Florida-Israel Institute Israeli Film and Lecture Series by jD0fQI


									                Florida-Israel Institute Israeli Film and Lecture Series
                 Message from outgoing FII co-Director Dr. Zvi Roth
As I bid farewell to the Florida-Israel Institute and head back to my regular FAU
academic duties, I would like to extend special goodbye to you, our dedicated Israeli film
fans from the community, and to our wonderful program directors Dr. Miri Talmon and
Prof. Nava Dushi.
Since February 2006 (and every month) we have brought to FAU the best Israeli films.
Much selection effort and academic planning was done behind the scenes by Miri and
Nava to assure high quality of these film events. Nothing can surpass the film experience
in portraying the true 3D image of the complex Israeli society.
A standing vision of the Florida-Israel Institute is to implement in South Florida a vibrant
and innovative Israel Studies academic program, full of courses about modern Israel and
integrated with a Study Abroad in Israel programs. Our films and lectures shall be an
important cornerstone of this program.
Thank you for coming to our films and for your donations that helped tremendously to
keep the program going. I’ll miss you.

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