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                                UPEA 2011
Inside                      Legislative Priorities
this issue                      The Utah Public Employees
                            Association has announced its
                                                                        The Committee has also
                                                                    instructed the UPEA on the un-
   Volume 51, No. 6         legislative priorities for the 2011     intended consequences of Senate
  2nd VP Election           General Session of the Utah Leg-        Bill 43, which passed in 2010.
                        3   islature.                               The bill placed restrictions on
                                The Legislative Standing            rehired-retirees, but has prevented
 URS Rate Increase      4   Committee approved the legisla-         some former public employees
                            tive priorities at their last meeting   from filling necessary civic posi-
 Salt Lake County
                        5   in late October. The Committee          tions, such as working the election
 Employee Update
                            made their recommendations              polls.
  High Deductible           based on member input from a               The Legislative Standing Com-
Health Plan Proposed        recent survey (click here to see        mittee convene in June, 2011
  UPEA Promotes             Survey Results).                        unless pressing needs arise. All
  Fairness at ORS               Additionally, the Committee         UPEA members are encouraged
 UPEA Sample E-             incorporated a proposal to analyze      to join and participate in the Com-
                       13   employees' total compensation           mittee and help draft the UPEA's
 Ballot Available
 Brian Gough Fills          package through a non-partisan          course during upcoming sessions.
                       19   commission comprised of legisla-        If you are interested, please con-
 Important Office
                            tive members, human resources           tact Todd Losser at 801-264-8732
 UPEA Legislative           and UPEA.                               ext. 203.

                                        Please See Pages 22 and 23 for Complete Details

                            UPEA 2nd VP Election Candidates (See Page 3)

See Page 13
                                  Candidate Dennis Kay                   Candidate John Moody
     The Utah Public Employee                                       December 2010

            President's Message                                                       Who’s Who at
    Members were very involved during
this year's important election cycle.
The Association influenced changes to
the House, Senate, and County. Thank
you to everyone who got involved and
walked for candidates.
    UPEA members and staff spent
countless hours during nights and                                                    UPEA Elected Officers
weekends helping candidates drop off
                                                                                     Ron Velasquez, President
literature to constituents' doors. Your
efforts paid off. Candidates never                                                   Marsha Bentley, First Vice
forget the time you spend helping.                                                   President
    Also thank you to everyone                                                       Dennis Sorensen, Second Vice
who voted. Voting in any type of                                                     President
election whether it be local elections,
                                            Committee has met over the last          Debbie McBride, Immediate Past
presidential elections, or our
association elections, is an important      eight months to put together their       President
way to voice your will regarding            recommendations in the form of a
                                            legislative package.
elected officials or association leaders.
                                                The committee sent out a survey to
                                                                                     UPEA State Board
                                            all UPEA members asking for input        Jolene Wyler, SL Valley Education
    The Second Vice President elections
are upon us. This election is extremely     on issues they would like to see the     John Moody, Tax Commission
important to the association. The           association focus on during the 2011     Barry Vincent, Retirees District
winner will be an officer for four years,   legislative session. The committee       Norman Rentschler,
as the Second Vice President, First         met last month to read all the survey
                                            results and discuss and determine what   Mountainlands District
Vice President, President, and then
                                            issues were important to our members.    Alene Stringham, Ogden Valley
Immediate Past President. We have
two amazing candidates who have             The committee put out their proposed     District
been involved with the association for      Legislative package and it was           Sheri Watters, Law Enforcement
years. You can read the biographies         approved by the UPEA State Board
                                                                                     R. Wayne Griffin, Uintah Basin
for these two great choices on the          this month. Staff is now working hard
UPEA website or in this issue of our        to get the information out to all our
                                            members before the legislative session   UPEA Staff
newsletter. I hope everyone turns in a
ballot for this election.                   starts.                                  Audry Wood, Executive Director
   As we get closer to the 2011                 Thank you again to everyone who
                                                                                     Dennis Hammer, Deputy Director
Legislative session we are focusing on      is involved in the association and the
                                            election process. Our organization       Todd Losser, Todd Sutton,
what UPEA members find important
and spending our time lobbying for          runs because of each and every one of    Christy Cushing, Christine House,
their best interests. The Legislative       you. - Ron Velasquez                     Kory Cox, Employee Relations
Advertising herein and mention of organizations, individuals, products, etc., does   Susan Beauregard, Field Services
not constitute an endorsement. The Utah Public Employee (ISSN 1052-2719) is pub-
lished bi-monthly by the Utah Public Employees’ Association,
1000 W. Bellwood Lane, Murray, UT 84123-4494. Phone: 264-8732 or
(800) 224-8732 Fax: 264-8879 Internet:
Postmaster: Send address changes to: Utah Public Employees’ Association, 1000
                                                                                     Lon Child, CPA
W. Bellwood Lane, Murray, UT 84123-4494. Subscription rates are $6 per year.
Periodical Postage Paid at Salt Lake City, UT 84199

