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									Poem 1

But I’m in this world, a careless child,

Free from (1) stress which fills this trying planet (2).

It is expected of me to be (3) somewhat wild

While people clean the messes I create.

No more a young child, no more (4) I roam.

Two rings on one (5) finger makes me(6) obliged

To (7) care for my husband, my kids, my home.

Duties are vast, the results rewarding (8).

Finally made it, the end surely near,

Roles reversed (9), as my children tend to me.

Flash-backs (10) of me as that child, I tear,

My life ending the same way it started.

   1. Free from=alliteration
   2. Trying planet=personification
   3. Me/be=internal rhyme
   4. No more/no more=repetition
   5. On one=near rhyme
   6. Makes me=alliteration
   7. Obliged to=enjambment
   8. Results rewarding=alliteration
   9. Roles reversed=alliteration
   10. Flash-backs=near rhyme

Rhyme scheme: ABAC DEDF GHGI

Meter: trochaic pentameter
Poem 2

It is good to be young,

To live a carefree existence.

No expectations, responsibilities, care,

With adults tending to me, so I don’t have to tend to myself.

No more a child, I am now an adult,

A wife, a mother, a home owner.

Much expectations, responsibilities, care,

I tend to my family, with no one to tend to myself.

No more an adult, I am even older,

A widow, an orphan, mostly alone.

No more expectations, responsibility, care,

With children tending to me, so I don’t have to tend to myself.

Now with much satisfaction in my heart.

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