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       Thirteenth Edition

Big Meadows Lodge, Skyline Drive, Virginia
                  August 2004

                                       as she looked down at me with the      year. It does take some work and time
 MEMORIES                              switch in her hand and said, “I        to put “Holler Blast” together. What to
                                       know it is.”                           light off first, what to light off last, and
The Firm Loving Hand                       That same hand that held the       everything in the middle of the show?
                    by Keith Hayman    switch was also the hand that          The whole family sits down and picks
                                       cleaned up skins and scrapes, and      out the songs we want from the first right
   I have written a lot of stories     put Band Aids on the knees and         down to the last to end the show.
for the Hayman Holler but I think      elbows. It was the one that            Leslie works the jam system, Amber
this will be the hardest one so far.   washed the clothes and put the         turns out the lights at the right time, and
So many things to think of that        food on the table to make sure         they keep Shane and Keith supplied
should be put on paper for the         that none of her family went           with the right shells for the launch tubes.
younger generations to read so         hungry, although I think she kind           Two way radios also help to make
they will have a better                of overdid it from time to time in     the show come together. I still can’t
understanding of just who              that department. But most of all,      believe how many locals show up just to
Grandma Hayman was, what she           it was this hand that opened the       watch. We try to make it better each
believed in, and the right way to      Holy Bible for guidance through        year but it is getting tough. We will do
raise six kids in some very hard       the trials and problems of every       our best this year to put a smile on faces
and trying times. Me being the         day life. Of course, some of these     young and old at “Holler Blast
last of six kids, Mom already knew     problems were me in my teenage         2005.”
all the tricks of the trade when it    years. And, I am sure that she said
came to staying ahead of the game      many prayers with my name in              Linda
and always knowing what a kid          them over the years.                   says the
was thinking and was going to do           When I think back at some of       fireworks
next.                                  the things that I did and said to      last year
   I will never forget when I was      her in my younger years, I can be      were the
about ten years old, I was out in      sure that she was getting a lot of     best ever.
the back yard and as always was in     help from the Good Lord up             She
some kind of trouble. Mom was          above.                                 loved the music played during the
after me with a switch – yes,              It did not matter what time I      presentation, and feels we owe a
Grandma Hayman could swing a           would come rolling in on a             great big “we love you and
mighty strong tree branch when it      Saturday night, my butt was            thanks” to Keith, Leslie, Shane
was needed. Like the old saying        getting out of bed on Sunday           and Amber for everything they
goes, “spare the rod and spoil the     morning, and we were going to          do!!!!
child.” Well, with this child she      church. I am sure all of my               Did anyone notice during last
did not spare the rod. Anyway, we      brothers and sisters can back me       year’s Grand Finale -- the song
were in the back yard and Mom          up on this part, because that was      that was playing was “I Can Only
was hot on my trail with the           what she believed in – it was her      Imagine” which was the very last
switch and told me to get in the       way of life, teaching her kids and     song played at Mom’s funeral. It
basement door.        Hey, not a       her grandkids all the rights and       is a very upbeat contemporary
problem – in the basement door,        wrongs of the world that we live       Christian song that tells how we
up through the house, and out the      in.                                    can only imagine what Heaven will
front door. Now, at this time,             As I look at some of the people    be like to bow down, sing, praise
there were two rows of cement          in our world today, I can’t help       the Lord, and dance before Jesus.
blocks leading up to the basement      but think how they would have          Listen for the song again this year
door that were about two feet          turned out if they had been as         during the Grand Finale of the
higher than my head. So, I started     lucky as us to have had a firm         fireworks. Linda feels Shane and
up through those blocks to the         loving hand.                           Keith will play it again!!! Here’s to
door with Mom and her switch                                                  you Mom & Dad. We love and
                                                                              miss you!! I CAN ONLY
right behind me. When I got to         Reunion & Campout                      IMAGINE.
the door it was locked, and this
put a stop to my plan of escape.
                                       Holler Blast
So, I looked up at her and said
“Mom, the door is locked.” I will         Saturday night at 10:00 p.m. is a
never forget the look on her face      time we look forward to from year to
                                          The new shelter will see its
                                        share of good times in the years to      Pete and Lisa have a new
                                        come.                                 kitten named Lily, born on Easter.
                                                                              Her best friend is their 100 pound
                                           Phyllis wants to give big kudos    Labrador Retriever. They were
                                        to Keith and Leslie, our hosts;       given a new big bed for Cammy
                                        and Brian, Keri, and Don, our         to sleep in while in the garage, but
                                        editors and publishers of the         guess who sleeps in the big bed?
                                        Hayman Holler.                        Yep, ½ pound Lily.

                                                                                 Kim says she has another
                                        FAMILY                                granddaughter coming in early
New Shelter                                                                   September – Terry and Carrie are
    Down with the old and up                                                  expecting. If anyone is counting,
with the new. The old shelter at        New Additions                         that will make four grandchildren
the Hayman Family Campground              Ashley and Ben have a new           for Kim.
was one place that had seen many        puppy named Verde, a miniature
a good breakfast cooked up and          Australian Shepherd.
too many weenie roasts to even try
to count. More than once it has            The Jewell farm has had            Deaths
come in handy for keeping a             several babies born this year,           Two more of the George
passing shower off our heads as                    including eight potbelly   Hayman family, of which Dad
well as the rays of the hot summer                 pigs and seven baby        was the oldest, died this past year.
sun. It has done a fine job for the                goats, one by cesarean     Uncle Waid Hayman died in
Hayman Family Reunion campout           section! They also have a brand       March at the age of 93, and Aunt
for the past 12 years and for other     new baby colt that Allison has        Ruby Wolfe died in February at
family gatherings, as well as a         named Sunshine.          They are     the age of 89.
couple of Sunday School weenie          expecting more baby
roasts. As Dad always said, “time       pigs and goats the first                Last July, Donna’s father,
waits for no one” and the shelter’s     of August. They also                  Robert Lewis died at the age of
time had come to be replaced.           have about six baby                   90.
    After blowing it off the face of    rabbits running around
the earth, Keith and a good friend,     the yard. Allison spends most of
Scott Ransom, built a new shelter       her time trying to catch or trying    Health
along with two new picnic tables.       to convince Annie to catch them.         Phyllis just finished her second
It measures 21 by 14 feet, so it is a   Their evenings are spent lying on     year of chemotherapy. She has to
little bigger than the old shelter.     their tummies trying to look under    go back August 11th and see what
    On the weekend before               the shed where they stay.             is going on and what is next. She
Memorial Day weekend, the new                                                 says “Praise the Lord” so far.
shelter was broken in with a                The Wilson’s added a new cat
double birthday party for Phyllis,      to their family this year. His name      In May Ashley fell at work, and
who turned 70, and Ted. Phyllis’        is Ninja, and he is quite an ornery   was given a cat scan. This led to
whole family was there as well as       little devil. He annoys their old     an MRI which found a benign
all her brothers and sisters. As        cat, Aslan, to death and steals       glioma tumor on the left lobe of
always with any Hayman family           anything and everything that he       her brain. It is causing seizures
get together, there was no              can get into his mouth and carry      and cannot be removed or shrunk.
shortage of fine food such as hot       away. He's been known to take         She is taking medication and has a
dogs to roast and lots of Dairy         off with pages of homework,           great attitude (she has named her
Queen ice cream cake along with a       John's freshly planted orchids,       tumor Bruiser). She is working
big pot of soup. However, the           Shari's glasses, the stopper from     full time and seems to be adjusting
main project for the weekend was        the sink, socks, and whatever else    to the medication. With the Good
hanging new wall paper in the           any family member is silly enough     Lord’s help, that tumor just may
kitchen of the old family               to leave lying around. Nothing is     go away!
homestead.                              safe!