  The Utah Public Employee                                          December 2010

    UPEA 2nd VP Election
  Commences November 15th
                        Dennis Kay                                                  John Moody
                       Color Country                                            Utah Tax Commission
                      2nd VP Candidate                                           2nd VP Candidate
    UPEA members have been           and need your vote. I hope                Hello, my name is John Moody and
very successful this year in         you agree that my experience          I am currently an employee for the Utah
supporting and helping to elect      and training make me the best         State Tax Commission. I believe that we
many public employee friendly        candidate to represent UPEA           need solidarity and that is the very key
candidates to state and local of-    and public employees in this          to preserving what we have. I am a hard
fices. I am proud to have been       important office. I have worked       worker who is willing to do whatever
able to assist in this effort as a   most of my career in Southwest        it takes to make things better for all of
member of the CAPE Commit-           Utah, living in St. George. I         us. I will help to push forward with
tee. I now desire to take this       have been a member of UPEA            the concerns and needs of government
endeavor to the next level. I        since February 1, 1973, the day       employees and bring the bond of a closely
want to help these same public       I started employment with the         knit organization.
employee friendly office hold-       Utah Department of Natural                I would effectively hold the
ers gain a better understanding      Resources.                            responsibility of the 2nd Vice President of
of who we are and what we do.            I have served on the district     the UPEA to the highest level of integrity.
They need this information to        board, chapter presidency and         Most importantly, I want to be YOUR
be able to effectively support us.   a number of statewide commit-         representative and pursue the things that
    In addition, we must encour-     tees. I retired after a 33 year ca-   are important to you as state employees
age support from elected office      reer. I have continued to work        and retirees.
holders who do not yet fully         with the UPEA, serving the last           As a UPEA member, I currently hold
appreciate how important public      year as chair of the Color Coun-      the position of Treasurer for District 17.
employees are to their success.      try District.                         I was also the District Chair for 2 years
   As your 2nd Vice President,          As a member of CAPE, I             and the Vice Chair for 1 year. I have
I will work to provide a fair and    have helped UPEA support              been a member of the Advisory Council
competitive salary and benefit       successful candidates for both        for the past 3 years and currently serving
package, a team oriented work        state and local offices who are       my second term on the State Board. In
environment and respect from         interested in helping public em-      addition to those UPEA positions, I have
and cooperation with our politi-     ployees provide the best service      made myself active on many committees
cal leaders.                         available to the citizens of Utah.    over the years and am currently the Chair
    In these challenging eco-            As 2nd Vice President, I          for the Bylaws Committee.
nomic times, fair compensation       pledge my commitment to en-               I would enjoy being part of the
should be the top priority of our    sure UPEA takes full advantage        organizational leadership at UPEA in
political leaders. In pursuit of     of opportunities opened by our        order to do my part to work for the
this team approach I would pro-      newly-elected governor.               current employees as well as the retirees.
pose that the legislature place          To meet this pledge, I need
employee compensation and            your vote. Vote Dennis Kay for
benefits first on their agenda.      2nd Vice President.
    To achieve these goals I want
The Utah Public Employee                                      December 2010

    What the URS Contribution Rate Increase Means to You
By Christy Cushing

The Utah Retirement System (URS) contribution rate for FY2012 will increase 0.54% for the Public
Employees Contributory and Non-Contributory Retirement Systems, and 1.37% for the Public Safety
Non-Contributory System. Excess investment returns and lower than expected payroll growth in 2009
resulted in a lower contribution rate increase than the anticipated 2%.

Defined benefit (DB) or pension retirement systems have an obligation to pay out retirees a guaranteed
benefit when you retire for the rest of your life. URS funds this obligation through a combination of URS’
contributions and investment returns:

URS Contributions:

For a non-contributory retirement system, employers pay retirement contributions on your behalf. In 2009
the URS Board projected asking the Legislature for an approximate 2% contribution rate increase for the
next 5 years to smooth out the system’s negative 22.3%1 investment return in 2008.

The State contributed the equivalent of 14.22% of your salary to the retirement system in 2008. This
resulted in the URS’ Board asking the Legislature for a 2.1% contribution rate increase. Last year, the
legislature fully funded this contribution rate increase on your behalf, meaning the State now contributes
the equivalent of 16.32% of your salary to the retirement system, OR 32.75% of your salary if you work
for public safety.

URS Investment Returns:

In addition to employer contributions, URS depends on positive investment returns of at least 7.75% to
fund the retirement system. In 2009, the retirement system received 12.9%2 investment return, resulting in
a 5.15% increased return on investment.

UPEA Lobbying for Your Retirement Benefits:

UPEA will lobby the Governor and the Legislature to fund the 0.54% contribution rate increase. If the
Legislature fully funds this increase, then the State will contribute the equivalent of 16.86% of your salary
on your behalf, OR 34.12% of your salary if you work for public safety.

Click here to see a PDF regarding URS preliminary Rate Increase for 2011-2012. If you have any
questions about URS, the contribution increase, or the increase price in purchasing years of service,
please contact UPEA at 801-264-8732.

  2008 Utah Retirement System’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report: For the Year Ended December 31, 2008.
pg. 6.
  2009 Utah Retirement System’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report: For the Year Ended December 31, 2009.
pg. 6.

    The Utah Public Employee                                    December 2010

 UPEA Proposes Additional
Benefits for SLCo Employees
By Todd Sutton                                           an exit interview to determine their retirement
                                                         needs. If an employee needs money for health care,
  A recent poll of Salt Lake County members              the County would direct employee's sick leave and
questioned whether or not health care costs determined   vacation buyout to a tax-free Health Reimbursement
employees' retirement age. An overwhelming 77% of        Account. If the employee wants to defer their taxes,
survey respondents said health care costs determine      the County would direct the employee's buyout to a
when they will retire.                                   qualified 401(a) plan. If the employee wants to cash
   Many Salt Lake County members eyed retirement         out their accruals, the County would place the money
during the last county-wide buyout. However, many        into a 457 account, which has full liquidity, but is also
potential retirees missed the window due to anxiety      taxed.
about health insurance premiums. Now, employees             Although UPEA's proposal is not necessarily
are faced with higher costs for buying out their years   tied to the budget, the Association would like to
of service.                                              begin implementing the plan before the end of
   The UPEA proposed a solution during the               December. Employee Representative, Todd Sutton,
Committee of the Whole discussion on compensation.       will be visiting worksites during November to update
The UPEA's proposal will guide new retirees through      members on UPEA's progress.

 New Health Care Model May Debut in SLCo
   Patient-Centered Medical            a PEHP vendor. The PEHP vendor        idea when Sheriff Jim Winder
Home, or PCMH, may redefine            would handle employees' basic         implemented in-house care for
health care for County employees.      health care needs. If employees       Metro Jail inmates. Winder opened
   The Utah Public Employees'          need a specialist, the vendor would   a clinic using existing space within
Association recently attended a        utilize a sophisticated system for    the jail. The clinic manages
meeting with Salt Lake County          referring employees.                  inmates' basic health care needs
Benefits Coordinator, Illene               The second component              and has saved millions for County
Rhodes. Rhodes presented               consists of a system that tracks      taxpayers.
information about the PCMH and         and manages employees' health            It may be a while before the
lauded its potential to lower costs.   care. Some UPEA members have          County can implement a new
   "Current fee-based services         expressed concern over privacy        PCMH. In the meantime, health
aren't efficient or concerned with     with such a system. However,          insurance premiums may increase
quality," Rhodes said, "studies        the County would not manage or        to 13% for FY2011. The County
show a Medical Home would cost         implement the system, maintaining     has used recent innovations, such
less in copays and could result in     a clear separation between the        as the High Deductible Health
better outcomes for patients."         employer and health care.             Plan, to address consumer patterns
   The PCMH model would                    Rhodes said PCMH could save       leading to premium increases.
consist of two components. First,      the County 15% in claims and          PCMH may be another factor that
the County would use existing          administrative costs. The County      will help contain health care costs
space to open a clinic operated by     has already tested a model for this   for County employees.
The Utah Public Employee                                                          December 2010

