MEVAGISSEY PARISH COUNCIL

                         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Mevagissey Activity Centre
                                    On Thursday 21st January 2010 commencing at 1900hrs

Present            Councillors M Roberts (Chairman), C Avent, M Buchanan, E Chesterfield, J Daniel, R Green,
                   B Howson, S Hunkin, R Ingram, C Keast,

Apologies          Councillors J Aethur, J Hooper, L Randall, C Robins, P Trevarton, J Whitting,

In Attendance      J Olford Clerk to the Council
                   T Hemming PCSO
                   CC D Mutton

1..       Declarations of interest Councillors Roberts & Ingram on item 6. Councillor Keast on item 8.

2.        Gift Declarations there were no gift declarations.

3.        Police Community Support Officer reported the following crimes since the 9th December.
          1 Criminal damage to a vehicle
          1 Criminal damage to property
          3 non crime Domestics

          Test purchases of 4 Licensed Premises were carried out before Christmas and 3 of them failed resulting in fines for 3
          individuals. Further tests will be carried out in the future
          The Manager at Pentewan Sands will be putting leaflets in holiday makers arrival packs advising them not to attempt
          to get to Mevagissey via the shoreline.
          New signs will also be erected
          Leaflets for a survey on what concerns people were distributed this could be concerns over any matters whether they
          were for the Police or any other agency.
          The Chairman thanked PCSO Hemming for his attendance.

4.        There were no points from the Public.

5.        Minutes.          Proposed by Councillor Buchanan, Seconded by Councillor Ingram that the minutes of the
          meetings held on the 17th December 2009 with for those present Councillor Hunkin be deleted and Councillor
          Trevarton inserted., be accepted.

6.        Planning
          09/01681 &09/01682 Full Planning and Listed Building consent.
          Extensions to Fishermen’s Loft
          Fishermen’s Loft the Platt Mevagissey Harbour.
          Councillors Roberts & Ingram left the room during this discussion. Proposed by Councillor Daniel, Seconded by
          Councillor Buchanan that Councillor Green Chair this item during the absence of Councillor Roberts.
          Proposed by Councillor Chesterfield, Seconded by Councillor Avent that this Council supports the plans to enlarge
          the area for Fishermen to work and keep their nets. This will also help to tidy up the area of the central pier.

6a.       09/01612 Listed Building Consent
          Change of use of building from restaurant with 2 residential flats above, including new bathroom formed and internal
          16 Fore St Mevagissey.
          Proposed by Councillor Avent, Seconded by Councillor Ingram that this Council supports the application, it already
          has planning permission

6b.     09/01630 Full Planning
        New Garaging and boat store replacing existing garage & store.
        Polpier Tregoney Hill Mevagissey.
        Proposed by Councillor Daniel, Seconded by Councillor Chesterfield that this Council has no objections

6c.     09/01642 Full Planning
        Proposed demolition of existing sun porch and erection of new sun room and porch
        Tanglewood Valley Road Mevagissey
        Proposed by Councillor Daniel, Seconded by Councillor Avent that this Council supports the application as it would
        improve the street scene.

6d.     09/01479 FullPlanning
        Erection of a conservatory to the front elevation.
        The Cedars Trevarth Mevagissey.
        Proposed by Councillor Ingram, Seconded by Councillor Buchanan that this Council has no objections to the
        proposal providing the corrected drawings of the original house are sent to the planning office by the architect.

7 Bills to Pay            Clerks salary                                                   £      423.36
                          Expenses                                                        £       80.00
                          Income Tax +NI                                                  £      115.60
                          Hire of Hall                                                    £      200.00
                          Over 60's Club                                                  £      250.00

                                                                                          £ 1,068.96
             Accounts Amount available to spend as at last meeting                        £ 11,067.85
                      Expenditure at last meeting                                         £ 1,133.88
                      Leaving a total of                                                  £ 9,933.97
                      Unpresented Cheques                                                 £    630.52

                          Bank interest                                                   £      1.65
                          Money at Bank                                                   £ 10,566.14
                          Available to spend                                              £ 9,935.62
                          Bank statements                                                                  £ 1,257.04
                                                                                                           £ 9,309.10
                                                                                                           £ 10,566.14

        Proposed by Councillor Ingram, Seconded by Councillor Greenthat the accounts be accepted and the bills paid.

8.      Request for a donation from the Over 60’s Club.
        Proposed by Councillor Avent, Seconded by Councillor Chesterfield that this Council donates £250.00 to this worthy

9.      Review of designated public places orders 2009/2010
        The Clerk informed the Council that there were no changes to the designated areas for Mevagissey.

10.     Request for a donation to purchase filming equipment to produce a film dealing with issues such as bullying.
        Proposed by Councillor Daniel, Seconded by Councillor Avent that this Council adheres to its principle that it only
        supports the local community except in exceptional circumstances.

11.     Chairman’s brief on Affordable homes.
        The Chairman informed Council that at the planning meeting on the 13 th January Council were commended for their
        approach and the execution of the affordable houses application for Vicarage Hill. It had taken 5 years of hard work
        especially from the sub committee who had spent many hours at meetings to achieve the best possible result for the
        Mevagissey’s application is to be put forward by the County Planning Committee as a template for future applicants
        to follow.

       It has also been intimated that at a possible future meeting of Parishes the Clerk would be asked to speak on this,
       Council agreed that he could.
       The Chairman stated that the area chosen would have the least impact on the Village and the objectors actually had
       few planning reasons for their concerns.
       A discussion followed on costs etc, this was out of the Parish Council’s remit and would be down to individuals at
       the meeting on the 16th March.

`12.   Village sign.
       The sign has been completely restored at a cost of £429.00 and paid for by Mrs Claydon in view of this generosity
       Council felt that a bouquet of flowers should be sent to Mrs Claydon expressing our thanks.
       Proposed by Councillor Ingram, Seconded by Councillor Buchanan

13.    Affordable Housing Surgery at the MAC 16th March 1400hrs to 1900hrs. This is for those who want to rent and or
       purchase the affordable homes. The delay is to due to the need to advertise and have it put in the local papers.
       Information on costs and obtaining of mortgages and the rents will be available during this time as will the
       registration forms.

14.    Parish Plan       The Chairman informed Council that we should prepare to have a Parish Plan Emma Grigg would
       brief the Council on the procedures involved, there were financial costs and grants available. The Clerk would send
       details for Councillors to read, the document was large so the printing of it was unadvisable.

15.    The fence around the play area at Pentillie was discussed and the Clerk authorised to negotiate with the property
       manager over costs.

16.    Councillor Hunkin will attend a funders conference in February.

17.    Councillor Green raised the issue of a road closure sign at the top of Polkirt Hill the sign is partially correct as the
       road will be closed but should also have added except for marshalled traffic. A reply from Cormac as to the proposed
       January meeting . This meeting will be at 1900hrs on Tuesday 26 th January in the upstairs room of the Social Club,
       Councillor Green is arranging the venue and will spread the message around the Village as many as possible should

18.    Councillor Ingram raised the fact that the drains on Cliff St and the Cliff were being clean by Mark Groom when it
       should be Highways. The Clerk will take this up with Highways.

       Signed…………………………………….Chairman                                            Dated……………………………….

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