   Ken and Becky praise God             Celebrations                              Annie made princess hats and
every one there has been healthy.                                              wands for the little girls and
They are trusting God for Phyllis          The biggest news for Sam and        swords and crowns for the boys
and Ashley for complete healings,       Olivia is their upcoming marriage      along with decorated shields.
as well as Becky's sister Debbie        on August 5th. They are getting        Games played were pin the crown
who is battling cancer. Keep all of     married in Jamaica and can't wait!     on the Princess and musical chairs.
them in your prayers.                   They      are                          Allison’s Family Friends and Day
                                        having      a                          Care were invited to attend.
   Ben, who runs a back hoe, cut        reception at                           Favors and prizes were given plus
his hand at work but recovered          Sam's                                  take home bags of goodies.
fine.                                   parents’                               Grandma Linda made a large tall
                                        home when                              castle birthday cake. A large chair
   Linda had both feet operated         they return.                           draped with lace, ribbons and tulle
on at the same time on March                                                   was created as a throne for
18th. She used a walker for four            Alan and Bev have been             Princess Allison to open her
weeks, graduated to a quad cane         getting ready for Olivia and           gifts. Music from the Disney
for two weeks, and was glad to          Sam's wedding reception on             princess movies was played as
pitch the surgical sandals and wear     August 13. They are going to have      guests arrived and during the
regular shoes in eight weeks. An        a pig roast. Olivia's cousins had a    party. The party was held at New
operation on a vein in her left leg     shower for her at the house on         Beginnings Baptist Church where
took place later on May 25th. She       June 25, and Bev thought it was a      Linda attends. It was a fairy tale
thanks the good Lord, family and        lot of fun. About 20 people            afternoon, and fun was had by all
friends who saw her through!            attended. Of course Alan and           including the adults.
                                        Bev had to do a lot of work
    Allison had                         around the house getting ready for        On May 28 of this year Ted
to have tubes in                        it.                                    and Bobby Lewis (Donna’s
her ears last                                                                  brother) attended their Racine
December, and                              Allison Jewell celebrated her       High School 45th Reunion at the
it has been great                       4th birthday on October 31st with      home of Patty Roush Pape out
-- no more ear                          the Disney theme of “Beauty and        back of Racine. There were 23
infections!                             the Beast.” She was dressed in a       graduates attending, not bad out
Allison also had to have 11             yellow Princess Belle dress made       of 55 total. A good time was had
stitches in her chin when she fell      of lace and tulle.       Her mom       by all.
eight feet out of the hayloft “trying   curled her hair in long trendling
to find Daddy.” She has a nice big      curls, and her crown, ring, wand,         The Annual Hayride and Bean
purple scar to remember it by.          gloves, and slippers all carried the   dinner at Bob’s and Annie’s was
                                        same theme.            Annie and       a huge success again last year, and
   Gloria has had two back              Grandma Linda worked many              everyone seemed to really enjoy
surgeries in 15 months.                 hours to create a large castle that    themselves. Ted even made some
                                        was 10 feet high and 14 feet wide.     pickled corn, and as you can see
   On 11/9/04 Sallie had a              White miniature lights decorated       the Hayman brothers are
complete right knee replacement.        the castle inside with the movie       enjoying it. Annie can’t wait to
She had a tough time for a while        Beauty and the Beast playing           see everyone again this year!
and spent about a week in an            inside the castle where Allison’s
extended care facility until she        table and chairs were set up with
could get it moving enough to           her little beauty and the beast tea
come home. She is doing pretty          set. A machine blew bubbles over
well with it now.                       the castle as the children played in
                                        and out. Adults could even enter.
                                        When Lil and Phyllis emerged,
                                        Phyllis looked around smiled and
                                        said, “This is ridiculous!” Colored
                                        balloons covered the floor in and
Humor                                                                           Timothy participated in Merit
                                         LEISURE & HOBBIES                      Badge Quest (Brian was an
   It seems there is a kangaroo on                                              organizer), a program at the
the loose in the Cottageville, WV           Lil joined the Meigs County         Baltimore Museum of Industry,
area. They say it escaped from a         Senior Choir. They did a concert       luminary placement at Antietam
farm in the area, and there have         for Christmas, and performed it        Battlefield, and camping trips to
been several sightings. Someone          for patients at the Rocksprings        New Jersey and Assateague State
was quick enough with their              Rehabilitation Center. They also       Park.
camera to get a picture so it            did an Easter concert, and did a
showed up in the local paper.            mini-parade in which all the              Matthew earned his Wolf rank
Alan and Bev have been on the            women wore Easter Bonnets as           in Cub Scouts. Carole is now the
lookout for it.                          they sang “The Easter Parade.”         den leader for his den.
                                            In December Bev appeared on            Timothy completed his last
                                         local TV station WJOS, out of          year as a Cub Scout and earned
                                         Pomeroy. They had a Christmas          the Arrow of Light, which is the
                                         special with local talent, so Bev      highest award that can be earned
                                         played her guitar and sang three       in Cub Scouts. He also earned a
                                         songs. Linda's group always does       “heavy shoulder” which means he
   Brian became known at the             the show too.
local auto body shop as the                                                     earned all twenty of the Webelos
“vulture guy” because of his run in                                             Activity Pins. Don and Donna
                                            Marcie is serving on the            attended the ceremony and got to
with a black vulture on the way          Maryland Library Association
back from a trip to Huntington                                                  see him receive his awards and
                                         committee for the Blue Crab            bridge up to Boy Scouts. Timothy
and Racine. The vulture was in the       Young Reader’s Award. This
median strip as Brian rounded a                                                 will be going to Boy Scout camp at
                                         award is very similar to their         Ockanickon Scout Reservation in
corner on Route 50 in West               Black-Eyed Susan Award but
Virginia, and it                                                                Bucks      County     Pennsylvania
                                         geared specifically to books for       during August.
decided to take off                      beginning readers. She helped
and fly into his car.                    evaluate lots of books for
The vulture didn’t                                                                 Sarah completed her first year
                                         Beginning and Transitional readers     as a Cadet Girl Scout. She is well
make it but left his mark by             and helped pick the best ones.
snapping off the driver’s side                                                  on her way to her Silver Award
                                         She can’t tell you the winners since   and had lots of fun this year at the
mirror which was left hanging by a       she’s sworn to secrecy until
wire -- a problem solved by a                                                   annual end of year encampment.