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    The Utah Public Employee                                  December 2010

High Deductible Health Plan Proposed
for State Employees
By Kory Cox

    The Legislative Health
and Human Services Interim
Committee gathered together
on October 20, 2010, to discuss
the State Employee Health
Insurance plans. Senator Chris
Buttars invited Don Ruzicka,
an independent insurance
broker, to explain a proposed
health insurance option for state
    Ruzicka discussed the costs
associated with the current
insurance plans that include co-
                                       Reimbursement Fund (MRF)              this and a HDHP with a Health
pays, deductibles, co-insurance
                                       would be set up by the employer       Savings Account (HSA). Ruzicka
payments, premiums, and out of
                                       giving $1000 for an individual        answered that the money is locked
pocket maximums, stating that it
                                       and $2000 for a family to be used     up into the HSA, where the MRF
is very complicated and continues
                                       to cover some of the deductible       could provide positive incentives
to get more and more expensive
                                       costs. For employees to reach their   through a bonus program.
year after year. The 3rd party pay
                                       deductible with this contribution,        PEHP was listed on the agenda
system that is currently in place is
                                       the most they would spend             to provide comment on this plan,
not cost effective and incentivizes
                                       would be either $1500 or $2500.       but was not given an opportunity
                                       Also, if an individual did not use    to share their views in the
    In his statement about what
                                       their full amount allotted in the     committee.
he sees as a marketable plan for
                                       Medical Reimbursement Fund, the           UPEA has a seat on the Health
the state, Ruzicka discussed a
                                       employer could elect to provide       System Reform Cost Containment
Qualified High Deductible Health
                                       a taxable bonus to the employee       Workgroup that meets monthly.
Plan (HDHP) that would simplify
                                       with the excess funds.                HDHP/HSA plans have been
insurance and create positive
                                           Ruzicka stated that the plan      discussed extensively in the
incentives for healthy lifestyles
                                       could save the state as much as       workgroup. UPEA is currently
and be more cost effective. In the
                                       a third of what is currently being    looking into different plan designs
HDHP, Ruzicka stated that the
                                       spent on the traditional plan.        that would benefit state employees
deductible would be somewhere
                                           When asked if a bill was going    with multiple insurance options.
around $2500 for an individual
                                       to be run to implement such a         If there are any questions, please
and $5000 for a family. After the
                                       plan, Senator Buttars mentioned       contact Christy Cushing at
deductible is met the coinsurance
                                       that he may run a bill or try to or (801) 264-
payment would be 100%, meaning
                                       implement some type of pilot          8732 ext. 216.
that any additional costs exceeding
the deductible would be covered.
                                           Representative Brad Daw asked
    In addition, a Medical
                                       what the difference was between
The Utah Public Employee                                         December 2010

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The Utah Public Employee                                   December 2010

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The Utah Public Employee                                      December 2010

                          Rules Corner: Know Your Rights

By Dennis Hammer
                                      Grievance Policy     (b) The employing agency of an employee
                                                           who files a grievance may place records
   Utah Code provides for an Appeal and                    of disciplinary action in the employee’s
Grievance Procedure that is intended to give               personnel file.
an employee a process for addressing any                   (c) If any disciplinary action against an
matter touching on the relationship between                employee is rescinded through the grievance
the employee and employer. This legislated                 procedures established in this chapter, the
procedure bestows on the employee, in addition             agency and the Department of Human
to other benefits, certain rights. These basic rights      Resource Management shall remove the
are set out herein:                                        record of the disciplinary action from the
                                                           employee’s agency personnel file and central
Utah Code 67-19a-303                                       personnel file.
Employees’ rights in grievance procedure:                  (d) An agency may maintain a separate
                                                           grievance file relating to an employee’s
1) (1) For the purpose of processing a grievance,          grievance, but shall discard the file after three
   a career service employee may:                          years.
   (a) Obtain assistance by a representative of
   the employee’s choice to act as an advocate at       5) While it is important to know the rules it is
   any level of the grievance procedure;                   paramount that you know your rights. The
   (b) Request a reasonable amount of time                 entire statute can be found in Utah Code at
   during work hours to confer with the                    67-19a-101 et seq.
   representative and prepare the grievance; and
   (c) Call other employees as witnesses at a               Finally, as you will note, Section (4) prohibits
   grievance hearing.                                   certain documents from being placed in your
                                                        personnel file. This prohibition gives additional
2) The state shall allow employees to attend and        support to the contention that all employees
   testify at the grievance hearing as witnesses        should review their personnel file annually – say
   if the employee has given reasonable                 on your employment anniversary date?
   advance notice to the employee’s immediate              Should you have any questions regarding your
   supervisor.                                          rights as an employee please feel free to contact
                                                        your field representative at UPEA – 801-264-
3) No person may take any reprisals against any         8732.
   career service employee for use of grievance
   procedures specified in this chapter.

