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									Background – Head of Learning and Public Programming
The Science Museum Group (SMG) comprises the Science Museum (London), the National
Railway Museum (York and Shildon) and the National Media Museum (Bradford) and the
Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester). Together they share a unifying mission to
engage people in a dialogue about the past, present and future of human ingenuity in the
fields of science, technology, medicine, transport and media.
To achieve this ambition, the Museums aspire to the highest international museum
standards in the care and presentation of collections, programming, learning and advocacy
for their subject areas. They engage strategically with the national and international
organisations (including museums, academic bodies and educational initiatives) where
collaboration brings synergy and impact. The aim for the Museums is to be extrovert,
entrepreneurial and efficient – dedicated to nurturing the best scholarship, learning and
management within their people.
While the SMG Group structure plays an important role in providing an efficient operational
context, it is recognised that the real prizes are the Museums: their history, collections,
expertise, programming and engagement with audiences.
The objectives of SMG can be summarised as:
1. Science Museum: To be the leading international museum championing the
understanding, enjoyment and prestige of science in modern society
2. National Railway Museum: To be the world’s premier railway museum, enabling people
to explore the story of the railways, their exciting history of technological and social change,
and their contemporary and future relevance
3. National Media Museum: To be the best museum in the world for inspiring people to
learn about, engage and create media
4. Museum of Science and Industry Manchester: To engage people in a dialogue about the
science, innovation and industry that began in Manchester and continues to influence the
5. SMG-wide: To maintain the highest standards in the care and preservation of the
collections and estate
6. SMG-wide: To be an organisation that is extrovert, entrepreneurial, efficient and
dedicated to the development of great people.
The Museums attract 5 million visitors a year and have an annual income of c£67m. They
hold outstanding collections of international significance and depend for their reputation on
excellence in scholarship, learning, engagement and visitor experience.
As a member of the National Museum Directors Group, the SMG on behalf of its constituent
Museums, carries national and international status which needs to be supported by the
profile, excitement and quality that is expected of Museums at this level.
The SMG group of Museums is governed by a Board of Trustees, chaired by Douglas Gurr,
Vice President at Amazon and led by Ian Blatchford who is Director of SMG and the Science
Museum, and Accounting Officer for the group.
The SMG was established under the National Heritage Act 1983 and is sponsored by the
Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) as a Non Departmental Public Body
operating within the public sector but at arms length from its sponsor department. It
receives most of its income from Government in the form of Grant in Aid, which is required
to be managed in accordance with a Management Statement and Financial Memorandum
agreed with DCMS and such other guidance as Treasury, Cabinet Office or DCMS have issued
including the relevant provisions of Managing Public Money. Each allocation of Grant in Aid
is subject to a Funding Agreement which defines the commitments by each party. The
allocation in 2010/11 was £40.2m
SMG is an exempt charity under the Second Schedule of the Charities Act with DCMS acting
as its principle regulator under charity law and is recognised as charitable by HM Revenue
and Customs. It engages in a range of fundraising activities to win grants, sponsorship and
donations from trusts and foundations, corporate and private contributors, members and
visitors. In 2010/11 £7m was raised.
SMG Enterprises Ltd was set up in 1988 to provide retail, catering and other services and to
realise additional income from the Museums’ intellectual property and other assets. All
profits from these activities are covenanted to SMG as Gift Aid. Its turnover in 2010/11 was

For more information about SMG, the Science Museum, the Manchester Science and
Industry Museum, the National Railway Museum and the National Media Museum go to;

The Role

Based at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, the Head of Learning and
Public Programmes will report to the Museum Director and will work as part of the Museum
Senior Management team.
MOSI joined the Science Museum Group in February 2012. With its addition, SMG now
represents the most significant group of science and industry museums in the world and we
aim to be a major presence both nationally and internationally. MOSI is located on the
historic site of the world’s oldest surviving passenger railway station, housed in five listed
buildings – the Museum tells the story of the city’s scientific and industrial past, present and
future. MOSI is in a period of change, renewal and transformation and this is an exciting
opportunity to join and assist in building its reputation as an outstanding national museum
of science and industry.

