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									                                                                       Black Squirrel Radio Fall 2011 Schedule
                     Monday                      Tuesday                    Wednesday                     Thursday                     Friday                   Saturday                     Sunday
             The Opening Kick-Off                                                                                             The Weekend Kick-
 8-10 AM                          OnShuffle                            The Final Countdown Sports With Shook                                             Here And Now               The BSR Rewind
             (OKO)                                                                                                            Off
                                                                       with James Cibella, Chase
             with Eric Williams           with John Dubiel                                         with Nick Shook            with Eddie Kilroy          with Lucy Merriman         with BSR's Featured Show

             The Monday Morning
 10-Noon                        Lunch Lounge                           Goathouse Radio             Thursday Kickoff           3Way                       From The Basket            Plastic Inevitable
             with Brittany Maurer (DJ                                  with Antonio Stephenson     with Tyler Goddard, R.J.   with Elena Bendekgey,      with Alex Taylor, Jensen   with Derrick Steiber (DJ
                                          with Lucas Hall                                                                     Macy McMaster, Josh
             Brittzy)                                                  (Fiasko)                    Roberts                                               DeArment                   Control)
                                                                                                                                                         Rubber City
Noon-2 PM    The 24/7 Daydream            Mile High Radio                                          In The Mix                 News In A Nutshell                                    Wake Up Hungover
                                          with Franklyn Canty (Frank                                                                                                                with Victoria Bussberg,
             with Caitlin David                                                                    with Ian Feightner         with The BSR News Team     with Kyle Berg
                                          The Pilot)                                                                                                                                Tyler Ross

             Kaleidoscopic                Pretty Hair And
  2-4 PM                                                               TimRox                      The New Breed              Fangirl Fridays            MC Weekends                Celtic Fire
             Vibrations                   Thunder! (PHAT!)
             with Mike Madgar, Tom                                     with Roxanne Kilbourne,     with Adam Huntsman, Alex with Ellen Kirtner, Amber    with Maddie Hartman,
                                          with Nate Lehota                                                                                                                          with Anthony LaMarca
             Smigel                                                    Tim Long                    Murphy                   Wade                         Claire Thomas

                                                                                                                                                                                    This Unforgettable
  4-6 PM                                  Hitchin' Kitchen             Oddio Philes                That's Nice                Finders Keepers            Random Radio
                                                                                                   with Brian Alan Tiedman                               with Paige Dreibelbis, Gina with Katherine Schaeffer,
                                          with Bren Riepenhoff         with Buzbe Tarver                                      with Rachel Campbell
                                                                                                   (Brian Alan)                                          LaRocca                     Ellen Turk

  6-8 PM     The Cypher                   Hot & Angsty                 Ambient Expedition          The Hit List               Never Sit Still            For Lovers Only            The Stat Sheet

                                          with Alyssa Haberman
             with Michael Stover (Big                                  with Bud Denega, Dann                                                             with Michael Stover (Big   with Nick Shook and The
                                          (Habes), Daniel Dalziel                                  with Raven Brinson         with Elizabeth Keller
             Stove)                                                    Herwerden                                                                         Stove)                     BSR Sports Team

                                                                       The Squirrel Attack         Just Kidding with Jori The Meaning of
 8-10 PM     The Fourloko Show            The Sub Shoppe                                                                                                 Where The Lions Are Radio ReBoot
                                                                       Show                        & Mindy (JKJM)         The Word Is
             with Antonio Stephenson
                                                                                                                                                         with Michaela Kline, Allie with Mike Smylie (DJ
             (Fiasko), Ronika Johnson     with Gary Bunofsky, Nick     with Emily Ohlrich, Julie   with Jori Blume, Mindy     with Eric Schneider, Aaron
                                                                                                                                                         Johnson, Hannah Hamner, Smyles), Spenser Etzel (DJ
             (Radio Ronika), Rick         Grdina                       Zook                        Powell (Mindy Pow!)        Schultz
                                                                                                                                                         Emily Hook, Abby Bradford Spiz), Ian Cook (DJ TURK)
             Rucker (Ricky Rukkus)

                                          Rik And Rob Radio            The Cure For Sleepy- Hot Dog, Egg Roll                 Animalistic                                           Independent
10-Midnight One Night In B-Town                                                                                                                          Radio Gravy
                                          Rockstars                    Time Disease (STDs) And Taters                         Affirmation                                           Playground
                                                                                                   with Glen Hung (Egg Roll),                            Aaron Buell (DJ SWAG),
             with Brittney Miliner (B-    with Robbie Puzzitello       with Carlell Howard (DJ                                                                                      with Colin Brehm, Tyler
                                                                                                   Ben Marquis (Taters),      with Tommy Walsh           Scott Marchese, Julie Nan,
             Town)                        (Rob), Erik Shear (Rik)      Carleeezy)                                                                                                   Kieslich
                                                                                                   David Steinberg (Hot Dog)                             Dan Pine

                                                                                                   The Late Night                                        Backseat Bingo With
Midnight-2   The Real Is Back             Burn                         The Fizz                                               Internal Liquidation                                  Nerd Rage
                                                                                                   Special                                               Jack B.
             with Othello Greer (O.G.),   with Kyle McCallum (Chef                                                                                                                  with Ben Chronister,
             James Hughes (J.R.),                                                                  with Matt O'Neill, Matt    with Donald Levandowski,   with Ashton Kamburoff
                                          KMac), Jeff Smalley          with Matt Cola (DJ Cola)                                                                                     Conner Howard, Robert
             Austin Moore (DJ                                                                      Woak                       Gregory McQueen            (Jack B.)
                                          (JSmallZee)                                                                                                                               Vernon

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