                                         October        when     they     are
healthy dose of duct tape.               announced. Marcie has always              Brian has changed positions
                                         loved children’s books and this        from Cubmaster to Committee
   Last year at the Reunion, Linda       was a great opportunity to meet
saw Shari trying to teach the                                                   Chair for Matthew’s Cub Scout
                                         with and learn from other              pack. He is also now an Assistant
younger generation how to play           librarians.
S.O.S.      You know she is a                                                   Scoutmaster for Tim’s Boy Scout
“Veteran” of the game along with                                                troop.
                                            In scouts this year, Matthew
many others. Linda was really            and Timothy participated in a
thrilled to see her little three-year-                                             Scott crossed over from Cub
                                         district bike rodeo (run by Brian),    Scouts, joined Westerville Boy
old granddaughter hiding behind          a corn maze, camping at
some furniture with Emma in                                                     Scouts Troop 560 in January, and
                                         Gettysburg, Klondike Derby             enjoyed his week at summer camp
Keith and Leslie’s building.             (Brian was an organizer), winter
Allison immediately rolled her                                                  even though a family of skunks
                                         camp, Baltimore Blast soccer           lived in their camp. Scott is
eyes, giggled, and whispered “Shh-       game, two area food drives
shh-shh! Linda doesn’t think                                                    working on rank advancements
                                         (organized by Brian), “We              and merit badges this summer.
Allison knew the rules of the            Remember,” Memorial Day flag
game either! Ha!Ha! Just one more                                               He is currently Tenderfoot and
                                         placement at the National              working towards second class.
generation that will have to be          Cemetery in Baltimore, and an end
taught the game of S.O.S.                                                       His patrol is named the Coyotes.
                                         of year camping trip. In addition,
   Pete took Katie to her first       the theme was “What can you do          he performed in several plays, but
Father - Daughter Dance               to protect freedom?” Her whole          he was even in a Drama
sponsored by the Girl Scouts. He      family was invited to an award          Documentary made on DVD for
bought her a corsage and all. The     dinner where she received a $100        teachers. He was recently Charlie
theme was Hollywood Nights.           Savings Bond. But what made the         in Charlie and the Graters Ice
When they pulled up they got out      family most proud was Kelsey            Cream Factory and got to perform
of the car to a red carpet. While     actually standing up in front of the    at the Columbus Arts Festival. He
they walked along the red carpet      Lions Club and reading her essay.       also played Carl in Puss in Boots
to the hall they had “paparazzi”      If you know Kelsey, you know            this summer and had a great time
taking their pictures. They all had   how shy she is and how difficult        at a week long Drama Camp.
a Hollywood star on the wall and      this must have been for her, but        Nicholas also had his first piano
had their pictures taken while        she did it! Way to go!                  recital this summer and played
holding an Emmy award.                                                        The Juggler. He plans to continue
                                         Just after last year’s reunion       taking piano lessons for now, but
   Lucas enjoyed his first            Kyle left with his Scout Venture        is interested in learning another
experience at church camp. He         Patrol for a Seabase High               instrument at some point.
took it very seriously. He came       Adventure Sailing outing in the
home with notes he had taken          Bahamas. He, along with six other          Trace is a member of the Ely
during study times. Lucas also        Scouts and three adult leaders,         Chapman Group. They sing and
continues taking guitar lessons,      spent the week living, eating,          act. He sang a solo as a Wiseman
and Max recently began piano          sleeping, and working on the            and also was invited to sing at the
lessons.                              schooner William H. Albury. They        High School Arts night, and at the
                                      became the crew for the captain         Washington Schools talent show.
   Any                                and first mate aboard this tall-mast    He is currently rehearsing as the
one                                   70 foot sailing ship. They sailed all   Deputy Sheriff for the Mid-Ohio
who is                                around Abaco Sound and learned          Valley's      Junior        Players
NOT                                   how to operate the ship. He             presentation of Jack and the
a Star                                learned how to raise and lower the      Giant.
Wars                                  sails, raise and lower the anchor,
fan                                   tack the jib, swab the deck, clean         Nicholas completed his first
can                                   the head, polish the brass, and         year as a Tiger Cub and will be
stop reading this right now, you      stand anchor watch. They spent          moving on to Bobcats in the Cub
won’t appreciate this. Kyle saw       their free time snorkeling,             Scout Pack.        He had an
Episode III the day it opened or      swimming, and exploring the             “awesome” time at Cub Scout
rather the minute it opened! He       nearby islands. Kyle says this was      Camp this summer and especially
and two friends (and one poor dad     the most exciting thing he’s ever       loved learning how to shoot a bow
that fell asleep) went to the 12:01   done (to date).                         and arrow. Creeking and
A.M. showing. Kyle talked about                                               swimming were other highpoints.
nothing else in the days before and      Pete was voted as the president
the days after the movie.             of Men’s Camp for the 2005                 Emily started piano lessons
However, the most impressive          season.                                 this past spring and is really
part of this story is that he still                                           pushing for dance lessons. Mom
managed to get up for school the         Katie is active in Brownies.         and Dad are worried that the
next morning after only three         She is looking forward to camp,         Princess Party she had for her 5th
hours sleep! The hardest part of      sleepovers and many trips with the      birthday may have gone to her
his ordeal was that he couldn’t say   Brownies. It was her first year to      head.
anything about the movie at home      sell Girl Scout cookies. She took
until Mom was able to see it three    the order form and made ALL of             Ed has been working hard at
weeks later.                          her own sales calls -- Grandpa          Honda, but found time to join a
                                      Hayman and Aunt Mel can                 remote control car racing league
   Everyone in the family is so       vouch for that.                         this winter with his step brother,
proud of Kelsey for winning first                                             Pete. He made the mistake of
place in a writing contest! It was        Nicholas has been quite the         taking David along too once or
sponsored by the Lions Club and       little actor this year! Not only has    twice and now they are both
   Pete races his battery powered     two large trophies for races he has    came home with a foreign
electric car, mini Z. Twice a         entered.                               language or something as he keeps
month he races with Ed and his                                               saying hoo day.
friends, Darrin and David. He            Sam and Olivia saw James
finished 4th out of 40.               Taylor for the sixth time last
                                      weekend (July 9th)! They both          CAREERS/JOBS
                                      love his music and had a great
                                      time! Maybe they'll see him again         Phyllis worked sixteen hours
                                      next summer for number seven!          per week in the spring quarter at
                                                                             Athens University, and would like
                                         Mindy has been busy in her          to go back in the fall if she is able.
                                      time off working on her crafts.        She feels the work is good for her,
                                      She is in a joint venture called       gets her out of the house, and
    Ed and Mike took the              M&M Ole Country Barn Crafts            provides a little extra money for
Motorcycle Rider Safety course        with her good friend Marilyn.          her vacations.
this spring and now have their        They take old barn siding that is
endorsements. They are anxious                                                  After many years of Marcie
                                      on it's way to the land of no return
to put their new skills to use!                                              being an avid stamper and faithful
                                      and turn it back into things that
                                                                             customer, she finally signed on as
                                      bring back fond memories for
   Kathy joined a Bunco Club                                                 an     official  Stampin’      Up!
