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					                                         Subdssion to:

                            Justice md Ekctom1. Select Co


                           "The Real Estate Agents Act 2008"
                           Closing Date: Friday, 2gthFebmav 2008

This Submission is from: Keren M&h,
6 Leonard Street,

My conbct no is: 021 503385

I wish to be heard before the C                    arei to speak on my submission.

My Submission is as follows:

       le the purpose of this Bill is to promote and protect the
       ask why when you have individuals handling one of the most i
products that they may pw~hase their lifetime is the Treaty of W
                                   in                                    inot c w e r d in ~s
Act? The Resource Management Act is the only Act that achwledges
within the whole NZ Real Estate Law. Land is one of the biggest issues w
present with the Real Estate Mmket having risen well above the reach o f many, many New

a. With the btroduction of the Treaty of Waimgi and Maori Represenheion into the making of
New Zealand Real Estate Law this could change for the better.

2 There are no laws, tmSng requirements or guidelines within this act for Real Estate Agents
on the proper handling procedures for the sale of Maori Land. Here inthe Far North I have seen
Red Estate Agents sell Maori Land wifiout it being offered first and fommost back to the
    anau (PJC extended         The Market process has been shabby and to say the least
deceithl. It is causing Maori Land to be sold out of the    ly at prices well below the price of
General Title Land i the same area. Having checked with the Maori L
                     n                                                               the proper
procedures - there appears to be no d e f ~ and clear guidelines in the
                                             k                                       nus Act.

a. That Maori Land is addressed under the Real Ett Agents Act.
b.That proper guidelines and selling insmctions for the sale of Maori Land be made a
compulsory part of the Real Estate Agent training system.
                  nt, the Maori Land Court and the Real Estate Institute together set into law
                   so that the instructions me clear and the same whether it be under the Real
estate Agents Act or Te Ture

3. Failure to regulate the Property Managers, Letting Agents and leasing Agents.

Besides the fact that all of the above handle significant
people's property and over the last few years I have seen and heard of many propaties that
have been supposedly handled by Property Managers that have been totally ruined and if not
made totally diveable, cerdahly needing extensive repairs and thorough cle
personally argued with a certain Property Manager on her idea of what was s

                                                Letting Agents and Leasing Agents come
a. It is imperative that these Propesty Man~gers,
under the same scrutiny as the Real Estate Agents for they are handling what could be
someone's only asset.

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