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									                                NURSING TRANSFER PLAN
                   To Azusa Pacific University from Victor Valley College

This transfer plan is to be used as a guide for students wishing to transfer to Azusa Pacific
University’s Two-Plus-Two (High Desert) BSN Program. This is a tool to aid students in knowing
which courses APU will accept to fulfill General Studies and Nursing degree requirements. It is the
student’s responsibility to see that all of the requirements are met upon completing their degree at
APU. Admission and transfer policies can also be found in the 2011-2012 catalog.

Admission to the Two-Plus-Two (High Desert) BSN Program
Admission to the university does not guarantee admission into the School of Nursing. Students may declare
their desire to be admitted into a BSN Program when applying to the university on their application. Once
accepted to the university, these students will be reviewed for admission into the Two-Plus-Two (High
Desert) Option. The Two-Plus-Two Option has been designed to meet the needs of the transfer student
interested in pursuing a baccalaureate degree in nursing. Once accepted, students must remain in the Two-
Plus-Two Option for the duration of the program. They cannot decide to switch to the Generic Option once
they have been accepted into the Two-Plus-Two Option.

Transfer applicants interested in the Two-Plus-Two (High Desert) Option must meet the following
admission requirements:
1. Submit an application to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions indicating interest in becoming a nursing
major and pursuing the Two-Plus-Two (High Desert) Option. Include in that application the following
          a. Official transcripts from all college and/or universities.
          b. Letters of recommendation as required by the university and School of Nursing.
          c. A one-page statement of professional goals in nursing.
          d. A résumé reflecting volunteer plus work experience within the past three years. Please include
leadership positions within volunteer organizations, community service and/or employment where
2. Submit evidence of a minimum of 60 college or university semester units of transferrable nursing
prerequisite course requirements for the semester in which the student is requesting admission.
3. Submit proof of achieving a minimum cumulative college or university grade-point average of B (3.00) or
4. Successfully complete Human Anatomy w/lab (4 units), Organic Chemistry for Health Science w/lab (3
units), Biochemistry (1 unit), Human Physiology w/lab (4 units), and General Microbiology w/ lab (4 units)
with no lower than a B- (2.7) grade-point average. Receive credit for college algebra.
5. Once a student has received a letter of acceptance into the School of Nursing, the following must be
provided proof of:
          a. Full physical examination clearance done within the past 12 months. This report is to be
submitted to the APU Health Center.
          b. Current two-step TB tests, Hepatitis B, MMR titer, Varicella titer, and DTAP immunizations.
          c. A current background check.
          d. Ability to meet physical sensory technical standards required for safe and competent
performance of the duties and skills needed for the nursing occupation.
          e. Current CPR with AED certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support for Health Care Providers for
adults and children from the American Heart Association.

Transfer Students with Nursing Credit
1. Transfer applicants who have completed college nursing courses in nationally accredited nursing or other
health care programs are evaluated individually and may be given credit for courses that meet the
2. Up to 70 units of community college credit and additional units from a university (per registrar’s approval)
may be transferred. No community college nursing credit will be transferred. It might be possible for nursing
units from a nationally accredited university to be transferred in by administrative approval. Some nursing
courses may be challenged by the applicant if they have taken similar coursework from another university.
3. Students with transferable nursing courses must take UNRS 270 Theories and Concepts in Professional
Nursing prior to any other nursing course at APU except UNRS 220 Health Assessment, which may be
taken concurrently.
4. Transfer students with nursing credit must meet the Two-Plus-Two requirements for transfer applicants
above, plus:
          a. Submit a letter of recommendation/academic standing from the dean/director of the previous
school to the School of Nursing.
          b. Submit course syllabi and catalog descriptions for all courses for which nursing transfer credit is
requested to the School of Nursing.
                   c. The School of Nursing will only consider accepting nursing courses transferred in from an
          accredited baccalaureate nursing program.

          NOTE: All course requirements in bold must be completed without exception before beginning the
          Nursing Core Program.

  APU General Studies Requirements                               Victor Valley College Courses                    Completed

I. University Skills Requirements
A. Freshman Writing Seminar 1 course                      ENGL 101 or H101                                           □
B. Public Communication 1 course                          CMST 109                                                   □
C. Health Education 1 course                              Not required for Nursing majors                            □
                                                          APE 160, 166, 167, 183, 185
                                                          PE 150, 160, 162, 163, 164, 165, 182, 185, 190
D. Fitness for Life 1 course                              PEDA 160, 161, 166, 167, 169, 170, 171, 174,               □
                                                          175, 266, 267, 270, 271, 274, 275
                                                          or any intercollegiate sport
                                                          CMST 122, 123
                                                          FREN 101, 102
E. Foreign Language 2 courses
(2 semesters of the same language)
                                                          GERM 101, 102                                              □
                                                          LATN 101, 102
                                                          SPAN 101, 101A+101B, 102
F. Mathematics (MATH 110) 1 course                        MATH 105 or H105                                           □
G. Beginnings (not required for students who transfer
with 28+ units)
                                                          none                                                       □
II. Integrative Core Requirements
                                                          ART 101, 102, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109
A. Aesthetics and the Creative Arts 1 course
                                                          MUSC 100, 101, 102, 103, 116, 202, 204                     □
                                                          One course in philosophy and one course in
B. Heritage and Institutions 2 courses
                                                          history/political science
   1. Philosophy Component                                PHIL 101, 120, 121                                         □
                                                          HIST 103, 104, 117, H117, 118, H118 130, 131
   2. History/Political Science
                                                          POLS 101, 102, H102 112                                    □
C. Identity and Relationships (PSYC 110)
 1 course
                                                          PSYC 101 or H101                                           □
D. Language and Literature 1 course                       ENGL 102, H102, 230, 231, 240, 241                         □
E. Nature 1 course                                        Requirement satisfied by prerequisite courses for
(lecture and lab component required)                      Nursing majors.                                            □