                                      some and the joy of having
with some other mom’s and gets                                               Demonstrator.         She holds
                                      something unique for others.
to have a night off once a month.                                            workshops where she teaches
                                      They sometimes go to craft shows
                                                                             rubber stamping techniques and
                                      but their main outlet is the
  Gloria went to St. Louis in                                                shares and sells the latest and
                                      consignment store called The
September for a National Emblem                                              greatest stamps. She’s having lots
                                      Mason Jar in Point Pleasant, WV.
Club Convention.                                                             of fun, and making lots of friends
                                                                             but not lots of money. She keeps
                                         Sherman has been busy with
   In his spare time, Jordan golfs,                                          spending all her profits on more
                                      his toys and playing with them as
plays softball, plays guitar, and                                            stamps and adding to her
                                      any kid at heart should do. He
goes to Diamondback games. He                                                collection.
                                      finally finished putting his 78
is also moving to another             GMC 4x4 together and took it to
residence.                                                                     After 24 years at Big Bear, Ken
                                      his first show for a long while. He    was laid off and was hired at Giant
                                      brought home a best truck trophy       Eagle. He was then laid off once
   Lorna is still Scrapbooking, and   and best of show trophy.
just returned from ScrapBash 05,                                             again after six months and now is
                                      Sherman is also trying to get back     working as a meat cutter at
Scrappers Gone Wild! She didn't       into the swing of trap shooting
get many pages completed, but                                                Foodland -- what a year.
                                      since his down time with his neck
had lots of fun shopping and          problem. He is having a hard time         Zac will end his employment at
doing lots of demos. She is           getting back on track and trying to    the Fenton Art Glass gift shop at
currently    trying     to   finish   get his average back up to a           the end of August. He worked in
Jonathan’s college scrapbook,         competitive number.                    the gift shop as a tour guide and a
and keep up with Michael’s high
                                                                             sales associate for nearly three
school activities. She fantasizes        Aaron and Justin are two of         years. He’s leaving to focus all of
that she will have his book           the biggest Bengal fans of all time.   his time on graduate school.
completed when he graduates!          Michael was treated to a trip to
                                      his first                                Lisa was promoted to Fiscal
  Mallory       works     at  the     pro                                    Officer 2 for the State of Ohio.
neighborhood pool as a lifeguard.     football
She will be going to choir camp       game last                                 Bruce is still traveling a lot, and
and volleyball camp this summer.      fall.                                  he recently returned from
                                      Guess                                  London. Said he had a great time,
   Kyle     Jewell     is     still   who they                               enjoyed the Library in London,
skateboarding and has also taken      went to                                especially the old documents. His
up motorcycle riding. He has won      see (Bengal's vs. Browns)? He          class enjoyed his "Americaness" so
much they presented him with a             Justin is hoping to get started      black bear, but did get to see one
box of chocolates at the end of         this fall at Hocking tech. and          this year in Yellowstone.
class. He had the presence of           achieve a degree in forestry.
mind to bring them home and             Mindy says she can see herself             As most of you probably
share them with Lorna!                  now running from him as a               already know, the Haymans are a
                                        poacher of the great whitetail.         hearty bunch of campers. When
   Shane works for Jim O’Brien,                                                 other campers were fleeing for
making boxes and packing                   Cory, who is fast approaching        their lives as two hurricanes bore
tomatoes in them. He is also            graduation from Hocking Tech, is        down on the Skyline Drive last
helping Jan Norris and Bill             working this summer as he did last      August, Lillie, Phyllis, Don,
Hupp. Otherwise, he is enjoying         at the Mountaineer Plant in New         Donna, Ted, Sallie, Linda,
his summer vacation and riding his      Haven. It is believed in certain        Brice, Marcie, Kyle, Kelsey,
four-wheeler.                           circles that he may be running an       John, Shari, Keri, Nate, and
                                        under cover investigation of the        assorted friends chose to stay
  Derreck’s band “Raised on             place, as he is majoring in             behind and brave the pouring rain
Zenith (ROZ)” is still performing       Environmental Science. Aaron            and howling wind. Not even the
and recording. They are playing in      and Justin are pretty proud of          raging elements could stop them
other states now.                       their brother, even though he is a      from making (and eating!)
                                        Broncos nut.                            homemade ice cream.
   Derreck and his girlfriend
Vanya (from Serbia, she was at                                                      Lil, Phyllis, and Linda were at
the reunion last year) are doing        TRAVEL                                  Don’s and Brice’s two weeks last
some private catering jobs in                                                   August. They all did other things
Chicago.                                   Linda’s first jet airplane flight    besides the camping trip. When
                                        was to Don and Donna’s last             all took Lil to Brice’s, they dined
   Ashley was named Manager of          summer with Phyllis and Lil. She        on Marcie’s excellent clam
the year in the Northwest Region        enjoyed the visit plus a lot of sight   chowder and crab soups, and took
of the country and won a trip to        seeing and eating out -- Chinese        the traditional trip to Hoffman’s
Chicago in June to visit Corporate.     was her favorite. She also enjoyed      Ice Cream Shop. Later, Lil went
While there she visited Derreck.        the trip in their new van down to       on a picnic with Kyle’s scout
She is a manager and manager            Virginia’s Shenandoah National          troop and their families, and saw
trainer for The Icing (jewlery and      Park and the stay up on the             Kyle do a skit.          Meanwhile,
accessories store) in Portland.         Skyline Drive at Big Meadows            Phyllis and Linda toured the
                                        Lodge        and      Campground.       Annapolis waterfront, took a
   Jordan is working full time as a     Although the campers departed           round trip ride across the five-mile
Manager for Peter Piper Pizza                                                   Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and
(chain of restaurants in Phoenix)                                               visited Sandy Point State Park at
in Scottsdale.                                                                  the end of the bridge.

   Benjamin is still in Asheville,                                                 Pete, Lisa and Lisa’s parents
NC working at a TGI Fridays. He                                                 were able to get tickets to a Bush
plans to return to college this fall.                                           rally in Cambridge, Ohio. They
Steve and Darlene hope to visit                                                 waited in a line over a mile long to
him before school starts.                                                       get through security. They then
                                                                                waited a few hours in the rain in
  Aaron is working at the Lakin         for the mountains from different        tight, cramped spaces to see the
Corrections Facility, and in his        homes, by chance they all met at        presidential     motorcade      and
spare time spending all the time he     the first overlook as they were         President Bush. It was a complete
can raising his two children. He        climbing the Skyline Drive. Linda       thrill for all.
spends lots of his spare time at ball   says she would love to go again
games and other various things          and feels it was great with a lot of       Travel for the Keith Hayman
Michael and Alley are involved          family members from both Don            family has not been too bad this
with.                                   and Donna’s side. Phyllis also          year.    Keith went alone in
                                        enjoyed the trip. She didn’t see a      February to Nashville for a captain
and pilot meeting. He said the             Pete and Lisa took their annual    Chincoteague, VA. Since Brice is
best part was a trip to Bass Pro        family vacation to Gulf Shores,       always camping with Kyle’s Scout
Shops after a long day in a             AL, and the weather was great.        troop, this was an opportunity for
meeting room. The family did            They happened to be very lucky        some father/daughter bonding
one small camping trip to Forked        while there this year. The major      time. They had a wonderful time
Run with the camper. They were          hurricane Ivan came to town the       together, bike riding, taking walks,
long overdue for a good family          week after they left. The area was    watching movies, and eating ice
trip, so four nights at Niagara Falls   really torn up. Most condos had       cream. They both want to do it
just seemed like a good thing to        to be rebuilt. They will go there     again this year and make it a yearly
do. Keith said as much time as he       again this year and spend time        tradition.
