How To Get Past Your School Blocking System Without Programs by khmermeme8


									         How to get past your school blocking system without programs

Right, first off, you need to go onto:
This is a virtual machine/ computer that your sysadmins shouldn't have blocked. At
my school, our security is pretty high because of people like me and you. After you
are on the website, it should look like this:

Ok, now you click on the big button that says: Start. Then, after that, you should see
another screen that looks like this:
Now make an account, you should see the register button. I have made an account,
(trust me, it is easy). After you have logged in, you should see another screen that
looks something like this:

After you have got logged in, you should try and get on the internet (alpha), to
get on the internet, follow these commands.
on the desktop, click on the icon that says: find cool web stuff.
Then click the icon that says: Web.
Now go to: Ghost services.
And there should be a icon that says: browser (alpha).
(If you go on a website, and it says: open in a new tab because this site will function
better, (or something like that) don't do it. But if you want to, just do it).

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