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					                                     PLANO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT
                           2013 July 9-13 (8:45 AM - 1:30 PM) STAAR-EOC Registration

   If the student has met Satisfactory standard on an STAAR-EOC, retesting is not required. However,
    retesting may increase the score and raise the cumulative subject score for graduation requirements.
   If the student has Not met the Satisfactory standard on an EOC, it is recommended that the student
    attend summer EOC acceleration instruction and retest on the EOC in July.
   Students on EOC graduation track receiving Credit-by-Exam credit should register for EOC in July, 2012.

     Student's Legal Name: __________________________                   Current School: _______________
     Student’s Plano ID (6-digits): ______________________              Date of Birth: _________________
     Address: _____________________________________                     _______          __________
                House #,   Street Name,    Apt #                           City             Zip Code

     Parent/Guardian: ______________________________                    Phone: ____________
     Parent/Guardian E-Mail: ____________________________

          STAAR-EOCs in July 9 – 13: Check the box next to each EOC to register        8:45 AM - 1:30 PM

     □   Algebra I         □    Biology            □   World Geography             □    English I Reading
     □   Geometry          □    Chemistry          □   World History               □    English I Writing
     □   Algebra II        □    Physics            □   U.S. history                □    English II Reading
                                                                                   □    English II Writing
                                                                                   □    English III Reading
                                                                                   □    English III Writing
     My signature below indicates that I am requesting my child to be registered for STAAR EOC retesting
     on July 9-13 for the above indicated assessments.

     Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _________________

     Mail or Return Application to:                        Fax the Application to:
     Assessment & Accountability                           469-752-8861
     Plano I.S.D. Shiloh Center
     3540 E. 14th St.
     Plano, TX 75074

For Office Use Only:
Application Received: __________________           Registration Verified: _________________
                               Date                                               Date/Initial

Assessment and Accountability, Plano ISD                                          Revised 2012-06-26

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