spends on the water and                 looking at what used to be.
understands its power, he can’t see                                              Steve and Darlene’s family
why anyone in their right mind             Pete, Lisa, and kids also took     visited Universal Studios and
would even think about going            their annual winter vacation to Ft.   Island of Adventure in Orlando.
over the falls in a barrel. He said     Myers Beach, FL. The weather          Steve took the kids to the Pepsi
the best part was riding the “Maid      was absolutely perfect. It was cold   400 race in Daytona, and all were
of the Mist,” but they would not        and rainy the week before they        at the beach for four days. It was
let him drive the boat. They also       arrived, and cold and rainy the       Desiree’ and Trace's first time to
went to Marineland and had a lot        weeks after. There was a little       fly. All had a great time.
of fun.                                 damage from hurricane Ivan
                                        which was neat to see while              Sam and Olivia went to
   Starting June 23rd, Linda,           walking on the beach. They did a      Anaheim, California in November
Gloria, Mindy, Phyllis, Barbie,         lot of biking.                        for Olivia's work. She attended
and Carolyn flew to Salt Lake                                                 the National Association for the
City, and Ashley came from                 Derreck got Gloria and             Education of Young Children
Oregon to meet them. They               Phyllis plane tickets to Chicago as   annual conference. Sam did some
rented a mini-van, and traveled         Christmas presents. They went in      sightseeing while Olivia attended
through Utah, Idaho, and                January, and it was 17 below there.   conference sessions. Olivia didn't
Wyoming to the Grand Tetons             They took the “Untouchables           have to work the entire time so
and Yellowstone National Park.          Tour” of gangster sights, and saw     they both enjoyed seeing the
They then went into South Dakota        where Mrs. Oleary’s cow started       Pacific Ocean and visiting
to see the Black Hills, the             the great Chicago fire.               Disneyland.
Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and
the Crazy Horse Monument.                  In May, Brice spent four days         Sarah Beth went to Hilton
They saw a lot of beautiful             in Phoenix, AZ attending a            Head Island with her friend
scenery, and the Badlands were          conference for work. During his       Michelle. Besides soaking up the
Phyllis’s favorite. They saw a          free time, he explored the Tonto      sun and shopping, she went shark
prairie     dog                         National Forest and drove part of     fishing and got to pet some
town and a lot                          the Apache Trail.        He also      dolphins. She also took in the 4th
of         wild                         explored       Phoenix’s    South     of July fireworks on River Street.
animals       –                         Mountain Park which is the largest    She said it was quite a show, but
buffalo, elk,                           city park in the nation. He saw a     nothing like Uncle Keith’s.
black bear, a                           lot of cacti, jack rabbits and a
bighorn ram, pronghorns, eagles,        coyote (however, seeing the              Lisa and Pete spent four days
deer, a bull moose, and a mother        coyote was not that impressive        in Las Vegas. They will have to go
moose with a calf. They visited         since he                              back to hit the jackpot.
the Circle B Ranch where they had       has
a real chuckwagon dinner and            spotted                                  Sherman and Mindy went to
enjoyed an old western music            them at                               the NASCAR race in Bristol last
show -- it was really good. They        his house                             year, and the drag races in
also rode an 1880’s train in the        in Maryland).                         Columbus where they witnessed
Black Hills, the same one that is                                             the fastest 1/4 mile run in history -
featured on the latest “Into the          Brice and Kelsey spent a long       - 336 miles per hour.
West” series on television.             weekend last October camping at
   Brice, Marcie, Kyle, and            Nicole,                                and laying around on the beach.
Kelsey spent the July 4th weekend      Mallory,                               Ted stayed home and babysat the
in Georgia with Bruce and Lorna.       Lucas,                                 nuisance dogs.
Marcie and Lorna spent most of         and Max
their time talking about crafts;       all went                                  Ted, Mike, Terri, Emma,
Kyle and Michael spent their           to Madera                              Scott, Ed, David, Barb, Curtis,
time with Playstation controllers in   Beach,                                 RJ, Kim, and Pete took their
their hands; Brice and Bruce           Florida                                annual trip to Mansfield, OH for
enjoyed their visit to Stone           two weeks after the reunion last       the Craftsman Truck race. They
Mountain; and Kelsey enjoyed the       year.       They stayed in a           also took six of their neighbors.
swimming.         And, everyone        condominium in St. John’s Pass,        Two days before the race, a storm
enjoyed eating ice cream.              an inlet from the ocean. They          blew through and tore down the
                                       spent most of their time on the        bleachers they were supposed to
   Gloria went to Pigeon Forge         beach and at the pools. Sallie         be sitting in, so they had to sit on
and Gatlinburg in April with three     spent most of her time shopping        the grass. It was still a good race
friends and saw Louise Mandrel         with Ted and Nicole across the         and they had a good time.
perform in her theater. The only       street at the mall. Ted got up
concerts she has been to this year     early every morning to take a walk        Last October, Kim, RJ, Terri,
were The Eagles and Eminem.            on the beach to explore, and really    and Mike went to Martinsville,
                                       enjoyed watching the fishing boats     VA for the NASCAR Nextel Cup
   Last July Michael and Lorna,        getting ready to go out.               race, and definitely would like to
during a visit to Ohio, drove to          Ted thought the highlight of
Maryland with Beverly and Zac          their vacation was renting two
to visit Brice, Marcie, Kyle, and      Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Kelsey. During their visit they        Chris and Terry rented the
went to the World War II               motorcycles and they spent several
Memorial in Washington, DC. On         hours exploring the island. Yes
the drive back to Ohio they visited    folks, even Sallie and Ted turned
the     Eisenhower     Farm       at   into a pair of Harley Hogs (in less
Gettysburg.                            than two weeks after the vacation,
                                       Chris and Terry had their own
                                                                              go there again.
   Michael went with the Lassiter      motorcycles).
High School Orchestra to New              In addition to the beach, shops,
                                                                                 Kim, Barb, and Terri are
York City in March, where they         motorcycles, and the pool they
                                                                              making plans to take a cruise to
performed at the Opus School for       rented three jet skis. The kids, big
                                                                              Cozemel, Mexico for four days in
the Fine Arts and were invited to a    and small, had a great time on
                                                                              November. Terri's sister-in-law is
clinic at the Lincoln Center. One      them. They went out to dinner
                                                                              also going, and they plan to drag
evening was spent on Broadway at       and had some awesome seafood.
                                                                              Marilyn with them.
the Phantom of the Opera. The          They had a really good time.
Orchestra       also   had      the
                                                                                 Mike, Terri, Emma and Scott
opportunity to see the San                This year, Chris, Joyce, Terry,
                                                                              went to Disneyland for Spring
Francisco Philharmonic perform.        Melanie and all the kids are going
                                                                              Break. They flew into Las Vegas
Needless to say, they had time for     to Walt Disney World. They will
                                                                              and drove four hours through the
sightseeing. A highlight for           be leaving at the end of July.