We are looking for a senior leader to help develop and deliver high quality, innovative,
stimulating programmes, festivals, and learning events for all MOSI audiences in support of
the Museum’s mission and its aspiration to provide visitors with life enhancing learning
experiences that are inspiring, engaging and memorable. The programmes will reflect best
practise and will coordinate with exhibitions and collections so that the Museum’s cultural
programme is clearly defined. This position is a key strategic role within MOSI and will
contribute to developments across the SMG.

This is a new post and an exciting chance to articulate a new strategic framework for the
MOSI learning offer and where appropriate to work with external partners and internal
stakeholders to develop events and a robust suite of learning programmes for a variety of

The incumbent will have worked in Museums, and understand the cultural sector priorities
for learning. The successful candidate will manage a dedicated team, and will be required to
liaise with other Museums in the SMG. Essential requirements for this role include, but are
not limited to: long-term forward planning, leadership and motivation skills, excellent
communication, decision-making, problem-solving skills, and proven experience of inspiring
teams to the deliver agreed outcomes in relation to learning, exhibitions, events and

The Person
For further detail please refer to the Job Description.

How to Apply
Candidates should submit an up to date CV along with a supporting statement detailing how
they meet the experience, skills, knowledge and behavioural requirements as set out in the
Job Description. The statement should also include details of their current package and
notice period as appropriate. The CV and supporting statement should be combined
addressed to the Human Resources Department, MOSI, Liverpool Road, Castlefield,
Manchester, M3 4FP; alternatively information can be e-mailed to
The closing date is 29 August 2012 at 23.59. Initial interviews will be mid to late September.

Job Description
Job Details
Job Title:               Head of Learning and Public Programmes, MOSI
Department:              Learning and Public Programming
Location:                MOSI
Reports to:              Director of MOSI, dotted line reporting to SMG Director of Learning
Date:                    June 2012

Purpose of the Job
To ensure the development and delivery of high quality, innovative, stimulating
programmes, festivals, and learning events for all MOSI audiences in support of the
museum’s mission and its aspiration to provide visitors with life enhancing learning
experiences that are inspiring, engaging and memorable. The Head of Learning and Public
Programmes will lead on development of public programmes and events that reflect best
practise of learning in museums, and will coordinate with colleagues in exhibitions and
collections so that the museum’s cultural programme is clearly defined in near-term, mid-
term and long-term time-lines.

Key Deliverables/Accountabilities
1)   As part of the MOSI senior management team, provide strategic leadership to the
     Learning and Public Programme team and the wider museum, to support the MOSI
     objectives, masterplan and forward programme.
2)   To oversee the design and implementation of high quality, innovative programmes,
     festivals, events, and facilitated activities for a wide variety audiences and learners, on-
     site, off-site, on the web, and in exhibitions.
3)   To develop, with external partners and internal stakeholders, an annual festival
     programme, including the Manchester Science Festival that brings to life science and
     industry issues for audiences of all ages.
4)   To work with the Development Department to ensure that the learning requirements
     are included in funding bids as appropriate and to ensure that opportunities for funding
     learning are maximised.
5)   To articulate the strategic framework for the MOSI learning offer that assures delivery
     of a robust suite of learning programmes for independent adults, families and booked
     education groups that are innovative, exceptional, and critically acclaimed among
     internal and external stakeholders.
6)   To lead on development of the Museum’s Audience research process, strategy and
     plan. To be the senior member of the management team representing audience
     engagement, including new and diverse audiences, ensuring that the findings of the
     research positively influence the development of galleries and exhibitions.
7)   To promote the MOSI learning offer online, including the creation of online learning
     resources to support visits before, during and after and also to reach those who cannot
     or do not visit the Museum.
8)   To ensure that the L&PP unit operates strategically within its own structure, as well as
     with all other departments and colleagues across the museum.
9) To streamline and focus the delivery of the MOSI learning and public programme offer
     so that resources are used to greatest effect. Recruit, retain, motivate, lead and
     manage a team of permanent, volunteer, and contract staff with the capabilities
     necessary to deliver best-practices learning experiences.
10) To work in strategic alignment with the Science Museum Group learning teams,
     assuring best practice in audience research and advocacy, as well as programme
     development and delivery across all platforms is in place at MOSI.
11) Undertake full management responsibility for the annual departmental budget to
     ensure expenditure is in line with the MOSI business plan.
12) To develop and maintain links with relevant external organisations and stakeholders,
     give talks and interviews, and publish articles in order to promote the work of the
     Museum at local, national and international levels.
13) To implement and maintain Health and Safety requirements across all teams and ensure
     that disaster recovery plans are regularly reviewed so the museum can respond
     effectively to emergencies.
Mandatory responsibility for Managers
Take care of your personal health and safety and that of others, and report any health and
safety concerns, undertake risk assessments and implement safe systems of work.