4) (a) The employing agency of an employee
   who files a grievance may not place grievance
   forms, grievance materials, correspondence
   about the grievance, agency and department
   replies to the grievance, or other documents
   relating to the grievance in the employee’s
   personnel file.
     The Utah Public Employee                          December 2010

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   The Utah Public Employee                                    December 2010

UPEA Promotes Fairness                                                          Click Here to See

in Recent ORS Action                                                            Sample E-Ballot

By Kory Cox
                                                                           UPEA to Use
 Over the course of the past few months, UPEA staff has been
working with the Office of Recovery Services (ORS) employees             Combination of E-
and management regarding a new productivity measurement.                 Ballot and Paper
ORS began tracking activity within certain computer programs
in July, to measure activity and productivity. The measurement,
termed GAP time, was applied to each employee’s job plan to              The Utah Public Employees'
maximize the use of resources to accomplish ORS objectives.           Association is making it easier for more
As a result of not meeting the GAP measurements, several              members to participate in this year's
telecommuting employees were moved back to the office, while          upcoming Second Vice Presidential
others lost their exercise privileges.                                Election, commencing on December 15th.
    Despite 6 months of the ORS administration educating                  Members have long encouraged
employees of the upcoming changes, with the implementation            UPEA to use e-balloting to scale back the
of the GAP report in July, many ORS employees became very             Association's paper use and to prevent
concerned with their performance objectives. Several individuals      members from procrastinating. The
expressed a lack of knowledge about the changes and altered their     current e-ballot takes less than one minute
work habits in a manner that was not conducive to a comfortable       to complete and submit.
work environment, which created low morale within the agency.            Additionally, the Association will use
    UPEA took the concerns of ORS employees to Department             paper ballots for members who do not
of Human Services Executive Director, Palmer Depaulis. In             have a listed e-mail address or for those
addition, Association staff member, Kory Cox, spoke to the            who request a paper ballot. To request a
Director of ORS and held a meeting to bring employee concerns         paper ballot, call Susan Beauregard at 801-
to the table.                                                         264-8732.
    On 10/12/10, the GAP report was removed as a component of            The UPEA has used SurveyMonkey in
an employee job plan. While the GAP report will no longer be a        the past for gathering information from
performance objective on the annual performance plan, it will still   members. The service has been adapted
be measured as a monitoring tool to ensure employees remain           to ensure anonymity and one vote per
effective and productive. This news came as a welcome gesture,        member.
as it will ease many employee concerns and will allow individuals         Members should expect to receive an
to concentrate on productive behaviors in the workplace, while        e-mail from the UPEA that contains a
not needing to manipulate their work day inappropriately.             unique password and a unique link. Please
    UPEA advises that ORS employees continue to document time         do not forward the link to someone else
away from their desks, and report mid-day personal leave time         because your vote will be disqualified.
to their supervisors. The Association supports creating a positive    Members may vote for one of the two
work environment and believes that the change in measuring            candidates (See Page 3) or select the write-
GAP time will improve employee morale.                                in candidate to type their vote.
    UPEA encourages employees to work toward attaining a                  Members without valid e-mails will
positive attitude toward future GAP measurements and other            receive a paper ballot with return envelope
changes that may come as a result of the tough economic times. It     by December 15th.
is important, especially in this difficult economy and budget year,      The ballots will be validated and
that state employees create value in their employment, perform        counted after the January 15th, 2010
their jobs, and become indispensable in their public employment.      closing date.
     The Utah Public Employee                                December 2010

               Public Employee Salute
      Pete Saldivar                                             Anna Carlson
 Salt Lake Early Intervention                                Utah State Department of Corrections
    Pete is a counselor with Salt Lake                          Anna has been with the Department of
 Early Intervention.                                        Corrections for 18 years.
    Pete always goes the extra mile and                        Anna is the Property Unit Supervisor of
 when he sees something that needs to be                    the Utah State Department of Corrections
 done he is the first one to jump in and                    Draper Facility. Anna oversees the
 lend a hand. Pete works alongside staff                    operation of prisoners’ property coming
 and youth to teach about community                         in and out of the prison. She works hard
 service opportunities.                                     behind the scenes to ensure inmates are
    Pete organized volunteer speakers                       treated fairly and with respect.
 who give presentations for youth. Pete                        Anna has taken her commitment to
 also volunteers in his community and is                    the next level by personally updating the
 constantly donating items to Salt Lake                     inmate property policy. She shares her
 Early Intervention that will help the youth                extensive experience with new officers
 and their families.                                        coming into the academy. Anna helps
                                                            inmates resolve their grievances.

                                                             Perry Collette
                                                             Department of Workforce Services
       Donna Thomas
     Department of Health
                                                             Perry works for the Department of Workforce
                                                         Services in eligibility.
        Donna is a supervisor for Child Care
                                                             Perry is very knowledgeable with policy and
     Licensing at the Department of Health Central
                                                         goes out of his way to find public assistance
     Region. Donna has been employed with the
                                                         programs for his clients and even people outside
     Department of Health for 14 years.
                                                         the agency. Co-workers say Perry always has a
        Donna goes above her job expectations
                                                         good attitude and makes jokes to keep the office
     to update department’s operations manual.
     This manual requires Donna to familiarize
                                                             Perry has made significant contributions
     herself with all the staff duties. She has
                                                         to a multi-agency project that improves the
     maintained great relationships with her
                                                         state’s effort to help foster children transition to
     coworkers and was recently given high marks
                                                         independent living. Perry’s efforts have united
     on a management survey given to staff for
                                                         the Department of Workforce Services, Office
     feedback on their supervisors.
                                                         of Recovery Services, and the Department of
                                                            Child and Family Services on Independent
The Utah Public Employee                                       December 2010