                                                                              desert to Anaheim, California. It
Michael was the Trump Tower;           Everyone is very excited.
                                                                              was a beautiful drive and very
he says they have gold plated toilet
                                                                              memorable. They visited the San
seats and automatic soap                  Michael and Alley enjoyed a
                                                                              Diego zoo where they saw panda
dispensers. His favorite place in      trip to Myrtle Beach this summer
                                                                              bears, and visited Universal
New York was Chinatown, where          with their mother Sarah.
                                                                              Studios. In Disneyland they had a
he met his brother Jonathan
                                                                              lunch       Burger       invasion
during the visit.                         The first week of May this year
                                                                              (McDonalds), and the only
                                       Sallie went to Florida with her
                                                                              invasion that occurred was to
  Ted, Sallie, Chris, Joyce,           friend Rose. They stayed for a
                                                                              Mike’s wallet.
Alex, Amy, Terry, Melanie,             week and spent the time shopping
                                        Methodist Church.        Don and        committee and many helpers from
HOMES                                   Donna attended.                         all the churches involved helped
                                                                                make all the phone calls to every
    Last August, Don and Donna                                                  home in Mason County that they
had their family bath remodeled.                                                could reach to invite them. The
It included handicap equipment to                                               Crusade was a great success and
enable Donna’s mother to use it,                                                many souls were saved. There was
since she came to live with Don                                                 a NASCAR Night with testimony
and Donna following Robert’s                                                    by driver/car owner Randy
death. Lil, Phyllis, and Linda                                                  MacDonald.           Youth Night
were visiting at the time, and were                                             featured trumpet player Chiz
the first to initiate the new              Brian taught 3rd grade Sunday
                                        School with Carole as his               Rider (who has played at Billy
bathroom.                                                                       Graham Crusades and “The
                                        assistant. He had quite a
                                        challenging class! In addition to       Crystal Cathedral” in California),
  Zac will be moving from his                                                   and a pizza party followed by a
apartment in Belpre to an               Sunday School, he is now
                                        Chairman of the Finance                 Christian youth Rock Band. On
apartment in Athens at the                                                      Country Music Night, Grand Ole
beginning of September.                 Committee and for several
                                        months assumed the treasurer’s          Opry star George Hamilton IV,
                                        duties this past year!                  who is a Christian, was a special
  Brian & Carole’s bathroom                                                     guest and singer. Phyllis and Lil
remodeling was successful. So                                                   went that night. It was also
much so that Carole employed               Linda is still staying busy with
                                        her gospel group,” PROCLAIM”.           patriotic night., and Linda
her father to redo their other                                                  participated in the choir each night
bathroom.                               The “New Beginnings Baptist”
                                        church, which is owned by Faith         and they sang the theme songs to
                                        Baptist where she is a member,          all the military service branches as
   In April, RJ and Kim became                                                  men stood up for their branch of
home owners, and are all settled in     completed a new parsonage with
                                        the help of a mission team called       service.
now. Of course, RJ conveniently
threw his back out the day before       “Builders for Christ”.         The
                                        dedication will be the fourth week          Dr. Clyde Dupin has traveled
they moved. He was down for                                                     to more than 40 countries around
about five days -- thank heavens        of July, along with a Revival.
                                                                                the world and preached face to
for Barb, Curtis and their friends.                                             face to more than four million
                                           Linda was also involved with
                                        the Clyde Dupin Crusade last            people. The media has called him
   Mindy and Sherman have                                                       the Billy Graham to small cities
been working on remodeling their        spring in the Point Pleasant and
                                        Mason County area. It was Great!        in America. Linda loved working
old farm house. One of the things                                               with both Clyde and his wife
Mindy cherishes the most is the         There were hundreds of God’s
                                        people working together to make         Grace, and felt very blessed to
drop leaf table from her grand                                                  play instrumentals and also play
mother’s house. Just as grandma         Christ known in the Community.
                                        The goals of a Crusade are to win       the keyboard for groups at the
worked with the table, so did                                                   ladies teas each day. Grace was a
Mindy as she sanded and                 the lost to Christ, to bring renewal
                                        to the believers. and to activate the   very good speaker. As a result,
refinished it to a condition that she                                           over 50 ladies signed up to start a
is sure grandma would be proud          inactive church members. There
                                        were weeks of preparation with          ladies tea every so often in Mason
of.                                                                             County. Linda says during her
                                        meetings, rallies, workshops,
                                        prayer vigils, and ladies teas with     walk with God down through the
CHURCH                                  Clyde Dupin’s wife Grace                years, she has met so many
                                        hosting the teas. Linda still had       friends, many who she will never
   Russell was confirmed on May         sore feet from her surgery so she       see again on this earth -- life has
1st at Westminster United               figured the Phone Committee             been quite a journey. She has
Methodist Church. Don and               would be the easiest job for her.       experienced “the winners circle”,
Donna attended.                         Somehow she ended up as                 and “defeat”. She has felt rich and
                                        Chairperson and landed on the           poor in many, many ways.
  Sarah was confirmed on May            Executive Committee. It was
15th at Catonsville United              quite a job, but everyone on the
   Did anyone know Linda’s             contemporary history, a field that      became known as the “math
favorite bird was the eagle?           strives to analyze current events       whiz.” His teacher nicknamed him
                                       from a historical perspective.          “the weatherman” because he
                                                                               gave her daily weather reports.
                                          Shane will be a Senior this year.
                                       He made the honor roll every time          Maryland State Governor Bob
                                       his entire Junior year.                 Ehrlich visited Timothy and
                                                                               Matthew’s elementary school at
                                          Sophia finished kindergarten,        the end of the school year.
                                       did very well, and is moving on to      Governor Ehrlich grew up in
                                       the first grade. She loves to read --   Arbutus and his parents still reside
                                       she read over 60 books this school      there. The kids all had a great time
                                       year -- and she loves to participate    and enjoyed the opportunity to
                                       in arts and crafts.                     meet him. As PTA President,
                                                                               Brian was also on hand as a
                                          Sarah Beth finished her 8th          school representative.
                                       grade year on the honor roll with a
Ashley’s keen eyes spotted an          GPA of 3.875, and was a member              Sarah was selected to play her
eagle, which she also loves, when      of the student council. She was         flute in the Arbutus Wind
all were out west in the Valley of     also a member of the Edison             Ensemble which is an honors
the Great Tetons in Wyoming.           Choir which competed in                 band at her school. In addition to
Linda says she had prayed and          Cincinnati where they finished          weekly practices, the group
asked God to let her see an eagle      first in girls ensemble. She also       performed special concerts at a
in the mountains. It was a big deal    received two most valuable choir        retirement community and at area
to her, but maybe small to others.     member awards.                          elementary schools. The band also
Maybe next year she will write                                                 participated in a competition at
about the eagle and what it means         Jesse completed his first year       Hershey Park where they placed
in comparison to God and his           of college, made the Deans List         4th and received a “superior”
children and how many times it is      both grade terms, and finished          rating. Sarah also performed solo
mentioned in the Bible. She            with a 3.75 GPA. He is majoring         at the Baltimore County Festival
believes God is always the answer      in secondary education.                 for her adjudication and received
to every need in our life, and this                                            an “excellent rating.” In June, she
she can never deny. Linda says            Timothy completed 5th grade          attended band camp and
He has always been there even          with perfect attendance and will        performed an outdoor concert at
when she knows she has failed          start middle school this fall. He       Oregon Ridge Park (during a
Him and others, ready and waiting      played clarinet in the school band      thunderstorm!).
for her companionship.                 and was a school safety.