Working Relationships and Contacts
Museum Director
Head of Collections
Head of Exhibitions and Interpretation
Head of Operations
SMG Director of Learning
MOSI Head of Development
Deputy Head of Science Museum
MOSI Advisory Board
External funders and stakeholders
Sector leadership nationally, internationally

Line Management and Budget Responsibility
Directly line manages up to five staff
Indirectly line manages up to 30 staff, plus freelancers and consultants

Budget Holder
Directly manages operating budget of up to £200,000
Directly manages staffing budget of £800,000
Holds responsibility for teams managing project budgets ranging in size from £20,000 to

Candidate Profile
       Proven evidence of experience in senior management role, accountable for leading
        teams to deliver agreed outcomes in relation to museum programme development
        and delivery in learning, exhibitions, or events.
       Proven evidence of festival programme development and delivery in cultural venue,
        e.g. science, history, literature, or music.
       Proven evidence of learning programme development delivery in informal learning
        environment and familiarity and understanding of learning pedagogy for learners of
        all ages, in both formal schooling and informal learning environments.
       Proven evidence of managing people, operations and budgets on multi-stakeholder
        projects or in complex matrix-based organisations.
       Evidence of working effectively with fund-raising, donors, external clients and
       Evidence of strategic management and development of policy.
       Proven evidence of decision-making, problem-solving, and multi-tasking skills.
       Evidence of working with volunteers.

Skills, Knowledge and Relevant Qualifications
       Advanced understanding of learning theories and potential barriers to learning in
       Good understanding of development of exhibitions, festivals, events, and informal
        education programmes in museums, heritage and cultural organisations, ideally in
        subject areas represented by Science Museum Group collections.
       Have knowledge of state education in the UK and an understanding of cultural
        sector priorities for learning.
       Evidence of advanced communication skills.
       Evidence of advanced leadership qualities.

       Focuses on outcomes
       Strategic planning and use of resources
       Inspires commitment, pace and drive
       Takes responsibility for leading and innovating
       Sets direction
       Builds common purpose

Scope for Impact
Delivery of key performance indicators, whilst ensuring that the learning experience is of a
high quality. Sample KPI’s include visitor numbers, visitor satisfaction ratings, summative
evaluation against initials objectives, LEE indicators, numbers of learners in on- and off-site
learning programmes, numbers of children visiting the museum, numbers of new and under-
represented audiences, development of strategic partnerships.

Long-term development of Museum’s public and learning programmes, both on-site and off-
site, in both physical and virtual environments. Ensure that these programmes have a
positive impact on the ability to fundraise.

Support for key partnerships and national learning agendas.

Strategic support for the delivery of the vision for the MOSI and the local cultural agenda.

Strategic support in delivering all SMG learning strategies and programmes, e.g. audience
plan, agreed youth engagement, ‘outreach for in-reach’, or STEM initiative.

Please note:

   This job description is not exhaustive and amendments and additions may be
    required in line with future changes in policy, regulation or organisational
    requirements, it will be reviewed on a regular basis.

   This role is subject to an Enhanced Disclosure by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).

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