING Island Arts Centre, Salt Spring Island, BC

Month of August 2007                          Landscapes of the Mind Solo Show
                                              ARTSPRING Island Arts Centre, Salt Spring Island, BC

August 18th to 30th, 2007                     1000 Words Invitation Only Show
                                              Art Craft Stage Gallery, Salt Spring Island, BC
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December 2006                              Sexy, Saucy and Savory Solo Show
                                           Barb’s Bistro, Salt Spring Island, BC

November 15-30, 2005 to April 2006         Visual Arts Ontario 30th Anniversary Triple X Juried Show
                                           Queen Street West Galleries, Toronto, Ontario
                                           Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario
                                           Art Gallery of Algoma, Ontario

June 10-12, 2005                           Art for the Garden Invitational Show
                                           Dufferin County Museum, Rosemont, Ontario

November 12th, 2004 to January 5th, 2005   The Shape of Art Invitational Show
                                           Alton Mill Gallery, Alton, Ontario

May 2005                                   Made of Wood Show Invitational Show
                                           Burdett Gallery, Orton, Ontario

September 25th to October 11th, 2004       Caught in the Moment Photographic Exhibition Invitational Show
                                           Alton Mill Gallery, Alton, Ontario

October 1st to October 31st, 2004          Elements Solo Show
                                           Baba Ganoush, Orangeville, Ontario

October 2,3,9,11, 2004                     Home and Hearth Juried Show
                                           SGI Centre, Caledon, Ontario

August 6th to 29th, 2004                   Square Foot
                                           A.W.O.L. Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

September 12th to November 9th, 2003       Transformation (with Goldie Sherman and Andrea Bird)
                                           Wellington County Museum and Archives, Fergus, Ontario

August 21st to 31st, 2003                  Square Foot
                                           A.W.O.L. Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

August 10th, 2002                          Distillery Historic District Outdoor Art Exhibition
                                           Gooderman and Worts Distillery, Toronto, Ontario

August 7th to 28th, 2002                   5th Annual Abstraction Invitational Art Exhibition
                                           Period Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

May 25th to 26th, 2002                     Riverdale Art Walk Juried
                                           Toronto, Ontario

October 19th to November 19th, 2001        Kalgoorlie Boulder Art Prize Juried
                                           Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

September 12th to 19th, 2001               Leonora Art Prize Juried
                                           Leonora, Western Australia

January 15th to 23rd, 2001                 Joy in the Garden Solo Show and Poetry Reading
                                           Kenwall Gallery, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

November 4th to February 25th, 2001        Snapshot
                                           Contemporary Museum, Baltimore MD, USA
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November 16th to December 24th, 2000      Power Juried
                                          Art-in-Guelph Gallery, Guelph, Ontario

September 26th to October 26th, 2000      In the Moment Solo Show and Slide presentation
                                          Winterwood Gallery, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

September 14th to 23rd, 2000              Journeying the Global Landscape Solo Show
                                          Zero Gravity Gallery, Guelph, Ontario Canada

September 4th to 25th 2000                Septemberfest III Juried International Show
                                          Period Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska USA

April 28th to May 12th, 2000              Chi- Two Artists together exploring the life force energy
                                          Little Buddha Gallery, Nathon, Koh Samui, Thailand

March 5th to 17th, 2000                   Simply Stated: Art as Language Solo Show
                                          Slide show presentation March 12, 2000
                                          Seniwati Gallery, Ubud, Indonesia

February 18th to April 21st, 2000         Mandala Pi Solo Show
                                          About Art and Craft Gallery, Nathon, Koh Samui,Thailand

February 3rd to 24th, 2000                Quota
                                          KOR Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario

November 11th to December 31, 1999        The Last Picture Show Juried Show - Honorable Mention
                                          Art-in-Guelph Gallery, Guelph, Ontario

October 12th to 28th, 1999                Unmasking Culture Juried Show
                                          Hart House, University of Toronto

January 24th to March 22nd, 1998          Portrait of the Artist Group Invitational Show
                                          Wellington County Museum and Archives, Fergus, Ontario

Radio, Television and Print
   ◊    Shaw Cable TV Events Show (Interview on Dreams and Nightmare Show curated by artist) May 2008
   ◊    Gulf Islands Driftwood (Art Review and Picture of Sexy, Saucy and Savory Show) December 20, 2006
   ◊    Poetry Canada (Article on Artist and photo) March 2005
   ◊    CBC Radio Sunday Edition Interview ArtsCan Circle in Pikanjikum January 2005
   ◊    Orangeville Banner (Article and photo on Art Therapy practice) June 2004
   ◊    CFMU, McMaster University, Artist Lifestyle show with Laura Hollicks December 2003
   ◊    Guelph Mercury (Article and photo from Transformation Show) September 2003
   ◊    Fergus Elora News Express (Article and photo from Transformation Show) September 2003
   ◊    CBC North Radio Art Therapy and ArtsCan Circle in Mishkeehgogamong April 2003
   ◊    Kalgoorlie Miner Newspaper (feature article on artwork and picture) 2001
   ◊    Cook Island News (feature article on solo art show and picture) 2001
   ◊    Niagara Falls Rogers Cable Morning Show Topic: Art Therapy, September 2001
   ◊    The Ontarion (University of Guelph Newspaper) feature article on solo art show and picture 1999
   ◊    Yukon First Nations CHEK Radio - Show with Dr. Don Brannigan Topic: Art Therapy, December 1998
   ◊    Guelph Rogers Cable Arts Program Topic: Community Mandalas, September 1998
   ◊    Guelph Mercury Rockwood Spirit Valley Festival article (picture and art work) 1998

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