          Public Employee Salute
     Joel Finch                                 Jeremy Martinez                 outside providers.
    Department of Workforce                   Salt Lake County Sheriff             Jeremy also oversees
Services                                                                        the Life Skills program,
                                                Jeremy has worked               which teaches the prisoners
   Joel works for the Department of          for the Salt Lake County           basic interview skills
Workforce Services as a licensed             Sheriff for 14 years.              for employment, anger
Clinical Therapist.                             Jeremy is the Programs          management, and victim
   Joel helps a wide range of people         Treatment and Education            impact along with other
who suffer from mental illnesses and         Sergeant. Jeremy creates           basic skills the inmate
disabilities. He works hard to utilize       new programs that increase         would need upon being
community resources and inform his           prisoner’s ability to function     released. These programs
clients about free programs available        after release. Many of the         are key to keeping the
to assist them.                              programs for the prisoners         recidivism rate down.
   Joel is known for filling in                are coordinated with
when the department people need
assistance. He recently assisted a co-
worker that was out on medical leave
for six weeks. While filling double                                            Chad Limb
roles, Joel used his creativity to                                            Beaver City
develop an effective training to help
his co-workers learn how to decrease                                              Chad is the Water Master
     the effects of stress.                                                   and Sewer Superintendent for
                                                                              Beaver City. Chad has been
                                                                              employed with Beaver City for
                                                                              21 years.
  Adam Robison                    area, there was little margin                   Chad volunteers his personal
School & Institutional Trust      for error.                                  time to help customers with
Lands Administration                  Long hours and dedication               water and sewer problems. His
                                  to this project resulted in                 work has contributed to the
    Adam is a Forester for the    a world-class area where                    city’s awards including best
School & Institutional Trust      visitors may view and enjoy                 water in both Utah and in the
Lands Administration.             Nine Mile Canyon, free from                 United States through the Rural
    Adam readily accepted         the oil and gas traffic. This               Water Association.
the opportunity to reroute a      project was so successful the                   Recently, Beaver City began
road in Nine Mile Canyon,         Bureau of Land Management                   a $4 Million water project to
located in Carbon County, and     has decided to follow the                   replace old galvanized pipes
develop a visitor’s site. Given   template for any future                     with new pipes. Chad has
the international coverage of     projects they do on federal                 found efficiencies in helping
the controversy surrounding       land in the canyon.                         the contractor locate pipelines
the oil and gas development                                                   that need to be replaced. Chad’s
 and potential impacts to the                                                 undertakings have benefited the
                                                                                city greatly.
     The Utah Public Employee                   December 2010

                                                   The UPEA State Board of Directors
                                               is accepting applications for three
                                               vacancies on the CAPE (Citizen Action
                                               by Public Employees) Committee.
                                                   Qualified UPEA members, who have
                                               served as district or chapter leaders for
                                               at least one year, are eligible to apply.
                                               The terms for these positions are for
                                               three years and will expire in December
                                               of 2013.
                                                   CAPE Committee members make
                                               political candidate endorsements and
                                               organize political activities for the
                                               association. To apply, submit a letter of
                                               intent and resume to:

                                                            Attn: Susan
                                                         1000 Bellwood Lane
                                                         Murray, Utah 84123

                                                    or e-mail your information to

                                                     The deadline for
                                                   submitting a letter of
                                                   intent and resume is
                                                   Friday, December 3,
                                                   2010. Interviews will
                                                    be conducted by the
                                                   UPEA State Board of

 The Utah Public Employee                                   December 2010

                                                 Call for Resolutions
                                                    The Resolutions Committee is currently meeting to
                                                 discuss proposed changes, which will be included in the
                                                 2010 Policy and Platform, slated for discussion at General
                                                 Council In March. The Committee has issued a call for
                                                 resolutions to be considered for inclusion in the Policy and
                                                 Platform. The following items must be included on the
                                                 resolution form:

                                                 •   Who is submitting the resolution? Resolutions can be
                                                     submitted by a district, a committee, or by at least ten
UPEA Members Debra McBride and Brenda                (10) UPEA members. Signatures should be included
Bryant pause to examine election results             with the resolution.

UPEA Election Party                              •   Who is the contact person? The resolution must
                                                     include the name and telephone number of the
By Todd Sutton                                       individual who can be contacted with questions about
                                                     the resolution.
    The Utah Public Employees' Association
celebrated the climax of the 2010 election       •   When is the deadline for submitting resolutions?
cycle.                                               Resolutions must be submitted, faxed, or postmarked
    The event highlighted local elections            no later than Friday, January 7, 2010. Resolutions that
and, reminded members that they needed               are not received by this date will not be considered by
to vote for candidates who know public               the Resolutions Committee.
employee issues.
    Members enjoyed food and camaraderie             Resolution forms may be submitted to:
while tracking election results. The local
newspaper and television stations began
updating polling results after the polls
                                                                Attn: Resolutions Committee
closed at 8pm.
                                                                    1000 Bellwood Lane
    This year's election turned the tables
                                                                 Murray, Utah 84123-4494
in some key races around the state. Most
notably, Democrats lost five seats in the
                                                                  Or fax to (801) 264-8879.
Utah House and one seat in the Utah Senate.
   The UPEA endorsed candidates in both
parties. The Association proudly supported
Gary Herbert for Governor because he
has committed to upholding merit system
principles and has advocated for public
employees during the first year of his
    The Association wishes to congratulate
those candidates who have maintained
their seats in the election and welcome new
policy makers for the upcoming year.
The Utah Public Employee                                                                  December 2010

         $20.00 reward for each new
          UPEA member you enroll
                    Newly recruited members will have immediate access to
                 the “Public Employee Advantage” with significant discounts
                         on regularly used commodities and services.

             Keep recruiting! We are all working together for a better Utah!

  UPEA Membership Agreement/Payroll Deduction Authorization
  Social Security Number (Optional)                                        Last Name                      First Name                  Initial

  Employer (City, County, State, Higher Ed., etc.)                         Home Mailing Address                                            Home Phone

  Employer Address                                             Work Phone City                    State                         Zip

  City                      Zip                  Work E-mail Address      Home E-mail Address                      Voting       Senate          House
                                                                                                                   Precinct     District        District

  I hereby voluntarily authorize and direct my employer to deduct $15.00 per month from my paycheck and pay the same to the Utah
  Public Employees’ Association (UPEA) as dues for membership in that organization and agree that said payroll deductions shall
  continue until I revoke this authorization by giving written notice to UPEA. Authorization for withholding UPEA dues will remain in
  effect even after retirement unless a member gives written notice to UPEA. Upon retirement this form authorizes the Utah Retirement
  Systems to deduct $5.00 per month from my retirement allowance. This payroll deduction authorization shall serve as my application
  for membership in UPEA and shall designate UPEA as my employee representative for all purposes provided by law.
                                                                                                  Renewal Month for Auto Insurance
  X Signature                                                              Date

                      District Number                Chapter Number        Jurisdiction Number    Low Org./Dept. No.          Confirmed Date
   For Office
   Use Only

                                   Membership agreements may be duplicated, but only
                                  original, signed copies may be accepted for processing

                     Fill out and send to: UPEA, 1000 W. Bellwood Lane, Murray, UT 84123
                                      Phone: 264-UPEA or (800) 224-UPEA

                     Recruiters: Please list your name and phone number on every card!

