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									                                                                                                                                                          Form EV2

             Risk Assessment Form
                                                                       RISK ASSESSMENT

             School / Centre: Durham Gilesgate Sports College SSP       Group Leader: Clare Harding
             Activity / Visit:   U13 Table Tennis       Date: 16 November 2010
             Venue:      Belmont Community Arts College

             Educational Objectives:-
              To compete in a table tennis tournament.

1. HAZARD                        2. RISK                3. CONTROLLING RISK                        4. RECORD YOUR FINDINGS                 5. REVIEW & REVISE
   List the Hazards which           List who might be      List existing precautions and              List what actions you have              Is any further action required
   could cause harm                 harmed and how         whether more should be done.               taken                                   before, during and after the visit.
General movement around the      All participants          Centres complies with Health and          All young people will be               Constant monitoring and review
centres:-                                                   Safety regulations.                        accompanied by members of               during event.
Stairs, Toilet areas, communal                             Centre has Public Liability                staff during movement around
areas                                                       Insurance                                  the centre to toliet
                                                           Communal areas looked after well
                                                            by centre staff.
Playing table tennis             All Participants          Each game to be umpired by a              Equipment to be right size/weight      Constant monitoring and review
competition                                                 teacher or sports leader student           for age.                                during event.
                                                           Pupils to sit away from playing area
                                                            when not involved in event.
Travel to and from centres       All Participants          Schools to organise own transport.                                                Constant monitoring and review
                                                           All children to wear seatbelts.                                                    during event.
                                                           Children dropped off and picked up
                                                            in car park or on correct side of

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