                                                                                  Brian completed his first year
SCHOOL                                    Sarah completed 7th grade            as the Arbutus Elementary PTA
                                       with perfect attendance. She was        President. It was interesting.
   Zac received his bachelor of        inducted into the National Junior       Officially,     Carole     is    the
arts in history from Ohio              Honor Society, the National             Corresponding Secretary for the
University in June. He will remain     Junior Art Honor Society, and           PTA, but in reality, she is looked
at O.U. to continue studying           volunteered as a peer mediator.         upon by the other parents as the
history and to begin working on a                                              Co-President and also as Treasurer
master’s degree in the fall. As a         Sarah is volunteering at the         (a job she relinquished a year ago).
graduate student, Zac will focus       Baltimore County Library again
on the history of U.S. foreign         this year to help with the summer          Carole has completed 1,000
relations -- especially with the       reading club.                           hours of volunteer service at
Soviet Union -- during the Cold                                                Arbutus Elementary School. She
War. In addition to the master’s          Matthew completed 2nd grade          was invited to attend a recognition
program, he will also take part in a   with perfect attendance. He kept        ceremony where she received an
special graduate program that          his teacher on her toes with his        award from the Superintendent
awards      a     certificate     in   extremely good memory and               and School Board of Baltimore
County for her service. In addition    contributions to the community.           Kyle Jewell will be starting 9th
to volunteering, she now works as      The finale of his time at the          grade at Wahama this year. Only
a substitute teacher and got to fill   station was a trip to the CMJ          four more years to go!
in for Timothy and Matthew’s           Music Festival in New York City.
teachers this year. It seems like                                                For the second year in a row,
every child’s nightmare, but they         Jonathan had several intern         Nate has been nominated to be
actually loved it.                     positions, including the ÒUGA          one      of     the      Maryland
                                       Career Development Intern.             representatives to the Junior
   Both Emma and Scott will be         Active in Alpha Kappa PSI, a           National       Young       Leaders
attending the same middle school       professional business fraternity, he   Conference because of his
this year. Emma will be in the         received an Academy foundation         outstanding              academic
8th grade and Scott will be in the     fellowship and was fraternity          achievements and demonstrated
6th grade.                             President his senior year.             leadership potential. Participants
                                       Jonathan enjoyed fencing on the        are invited to attend a special
   This fall, David will start 4th     UGA Fencing Team, and was on           reception on Capitol Hill, where
grade, Nicholas will start 2nd         the Student Leadership Advisory        they have the opportunity to meet
grade, and Emily will be in            Council. He was also a member of       some of our nation's leaders.
Kindergarten! Emily is a little        Omicron Delta Epsilon, an
concerned about having a “boy          Economics Society, and Omicron            Desiree’ was inducted into the
teacher”, but Nicholas had him         Delta Kappa, a Leadership Honor        Junior National Honor Society.
too and keeps assuring her she will    Society.      Upon graduation,         She also is a member of the
have a great time.                     Jonathan accepted a position with      Builders Club and is a teacher’s
                                       Accenture in Manhattan, NY.            assistant. She works the Safety
   Jordan is going to school full                                             town program for two weeks
time     at    Paradise   Valley                                              every summer as a volunteer.
Community College, and made the
Dean’s list during the Winter                                                    Nicole graduated from Hilliard
Spring semester.                                                              Davidson High School this year.
                                                                              She graduated with honors. She
  Lisa became the Market Day                                                  plans to attend Ohio Dominican
Chairman for Big Walnut                                                       University where she will major in
Elementary.                                                                   special education, and wants to
                                                                              teach high school special
  Jonathan graduated from the                                                 education students. Nicole works
University    of     Georgia      in                                          at the neighborhood pool and also
December with a double major in                                               at a clothing store for children.
Economics and Marketing, a
minor in Mass Communications,                                                    Mallory finished the ninth
and an Interdisciplinary Certificate                                          grade with honors. She continues
in Personal and Organizational            Michael finished his freshman       to take voice lessons and piano
Leadership. He was presented           year at Lassiter High School in        lessons. She tried out and made
with the Pandora Outstanding           Marietta, GA. He enjoyed               senior choir at Davidson. During
Senior Leader Award.                   Orchestra, and is currently            the robing ceremony (custom for
                                       enrolled in Synergy, an accelerated    new members), Nicole had the
   During his time at UGA,             academic program. His emphasis         honor of robing her younger sister
Jonathan was active at WOUG,           is Language Arts and History. He       (Grandma Sallie cried). A few
the campus radio station.              enjoys playing Halos (he is a rank     weeks after the senior choir
Beginning as a DJ, Jonathan            20 in double team and team slayer,     tryouts, Mallory tried out and
became Training Director and           for those of you who know what         made the Madrigals (another
then General Manager. Jonathan         that means), and Magic when he         singing group at the high school).
enjoyed participating in the college   isn’t       writing    ridiculously
music scene, including Athfest,        complicated papers or practicing          Lucas just finished the third
where the radio station won            his violin.                            grade. Max just finished the first
awards for outstanding music                                                  grade.
                                        and ended up with the best ERA         the two mile run at a regional
   Michael is proud to be going         on the team. He also played some       invitational track meet, distance
into the third grade this year. He      shortstop and third base, and is       runner of the year at Long Reach
finished the second with some           expected to be the starting third      High school, and 2nd place at the
academic awards for his hard work       basemen or shortstop next year.        Regional Championships. Finally,
and concentration on doing well.        He is also playing softball with the   she had the great honor of
                                        Eagles team and on his church          qualifying for the Maryland State
   Alley is also proud to have          team.     He wishes to thank           Championships, and after taking
finished fourth grade and is            everyone who donated money for         8th place, she was a bit
headed to the fifth. She brings         his baseball team.                     disappointed. She said she could
with her academic awards of                                                    have done so much better, and she
excellence at grade card time.             Ken plays on a church league        realized that too late into the race.
                                        softball team, and still plays         Oh well…there’s always next year!
                                        basketball during the winter at a      ☺
                                        local gym.
SPORTS                                     David is about to wrap up a
                                        stellar baseball season with the
   Keri and Nate earned their           Rockies.      Although his main
black belts in Tae Kwon Do this         position is shortstop, he made his
past year. They are now studying        pitching debut this season and
Hap Ki Do as well. Their master is      struck out five batters in two            Desiree' ran track this year and
convinced that Keri doesn't need        innings. He proved it wasn’t just a    took 1st place in the 400 meter at
to learn Hap Ki Do since she can        fluke, when they needed him again      one meet. She also won a medal
just claw her opponents to death        in their 2nd tournament game and       at an invitational. This was her
with her killer fingernails. Don,       David struck out three batters in a    first year for track. She also played
Donna, and Grandma Great                row. They call him their secret        basketball for MMS and the whole
watched them break boards and           weapon! The Rockies will play          family enjoyed watching her
fight two opponents at one time         their 3rd tournament game next         games. She is going to start tennis
to earn those black belts.              week, which will determine who         next month, and is still dancing.