     The Utah Public Employee                                            December 2010

     UPEA Member
     Fills Important                          Standing Committees
      Membership                                             Reviews the UPEA Articles of       Nov. 18, 2010   6:00 pm
                                                             Incorporation and Bylaws and       Feb. 17, 2011   6:00 pm
      Council Seat                         Articles and      makes recommended changes,
                                             Bylaws          which are then voted upon
         The Utah Public                                     during General Council.
     Employees' Association is
     proud to announce that UPEA                             Coordinates and plans the annual Contact Susan Beauregard
     member, Brian Gough, has                                General Council meeting.         at 801-264-8732 ext. 200 or
     been selected to fill one of        General Council                                      e-mail
     three seats on the State of
     Utah Retirement Membership
                                                             Reviews employee grievances      Dec. 14, 2010     6:30 pm
     Advisory Council.                                       where the employee is requesting
         Council members speak           Grievance Appeal
                                                             representation by UPEA in the
                                         & Representation
     for the interests of active                             grievance and appeal procedure.
     and retired members and
     participating employers.                                Tracks changes made to Human       Contact Kory Cox at
                                                             Resource rules and regulations     801-264-8732 ext. 218 or
     Brian will fulfill the final year
                                         Human Resource      proposed by Human Resources        e-mail
     of Sheri Nelson's four-year          Policy & Rules     and reviews all Human Resource
     term and join fellow UPEA                               rules pertaining to government
     member, Barry Vincent and                               agencies.
     Dean Drew, who are current                              Reviews and monitors insurance     Nov. 17, 2010   6:30 pm
     council members.                                        and retirement issues.             Feb. 16, 2011   6:30 pm
                                           Insurance &
         Gough is a Human                   Retirement
     Resource Specialist with
     the Utah State Office of                                Determines the UPEA legislative Contact Todd Losser at 801-
     Education. He joined UPEA                               platform for upcoming years.      264-8732 ext. 203 or e-mail
     in September, 2005, and                                 They also monitor upcoming
     has been an active member                               issues being discussed in interim
     of the Association. During                              committees.
     his tenure, he has served
                                                             Reviews UPEA member                Nov. 4, 2010    6:30 pm
     on several Association
                                                             benefits and works to enhance      Jan. 6, 2011    6:30 pm
     committees and has actively           Membership        these opportunities. They also     Mar. 3, 2011    6:30 pm
     participated in UPEA                Services & Public   explore options to improve
     functions.                              Relations       public relations and bolster
         Brian is a Certified                                membership.
     Public Manager with the
                                                             Looks at ways to enhance           Jan. 5, 2011    6:30 pm
     State of Utah. He has a
                                                             working conditions in all areas    Mar. 16, 2011   6:30 pm
     Bachelor of Science degree          Workplace Issues
                                                             where public employees are
     in Business Management                                  affected.
     and a Masters in Business
     Administration & Human
     Resource Management from            Call 1-800-224-8732 to find out how
     the University of Phoenix.
                                                 you can participate

  The Utah Public Employee                                                                  December 2010

 It’s the end of the tax year—
  and it’s never been a better
    time to save for college

          s 2010 comes to a close,       must have been designated as such                          exempt from federal and Utah state
          many of you are reviewing      before their 19th birthday.                                income taxes if used for qualified
          potential tax-savings                                                                     higher education expenses at any
strategies. The Utah Educational         Getting Started                                            institution in the U.S. or abroad
Savings Plan (UESP)—Utah’s                                                                          that participates in federal financial
official nonprofit 529 college               Thinking about setting up a new                        aid programs for students. Use the
savings program—allows you to            UESP account for your child, a                             funds for tuition, fees, required
save for college while enjoying          grandchild, a niece or nephew, or                          books and supplies, and room and
tax advantages. Earnings are             yourself? You can open the account                         board expenses, subject to certain
federal and Utah state income            online at or download                             limits.
tax free when used for qualified         the Individual Account Agreement
higher education expenses, and           (form 100). You determine the                              Year-End Tax Deadlines
Utah taxpayers can qualify for a 5       amount and frequency that works
percent state income tax credit.         best for your budget. Contributions                            Standard mail and overnight
                                         can be made online or by                                   delivery contributions for the 2010
Utah State Income Tax                    check—make a single deposit, set                           tax year must be received at the
Benefits                                 up payroll deduction, or create                            UESP office before 5:00 p.m., MT,
                                         your own automated contribution                            Thursday, December 30, 2010.
   In 2010, Utah taxpayers can           schedule. Best of all, there are no                        Mailed contributions postmarked
claim a 5 percent annual tax             contribution or account balance                            on or before this date but not
credit on contributions to each          minimums. Save what you can,                               received in the UESP office by 5:00
beneficiary’s account. If filing a tax   when you can.                                              p.m., MT, December 30, 2010, will
return for an individual or Utah-            UESP’s 12 investment options                           be counted as contributions for the
based trust, contributions up to         utilize varying allocations of                             2011 tax year. Online contributions
$1,710 per beneficiary can qualify       Vanguard funds, the Utah Public                            at must be received by
for the credit. If filing a joint        Treasurer’s Investment Fund,                               11:59 p.m., MT, Friday, December
return, contributions up to $3,420       and an FDIC-insured savings                                31, 2010.
per beneficiary can qualify for the      account. You choose your own                                   If you would like more
credit. To receive these tax savings,    investment strategy. By saving                             information on UESP, please visit
the beneficiary on the account           with UESP, your earnings are                      or call 800.418.2551.

                                                  The Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) is administered and managed by the Utah State Board of Regents
                                                  and Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA).

                                                  Read the Program Description for more information and consider all risks, objectives, charges, and expenses
                                                  before investing. Call 800.418.2551 for a copy of the Program Description or visit

                                                  Investments in UESP are not guaranteed by UESP, the Utah State Board of Regents, the Utah Higher
                                                  Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA) or any other state or federal agency. However, Federal Deposit
                                                  Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance is provided for the FDIC-insured savings account. Please read the
                                                  Program Description to learn about UESP’s FDIC-insured savings account. Your investment could lose value.