                                                          This course must be Upper Division in order to
III. General Studies Electives                            satisfy the Upper Division General Studies
                                                          courses requirement.
SOC 358 Human Diversity
GLBL 301 Anthropology for Everyday Life
GLBL/COMM 310 Intercultural Communication

                                                          For students transferring in with +60 units:
                                                          * The prerequisite for UBBL 230 is waived.
IV. God’s Word and the Christian Response
                                                          * MIN 108 is waived as a prerequisite for the GS
and GS Upper Division Requirements
                                                          THEO courses.

Number of units transferred at the time of
                                                          APU Requirements (must complete all at APU)
                                                        MIN 108
                                                        UBBL 100
                                                        UBBL 230
28-45, first semester Sophomore                         THEO 303, 352, 354, or 363
                                                        Senior Seminar
                                                        Upper Division Writing Intensive
                                                        Two GS 300+ level courses (6 units)
                                                        MIN 108
                                                        UBBL 100
                                                        THEO 303, 352, 354, or 363
46-59, second semester sophomore
                                                        Senior Seminar
                                                        Upper Division Writing Intensive
                                                        One GS 300+ level course
                                                        6 units of GS-approved UBBL, MIN, or
                                                         THEO (one course per discipline)
60-74, first semester Junior                            Senior Seminar
                                                        Upper Division Writing Intensive
                                                        One GS 300+ level course
                                                        6 units of GS-approved UBBL, MIN, or
                                                         THEO (one course per discipline)
75-89, second semester Junior
                                                        Senior Seminar
                                                        Upper Division Writing Intensive
                                                        3 units of GS-approved UBBL, MIN, or
90+, Senior                                              THEO
                                                        Senior Seminar
     Bachelor of Science in Nursing                                                              Course
                                                        Victor Valley College Courses           Completed

                                                 These courses must be completed prior to
I. Prerequisite Course Requirements
                                                 enrolling in UNRS 105.
BIOL 220 General Microbiology (with lab)         BIOL 221                                          □
BIOL 250 Human Anatomy (with lab)                BIOL 211                                          □
BIOL 251 Human Physiology (with lab)             BIOL 231                                          □
CHEM 111 Organic Chemistry for Health
CHEM 112 Biochemistry for Health Science
                                                 CHEM 100 or 100H; 206+207 or H206+H207            □
CHEM 114 Laboratory for Health Science
PSYC 290 Human Growth & Development              PSYC 110 or H110                                  □
PSYC 299 Applied Statistics                      MATH 120 or H120                                  □
II. Nursing Major Requirements
UNRS 105 Foundations of Professional Nursing
UNRS 113 Pharmacology
UNRS 210 Nursing Care in Maternal, Newborn,
and Women’s Health
UNRS 212 Nursing Care of Adults and Elderly
UNRS 220 Health Assessment
UNRS 260 Nutrition
UNRS 270 Theories and Concepts in Professional
UNRS 306 Theoretical Frameworks for Nursing
UNRS 310 Mental Health Nursing
UNRS 313 Restorative Nursing
UNRS 314 Nursing Care of Children and Young
UNRS 367 Pathophysiology
UNRS 403 Leadership and Management in
Professional Practice
UNRS 410 Community Health Nursing
UNRS 411 Advanced Nursing Care of
UNRS 425 Nursing Research
UNRS 496 Senior Seminar: Ethics and Issues in
Health Care

III. Recommended Courses
UNRS 300 Complementary and Alternative
Therapies: Herbs, Supplements, and Nutrition
UNRS 380 Transcultural Health Care Outreach
UNRS 381 Transcultural Health Care Outreach-
UNRS 400 Advanced Practice: Professional
Studies and Communication Skills
UNRS 436 Fundamentals of Case Management

        Two-Plus-Two (High Desert) transfer reminders:

               The university can give credit for no more than 70 units of junior or two-year college work, and
                there is a maximum of 90 units that may be accepted from a four-year institution.

               No course from a two year or junior college can transfer to meet an APU upper division

               Any course may still be transferable for non-general studies elective units if designated as CSU/UC
                transferable in the course catalog.

               Successful completion of BIOL 220 (w/lab), BIOL 250 (w/lab), BIOL 251 (w/lab), CHEM 111, CHEM
                112, and CHEM 114 with no lower than a B- (2.7) grade-point average.

               A minimum cumulative grade-point average of a B (3.0) or better for all college work completed is
                required for admission to APU.

               There is no minimum unit requirement for admission to APU.

               Please see APU’s current catalog for additional information regarding admissions as a transfer

                                    For questions or more information please contact:

                                                 Azusa Pacific University
                                               High Desert Regional Center
                                                     (877) 247-3462

                                                 Azusa Pacific University
                                          Office of the Undergraduate Registrar
                                                      (626) 812-3013

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