                                        will     play    for    the    final
   Matthew played baseball for          championship. David plans to              Logan played for the New
Arbutus Little League. He had a         play soccer this fall and basketball   Orleans Saints football team again
chance to play all the positions        this winter.                           this year. He was running back
since it was an instructional league,                                          and safety. He scored many
but liked playing catcher best.            Emily continues to take             touchdowns, recovered a fumble,
                                        gymnastics every week, but             intercepted a pass and made some
   Timothy did a book report on         thought she would try her hand at      great saving tackles.      This is
Babe Ruth in school this past year.     soccer and teeball too this year.      Logan’s ultimate joy. If he isn’t
Evidently he learned a few              Soccer was great fun, especially       playing football outside, or on the
pointers too many on how to hit a       since her team was all girls and       Nintendo, he is sleeping.
home run. He scored one through         Dad was the coach. Teeball on the
the kitchen window. He is now           other hand just had too many              Trace had a great baseball
looking for odd jobs to pay for it.     boys. Emily plans to stick with        season this year. Their team took
                                        soccer and gymnastics this fall and    1st place in the Bantam league.
   Sarah Beth took her 8th grade        will think about teeball next          He got to pitch and catch. He
year of cheerleading and is             spring.                                also played basketball.
beginning her 9th grade year in
August.      She is not looking            Keri ran her butt off this year        Katie is in her last year
forward to the hard work, but is        during her first year of track at      of cheer/dance. She did
excited to get back into cheering.      Long Reach High School, and            wonderful and absolutely
                                        fortunately, it was worth it. She      loves it.     She will be
   Jesse finished his freshman          won many ribbons and awards            cheering for the New
year of college baseball. He was in     this year, including a gold medal in   Orleans Saints next year.
the starting rotation of pitchers
   Katie tried her hand at                 Michael is an avid baseball
basketball.    Lisa thinks she          player as he pitches on one team
enjoyed being out there with her        and plays on another as catcher.
best friend more than she liked the     He also plays football in the fall.
game itself. By the last game she       Alley is a cheerleader for
did end up guarding someone             Michael’s football team, and is
fairly well.                            active in Girl Scouts.

   Logan is playing in the Big
Walnut minor leagues. He is on
the New York Yankees. They
finished 4th in the league. It is his
first year of kid pitch.

  Katie is in her first year of
machine pitch. It sure makes
mom nervous having a 33 miles
per hour ball pitched toward her,
but she does great.

   Emma and Scott are going to
tennis and golf camps this
summer. Mike lets Scott drive
the golf cart sometimes (it’s pretty
scary!) They
also continue
to snowboard
every winter,
and      always
look forward
to a very
snowy one.

played volleyball for Hilliard
Davidson High School this year.
She was the team captain. She
also played in Cap City’s club
volleyball program. This was very
time consuming and involved
several weekends of traveling.

  Lucas had a good season of
baseball and looks forward to his
football season.

   Max has had an awesome
baseball season. He averaged one
homerun a game. In addition, he
made the ALLSTAR team. Max
is also looking forward to football
season when he will be playing on
the same team as Lucas.
                                      The Ohio Connection
                                              By Brice Hart

   Those of us who do not live in Southeastern             Mr. O’Bryan knew that I wasn’t really
Ohio really do look upon the area with awe and         buying a new truck, but that didn’t stop our
fondness. I have lived in Maryland for over 20         conversation. He grew up in Baltimore and he
years now. But no matter where I go or who I           talked about his travels around the
talk to, I am always looking for that “Ohio            country…Florida, out west to Missouri, and up
connection”. Most of the time when I do meet           and down the East Coast. Of all the places that
someone from Ohio, either they went to Ohio            he has been, he thought Southeastern Ohio is
State or they are from the Cleveland area.             one of the better places around and that is the
                                                       place he has chosen to retire.
   I was recently visiting a used car lot (just-
lookin) in Westminster, MD.         During the             We have a tradition in our household of
conversation with the salesman (Jim O’Bryan), I        talking about the “high point” of our week
mentioned that I am originally from Ohio. Mr.          which is to identify any event that occurred that
O’Bryan asked me what part of Ohio, to which I         week that stands out as the best. When I
replied, “How well do you know your Ohio               returned home from the used car lot, I told
geography?” Mr. O’Bryan said that his wife’s           Marcie about this conversation and that it was
family is from Gallipolis, and that he just            definitely the “high point” of my week…I had
returned from a family reunion there.                  made another “Ohio connection”.

    Our conversation just opened up at this point.
We spent the next hour (literally) talking about
the Ohio River, southern Ohio, and his plans for
retirement. Mr. O’Bryan has a boat and he likes
to fish in the Chesapeake Bay. His hope is to
find some retirement property along the Ohio
River and fish there. I told him about the River
view at my sister’s house, about our family
reunions, about my uncle who pilots the barges
up and down the river, and about “The Camp”
on the river which Mom and Dad had for many
years. He talked about how friendly the folks
are in that area, how cheap real estate is, and
how much slower the pace is.
                                     What’s the Forecast?
                        (A 50% chance Shane will be a meteorologist!)

   As most of you know, I went to Job Shadow           I listened to Lisa and Adam as they discussed
Lisa Teachman of WSAZ News Channel 3 at             the weather. Dad’s biggest question was “Do
the Clay Center for Arts and Sciences in            you all disagree on the weather?” They said,
Charleston, WV on March 31, 2005. I helped          “All the time.”
predict the weather, and she showed me how to
put the forecast together. It was a lot of fun.        I appeared on television for about six
                                                    seconds, and it was a bump shot. Mom
    Lisa had a weather intern named Brandy.         recorded it and I watched it when I got home.
We asked all kinds of questions and she told us
stories. For example. There was this man in             Here is some sad news at WSAZ. Adam
Nebraska, and he was watching TV in his living      Joseph and Lisa Teachman both left for better
room. There was a Severe Thunderstorm Watch         jobs. Adam went to Philadelphia and Lisa went
issued, and without anyone knowing anything a       to Baltimore.     They now have two new
hail the size of a volleyball came through his      meteorologists at WSAZ. They are Erin Jordan
living room. It did a lot of damage and he was      and Todd Borek. Todd took Adam’s place. His
fine.                                               telecast is weekdays at 5:00 and 5:30 p.m. Erin
                                                    is the new Weekend Meteorologist, working the
   I talked to one of the other meteorologists at   entire weekend. Todd is from Michigan and
Channel 3, named Adam Joseph. He asked me           Erin is from Duluth, Minnesota.
some questions and asked me where I was from.
When I said, “Racine, Ohio” he said, “You                                           Shane Hayman
mean to tell me that you are from Racine where
they got hit really hard last year by Hurricane
Ivan when it got to Racine?” I said, “Yes.”
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