 1-800-418-2551 or visit www.uesp.                Non-Utah taxpayers and residents: You should determine whether the state in which you or your beneficiary
                                                  pay taxes or live offers a 529 plan that provides state tax or other benefits not otherwise available to you by
                                                  investing in UESP. You should consider such state tax treatment and benefits, if any, before investing in UESP.

The Utah Public Employee                                                                          December 2010

           Think you are completely covered
           by your major medical plan?

           You don’t have all the Aflacts.

           Aflac is different from health insurance;                              Aflac is affordable.
           it’s insurance for daily living.                                       We have a range of products that can fit most budgets.
           Major medical pays for doctors, hospitals, and prescriptions.          Aflac can help provide you and your family with coverage
           Aflac is insurance for daily living. It pays cash benefits directly    and security to help maintain your everyday life in case of illness
           to you, unless otherwise assigned, to help with daily expenses         or injury. And, Aflac rates don’t go up, even when you file a claim.
           due to an illness or accident.

           Aflac is an extra measure                                              Aflac processes claims quickly — usually
           of financial protection.                                               within four days.*
           When you’re sick or hurt, Aflac pays cash benefits directly            Aflac provides prompt service and fast payment of approved
           to you to help you and your family with unexpected expenses.           claims to help you pay your bills. While you’re focusing on your
           The benefits are predetermined and paid regardless of any              health, we focus on getting you cash as quickly as possible.
           other insurance you have.

           Aflac pays you cash benefits to use                                    Aflac claims are easy to file.
           as you see fit.                                                        When you’re sick or hurt, the last thing you need is a complicated
           You can use your Aflac benefits check to help pay for groceries,       form to fill out. Aflac benefits are easy to understand, and our
           child care, rent…it’s totally up to you.                               forms are easy to complete.

           Aflac benefits help with                                               Aflac pays you benefits even when
           unexpected expenses.                                                   you’re healthy.
           Your Aflac benefits check helps you pay for the many                   We want you to be healthy—that’s why we promote preventative
           out-of-pocket expenses you incur when you are sick                     care. Get a routine physical, a mammogram, or an eye exam, and
           or hurt—like the cost of transportation to and from medical            we’ll pay you.** It’s that simple.
           facilities, parking, and additional child care expenses.

           Aflac belongs to you, not your company.                                We have a spokesduck.
           When you have an Aflac policy—it’s yours. You own it. Even if you      Ducks make a variety of unique sounds. However, our spokesduck
           change jobs or retire, you can take your Aflac policy with you,        only makes one sound in many different ways. Also, most company
           with no increase in premiums.                                          spokespersons don’t have wings. Ours does. And we’ve got you
                                                                                  under them.

  *For Continental American Insurance Company the average is five days.
 **Benefits may not be available in all states.
 M1651                                                                                                                                                   12/09
  The Utah Public Employee                                        December 2010

Update: Utah Health System Reform’s Cost-Containment Workgroup
By Christy Cushing                                          HDHP could benefit state employees. Recent studies
                                                            have shown that participants may receive comparable
   The Utah Health System’s Reform Cost-                    or better care under a HDHP. However, the challenge
Containment Workgroup met on Tuesday, October               is to design a high-quality HDHP/HSA that meets
19th to debate whether high deductible health plans         patients’ needs. Therefore the workgroup wants to
(HDHP) with a health savings account (HSA) are a            look into multiple plan designs that would attract
feasible option for state employees.                        more state employees. Currently, UPEA is researching
   During the meeting, Judi Hilman, from the Utah           several different HDHP designs, outcomes, and
Health Policy Project, said that chronically ill patients   participants’ opinions with active HDHP/HSA plans.
on a HDHP/HSA have                                              UPEA supports preserving state employees’ current
not always received                                         health insurance benefits, which already includes
quality health care.                                        the option of a HDHP/HSA. UPEA supports giving
She added that                                              employees multiple choices for health insurance
patients tend to ration                                     benefits. UPEA continues to promote employees as
their prescription                                          the state’s most valuable resource and maintains that
doses to lower their                                        the Legislature should consider employee morale,
out of pocket costs for                                     productivity, and overall well being when discussing
care.                                                       health insurance.
   Leonard Grover, a
“concerned tax-payer”                                          The next Health System Reform’s Cost-
who retired from the                                        Containment Workgroup meets Tuesday, November
human resource firm,                                        16th. If you currently use PEHP’s HDHP/HSA, UPEA
Mercer, critiqued                                           would be interested in hearing from you. If you are
Hilman’s presentation,                                      interested in telling UPEA your story on a HDHP/
questioning her out                                         HSA, please contact Christy Cushing at ccushing@
of date research,                                  or 801-264-8732 ext. 216. Also if you are
unreliable sources,                                         interested in learning more, come to UPEA’s Insurance
and how the data over the last 5 years has shown            and Retirement Committee meeting Wednesday,
HDHP to be comparable to traditional health insurance       November 17th at 6:30pm at UPEA’s Office. RSVP is
plans, if designed correctly.                               required, as dinner will be provided. To RSVP please
   The workgroup concluded that a well designed             e-mail

UPEA member’s have                     come. The UPEA contacted Dan            a subsidy under the new federal
questions on taxation                  Andersen, legal counsel for the         exchange; 2) to determine if an
                                       Utah Retirement Systems for input       individual must pay a tax penalty
of benefits
                                       regarding this issue:                   in 2014 if they do not have health
                                           Beginning next year, all em-        coverage (the individual mandate);
By Christine House
                                       ployers are mandated to report the      and 3) to determine whether the
                                       amount paid toward health insur-        carrier should be subject to the
    The UPEA has been contacted
                                       ance. The employers will not have       “Cadillac Plan” tax beginning in
by members regarding the taxation
                                       to report this until the beginning of   2018.
of insurance benefits after passage
                                       2012 for the 2011 calendar year.           The feds will not tax employee
of the federal Affordable Care
                                           The IRS will track who is           health benefits, but the cost of your
Act. Members feared that a new
                                       receiving insurance through their       premiums will be reported on your
item on their W-2 forms would
                                       employer for several reasons: 1)        W-2.
show health care as additional in-
                                       to determine who qualifies for
The Utah Public Employee                                                   December 2010

 Lost your Medicare                                                                   Attend a FREE Medicare
                                                                                  informational meeting to learn
 health plan?                                                                    about Medicare Advantage plans,
                                                                                    Part D coverage, Medicare
 Learn about other plan options at a FREE Medicare                                 Supplement plans and more.
 informational meeting.

 If you’ve received a letter from your Medicare health plan saying
 your current coverage will no longer be available, AARP®
 MedicareComplete® from SecureHorizons® Medicare Advantage
                                                                                             10:00 a.m.
 health plans may be right for you.
 While you may be concerned about losing your plan, this could be                      1000 West Bellwood Lane
 a great opportunity to review your health needs and find a plan                          Murray , UT 84123
 that’s a better fit for you.
 Medicare Advantage plans from SecureHorizons include
                                                                                             10:00 a.m.
 more benefits than Original Medicare like:
                                                                                       1000 West Bellwood Lane
   • Annual medical out-of-pocket maximum helps you budget for                            Murray , UT 84123
     health care expenses
   • Worldwide emergency care coverage
   • Predictable costs for doctor visits and medical services

 Call now. Enrollment ends
 December 31.
 Jed D Miner
 801-420-3372, TTY 711

          Contracted, independent, licensed agent authorized to sell products within the
                         UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Solutions portfolio.

 A sales person will be present with information and applications. For accommodation of persons with special needs at sales
 meetings, call 801-420-3372, TTY 711.
 The AARP® MedicareComplete® plans are SecureHorizons® plans insured or covered by an affiliate of UnitedHealthcare
 Insurance Company, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. AARP® MedicareComplete® plans carry
 the AARP name, and UnitedHealthcare pays a royalty fee to AARP for use of the AARP intellectual property. Amounts paid
 are used for the general purpose of AARP and its members. AARP is not the insurer. You do not need to be an AARP member
 to enroll. AARP does not recommend health related products, services, insurance or programs. You are strongly encouraged
 to evaluate your needs. Limitations, copayments and coinsurance may apply. Benefits may vary by county and plan.
 AARP and its affiliate are not insurance agencies or carriers and do not employ or endorse insurance agents, brokers,
 representatives or advisors.
 If you prefer, you can contact UnitedHealthcare directly for more information or to enroll at 1-800-850-8197, TTY 711 from 8
 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time, 7 days a week. Or visit our Web site at
 Y0066_100820_142906 CMS Approved 10052010                                                                     OVEX3238170

 The Utah Public Employee                          December 2010

UPEA Proposes Legislative Priorities for
     the Upcoming 2011 Session
Compensation Commission                UPEA is working to create a Compensation Commission
                                       that would review and provide recommendations to the
                                       Governor’s Office and the Legislature to improve how
                                       total compensation, which includes salary, health insur-
                                       ance, retirement, and other benefits, is budgeted and pri-
                                       oritized for state employees.

Merit System Preservation              UPEA will advocate maintaining the current merit system
                                       for employees.

Health Care Reform                     Health Care Reform is an issue that is being discussed
                                       by a Legislative Taskforce. UPEA will continue to track
                                       and provide input concerning any changes to health care
                                       benefits for public employees.

   •	 Maintain Current Health Plan     The Health Systems Reform Taskforce is looking at
                                       incorporating public employees into the defined contribu-
                                       tion health care plan. UPEA will lobby to maintain the
                                       current PEHP plan.

   •	 Prescription Drug Benefits       Restore prescription drug co-pays and ceiling of co-pay
                                       amounts. Improve the prescription drug coverage by hav-
                                       ing UPEA and PEHP explore options of combining the
                                       prescription drug coverage with other states, agencies, or
                                       institutions to provide more affordable coverage.

   •	 Health Insurance Premium Split   Employees on Advantage and Summit Care have a 95/5
                                       split with the state (95% is employer paid and 5% is
                                       employee paid). Employees who have Preferred Care
                                       have a 73/27 split. UPEA advocates maintaining the cur-
                                       rent health insurance premium split.

   •	 Out-of-Pocket Maximum            Maintain the current out-of-pocket maximum.

Merit Increase                         The lack of merit increases during the past several
                                       years has resulted in compression. Employees would
                                       receive increases based upon performance. A stipulation
                                       should also be considered for additional pay to employ-
                                       ees in longevity. UPEA will promote the funding of merit

The Utah Public Employee                                December 2010
                       Legislative Priorities, Continued from Previous Page

Retirement                              UPEA supports the following items relative to retirement:

                                        The proposed retirement contribution rate increase is
  •	 Contribution Rate Increase         projected at 0.54% for public employees in the non-con-
                                        tributory system and 1.37% for public safety employees
                                        in the public safety non-contributory system. UPEA will
                                        lobby to have the entire contribution rate increase funded
                                        by the Legislature.
  •	 Monitor Retire/Rehire Situation
                                        UPEA will continue to monitor the unintended conse-
                                        quences of the implementation of Senate Bill 43 and will
                                        support legislation to modify the current statute to allow
                                        for rehiring of retired state employees.

Annual Leave

  •	 Leave Structure                    UPEA will advocate and maintain the current leave struc-
                                        ture for state employees. Changes may reduce leave
                                        accrual, harm employees, and reduce benefits.
  •	 Annual Leave Conversion
     Restoration                        During the 2002 special session, the legislature repealed
                                        the funding for the annual leave conversion benefit for
                                        state employees; however, the benefit remains in statute.
                                        This benefit allowed stated employees with annual leave
                                        hours in excess of 320 hours to place 20 hours or up to
                                        $250 into a 401(k). UPEA will request the funding for
  •	 Annual Leave Buyout                this benefit to be restored.

                                        This buyout proposal would enable employees, within
                                        certain parameters, to have a portion of their annual
                                        leave paid out in advance. An annual leave buyout plan
                                        allows employees who would not be able to use their
                                        annual leave during the year, to be paid some of this

Higher Education Personnel              Each of Utah’s nine colleges and universities has their
Management Act                          own unique employee discipline, grievance, and com-
                                        pensation process. Each college and university should
                                        be required to declare publicly how they discipline,
                                        handle grievances, and how benefits and compensation
                                        are determined. UPEA will promote legislation that will
                                        require a standardized process, which all colleges and
                                        universities must adhere to.

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